All There Is To Know About Bed Bug Sprays 

 April 5, 2020

By  King

By definition of the word, a pest is a destructive insect that feeds on planted crops, livestock, and stored food. Upon contact with bug-infested livestock, a human can carry the pest to somewhere else unconsciously.

The term "pests" is also used to describe people who are annoying and overly dependent on others. This shows clearly how much menace pests are considered in our society.  

Any pest infestation denies the victim any sort of peace. Some pest infestations can alter your whole schedule. Most people in the contemporary world we live in have employment commitments to uphold. Just imagine how much your schedule would be affected if your sleep schedule was altered for a whole night. It would not go well for you, right?

The advantages accrued from a quality and ample sleep can never be emphasized enough. It is a fundamental requirement for human anatomy. Resultantly, anything that would reduce the quality of your sleep is automatically regarded as an enemy to personal development. This is one of the reasons a bed bug infestation considered a catastrophe, especially if neglected. What matters is a witty method to handle this situation. Bed bug sprays are such one way to handle an infestation scenario. 

Before sharing remedial actions to take, it is imperative to understand all about bed bugs and bug killers as well. This article will guide you step by step. So let’s buckle up!

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are a reddish-brown and blood-sucking insect that feed on warm-blooded animals. Although they hide is many different places within an apartment, these bugs are highly associated with the bed. Hence its name. The reason for this is that bugs are most active at night. They prefer when the victim is asleep.  

How bed bugs spread

These tiny blood-sucking insects are always in search of a host. They are great at hitchhiking. These creatures move from one location to another by traveling on a person’s luggage, apparel, furniture, bedding, etc.

These creatures cannot fly. However, this not limit their locomotion. Bugs can crawl over distances. This is how they can transit in hotels and apartments. They can easily move between rooms and floors.  

Signs of bed bug bites

As aforementioned, bugs feed by sucking the blood of their hosts. They have to bite exposed skin to do so. These creatures are more active during the night while their hosts are not fully conscious. Bed bug often targets either the fleshy parts or those that are often easily exposed during sleep. The prevalent target areas are one’s arms, hands, neck, and the face. A bite by a bug is painless and is seldom noticed. 

The most commons symptoms after a bite are, bumps present on the skin surface. This part may become red, swelling may develop. An itching sensation is also a common sign indicating a bug bite.

If a part that has been bitten is scratched as an impulsive reaction to the itchiness, it gets infected. The unique fact about bites by bed bugs is they often leave several bites in rows. Medical specialists in the field of infectious diseases term this pattern as the three meals in a day; breakfast to dinner. 

The period these bite marks appears varies from an individual to another due to biological peculiarities of the costs involved. This period may extend up to a fortnight after the bed bug bite.

The tricky thing about bug bites is they can go entirely unnoticed. Alternatively, these marks can be confused with mosquito bites.    

Remedies for bed bug bites

Medical practitioners claim that bed bug bites do not cause any illnesses. Therefore, bug bites often need no treatment. It is only needed in case the itch felt is severe or there is an allergic reaction. Such an instance is treated by applying creams or orally taking an antihistamine to abate the allergic reaction.  More severe bacterial infections that affect some thoroughly scratched areas require an antibiotics prescription.

If you prefer a home remedy there are several alternatives. 

i) You can make a paste by mixing water and baking soda and apply it to the affected region.

ii) You can control the itching using cool compressors.

iii) You can have an oatmeal bath to relieve bug bite symptoms.

iv) Home remedies also include over the counter medication for allergies like antihistamines.

In most cases, a bite from a bed bug is never serious.   

Why bed bugs are such a menace

A bed bug infestation is detrimental. Many people think that bugs are caused by uncleanliness. Contrary to this belief, bugs are only interested in the presence of a host. If a person with a bed bug on their clothes or personal items visits, these creatures might hide anywhere in your apartment. This is enough to facilitate a bug infestation. The extent of the infestation will be determined by the number of hosts present and time consumed before bug treatment.

Bugs are a menace because they hatch eggs in numbers. These creatures live and lay eggs in concealed places. For instance; in cracks, in nooks and edges of furniture, upholstery, loose wallpapers, curtains, etc.

Bed bugs tend to feed when hosts are asleep and later crawl back into hiding. Their ability to remain hidden is why they can stay unnoticed giving them some time to hatch. This is the moment most people come to learn about the infestation. In an unfortunate instance where treatment is neglected, the situation will certainly deteriorate.    

When bed bugs lay eggs they are hidden everywhere in the apartment. This is very unfortunate for one major reason. You can treat your apartment but forget to treat a single place where there are some eggs. After some time you will be disappointed that your efforts were futile. For this reason, it is advisable to contact an external experience is you have never treated an infestation before. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

A bed bug infestation is not that painful but you will feel an itching sensation and rushes. If you suspect an infestation look for bug feces in the cracks and crevices of your mattress, headboard, bed frame, the list is long.   

The moment you see one-bed bug take immediate remedial action and purchase an effective bug spray. The choice of your beg bug killer spray you settle for will determine your rate of success. The best bed bug sprays in the market will be highlighted below. Let us commence with a list of things to look for in a bug spray.    

What to look for in a bug spray

Reviews made by previous users

Experience is the best teacher. It is the best way to know the utility that a product provides. The comments that people have about best bug killers in the market illuminate their true nature. You have to watch the general rating of the product type that you wish to purchase. 

Search online for the best reviews about bed bug killer sprays. They prove quite helpful because they provide raw and authentic feelings concerning their experience with the product in context. Be assertive of what people say about a product before making your final decision.


