Bean Bag Chair: An Ideal Companion For Kids And Adults! 

 November 6, 2020


Bean bag chairs are big fabric bags filled with dried beans, polystyrene beads or any similar substance. A bean bag chair is an excellent example of an ergonomic or anatomic chair. The users set the shape of a bean bag chair. Although often designed to be chairs, they are usually confused with ottomans and tuffets because of their amorphous nature.

Bean bag chairs are back with a bang and are no longer those amorphous or formless vinyl blobs of yore. That is because the latest collection of bean bag chairs tends to center on multifunctional, sleek and incredibly comfortabledesigns perfect for almost any setting.

They could be funky and stylish furniture alternatives for kids’ rooms and dorms. Some bean bag chairs can even transform into comfy beds which makes them ideal for small or constricted spaces.


Also, many bean bag chairs are suitable for different large-scale adult settings; gorgeous oversized leather and suede options are naturals and look pleasing in home theaters and casual libraries. In contrast, outdoor models provide a new and comfortable way to see the sunset as you sip coffee.

Contrary to popular belief, a bean-bag doesn’t have actual beans in them. A majority of bean bag chairs have light and small polystyrene beads that conform to the user’s body and create an ideal comfy nest.

Moreover, the beads used in high-quality chairs are fire-resistant and usually made of recycled substances, like plastic soda bottles. Many models that come with this kind of filler may allow for filler addition over time for more support.

On the other hand, some models of bean bag chairs have the most excellent polyurethane foam. This material is similar to that used in various memory foam mattresses; however, it is broken up into small chunks to create a softer, comfy memory-foam effect.

Due to the softness and smoothness of the foam, many of these chairs are vacuum-sealed in smaller containers to ease shipping. They can be fluffed back with ease to their original shape.


The notable predecessor of bean bag chairs is called the Sea Urchin. Roger Dean designed it in 1965 while he was at the Royal College. The chair was unique as it was the first chair to adapt entirely to the form of users. Did we you know that the first bean-bag ever invented was back in 1969?


A team of Italian designers Paolini, Gatti and Teodora employed by Zanotta Design, were attempting to design the right kind of chair for the flower power generation. The team required a chair that was not only practical and stylish but could also fit in with the 1960s lifestyle.

These designers successfully came up with a bean bag chair called the Sacco; it became famous overseas as the Socco. These original and unique Sacco’s were leather bags with a pear shape.

Initially the chairs were filled with polystyrene or thermocol pellets; however, later the material was replaced with urethane foam, shredded polyurethane foam, polystyrene beads, or PVC pellets. The new chairs became a trendy furniture item as they were the first chairs to adjust to the individual sitting in them entirely.

Although unverified, rumor has it that the Sacco was an accidental discovery. This Sacco was quite similar to many bean bag chairs found in departmental stores in the early 1970’s.Unlike those, however, the Saccos were filled with pure Styrofoam pellets and were made of top-notch leather with a headrest.

Understandably, the Sacco became a commercial hit and is considered a favorite icon of the 1970’s.As the chair placed the users close to the ground and also contoured to various lounging positions, it blended well with the casual lifestyle of that time. During the 1990s, bean bag chairs transitioned from being inexpensive furniture to high-end chairs that met a broad variety of needs.

Moreover, bean bag chairs of various sizes and shapes were introduced in the market, while a variety of bean bag furniture items such as bean bag recliners and sofas were also a part of the catalog for home decor. Bean bag chairs during the 1990s also became more childproof.

Pros Of Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are different from standard chairs. The chair has an adjustable shape and is very comfy that makes it more functional. However, it is always prudent to consider both the benefits and disadvantages if you are looking to buy one for your home.


Bean bag chairs are incredibly functional and comfy. Users can position them easily into any shape they choose. For instance, some people prefer watching movies or TV on bean bag chairs, while others may use them to work on the laptop or do homework comfortably. Moreover, they are ideal for playing video games or sleeping as well.


Easy To Clean

A lot of bean bag chairs such as the Lovesac come with detachable enclosures you can quickly wash in any standard clothes washer. It makes bean-bags easier to clean while minimizing the cost of washing. A bean bag with a removable fabric tends to look much better for more extended time periods, and users do not have to bother with stains and spots.


Bean bag chairs are quite comfortable to transport and move around. Unlike cumbersome and bulky couches, bean bags made of foam or beans are more convenient to reposition. It makes them ideal for people who like to move their furniture from one room to another or take it outdoors for an afternoon. It is vital because furniture that is convenient to relocate tends to get used much more and can lower the need to buy chairs, recliners or couches.


