Amazon Basics N989 Hardside Luggage Reviews 

 July 1, 2022

By  Kawandanell

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A couple of decades ago, a majority of people used hard luggage. You may even have a couple of old suitcases with metal frames. However, in the late 80's manufacturers began opting for softer, composite fabric that was both durable as lightweight. That led people to buy soft-sided traveling bags instead.

If you look at things today, you will find the markets flooded with soft and pliable luggage. However, hard-sided suitcases are swiftly making a prominent come-back. How? Well, that is all thanks to newer materials, which are sturdy as well as lightweight.

Moreover, as per a Consumer Reports National Research Center study, it was identified that 21% of people preferred hard-sided luggage – going for the medium to large-sized suitcases.

Furthermore, the same research also showed that 14% selected products with the same materials for their carry-on bags.

Most hard-sided suitcases and luggage have a split opening, equally dividing the storage space. That enables you to pack your things quickly, distributing items 50/50.

That also allows you to stabilize your stuff by locking-in an interior strap or buckling a middle divider.

However, the clamshell models require more surface space to spread everything open.


A majority of hard-sided luggage is built-in with a middle divider; however, there are a separate variety of suitcases with a lid opening.  These products come in handy, especially if you are packing delicate or breakable things. Sturdy bags offer enhanced security compare to their soft counterparts and can never be ripped open at the sides.

But when it comes to the best type of luggage to keep your stuff safe, you should get your hands on the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner luggage. And here are a few reasons why:


Multiple Sizes To Select

There are two sizes you can get your hands on – 20” ad 28”. The AmazonBasics luggage offers twice the packing space compared to traditional spinning suitcases. The product is ideal for going on trips over the weekends or flying to another country to spend some quality time vacationing.

The 20" product offers a more reliable and sturdy zipper for permanent closure. With an expandable design, the luggage provides 15% more space for packing your stuff. You can comfortably pack heavy or light.  

However, the 28" model of the AmazonBasics luggage is more substantial. And you may have to check the baggage requirements set by your airlines. Entirely packing it may lead to excess luggage fee at the check-in.

3 Zippered Pockets And Lines Interior With Divider 

The product has durable materials, which are scratch and snag-resistant. The divide adds more functionality to the luggage, enabling you to store everything neatly. 

The spinner also has an interior-organizer, which is polyester (150D) – providing durability and strength. There are three zipper compartments you can store smaller stuff such as your documents, phone-chargers, etc.

Durable Design 

The luggage is ABS plastic that is twice as durable and sturdy than other products. Plus, with a secure hard shell, it is impossible to slash the bag open at the sides. It is scratch-resistant and will last a lifetime.

Flexibile Spinner Wheels 

Another reason you should opt for the AmazonBasics Hardside luggage is the fact it has durable, highly-flexible wheels that will not jam on you, ever. No matter how heavy the suitcase get, you will always be able to maneuver the product without experiencing any drag or resistance.


With 4-double wheels, you can glide your luggage without a care in the world and not worry about dropping the suitcase – you can even roll the wheels in multiple directions rather than just backward or forwards.

Secure, Mounted And Telescopic Handle

For more convenience, the AmazonBasics spinner luggage has very simple to use telescoping handle mounted right at the top of the product. You can lock it in place when you’re wheeling the bag at the airport.

With telescopic handling, you can extend the component as soon as you start rolling your luggage. And when you don't need it, just gently clamp it down into place. It operates pretty smoothly and is just as durable.

Moreover, the telescopic handle offers a comfortable, yet rugged grip for strenuous handling and stable lifting. This feature is what takes the cake compared to an assortment of similar products with less securely attached handles.

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What Others Are Saying

AmazonBasics Hardside luggage users are delighted at how well the product performs. They are happy with how easy it has become for them to travel with heavy luggage. Another excellent quality and feature of the product that a lot of people are satisfied with its three zipper compartments.

You can just store so many small things in those compartments. From mobile phone chargers to documents and paperwork – the pockets offer a secure medium of storage.

And that is another reason why the product has become excessively famous in the US – built with a robust and sturdy material; nobody can slash or cut the luggage from the sides.

But another feature that customers love is the wheels – you can glide your luggage around without putting in any extra effort. They are smooth and can hold up the weight. The telescoping handle can be popped up without any resistance and can be pushed down just as quickly.

Buying Guide

You can buy the AmazonBasics spinner luggage around [amazon fields="B074MD2L3M" value="price"] with free shipping at Amazon. It is ideal for frequent travelers. Plus, it comes in two sizes and has exceptional storage space where you can pack heavy and light stuff.

The double wheels are sturdy and flexible, and the handle is securely mounted for you to pop it up or push it down as much as you want. The product is a definite must-have!

Final Verdict

Considering the price and the features of the AmazonBasics luggage,  you couldn’t ask for more – especially when they are a lot of expensive alternatives on the market that don’t have nearly as much going for them as this hard-side luggage.

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