AmazonBasics 28” Hardside Spinner Luggage Reviews 

 February 7, 2022

By  Jacqui

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When shopping for full-sized hardside luggage, it can often be somewhat difficult to find affordable options that aren’t low in quality. This notion is enough for some people to simply opt for a cheaper softside luggage product instead.

The AmazonBasics 28” version of their Hardside Spinner Luggage gives buyers an incredibly affordable full-sized luggage option that offers all the essential aspects and features of a reliable travel companion you can trust for years of use. 

Although this luggage is certainly a basic product in most ways, it makes large hardside luggage appealing and accessible for those who may otherwise look elsewhere due to price. It may not be the flashiest luggage you’ll encounter, but it definitely gets the job done, and can hold its own against the harshest of punishment. 


As the name says, this luggage is 28 inches in size, placing it in the full-sized checked bag classification for the majority of airlines. Aside from being 28 inches, this luggage can also expand by 15%, giving you even more room to cram a few extra items in that you may have picked up on your latest trip. 

The style of the luggage is a fairly common design, with indentions moving horizontally on each side of the case. Fine texture is found all over the surface of the shell, giving the luggage an added sense of depth and refinement, albeit subtle.

The shell material of the luggage is crafted from ABS plastic, giving it a lightweight feel. Buyers can choose from a total of four basic colors, including the standard black, two different blues, and a vibrant orange for those who want to stand out a bit more. The luggage opens from the center, and it held together by heavy-duty dual zippers. 

The interior is minimal in features, but you still get a full liner throughout, along with a divider in the middle, and compression pads to help keep your clothing and other items in their place and separate from each other. There are also three separate zippered pockets to store smaller items in so they don’t get lost or misplaced inside the main compartment. 

For transport, a telescoping handle can extend up and out from the main body of the luggage, allowing for easy pushing and pulling. This is complemented by four sets of double wheels that can rotate, which enables easier steering around curves and turns. 

What We Like

  • Expandability

One of the best features on hardside luggage is the ability to expand, but many manufacturers choose to forgo this. Fortunately, AmazonBasics was sure to include it, enabling the luggage to quickly expand by 15% in the center. 

15% may not seem like much initially, but the added room can give you just enough space to fit in some extra items as needed, something that every user can appreciate. 

  • Inexpensive

This is certainly worth mentioning again, as the price point is one of the main strengths of this luggage. Despite being a full-sized hardside luggage with above-average quality, this product maintains a price point around $118.89, which is one of the best prices you’ll see. 

Again, 28-inch hardside luggage options rarely come close to offering the functional quality AmazonBasics has managed to implement.

  • Organized Interior

The inside of this luggage doesn’t offer a lot of flashy storage options or organizational features, but it still manages to keep things neat and clean, with just enough pockets and dividers to properly separate your clothing and smaller items.

  • Sturdy Feel

Many hardside luggage products made from ABS plastic tend to have a cheap, overly light feel, but not so with this one. The luggage feels very sturdy from top to bottom, and that includes everything from the wheels to the handle. 

What Could be Better

  • No Lock

We get that this is technically a luggage product for smaller budgets, but the forgoing of a TSA lock for the zippers was an odd move on Amazon’s part. It would be nice to see the company add the lock in to future product releases, as with their slightly more expensive hardside luggage offerings. 

  • Limited Color Selection

This is probably being a little petty, but it would be good to have more than four colors to choose from. It’s safe to assume most will opt for the black or blue colors. 

  • Wheel Design

This is probably asking too much for a durable 28-inch hardside luggage product at this price, but the wheel design is definitely lacking. While the wheels are certainly adequate in getting the job done without any issues, upgrading to rubber wheels would be much more preferred. The plastic wheels can be a little loud on rougher surfaces, and make the luggage a bit hard to roll at times on inclines or textured ground. 

Buying Advice 

As with any luggage, always check your airline prior to departing to make sure yours will fit to their regulations. For most airlines, this is 62 inches total. This luggage is actually just a bit over 63 inches when including the wheels, which may subject you to a fee from certain companies. 

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, this luggage from AmazonBasics is exactly as described: basic and adequate. The low price and simple design make this an excellent buy for anyone looking for an affordable 28-inch hardside luggage for longer trips.

The shell is durable, the interior is spacious, and the ability to expand the size is just one more reason as to why this luggage is popular for so many travelers. If you’re trying to expand your luggage options while keeping the price around $118.89, this is a highly recommended way to do so.

Amazon Basics 30-Inch Hardside Spinner, Navy Blue
Amazon Basics 30-Inch Hardside Spinner, Navy Blue
Hardside spinner luggage for work travel, vacations, or weekend getaways; 4 double spinner wheels ensure smooth-rolling mobility in any direction

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