A Review of the Best Baby Push Walkers 

 August 9, 2020

By  Lisa Nguyen

It is a proud moment in every parent’s life when their babies take their first steps. Growing up, babies try to stand themselves up by holding on to things and taking their first steps with the help of an adult.

But adults can’t be expected to be around throughout the entire process of them learning to walk, which could take weeks to months. This is where push walkers come into the picture.

There have been a lot of myths surrounding baby walkers, claiming that they hamper development in children. But official studies have debunked these myths, and have proven that there is no evidence on which these claims are based.

In this article, we have reviewed the three best walkers for you, so you can choose the best baby push walker for your needs. Read on to know more about which one of them is the best for you based on their pros and cons.

1. Spudies Portable Push Walker

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With buttons and music built into the dashboard of this quirky push walker, your baby will be entertained while he learns to walk! It also looks like a robot, which is a plus for a baby’s developing brain. Growing up, babies have a very open brain, and a good design, colors, and sounds help them develop brain activity and learning.

This walker comes in a four-wheel system, which makes the design sturdier and safer for the baby.


  • Color: Grey
  • Weight specifications: 5-50 pounds
  • Batteries: Yes, AA required
  • Product weight: 4 pounds


  • Foldable for easy transportation and storage
  • Interactive with music and conversation prompts
  • Four wheels ensure sturdiness and safety


  • No color options available
  • Not suitable for taller than recommended kids

Spuddies Robot Portable Push Walker, Grey
Spuddies Robot Portable Push Walker, Grey
Easy-grasp handle and sturdy 4-wheel will make your baby's steps safer; Teaches songs, conversation skills and much more.

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2. PlayGo Baby Push Walker and Scoop A Ball

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The beauty of this push walker is its simplicity. This walker comes with a game built into it, that allows babies to walk around and scoop up balls with it (balls included in the package.) The design is very colorful and helps enhance the visual senses of the baby.

The simple scoop and launch design also enhance physical activity. This means that the baby will always have an incentive to move around and collect the balls.

The walker comes in a two-wheel system, offering more freedom of movement for the baby.


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Product weight: 2.08 pounds
  • Batteries: Yes, AA required (included with packaging)
  • Age recommended: 18 months to 5 years


  • Colorful design
  • Ball collection will encourage movement
  • The two-wheel design offers more freedom of movement than four-wheel design for older babies


  • Meant for older babies, younger babies might not benefit from the two-wheel design
  • Some reviews suggest that detachable parts might come off easily
  • Ball launcher might get in the way of things

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3. BABY JOY Push walker

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This baby walker comes with an adjustable handle height, which makes it perfect for fast-growing babies. The design is made in such a way that weight balance is evenly distributed, making it great for proper posture in the baby’s development.

Also included in the package is an interactive system for the baby involving music and sounds, which can be detached from the main walker as per your convenience.

This walker comes with a system to make it heavier for growing babies so that it doesn’t flip over and builds strength. You can add sand or water in a dedicated space to add weight and increase friction, developing the baby’s strength.


  • Colors: Pink and Blue
  • Product weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Batteries: Yes, AA required


  • Helps against bow-legged walking
  • Adjustable handle height works for babies of different heights
  • Weight adding helps increase friction to improve strength
  • Four-wheel design helps stability
  • The interactive system includes different instruments along with volume control


  • Lots of moving parts
  • Interactive panel on the opposite of the walking side

Buyer’s Guide

Not all babies are the same, we get that. Some of them might start walking early, some of them might need more help than others, and some of them might just be too interested in the outside world to completely use the help their parents are trying to provide. This review article is meant to help each one of you decide which is the best baby push walker for your needs. Based on different reviews, we have developed a consolidated buyer’s guide to help you decide which one of them you should buy.

  1. For fast-growing babies: If your baby is growing out of their clothes every day and you need something to keep up with his growth, we would suggest the BABY JOY push walker. With both adjustable weight and height, this push walker will grow with your baby and help them reach their walking goals faster and more effectively.
  2. For active babies: Is your baby extremely active and hyper? If that is the case, we suggest that you purchase the PlayGo Push Walker and Ball Scoop. With a real-world interaction built to encourage as much physical activity as possible, this walker is the best choice to keep active babies busy.
  3. For the youngest ones: If your baby is very young, and is just beginning to start walking, the sturdy Spudies Portable Push Walker is the best choice for you. With a four-wheel design meant to ensure proper safety, this will ensure that no harm comes your way.

Babies walking for the first time are a joy to behold, and these walkers will help them, and you, in the process. Hope this review helped you pick out the best option for your baby. If you’re interested, please feel free to check out our other baby walker reviews as well!

Lisa Nguyen

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