A good bug spray should have adverse effects on bugs immediately upon contact. Bug sprays that remain active a period after drying off are more preferable. Additionally, a good bug killer spray should kill bugs in all stages of its life cycle.


The cost of a bug killer that you purchase is the first thing that you ought to be aware of when purchasing such a spray. It is wise to get the value for your money. Purchase what befits your financial capability but do not compromise on the quality of your bed bug spray.

Goodwill of Brand Manufacturer

The reputation of your bug killer brand manufacturer might add some valid insight into whether a product is worth purchasing or not.

Chemical Composition

You should inspect the composition of bed bug killer spray. This is just a precaution in case either you or your family members may be allergic to one of its components. The most recommended chemical composition of bug killer sprays is water-based. Most of them are safe for use around children and pets. Make sure you check whether a bug killer is safe to use around pets because some are not.

Impact on the Environment

Pesticides with chlorofluorocarbons have been deemed very detrimental to the environment and among the leading causes of global warming. It is better to be conscious and responsible for Mother Nature. It is preferable to purchase an eco-friendly brand without harmful toxins.


It is preferable to settle for a brand of bug killer that is approved by either a recognized group of entomologists, environmental organizations, or a renowned research institution.


Poor quality bed bug sprays leave stains on fabric which is destructive. Choose a bug spray that leaves no stains on the fabric.


Some bed bug sprays have a strong odor while others have a subtle one. The choice will depend on your personal preferences.

The most conspicuous features about this product include:​​​​​

Odorless: This bug killer has a subtle odor which was liked by several of the users. Many were interested in this because most products of its categories have strong scents some of which are irritating. 

Stainless: The hot shot bed bug killer is water-based in composition. Many users were contented by this bug killer because it leaves a surface spotless. Who wouldn’t want the same?

Effective: Past users have praised hot shot bug killer’s ability to kill bugs in all its life forms.

The prevalent negative review made about this bed bug spray is that it cannot be used to treat pets.

Eco-Raider Bed Bug Killer

The Eco-Raider Bed Bug Killer is environmentally friendly and does not affect a user’s health status. It is safe both for pets and children. 

Enumerated below is a list of guidelines on how to use this product. 


Put all your beddings into a plastic bag. Place this bag in a high temperature of around 140℉ and leave it for half an hour. This will all bugs.

Treat your bed

Spray all the parts of your bed extensively. Spray all parts of the mattress and wooden parts of your bed. Include every edge, nook, or joint when bugs can hide their eggs.

Treat the entire Surrounding

Spray every surrounding item including your furniture curtains, carpets, and any small openings that can support the hatching of bed bug eggs.

The general review of this bed bug spray is a 4.2 out of the possible five stars. This is a warm reception, especially since more than 60% of reviews gave it a five-star rating.  

The features that stood out to most consumers about this product include: Effectiveness Several users have branded this product as effective because it kills bed bugs within a short time. People that have used this product well have benefited immensely. This is the product to use especially if there is an intense bed bug infestation at your premises. 

The prevalent negative comment made about this bed bug killer concerns its saturated odor. It failed to please several users.

Harris Bed Bug Killer

Harris bed bug killer spray has been known for several details. It was founded in the year 1922. Two years later it was used in the elimination of bugs which had infested the lower parts of the Calvin Coolidge White House. This bug killer was so good in eliminating this menace that it was posted on the cover page of the Washington Times. It was described as the “Vermin Slayer”. This gives you confidence in this ergonomically designed bed bug spray. Here is how you ought to use it to get similar results. 

There are two ways this product can be used; proactively and reactively. 

Proactive Treatment

The purpose of this is to prevent a bed bug infestation before it occurs.

1. Before traveling, spray your luggage and leave it to dry out. Pack all your items in plastic bags that can be sealed.

2. After checking in a lodging, inspect the seams of the mattress for bug feces.

3. When you get back home, unpack your luggage outside and leave it the garage or laundry room.

Reactive Treatment

This is done after a bed bug infestation.

1. Put the beddings and upholstery in high temperature for 20-30 minutes.

2. Treat every part of your mattress, the bed, along with every part of the room. Treat every nook and edge where bugs may remain concealed.

3. Put your items in sealable plastic bags and along with a cloth damp with this bug spray. Leave it intact for a fortnight.

Review Commentaries

The general review of this bed bug spray is a 3.5 out of the possible five stars. This is reception is slightly above average. There were varying views about this bug killer. However, most of the remarks made were positive. 

The most conspicuous features about this product include:

Stainless: Many users were contented by this bug killer because it leaves a surface spotless.

Odorless: This bug killer has a subtle odor which was liked by several users. 

Despite, its reputation as an effective bug killer, there have been few complaints made about its ability to eradicate bugs.


 I am certain you now have ample knowledge about bed bug infestations.  Now you know that bed bugs are not only associated with dirty surroundings as many presume. Your guest can be a carrier. You can even be in an elegant hotel room that is unfortunately infested. Believe it or not, even the White House has ever been infested. Bed bugs have repercussions on public health and the economic value of a property. 

Net worth plummets if a residential building or hotel is associated with a case of bug infestation. 

Hotels are a leading cause of spreading of bugs to unsuspecting guests. It is advisable to have a bug killer spray to take proactive measures before traveling. Be assertive of what you purchase because of the effectiveness of your bed bug spray matters. Bug elimination can prove tough if approached from an amateur’s perspective. If you are uncertain about the elimination process of bed bugs, purchase your ideal buy pray and contact a professional exterminator. 


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