10 Best Baby Toys 

 April 27, 2022

By  Jacqui

What are the Best Baby Toys?

Children love playing, that’s a fact. And even in this age full of technological advances, there is nothing better for your child development and fun than the classic toys. There are hundreds of options for baby toys today. Manufacturers do their best to offer not only durable items but also safe ones.  

From beautiful dolls to desks or stuffed animals, your kids will love the toys you decide to buy for them. The only thing you need to consider is their age and interests. Also, there are other safety-related issues that every parent should take into account when buying boss baby toys, for example. Below, you will find a selection of the best baby toys today. We decided to categorize them according to the age of the baby. Let’s go!

Best Toys for Children up to 3 Months

It’s true that children this age are very young and they have not developed gross or fine motor skills. However, that does not mean they cannot interact with the items around them. In fact, it’s a good idea to stimulate them, so they start looking for sources of sounds, for example, or distinguish between different and new colors. Below, there are some ideas of toys that are suitable for these young babies.

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What is the Best Baby Toys? Keep reading to find out!

1. Toe Time Infant Car Seat Toy

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Traveling by car with an infant can be a nightmare, especially if they are bored. If they start crying and you have nothing to give them to calm down, you’ll have your trip ruined for sure. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Sure! The Toe Time infant car seat toy can be an excellent choice to keep your baby entertained. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this wonderful item and see if it’s convenient for your child and your family.

The music will make the child unleash their imagination while giving him or her motivation and appeal. If they kick, the toys that hang from the car seat will juggle and make nice noises that calm the baby down if they are crying. In terms of design, i is quite unique. The velcro straps are convenient for adjusting the toys so that they don’t block your sight. You’ll be able to watch them carefully at all times.

Finally, the toy is a great learning tool for babies. They will start kicking and trying to ignite the toy and will realize that their actions have consequences on them. Not only their physical activities will be stimulated, but also their aural and visual senses. The pricing is very affordable for the benefits it provides, so don’t hesitate and go for it if you are planning a long trip with your kid!

2. Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse

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If you are looking for a bedtime buddy for your baby, this beautiful sea horse might be your best companion! It is soft, small and nice, excellent to calm down even the angriest of babies. What makes this product unique is that it casts a comforting glow to calm your child down even if it’s very dark.

In addition, it has 8 different songs to play, and even ocean sounds that can help children sleep better. It’s very easy to activate those sounds: your girl only has to squeeze it gently, and you’ll be able to regulate the volume and speed of the sound. The only negative point about this toy is its pricing: a bit expensive for such a small stuffed animal. Anyway, it’s a great option for keeping your baby calm and safe during the night.

Best Toys for Children Between 4-6 Months Old

Children start developing and growing up very fast. This period is characterized by tummy time and crawling. The following items are great in inspiring children to move out of their comfort zone. 

3. Baby Einstein Activity Station

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This interactive toy can also help in the development of your baby so he or she can start figuring out how things work. It includes three ways of working, and the toy is easy to use. Your baby just has to touch the sections with colors to start listening to the sounds. What is more, if you want your child to start listening to other languages, this is possible! The recorded content is available in French, Spanish or English.

The most attractive feature of this toy is that it contains all of the topics that truly attract babies. Some of them are colors, lights, animals, and music. The only problem seems to be that the buttons require a lot of pressure to work, and it aims at small babies who cannot do that on their own. As soon as they start with tummy time, your kids will start looking for the toy they love. The lights call babies’ attention and make them feel motivated to move towards it.

4. VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball

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This amazing crawl ball will stimulate your toddler to chase it and push the buttons to hear the wonderful sounds related to animals that it contains. These animals will become your baby’s best friends! The number of songs it includes is impressive, as they are almost 50. The ball also includes recordings with phrases that the child may try to imitate too.

The buttons are nice to develop fine motor skills, and also to start recognizing sounds and shapes that correspond to different animals. The flashing lights the balls has are also a nice addition to the interactive toy that will encourage children to interact with it. Stimulating a baby to crawl has never been easier! On the grey side, it requires many batteries to function properly. However, many users claim that they last for long, so they are not a big investment on your part. Start helping in the language and motor skills development of your child today!

5. Insoon Water Play Mat

[amazon box=”B07QFZB39S” template=”vertical”]

This mat is everything you were looking for to improve your baby’s tummy time! It has a suitable size, so you can transport it anywhere you like. Your child will be comfortable in his crib, his bed, the floor, even in the park! The product does not have a process of setting up, so you only have to unpack and start using the mat!

The combination of colors and textures call any baby’s attention, so he will have a lot of hours of entertainment without harming himself or being uncomfortable lying on a cold floor. The animals inside seem to move, and that’s very nice for the child’s eye. He will move, and see how the things inside the mat move as well!

Best Toys for Children Between 6-9 Months Old

In this stage of their development, children start to imitate what others do around them. Also, it’s time for them to try to stand up and try to walk. Also, babies start seeing cause-effect relationships between the things they do and what they obtain from them. Let’s see how they can benefit from interacting with toys.

[amazon box=”B077H5G2Q3″ template=”vertical”]

This set includes not only one, but two toys to guarantee that your kid will always be entertained. That renders it a nice option of toys for a 6 month old baby. It is made of 5 rings of different colors, and a base where they can stack them based on their size. For very smart babies, parents have the option of buying a pricey package with more than 10 rings to combine. 

How is this toy helpful for children? Well, on the one hand, they will start coordinating their eyes and hands. Also, they are going to become more proficient in grabbing toys. Their problem-solving skills will also upgrade, as children realize that some rings do not go well on top of others. This toy enhances their sense of discovery, for they will be able to grasp, shake, and hold these items without any danger.