Another great benefit of bean bag chairs is that everybody can use them: kids, adults, and even pets. As there are seemingly endless sizes, shapes and fabrics you can choose from, everyone can buy their unique bean-bag and customize it to their needs.

For instance, there are microsuede enclosures, fur covers as well as jungle print covers. Besides, if you get your pooch or kitty a bean bag, you will not have to worry about them jumping up on the family’s fancy couch.

Pros Of Bean Bag Chairs

Here are some negative things about bean bag chairs:

Not Suitable For Formal Setting

Due to their relaxed and laid-back style, bean bag chairs do not look appropriate in a formal setting. That is a significant drawback that restricts their use to informal or laid-back living spaces.

Lack Of Back Support

The flexible and amorphous nature of bean bags also means that they do not offer the same back support as traditional chairs. Moreover, they do not have considerable armrests. These chairs are for folks who like to sink into the furniture.


Although most bean bag chairs could be pushed against walls or into corners, some of them could still be quite voluminous and big, therefore taking up a considerable amount of space. A few giant models are often difficult to squeeze through standard entryways when completely expanded.


Types According To Size

Nowadays bean bag chairs are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate people of all ages.

Babies And Toddlers

Give your baby comfort from birth. A baby bag is made using is cotton covers and comfy bean fillings. These bean-bag seats are sized just right for babies and are ideal for newborns to infants aged six months with a maximum weight of ten kg.

Toddler bean bag chairs are neat and comfy seats for babies who are too big for baby bean bags. These chairs are usually available in the most elegant faux leather. Toddlers could take their bean bags outside with them for a little outdoor fun as well.

Most standard bean bags in this size have a diameter of about 50 cm and a height of about 60 cm. They are suitable for kids up to three years of age.


Give your kid their bean bags and protect that fancy sofa. Bean bags for kids are ideal for children until they approach teenage years. A majority of kid’s bean bags are bright, fun and funky. Your child can use them at home or school. The embroidered selection of comfy cotton bags and animal-printed bean bags are an ideal size for kids up to the age of five.

These adorable bean bag chairs can also make excellent gifts. Animal bean bags may inspire creative and imaginative play and are for educational purposes. Many models in this size range can stand up to three feet tall and are also ergonomically designed for more support during gameplay.


Giant bean bag chairs are for adults and teenagers who like to sit comfortably. These bean bags are available in a variety of materials such as faux suede, faux leather, and other water-resistant fabric. Many bean bag recliners, specially made for gaming, are available in this size. The cover they have is supple faux leather with a height of about one meter.

Big bean bags offer excellent neck and back support. You can also use them outdoors in your garden or lawn and have the just the right style and size for barbecue seating. The supportive seat and high back mean you can concentrate on having fun enjoying your food in a comfy chair. Giant bean bags also come with a useful handle which makes them easy to carry.

Extra Large

A majority of extra large bean bags have a height of around one meter when filled. They provide long-lasting comfort and support to the users. Many extra large bags come in a classic and appealing round shape, including several designs made of faux leather, faux suede, and water-resistant fabric. Extra large bean bags offer supreme comfort as they have a considerable bean filling with up to ten cubic feet of bag-beans inside!


Also, many extra large bean bags can quickly transform into beds in little time, offering you the benefits of both. If you have limited space and cannot accommodate a spare bed, these bean bags are ideal for you.

Types According To Shape

Bean bag chairs are available in a variety of shapes, so you can easily choose one that you find appealing, which are:

Round Bean Bags

A circular bean bag chair is the most popular kind. These chairs are shaped just like a ball. You can place them in your room to rest and enjoy activities like playing video games and watching movies. Your kids can play all day in these classic round bean bags that are built to last.

The best chairs have features such as upholstery grade vinyl, double stitched seams along with locking safety zippers. They are also easy to clean; you just have to wipe them with a damp cloth. They are available in bright colors that are not only ideal for dorms, but are also perfect for man caves, living rooms, dens, gaming areas, and bedrooms!

Square Bean Bag Chairs

Although square bean bags are relatively uncommon, you will quickly find one in the market. These types of bean bags are cubed shape and tend to work more like ottomans for foot-rest. They can also function as footstools, chairs and side tables.

A square bean bag can be a stylish and trendy addition to your patio, garden, deck or lawn. The modern style bean bags are practical to use, and also boast a playful appearance. The best models are resistant to rust and mildew.

Game Chairs

A game bean bag chair is often round in shape; it is wider at the bottom but tends to narrow toward the endpoint. These bean bags are available in many colors and are incredibly soft. They can support children of all ages.

