Amazon Basics Premium Hardside Spinner Luggage Reviews 

 January 3, 2021

By  Jacqui

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Most travelers tend to agree that hardside luggage is the superior option, but many still avoid purchasing this type of luggage due to costs that are typically on the high side. It’s easy to understand why, since hardside luggage has a history of being a little expensive. 

The AmazonBasics line of products seeks to provide quality goods at affordable prices, and now they’ve expanded into the luggage market — with great results. 

The AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Luggage is, as the name suggests, a premium version of the company’s base-level hardside luggage. So what makes this version “premium?” Quite a few things, actually. 


This luggage has a striking appearance that immediately gives off a sense of quality, despite having one of the lower price points you’ll see for this product. The luggage’s indented design is on both sides, and a closer look reveals intricate texturing throughout the material. 

Speaking of the material, this luggage set is made from polycarbonate, rather than the ABS material found with the base model. This gives the luggage some added flexibility, and also greater durability that protects against cracks and dents. There’s also a good amount of colors choices, with five in addition to the default grey. 

As for sizing, this particular model is 24 inches, and has the ability to expand by 15% in case you need some additional room in a moment’s notice. Need a smaller or larger size? You can get this luggage in 20-inch and 28-inch versions as well. 

On the inside, the luggage has a fully lined interior, with a convenient center divider and compression pads for each side. This helps to keep your clothing and belongings organized, while also holding them in place. There’s also an organizer, and a total of three zipped pockets for added versatility. 

The luggage shell has a telescopic handle on top that easily extends as needed for easier pushing and pulling. The handle’s grip is ergonomic, and comfortable even during longer excursions. 

On the bottom, you’ll find four sets of double spin wheels, allowing you to steer the luggage around corners and turns with ease, while also handling inclines without any issues. The wheels have a rigid and durable feel, and have been tested to ensure they last for years and years. 

For added security, the luggage comes with a TSA-compliant lock that allows you to set your own code, while ensuring that TSA has easy access to the inside for any security checks. The lock fully protects the zippers from being pried open, providing a little more peace of mind. 

What We Like

  • Polycarbonate Material

The move up from the standard ABS plastic is certainly appreciated. It does come at the expense of some added weight, but you also get more flexibility, greater impact resistance, and just a better feel overall. 

  • Smartly-Designed Interior

Hardside luggage interiors don’t need to be groundbreaking, but a smart design always helps things. The full liner adds a send of quality while ensuring more protection for your stuff, and the divider and compression straps help keep things nice and tidy inside.

The three zip pockets provide more storage options for smaller items that would otherside get lost inside, and the larger mesh pocket can isolate larger items.

  • It’s always a good thing for hardside luggage to include a lock, and it’s even better when it’s a TSA lock. This lock is easy to use, full effective in every way, and avoids the need to purchase some clunky external lock that’s not only a pain to use, but gets in the way. 
  • The price point for this entire luggage series is very affordable, especially when considering that you’re getting polycarbonate. This makes high-level luggage accessible to those who may not otherwise be able to spend the money, or have to opt for an inferior product with cheap materials. 
  • The only main drawback with this luggage set is the wheels. Although they are doubled, and turn in any direction, it would be nice if they were made from soft material for an easier rolling experience, and with less noise overall. 
  • With that said, while these are hard plastic wheels, they are adequately thick, and have no trouble handling basic surfaces.
  • This comes with the territory when you’re dealing with polycarbonate, but the weight of this luggage is a little higher than what you’d get with materials such as ABS. It’s not overly burdensome, but a fully packed luggage may give you some strain if you have to do a lot of lifting for whatever reason.

Buying Advice 

This luggage follows the standard sizing increments that you’ll find with most any other hardshell luggage, but always double check your airline’s regulations to make sure your bag won’t be subject to additional fees just in case. 

Also, if you’d like a full set of this particular line of luggage, you can purchase two and three-piece sets on the same listing for around Price not available, which is likely the best deal you’ll get with polycarbonate hardside luggage

Final Verdict

Overall, the AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Luggage is one of the best values you can find with hardside luggage. And since it’s the premium version, the upgrade in materials provides a big increase in quality, and makes the luggage just as durable as it is functional. 

If you are wanting to take a step up from the basic level of hardside luggage, or are looking for an affordable way to own anywhere from one to three pieces of hardside luggage, this is one of the best buys available on the market. 

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