What is the Best Handheld Showerhead To Buy In 2020? 

 August 16, 2020

By  Margaret Gulley

Spending some time in your shower can do wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing. Warm showers, and especially those lovely spa showers with massaging showerheads are excellent for soothing pains, aches and tense muscles. The warm water is great for unwinding and for reducing high stress levels and we all love that clean and fresh feeling you get when you step out of a refreshing shower.

If you don’t enjoy your showers quite as much then it is time for you to upgrade. The good news is that you can now upgrade any old and boring shower into something of spa-quality by simply installing a handheld showerhead instead of your traditional overhead showerhead.

Handheld showerheads are very trendy right now because they offer you spa-quality showering results and enhance home comfort and flexibility a great deal. With a handheld showerhead, you can still enjoy your shower traditionally by simply leaving it attached to the bracket. And whenever you like, you can simply grab that showerhead and rinse off your hair, legs or give your shower a good scrub without struggling to get the water to reach everywhere.

These flexible showerheads are especially handy for caregivers, seniors and parents because you can sit down inside the shower for a good wash. The showerhead can be sprayed anywhere you need and you have full control over the water direction, intensity or setting. This is a superb solution for those assisted bathing sessions since you can easily bathe other people, pets and children without getting wet. The showerheads can restore independence to those that cannot stand for long periods inside the shower because they can sit comfortably without the risk of slipping and falling.

What is the Best Handheld Showerhead? Keep reading to find out!

Top 5 Best Handheld Showerhead On The Market In 2020

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  • Why install a handheld showerhead?

Installing a handheld showerhead offer great benefits to both the user and the owner of the property.

Properties are upgraded because these showerheads are luxury items that offer a spa-like treatment at the comfort of your own home. These types of showers are also much more popular amongst tenants because they offer more flexibility so a greater variety of people with different needs can be accommodated.

Users enjoy lots of great benefits when they install these showerheads such as the following;

  • Why install a handheld showerhead?

Many showerheads offer different spray settings. Those that include massage spray settings are superb for warm water therapy. The massaging spray setting soothes sore and aching muscles, reduces tension and helps you relax. Warm water and a good massage effect also speed up your recovery rate.

  • Wash children with ease

Parents can wash kids easily in the shower because the showerhead can be lowered to their level and water can be precisely directed so you can avoid spraying your child’s eyes.

  • Rinse your hair and legs easier

Handheld showerheads make it much easier to rinse the shampoo from your hair or to shave your legs. You can direct the water where you need it with great ease.

  • Sit down while washing

With these showerheads, you can shower in a seated position. The showerhead is detached and can be used to wet and rinse your body without having to get up from the seat.

  • Perfect for assisted showers

Caregivers always have a tough time when it comes to bathing. Patients are usually too heavy to lift into a bathtub and showers always end up spraying everyone including the caregiver. With a handheld showerhead, you can care for seniors and other needy individuals and give them a proper shower without getting yourself all soaked.

  • Easy shower cleaning

The hosed showerheads also make it very easy to rinse down your entire shower whenever it needs a bit of scrubbing. You can maintain a much more hygienic bathroom environment with these units installed.

  • Wash odd objects

Do you need to wash something big and odd shaped? Your shower is the perfect place to do just that and the handheld showerhead makes it very easy to wash and rinse the entire object with great ease.

Because handhelds showerheads are so popular in residential and rental dwellings, you can find a huge number of them out there on the market. Some come as full sets that you can install all on your own while others are sold in compartments that allow you to pick and choose the type of accessories you want for your shower.  With so many options to consider, it can be hard for you to identify the best from the rest. Luckily for you, we already did all the hard research work and we established what the top 4 showerheads are that you can buy right now.

The top 4 handheld showerheads available

A lot of careful consideration went into picking the best handheld showerheads. We considered everything from functionality to durability and decided that these were the top 4 handheld showerheads that you can buy right now;

1. The SHowerMaxx Handheld Showerhead

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This is our top pick on our little list because the ShowerMax looks so great and offer the most flexibility.

It is a very popular showerhead amongst Amazon buyers and you can check out lots of customer reviews to find out what other people thought about this showerhead.

The showerhead and bracket are made of a strong ABS plastic with a sleek metal coating. The hose of the set is made of durable stainless steel and stretches. The head is also fitted with silicone nozzles that are easy to clean with your fingers.

Overall the set is very beautiful. It is available in four different colors; brushed nickel, bronze, brass, and chrome all of which match modern bathroom trends perfectly. It is a compact showerhead that won’t take up lots of space in your shower at all.

The showerhead is very flexible thanks to a 70-inch hose that stretches to a length of 80 inches and allows you to reach all over the shower. The showerhead head offers 6 different spray settings and the showerhead has a brass ball joint that allows you to swivel the head in any direction.

