AYL Soundfit Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker Reviews 

 February 12, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

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  • Great water resistance (though not submergeable)
  • Recharges fast
  • Has a wide acoustic range
  • Clean sound quality
  • Features upgraded Bluetooth technology
  • Nice design and blue color


  • The battery may take some time to recharge after using it completely
  • There is no way to check the battery level
  • The sound may start cutting out after some time of being used

Sometimes finding the best Bluetooth speaker can be a difficult task. But look no further! The speakers presented below are your perfect option! 

A look into Bluetooth Speakers

For those who haven’t used Bluetooth speakers before, you have to know that they are far more comfortable and easier to use than ordinary speakers. Moreover, they offer incredible sound and music experience! Their advanced technology provides high-quality design and performance.

In contrast to common speakers, Bluetooth ones don’t need wires to work with the audio device. This means they can be paired with several technological gadgets without cables or chords. Because of this, the audio source doesn’t have to be necessarily next to the speaker.

Sometimes people think that Bluetooth speakers are the same as Wi-Fi speakers. However, they work differently. While it is true that neither of them needs wires speakers with Bluetooth technology can connect with different types of devices automatically with just a few touches.

Benefits of Bluetooth Speakers

  • Bluetooth speakers are portable. They are easy to carry with as they fit into small bags or even your pocket! Enjoy music around you wherever you go.
  • These wireless speakers have very low power consumption. Moreover, they don’t work with batteries and can last for a long time.
  • This type of speaker is wireless, meaning it doesn't need any cables to function. Because of this, they are more practical to use than ordinary speakers. You can connect the speakers to the device automatically.
  • Bluetooth speakers are very practical to use. You don’t need to install any drivers. You can pair the speakers with any Bluetooth enabled devices, such as laptops, cellphones, and tablets.
  • Wireless speakers serve for different purposes: playing audios at one of your job presentations, setting the mood at a picnic or just listening to music at home. Play any audio or song on these speakers wherever you want!
  • Bluetooth speakers are compatible with any device that includes Bluetooth technology. As most cell phones and laptops include that feature, these speakers function almost with any device.  They even work with iPhone!

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Info about the product

The shower speaker offered by AYL Soundfit is a waterproof device that is powerful and durable. It can work with all Bluetooth enabled devices. It has a ten-hour battery life and provides high-quality sound and music. So get ready to play your favorite music!

You can use this speaker wherever you want: in the park, in the bathroom or even at the beach! It will set the perfect mood for every place you go to.  Check out its features below.

Purchase elements

  • One Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker
  • One carabiner (to easily hang the speaker)
  • One USB Cable (to charge it)


  • Great sound experience: This shower speaker features high-quality sound and deep bass. It is suitable for different contexts: doing sports, traveling, biking, running, cooking, taking a shower, going on a picnic or going to a pool a party! These are just a few examples. Take the device with you in every adventure.
  • Easy to use: This device contains an advanced Bluetooth operation system. This means it can pair with other devices much faster than other old-versioned speakers. Moreover, it covers a wide Bluetooth range, up to 35 feet! 
  • Durable battery: Listen to your favorite music for long hours! This product can play up to 15 hours of music at quite a high volume! Moreover, you can charge it in just three hours with the USB cable included in the purchase.
  • Maximum compatibility: The device on sale can be connected with different kinds of Bluetooth-enabled gadgets! Pair it with your mobile phone, computer or tablet and play your favorite songs. It doesn’t matter if your cellphone is an iPhone or Android. Both work!
  • Perfect for any wet environment: You can use the speaker safely while taking a shower, under the rain, or any other place with moisture. However, you cannot submerge it into water. Though it can resist and accidental drop in the water. 

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How to use the Bluetooth speaker

Learn how to pair the wireless speaker with your phone. It’s very easy; just follow these simple steps.

  1. First, turn on the Bluetooth speaker.
  2. Second, activate the Bluetooth option on your mobile phone. You can do this by accessing settings.
  3. Once Bluetooth is activated, a list with available devices will appear.
  4. Click on the option that has the name of the speaker. In a matter of seconds, you’ll successfully pair the speaker with your phone! Now you can play your favorite music!

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Final words and buying advice

Bluetooth enabled speakers are becoming more and more popular each day. Thanks to its lack of wires, you don’t have to worry about any cable bothering you around. They are comfortable and very practical and easy to use.

In case you are still doubting whether to buy the Maso portable Speaker, then don’t! You will truly enjoy a unique sound and music experience. In terms of convenience and features, this model is a must. You won’t be disappointed.

The mini speaker is easy friendly to use and you play it wherever you want. Its design provides high-quality sound and a modern style that will amaze all your friends. If this weren’t enough, it is resistant to water! You can sing to your favorite songs while taking a shower at home. So, don’t wait any longer and get your purchase!

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Lisa Hanel

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