Types Of Fillings

Bean bag chairs are not just ergonomic and comfortable but also exciting, fun and affordable. However, many people do not realize that there is a lot more to bean bag chairs than the colorful covers and uniquely designed they can see on the outside. Bean-bag filler is available in many varieties; keep in mind that the quality of the chair you choose relies heavily on the filling inside.


By fully understanding the various kinds of beads that are used to fill bean bag chairs, you can get a better idea regarding which filling is most suitable for your needs.

Polystyrene Beads

Polystyrene beads are small and move or shift quite quickly. These beads are lightweight and fluffy, giving the bean bags the ability to offer more comfort and support in any position you want. A majority of bean bag chairs have a synthetic material called expanded polystyrene (EPS). It is hard-celled plastic and is similar to Styrofoam. Apart from bean bag beads, this component is used in disposable cups as well.

EPS is ideal for many bean bags as it is lightweight yet sufficiently rigid to retain its form. EPS beads used to fill bean bags are three mm to five mm in diameter; they are also resistant to heat and moisture.

Shredded Foam Filler

Bean bag chairs filled with shredded foam have polyurethane foam. This material has many benefits over EPS and several other fillers. It is durable and firm as well as incredibly resilient. When bent or crushed, the component can soon return to its original size and form. That implies that these beads could be compressed; however, they do not lose their cushioning and airy qualities.


In the past, companies used micro-beads in bean-bags. However, the material is not suitable for giant bean bags. Micro-beads are small pellets made of a particular kind of plastic called polyethylene.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Some notable tips for keeping your bean bag like new:

How To Clean A Bean Bag Chair?

The cleaning method for your bean bag chair will depend on its materials. Follow these steps to keep your bean bag chair neat and tidy:

If you have a removable cotton cover, unzip the chair’s cover and take out the liner that contains the filler. In case the bag is loose, place it in a container or trash bag. Wash your bean bag cover in a machine with warm or cold water and mild detergent. Then machine or air-dry the cover. Replace the filler once the bean-bag-cover is dry.

If it is vinyl, clean it with a piece of cloth dipped in soapy, warm water. In case there are stubborn stains or spots on your fabric, gently scrub them using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Then wipe the chair cover dry using a clean cloth.

Brush your suede-covered bean bag chairs on a regular basis to keep them neat and clean. With a damp terry cloth or suede, eraser rubs off any dried stains or spots and run a metallic suede brush gently over your cover in a circular motion.


With a damp, clean cloth rub spots off your plush bean bag chair. Then thoroughly wipe and dab the rest of your bag to get rid of dust. In case your bag has a heavy or thick layer of dust, it is better to use the vacuum cleaner to lift it before wiping it with a damp cloth. Then even out any clumps and brush the nap with a hairbrush that has plastic bristles.

Wipe your velour or velvet bean bag chairs using a damp cloth. Rub off any stubborn stains using a damp, soft cloth dipped in a soapy solution. Work in a circular motion until all the stains disappear. Allow the fabric to dry naturally.

How To Fill A Bean Bag Chair?

Always work in pairs to quickly fill your bean bag chair, because filling it alone is difficult and also do it indoors in a room free from breeze or wind.

  • Bean bag chair filling also come in 100-liter bags at most department stores like Big W, K-Mart, and Target
  • Make a funnel with a plastic bucket or waste paper bin
  • While you are holding the funnel, your friend can open the bag of bean filling
  • Avoid cutting across the corners at forty-five degrees. Instead, cut carefully along the edge of your bag, about half the width of your bean-bag or 150mm
  • Dispose of the piece of plastic bag you have cut off. Then slowly pour the contents into the funnel
  • You would be able to determine how fast you need to pour, make sure the contents are all going in your bag instead of the floor
  • Never make the mistake of overfilling your bean bag chair. Cramming can make your bean bag chair less comfortable and place excessive stress on the zipper and stitching
  • Always keep in mind that a small bean bag chair may hold more than hundred kilograms of weight if an adult or chubby teenager sits on it. That can place enormous pressure on its seams
  • Adding filling to a bean bag is more comfortable than removing it. As a result, always try to fill your bean bag chair to about two-thirds of the total capacity


We have discussed what a bean bag chair is and how it is different from conventional chairs. We have covered the history of bean bags and have looked at their various benefits such as comfort and portability.


There are a few drawbacks as well. We have highlighted different types of bean bag chairs according to size (kids, large and extra large), shape (round and square) and filling materials.

We have provided step-by-step instructions on how you can clean your bean bag chairs. The methods vary depending on the material of the chair. We have given tips on how you can quickly fill your chair. Our buying guide will discuss the different features that you should consider when buying a bean bag chair along with some recommendations.


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