The set comes complete with everything you need for easy installation including Teflon tape for sealing and waterproofing your unit. It is also very easy to assemble and attaches directly to your overhead showers arm.


The metal coating of the showerhead set is sleek and smooth and won’t get stained easily at all. The head is fitted with a removable flor restrictor and features anti-clogging and self-cleaning technology so you won’t have a tough time keeping it clean and in good condition at all.

The set includes a 6-spray setting showerhead, interlock hose, showerhead mount that connects directly to the water supply, a removable flow restrictor, a mesh sand filter and all the Teflon tape you need for the installation. It is a full kit that is very easy to install.

  • Materials used - Hardened ABS with a metal coating and silicone nozzle
  • Hose - 70” stretch up to 80”
  • Mount - Connects to the water source
  • Showerhead - 5” long with
  • Spray settings - 6 spray settings
  • Showerhead components - Fitted with removable flow restrictor and mesh sand filter
  • Weight - 1.7 lbs
  • Color - Brass, Bronze, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome
  • 6 spray settings
  • Long 70” stretchable hose
  • Ball joints allow you to turn the head with ease
  • It is an overall beautiful showerhead
  • It has a removable flow restrictor to save time.
  • Relatively affordable price
  • Can only be installed in place of your old showerhead and cannot be installed in addition to the head.
  • No 3way diverter which means you cannot keep the overhead showerhead
  • No off/on switch at the handle bar
  • Hoe can be stretched out if pulled too hard

2. Hansgrohe Handheld Showerhead - Individual head

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If you already have a shower hose and all other accessories and only need a new showerhead then you can consider buying the Hansgrohe handheld showerhead. This is also a practical investment if you are remodeling the bathroom since Hansgrohe offer such a huge variety of individual bathroom plumbing components. You can invest in individual pieces such as this showerhead, a hose, bracket, 3-way diverter valve and more to create your own custom handheld showerhead.

Hansgrohe is a pretty popular brand and this 3-jet shower head is also very high in demand. It is made of sturdy brass material with a metal coating. The showerhead also has anti-limescale silicone spray nozzles that you can clean easily with your fingers. The showerhead isn’t very flashy in design but it is pretty sleek and beautiful.

The 4-inch spray face is fitted with 75 no-clog silicone nozzles and features Air-Power technology that enhances the water pressure in your shower while reducing water consumption. It has 3 spray modes which include full, massage and turbo spray.

The showerhead is very easy to install since it is compatible with most showerhead arms and can be customized with various other components to create an ideal shower design.


The chrome and brushed nickel coating of the showerhead is easy to keep clean and the silicone nozzles can be cleaned with your fingers although clogging is unlikely due to the technology used in the design of this showerhead.

  • Material used - Brass with stainless steel or brushed nickel coating
  • Hose - not included (2 options available in various lengths)
  • Showerhead - 75 no-clog spray channels, 4-inch nozzle
  • Spray modes - 3
  • Showerhead components - QuickClean and AirPower technology
  • Weight - 6.6 ounce
  • Color - Stainless steel and brushed nickel
  • 3 spray modes are very handy
  • AirPower technology enhances water pressure and reduces water consumption
  • QuickClean technology reduces maintenance
  • Beautiful design
  • Massage feature is a bonus
  • Made of strong and durable materials
  • No hose or other fittings included
  • Brass metal results in heavy showerhead
  • Pricy for a single piece without any additional components or accessories

3. YOO.ME Handheld Showerhead Set - The budget friendly

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This is the most affordable handheld showerhead sets on our list. The showerhead comes as a full set that includes handheld showerhead, bracket, hose, washers, manuals, and a water flow regulator. With this kit, you can install the showerhead all on your own and you can do a complete DIY conversion within minutes.

The showerhead is very popular with over 4k reviews on Amazon alone. It is very light in weight because the showerhead and bracket are made of hardened ABS plastic with a metal coating. The hose is made of a durable rust-proof stainless steel. The showerhead also has silicone rubber nozzles that ease cleaning and prevents clogging.

Overall it is a very simple yet stylish showerhead. It won’t take up much room in your shower and it is available in chrome and brushed nickel colors.

The showerhead is very flexible because it has a long 79-inch hose and three spray options which include powerful spray, powerful massage, and massage. The showerhead is also fitted with a flow regulator that gives you more control over the water pressure level in your shower.

It is very easy to install since all components can be twisted into place and the set comes with an instruction manual that guides you through the installation process.


The showerhead is also fairly easy to keep clean and to maintain since the metal coating keeps it looking great and prevents build-up on the surface. Silicone rubber nozzles reduce the chances of the head becoming clogged up with debris and easy to clean using your fingers.