They have been manufactured with great care, considering the highest safety standards according to the target age of your child. Without a doubt, this Rock-a-stack by Fisher-Price is a great gift for smart babies who are just starting to discover the world around them. Give them hours of fun and entertainment without risks!

7. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

[amazon box=”B0053X62GK” template=”vertical”]

If your goal is to encourage your baby to stop crawling and start walking, then you’ve found one of the best baby toys to achieve it. This is an interactive baby walker that encourages toddlers to follow it, and by doing so, to learn how to stand up and walk. The piano keys produce music, and there are also pinning rollers to develop fine motor skills in a great way.

When mentioning remarkable features, it includes AA batteries so you don’t have to spend money upfront. Also, there are more than 50 songs available so that your children can sing and develop their love for music while learning how to walk. The colors make it very appealing, and its ease of use and assembling is a blessing for not-so-handy parents. Even if it’s made of plastic, it is of top-notch quality and very durable. 

When considering its disadvantages, it is a bit pricey. However, it is worth the investment. Just watch over your child carefully when he’s using the toy to prevent them from falling over when they lean too much. 

Best Toys for Children Between 9-12 Months Old

Finally, these toddlers are very curious and want to know everything. For this, they touch, they play, and they move around a lot. Their fine motor skills are very advanced, and they start drawing and touching buttons with ease. Here are some ideas that children will deeply enjoy.

8. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

[amazon box=”B01FVS6V9Y” template=”vertical”]

When your child has already become a toddler, their interests and needs will change a lot. For example, they will feel the need to start using different objects and producing new things. One of the most appealing activities toddlers find is drawing. This is when this activity desk comes into play! It is an interactive item that includes up to 5 pages to start unleashing children’s imagination. The LED display is made of top-notch materials that ensure it will last for years to come.

If they don’t feel like doing something with technology, it is possible to turn the item into a traditional desk. Using chalk, they can create as many figures and drawings as they prefer. Moreover, the stool the package includes is very comfortable and easy to transport. Another important feature is that it’s very to clean: you’ll just need a damp cloth to make the desk look flawless again. The only drawback is that it only works with AA batteries, so it might become a bit expensive if your baby uses extensively. 

9. TOP BRIGHT Race Track

[amazon box=”B072X7CYH4″ template=”vertical”]

Everybody loves cars, and more so will do your young children! This is a race track toy that was built with wood. That makes it sturdy and durable. Also, the manufacturers decorated the item with non-toxic paint to ensure this is one of the best toys for 1 year old children. Both the vehicles and the track have been tested following the highest safety standards, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of the baby. To reduce the risk of choking, the package includes no small items or pieces that can fall apart. 

The size and weight make this toy a very nice gift, convenient to transport and easy to set up! You will only need to put the removable parking lot at the top and that’s it! Your toddler will be able to start using the cars they love so much. In addition to all these benefits, this wonderful track will give your child the opportunity of interacting with others. Taking turns is a skill that needs to be learned in the early stages of development, and this is a toy that encourages that to happen. You will also find countless hours of fun with this well-built ramp racer!

10. Hape Pound and Tap Bench with Xylophone

[amazon box=”B00712O2D6″ template=”vertical”]

If you love music, and so does your baby, then this xylophone is a great option to keep them busy, fun, and educated! Whenever they pound on the xylophone, the balls will be sent to the air, where children can catch them. This is a great exercise to develop fine motor skills, coordination (eyes, hand, and arms). Also, children are going to see that their actions have effects on the xylophone and act accordingly. 

In addition, your smart baby starts recognizing different sounds and music as they combine the ones that are produced by the instrument. You don’t have to worry about your son or daughter getting hurt. The product has been manufactured so that it lasts, considering safe materials at all times. For example, the pain is water based, so it won’t poison your child even if he or she decides to put the xylophone into their mouths.

Another remarkable feature about this toy is the endless possibilities it offers for games. Apart from exploring the many combinations of sounds and music that the instrument offers, they balls that can fall on the keys or outside of it. Chasing these balls can also be very fun! Start educating your child in the wonderful world of music today!

Some Advice Before Buying Baby Toys

Children are known to put whatever object that falls into their hands in their mouths. This is something you should look out for, particularly with small toys. Many parents overlook this crucial aspect, and by doing so jeopardize their children’s health. Choking with toys is not uncommon among babies and young children. Also, be careful that the toy is not easy to dismantle. Many toys are big enough, but they have small parts that can easily be removed. And these are as dangerous as any other small toy. Manufacturers are aware of this and try to avoid including these parts. Yet, for the toys that do include them, there is usually a sign indicating the age group they are aimed at. Some tips to take into account include: 

  • Pay close attention to all the info that is written on the box. 
  • Labels usually mention the materials they toys are made with. If you kid still puts his toys in his mouth, make sure that the toy does not have any toxic paint. 
  • Avoid products that are made for an age group different from your child’s. That label is there for a reason!
  • Small legos or toys with magnets are particularly dangerous for babies. Make sure to avoid them until your baby grows up.

Raising awareness about this among your family and friends is also important. Even if you follow these tips, some of them may not. And so, they may give your child a toy that is not appropriate for him. And once they give it to your baby, how can you take it away from your kid without having him throw a tantrum? It is much better to just avoid the situation by letting your loved ones know about your parenting decisions. Of course, this does not mean that you have to turn into some kind of police. Just be careful and inspect each toy that comes near your child carefully.


Toys are certainly important for babies development. From rattles to drawing desks, all these objects will give them endless hours of fun. You just have to pick the correct ones for their age and needs. For example, it’s not the same to buy some toys from a newborn than toys for 1 year old children. All the options above are nice, you just need to take into account some tips, and buy some great toys that adjust to your budget and baby.


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