SportBB Portable Air Bed Reviews: Best Air Mattress For Everyday Use 

 September 12, 2020

By  King

When it comes to air mattresses, most people immediately think about camping. They want to know the best camping air mattresses, and imagine a thin layer of insulation to protect them against the temperature extremes, twigs, and rocks on the ground. 

If they don’t think of this, the next most likely scenario is that they’re thinking about overnight guests. They don’t have a ton of spare bedrooms, so they grab an air mattress that they can inflate for company and store back on a shelf when the guests are gone. 

The truth is that air mattresses are becoming far more popular in everyday use. They have numerous health benefits when compared to traditional box spring mattresses, are much more affordable than many of the traditional mattresses, and are especially nice for studio apartments and places with very little space, because you don’t need to have the bed out at all times.

The SportBB Portable Air Bed is probably the best air mattress for everyday use. It is extremely durable and comfortable and comes with some awesome bonus features! 

The Features

  • This mattress comes in either a twin or queen standard sizing. This means that your bed sheets will fit perfectly to the mattress without slipping off to dragging so loosely that they get tangled and wrinkly.  
  • This is also rated for everyday use because it’s so comfortable. It offers a flat surface that will properly align your spine and neck through the evening without you sinking into the center of the mattress, no matter how much you move throughout the evening. 
  • The mattress is also resistant to slipping and sliding around, so if you toss and turn in your sleep constantly, you won’t need to worry about this mattress sliding out from underneath you and leaving you with a hard and rude a wakening on the floor.
  • The PVC thickness is 0.4 mm, which meats the minimum standards for quality air mattresses. It is 0.6 mm overall, which is a very good measurement. It is thick enough to be durable, even if you are a bigger or heavier person. Although a weight capacity is not listed, the mattress should hold up well even while supporting big and tall people, and will be far more resistant to punctures and tears.
  • This product definitely comes with the brown air mattress plus an air pump. It should also include a storage bag, repair package, and pillows. These pillows aren’t the greatest, and it is unlikely that you will receive the backrest with cup holder that are featured in a few of the product images.  

What There Is to Love About This Air Mattress

One of the great features of this mattress is how easy it is to clean and store. If the air mattress gets dirty, you can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and it will remove the dirt or dust and leave you with a clean mattress. 

It is also really easy to put away and store. Simply allow it to deflate fully. The, fold it up neatly and evenly. Finally, roll it tightly and store it wherever you need to put it. 

It is also an extremely versatile mattress. It is made for pretty much any situation that could arise. Because it’s light and easy to store, you can use it as a camping mattress in the wilderness. It can also be used as an outdoor day bed, a large floating platform in pools, as a spare bed for hotel rooms when you are travelling on a budget, and as a bed for your overnight guests when they come to visit. Finally, this bed is comfortable and supportive enough to be used every day as a mattress in lieu of traditional and more expensive mattress options. 

This mattress is also raised from the ground. It is about 18 inches off the ground, which is about the same level as sitting on a sofa or couch. This makes it ideal because it is much easier to get into and out of than the low to the ground mattresses and futons many guests end up using. Elderly guests will have a much better sleep on this mattress and not have difficulties with mobility. 

What There Is to Dislike About This Air Mattress

One of the major issues with this mattress is that it offers inconsistent buying information. The dimensions listed in the images provided are 203 x 152 x 48 centimeters, or 70 x 60 x 18.5 inches. Another lists them at 152 x 203 x 38. This is a significant difference, although both sizes are roughly in the range of Queen sized beds. Despite this, the rest of the product information refers to the mattress as a Twin sized mattress. 

Unfortunately, this discrepancy is extremely confusing and we are not sure whether the product is always shipping as a Queen, a Twin, or whether they ship both sizes and you randomly end up with 1 or the other. 

This lack of information continues through the rest of the product information. We are guessing based on experience and build style that this air mattress uses chambers rather than end to end beams for support, but this is only our best guess. 

Because it is a relatively new product, there are also no reviews to date. This means that we are unable to determine whether our excellent experience with this product is consistent with other customers, or if we are the only ones who were happy with our purchase. While this is not necessarily a fault of the product, it does make comparison shopping difficult. 

Buying Advice

When buying air mattresses for every day use, some of the most important features to look at are the PVC thickness, the height, and whether it is self inflating. While this one doesn’t have a never flat pump, meaning you will likely have to top off your air a few times a week, it does have the requisite PVC thickness and height to be considered a great mattress. 


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