  • Materials used - hardened ABS plastic with chrome or nickel coating for showerhead and bracket. Stainless steel hose.
  • Hose - 79” stainless steel
  • Bracket- ABS plastic and connects to shower arm
  • Showerhead - High pressure with silicone rubber nozzles
  • Showerhead components - comes with a water flow regulator
  • Spray settings - 3
  • Weight - 1.1 lbs for a full set
  • Color - Chrome or brushed nickel
  • Light in weight thanks to ABS materials used
  • Easy to install
  • Comes as a full kit
  • Long hose enhances flexibility
  • Very affordable price
  • Water flow regulator included but optional
  • Doesn’t have too many spray settings
  • No 3 way diverter which means you cannot install it along with your overhead showerhead

4. Couradric Handheld Showerhead

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This is another good investment for those looking for a versatile set that they can install all on their own without the help of a plumber.

The Courdradric handheld showerhead set comes as a full kit that includes showerhead, hose, bracket, Teflon seal tape, rubber washers, and even an installation guide. The set is very easy to assemble and the bracket connects directly to our old overhead showerhead arm. The hose and head connect directly to the bracket after which you can hang the showerhead inside the bracket. There is no need for you to modify the plumbing or drill holes in that beautiful shower to get this showerhead installed.

The showerhead is light in weight since it is made of hardened ABS materials. It is a very beautiful set that is available in a variety of color options that include brushed nickel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished brass.

The showerhead is quite flexible thanks to 6 spray settings; bubbling rain, bubbling water, power rain, shampoo rinsing, pulsating massage and water-saving mode. A swivel copper ball at the base of the head makes it very easy to twist and turn the head in the direction you need.


The metal coating of the showerhead is smooth and resistant to staining and buildup.  Unlike most of the showerheads on this list, this one doesn’t have rubber nozzles but ABS nozzles instead. This showerhead might be slightly more prone to clogging but can still be cleaned using a needle.

  • Materials used - Hardened ABS and Stainless steel hose
  • Hose - 6-foot hose
  • Mount - ABS plastic connects directly to your shower arm
  • Showerhead - 5 inches long with flexible brass joint
  • Spray settings - 6 spray settings
  • Showerhead components - Copper swivel ball bracket, water-saving mode
  • Weight - 1.8 lbs for the entire kit
  • Color - brushed nickel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished brass
  • 6 spray settings
  • Long 6 foot hose
  • Light in weight
  • Available in a variety of beautiful colors
  • Very easy to assemble and install
  • No rubber or silicone nozzles to ease cleaning or prevent clogging
  • No 3 way diverter valve which means you cannot install it along with the overhead showerhead

Need some help deciding?

All four of these showerheads brands are superb picks if you want to enhance general shower functionality. But if you still cannot decide on the best option then do not worry, we have you covered with this quick guide;

  • The overall best

The ShowerMaxx handheld showerhead is our top pick on this list because it comes as a full kit along with installation guide. The showerheads great design is sure to add a dash of style to your shower and with 6 spray settings, water efficiency and rubber nozzles that are easy to clean you just cannot make a mistake when you choose this unit.

  • The best for a customized shower unit

If you are picky about your shower setup then the Hansgrohe handheld showerhead might be the best head to consider. The showerhead is sold individually and you can buy all the components you want loose. This allows you to create a shower setup that suits your need to perfection. The showerhead is pretty simple in design since it only has 3 spray settings but it does lead in terms of technology such as QuickClean and AirPower technology that can help cut down on your water bill.

  • A good alternative set

If you want to buy a full showerhead set but finds the ShowerMaxx too pricy or if you just don’t like the available colors then you can always consider the Couradric handheld showerhead. This showerhead comes as a full DIY kit that you can install yourself. Like our overall best pick, this showerhead also offers 6 different spray settings. The only reason this one isn’t at the tippy top of our list is that it is fitted with ABS instead of silicone nozzles which means it might be slightly more challenging to keep clean and clog-free than the other models featured on our list.

  • The budget-friendly

If you are shopping on a tight budget then you can consider the MOO.ME handheld showerhead. This showerhead is the most affordable on our list and it comes as a complete kit that you can DIY assembles all on your own from the comfort of your home. The design also doesn’t require any plumbing modifications and no drilling is required to fit the bracket into your shower.

  • The most versatile

All of the showerhead sets included on our list is very versatile in the bathroom. But the two that stands out are the ShowerMaxx and the Couradric since they both offer 6 spray settings and a very long hose to enhance comfort and flexibility in the bathroom.

Final verdict

You won’t make a mistake when you buy any one of these sets. In the end, it boils down to your budget and your personal preference. If you are someone that prefers a full DIY kit that you can install in your home within minutes than the ShowerMaxx, Moo.Me and Couradric are all superb picks.

If you want to learn more about the individual showerheads we have on this list then we welcome you to have a look at our other handheld showerhead reviews on this website. We discuss all the pros, cons and details so you can find the best pick for your home or for your apartment with great ease.

 We hope that this buyer’s guide helped you understand more about the functionality and benefits of handheld showerheads and assisted you in locating the right unit.

Margaret Gulley

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