ATN X-Sight II Smart Riflescope Reviews 

 September 9, 2020

By  Jacqui Cheng

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The right riflescope can be your perfect companion for outdoor activities. Modern riflescopes feature technology that enables you to use them for multiple purposes, and not just hunting.

That said, you need a good range finder when you are going hunting so that you can keep an eye on your target from a distance and have a better chance of success.

Some top riflescopes are compatible with different apps and modern connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and GPS, which means you can use them for photography as well.

You might feel confused browsing through the wide range of riflescopes available on the market today. Every model offers something different, and they are not equal regarding quality. Hence, you have to consider a few factors to make an informed decision.

The main factor you should keep in mind is the purpose you want to use the riflescope for, as this will determine the features the scope should include.

Furthermore, you should pick a product that past customers’ praise, which will give you peace of mind that the riflescope you are purchasing is effective and will deliver the performance you require.

About  The Product

A convenient option for you is to opt for a product from a reputable and reliable brand. You don't need to look further than ATN to find a range of high-quality products, spanning the gamut from rangefinders to riflescopes with thermal technology. The brand has a solid reputation, and their products are top-of-the-line.

Despite this, you don't have to break the bank to purchase them. The ATN X-Sight II Smart Riflescope is among the best riflescopes available on the market today. The modern riflescope works equally well as a rangefinder.

The standout feature of this riflescope is that it is compatible with different connectivity options and apps. You can conveniently transfer the images and videos you capture to any device. However, that isn’t the only reason why the X-Sight II is a great product.

Here's The Top Features Of This Riflescope

  • Shoot During the Day or at Night: The Day/ Night Mode of this riflescope enables you to use it during any time of the day. The rangefinder provides great resolution and high-quality images, regardless of the lighting conditions. You don’t have to restrict yourself to daytime expeditions as this versatile riflescope allows you to explore the great outdoors after the sun goes down as well.
  • In-Built Rangefinder: The rangefinder of this model is a handy tool. You don’t have to invest in separate accessories or tools just to range your target. You also get the option to avoid using a handheld rangefinder, as the riflescope features one. You can easily calculate the distance between you and your target, allowing you to set up the perfect shot. You simply have to click the rangefinder twice for it to start working. The rangefinder will adjust the point of impact after the range is available.
  • ATN Shooting Solution: The ATN Shooting Solution is a precise and accurate ballistic calculator that eliminates the need for charts and reticles. You can simply put in the data about your environment, and the calculator will take care of the rest. You can improve your shooting skills, and with the information, the calculator provides, hit your target on the first try.
  • HD Video Recording: A standout feature of this riflescope is it allows you to capture video in 1080p Full HD. The scope comes with an SD card built in, which means you don’t have to carry any extra cables or accessories to shoot videos. You don’t have to think twice about capturing your favorite moments on video. The HD option is available for shooting during the day and night.
  • Zoom and Magnification: The Smooth Zoom technology ensures you can adjust the range of your shot without hassle. You can magnify or zoom in as per your requirements. The riflescope features 5-20 magnification, which is sufficient for capturing great images and video.
  • Wi-Fi Streaming: The riflescope features Wi-Fi streaming, allowing you to display or play the images and videos you capture on any screen. iOS and Android apps are available to make the process more convenient for you. The riflescope also features GPS.


  • Day/Night shooting modes
  • Precise ballistic calculator
  • HD Video recording
  • 5-20 zoom
  • Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Built-in SD Card
  • Built-in rangefinder


  • You have to upgrade the firmware from time to time

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What Others Are Saying

A majority of customers who purchased this product from Amazon are happy with its performance. A customer wrote that the HD recording feature is perfect for shooting at night, even when you have limited lighting sources. Another customer wrote that he uses this riflescope for honing his targeting skills.

He practices indoors but is looking for an outdoor location that will allow him to test the range of the ATN X-Sight II Smart Riflescope. A customer stated that the iOS app allows him to view targets on his iPad and iPhone, which is hugely convenient.

On the flip side, a few customers had some complaints about this product. A customer wrote that the riflescope doesn’t work effectively at night. Another reviewer stated that the price is high for the features this model offers and it is quite heavy as well.

Buying Advice

You can order the ATN X-Sight II Smart Riflescope from Amazon, and they will deliver it to your doorstep. The retail price for this model is around [amazon fields="B01BYDUZ60" value="price"], but it is currently available for around $515. Shipping is free, so you don't have to bear any extra costs.


Overall, there is little to complain about when it comes to the ATN X-Sight II Smart Riflescope. The features are great, the price reasonable, and the reviews highly positive. You should consider purchasing this riflescope.

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Jacqui Cheng

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