5 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar 

 July 5, 2022

By  Lisa Nguyen

So, what exactly is an acoustic electric guitar you might ask? Also known as electro-acoustic guitars, they look like your normal acoustic guitar but have built-in electronics that makes them able to amplify their sound. The pickup of this type of guitar is normally installed on the bridge of the guitar and the controls are built on the edge or the side of the body panels.

With these controls, you are able to manage the volume, tone, tuning, and equalization. Connect your guitar to an amplifier if you want to boost the sound of the guitar. Otherwise, you can simply play it as a normal acoustic guitar.

Top 3 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar On The Market

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There are a few factors to keep in mind when you are looking to purchase an acoustic electric guitar, like your playing style and budget. But, let’s get started on finding the best acoustic electric guitar:

1. The Ovation Applause

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The Ovation Applause offers you great sound and playability without breaking the bank. This AB24II model has a satin finish and a soft V-neck that allows for fast play. The guitar has a 10” radius giving it the same feeling as when playing an electric guitar. The lighter action also makes it easier to strum chords.

The top layer design has a thin, resonant layer that gives this guitar great acoustic balance. The soundboard is supported by scalloped x-bracing that is built with a durable, mid-depth Lyrachord roundback cutaway body. The rounded back of the guitar provides the warm, deep sound with optimal response and power.


  • Product Dimensions  — 41.5 x 16.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight  — 9.33 Pounds
  • Number of strings  — 6
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Clean, crisp sound
  • Design makes it easy to manage and play
  • Sound not as full as one might prefer
  • Built in tuner may not be the best

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2. The Baby Taylor Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar

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This guitar is a great option to think about if you are looking for a second guitar that you could travel with. Despite the size, the sound quality is uncompromised . The design of the guitar results in this beautiful sound that is well rounded and full bodied. The top of the guitar is the primary filter and distributor of the vibrating string, which has a huge impact on the sound.

Hawaiian koa, a hardwood that produces a natural compression, is used in the manufacturing of the guitar. This results in a more controlled “roll-in” effect to a note. Due to this compression you will get a more balanced response with clear and direct focus on the sound.

The powerful on-board preamp includes a digital chromatic tuner and an LED display that makes tuning much easier. It even has a low battery notification light.


  • Product Dimension  — 37.25 x 15.5 x 7.25 inches
  • Weight  — 8.32 pounds
  • Number of Strings  — 6
  • Small and light, great for traveling
  • Great pick-up system
  • Sound is full and warm
  • Guitars plays and handles great
  • Smaller size may not be comfortable for taller guitarists

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3. The Traveler Guitar

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If you are looking for a guitar that is totally different and will definitely get everyone’s attention, this guitar will do just that. It is one of the smallest, lightest full-scale acoustic electric guitars on the market and it is great to travel with. Even though it is 31% shorter and 43% lighter than your typical full size guitar, you will still experience the full scale playing that you are used to.

You can plug it into any amp or recording device as it is fitted with a standard ¼-inch output and a shadow acoustic piezo pickup. The detachable lap rest makes transportation easy and the guitar is even small enough to fit into an airplane’s overhead compartment.

Even though it is small, you will still get the same experience as you would have with a full scale acoustic guitar.


  • Product Dimensions – 38.4 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Weight – Three pounds
  • Number of Strings– 6
  • Perfect if you are traveling a lot
  • Great quality sound
  • HIgh quality product
  • Shape of body a bit awkward
  • May be uncomfortable for some

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Buyer’s Guide

All of these guitars are very unique in their own way.

Before buying a guitar, you need to look at what you want from your guitar and the type of sound that you would want from your guitar. Also learning a bit more of the history of the brand or the guitar can also help you with your final decision.

So let’s have a final recap of the guitars we have looked at today:

The Best Traditional-Shaped Guitar

If you are looking for something more original, the Ovation Applause and the Taylor Baby are perfect options to choose from. They have a very original feel to them and they look and sound really great as well. Both of them have a very original shape that is very comfortable to play and they are also great for traveling, as they are a bit on the smaller side.

If you are looking for a true hybrid, the Ovation Applause is probably the better option. However, Taylor is a well respected brand in the acoustic guitar world and this Baby Taylor is no exception in quality and sound. As the better acoustic, the Baby Taylor is our ultimate favorite.

The Best Guitar for Traveling

The Traveler Guitar is perfect for well, traveling. It is 31% shorter than a standard size guitar. It fits into an airplane overhead compartment and is super lightweight. But even though it is much smaller than the other guitars, it most certainly doesn’t lack in the sound department.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed this article and that you found this information helpful in your decision in selecting your acoustic electric guitar. You can also have a look at some of our other articles for some more information about guitars.

Lisa Nguyen

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