5 Best 88 Key Digital Piano 

 July 1, 2022

By  Lisa Nguyen

When it comes to selecting a digital piano, you want one that gives you the same feeling as playing an acoustic piano. Digital pianos have come a very long way since the first one was produced in the 1980s. The sound quality has improved so much and they are much more portable.

When choosing a digital piano, you will need to do your research and be sure that you select a proper piano that will deliver and be what you need it to be. Digital pianos have so many functions and extra sounds that they can produce, making them versatile instruments.

Top 3 Best 88 Key Digital Piano On The Market

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Let’s have a look at a few of our options for the best 88 key digital piano:

1. The Alesis Melody 61 MKII

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The design of this digital piano is minimalist, user friendly, and very comfortable to play. The features of the piano give you the feeling that you are playing an acoustic piano, but one that you are able to travel with. The sound that it produces is dynamic and of a very high-quality, this is one of the main features that you can expect from Yamaha.

The keys are GHS (Graded Hammer Standard), so you will have a heavier touch at the low end and then a lighter touch at the high end.

The speaker system was designed to give you a full sound. The placement of the speakers allows the music to travel upwards and downwards giving you that full stereo sound.

The design of the piano is very elegant and made with simplicity in mind, making your playing experience even more ideal. Through the MIDI port, you can connect this piano to your favorite USB device and software.

So, if you prefer a piano with an authentic acoustic feel, this is a great option to consider.


  • Dimensions – 52.19 x 11.63 x 6.56 inches
  • Weight –26 Pounds
  • Keys– 88 Graded Hammer Standard keys
  • Includes – Power supply and sustain pedal


  • Weighted keys give a very natural feel to the keys
  • Great purchase for beginners


  • The sustain pedal isof mediocre quality

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2. The Alesis Recital

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For a beginner’s digital piano, this is a great option to consider, as you can adjust the keys’ sensitivity to your playing style. With these adjustments, playing is made comfortable.

It also has five premium sound voices to choose from and add while you are playing: organ, synth, bass, electronic piano, and acoustic piano. The keyboard has two built-in 20W speakers that will fill the room with beautiful crystal clear music. Or, if you don’t want to play it through the speakers, plug in the headphones and listen to your music without disturbing anyone else.

Also fitted on the keyboard are other connectivity outputs and inputs for your sustain pedal (not included), RCA, USB and headphone. Because you can also use batteries to power the piano, it can be taken anywhere.

With this purchase you will also receive a three-month subscription to Skoove, a powerful educational system that will teach you all that you need to know about playing piano.


  • Dimensions – 3.6 x 11.52 x 50.52 inches
  • Weight – 15.62 pounds
  • Keys– 88 full-sized semi-weighted keys
  • Includes – Three-month premium subscription to Skoove


  • Keys have a feel of a acoustic piano
  • Different volume settings for different adjustments


  • Keys are only full size in width, not length
  • Sound output is not the best

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3. The Roland RP-102

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If you are looking for a complete piano, the Roland RP-102 may be for you. Not only will you receive the digital piano, but headphones, a stool, and a bench for your keyboard as well. The design is very elegant and will look great in any home.

You are also able to adjust the key sensitivity, making it perfect for you while you are playing and getting the best response from your piano. The bench that comes with this keyboard also has pedals, including a damper, and soft and sostenuto pedals.

This piano sounds very much like an acoustic piano. You are even able to select between four grand piano styles and 11 other musical sounds like organs, strings, and others.

One thing that sets this piano apart from others is that the keyboard is able to be split up into two sections, each with the same sound. The built-in metronome also helps you to get the perfect rhythm when you are playing.


  • Warranty – One-year warranty
  • Weight – 87 pounds
  • Keys– 88
  • Includes – Pedals, headphones, keyboard stool and stand


  • Five Settings for key touch sensitivity
  • Three Pedals (Damper, Soft, and Sostenuto)
  • WholeDual Twin Piano
  • Stereo headphone included


  • Expensive

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Buyer’s Guide

Here are some quick tips that might help you make a final decision:

The Best Sound Quality

Here we have an option between two pianos, the Yamaha or the Roland. These two have great reviews when it comes to the sound quality. If you’re starting from scratch, the Roland piano may be better since it comes with all the extras. Otherwise, the Yamaha is perfect.

The Best for Beginners

Here, we prefer the Alesis. This piano requires the smallest upfront investment and even comes with a three-month subscription to Skoove to help you learn faster.

Final Thoughts

Overall, all three of these pianos are great options to consider depending on your skill level, but you won’t go wrong with any of these purchases.

One final tip if you are just starting out: learning any new instrument takes a lot of time, but with continual practice you will be good in no time!

Lisa Nguyen

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