What Is The Best Bean Bag To Buy In 2022? 

 April 26, 2022


What are the Best Bean Bag?

If you want to add a contemporary furniture piece that caters to people of all ages, a bean bag chair is a cost-effective solution. It is popularly used to equip dorm rooms and is hugely popular among cash-strapped students to decorate their homes. But thanks to their popularity, many brands manufacture bean bag chairs large enough to accommodate adults.

Bean Bag Chairs have come a long way and have now become a chic way to accessorize your living space. Moreover, they also bring ultimate comfort to any home and also used for furnishing a modern workplace. There are enough design choices to suit everyone’s tastes. All models are available in various sizes and feature different  filling materials

Most of these are affordable, allowing buyers to purchase one for every room. 

It is common for today's buyers to shop for branded bean bag chairs online. But since you are unable to get the exact picture and feel of a model when you purchase it on the internet, it is essential that you check the reviews and ratings of your desired product.

Returns can turn out to be expensive and troublesome. Always purchase furniture items such as a bean bag from authentic online retailers so you can report any damaged goods.

What is the Best Bean Bag? Keep reading to find out!

Top 5 Best Bean Bag On The Market

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It is essential to take a look at your lifestyle, height and how you plan on using the bean bag before you begin to browse different models. Many brands create the same model in multiple sizes to cater to people of all weights and heights. You can also inquire a manufacturer to know if there any customized models that they can create to suit individual needs.

Here are a few models that we have reviewed in this buying guide to give you a fair idea of what to expect out of each model. Check out our most recommended bean bag chairs to help you choose the best product for your home or living space. 

1. Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair, 5-Feet

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This model grabs the winner spot, thanks to its excellent durability and ultimate comfort level. The Sofa Sack 5 Feet Bean Bag Chair is manufactured to last a lifetime. It is currently one of the most favorite bean bags and is available in a wide range of attractive colors. Some notable features:

  • Dimensions: 34" h x 60" w x 60" d
  • Boasts ultra-durable fabric
  • High-quality foam
  • Offers versatility 
  • Available in many sizes and colors
  • Designed for any decor
  • Available in different colors and sizes

It is the perfect accessory to unwind after a tiring day. The dimensions of this high-quality product are 34″ h x 60″ w x 60″ d. It is common for buyers to place multiple orders for this particular product. You can ideally put it in your living room for a family movie night or your bedroom to enjoy quality ‘Me’ time. 

There is a reason why this one has attained our winner position. Not only it is a great option to decorate your room, but it also provides the kind of comfort you seek out of a bean bag.


Don't be surprised if you end up curling in this super soft bean bag. It has an ultra-durable fabric. The sofa is filled with the most comfortable and soft-foam to recharge your batteries.

The Sofa Sack 5-Feet Bean Bag is a favorite item for decorating your home theatre, family room or basement. Since it is double-stitched, you get maximum longevity.

It is big enough to accommodate two young adults. However, only a single person can fit on it. Although the cover of this product is not washable since you can't remove it; you can easily spot clean it to maintain it for a longer time. Treat it as a couch because the inside of this sofa is not waterproof. It is vital that you clean it regularly to prolong its life.

There are Styrofoam pellets beans or in any of the products by this manufacturer. Buyers get the highest quality and the softest shredded foam that guarantees an incredible lounging experience. This product has received rave reviews from hundreds of customers on Amazon.com.

2. Lumaland Luxury 6-Foot Bean Bag Chair 

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If you are looking for a large-sized bean bag for a tall family member, then the Lumaland Luxury Bean Bag Chair is a 6-foot model to cater to all kinds of living spaces. One of the best features of this model is that it comes with a machine washable and soft microsuede outer covering; which is great to touch. Some notable features:

  • Machine washable and ultra-soft microsuede outer cover
  • A high quality large-sized bean-bag chair
  • The foam reflects your body heat 
  • Superior-quality foam material with no plastic parts

It serves as a perfect bean bag for teens and adults. You can use this bean bag as a lounge chair while washing its removable cover, thanks to its beige polyester inner covering. That is why many buyers have placed multiple orders for this product to equip every room with this trendy bean bag.

The model offers ultimate coziness and comfort since has high-quality foam filled into it. The composition of this safe bean bag does not contain any plastic components.


It is perfect for homeowners who are looking for a trendy accessory to modernize their living space. Its large size also makes it a valuable addition to a rumpus room or even a contemporary workplace.

Another great feature of this bag is its microsuede cover is safe for pets as well. You can let your furry animals lounge on it, however, make sure they don't start clawing the bean-bag.  It is comfortable to maintain and clean. You can remove the outer cover to put it in your washing machine or just clean it using a cloth with warm water. 

It is a beautiful product for large-sized individuals who prefer comfort and quality over everything else. Multiple buyers have given positive reviews about the Lumland Bean Bag. Almost all buyers are in love with its comfortable support easy to clean features. If you are interested in buying this model, order it today for just around [amazon_link asins='B077SWWJWP' template='PriceLink' store='wtw291-20' marketplace='US' link_id='b0cb0166-8a3b-49c6-b6dc-772428ad1ed0'] to get free shipping on each order. 

3. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

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Other popular options include the exceptional Chill Sack Bean Bag. It is a great functional furniture item to place in any desired room. People purchase this model for decorating a happening basement hangout or an attic room. Some notable features:

  • Dimensions: 60” x 60” x 34” 
  • High-quality microfiber cover
  • Exceptional quality memory foam
  • Made in the USA
  • Weighs 55 pounds 

This Chill Sack serves as an ideal option to make any room beautiful. If you want a bean bag to unwind or watch your favorite sport; this is the model to choose. 

Chill Sack takes snuggling and cuddling to a whole new level. The model features terrific dimensions (60" x 60" x 34") to offer just the perfect size for unwinding with a loved one. 

Each model boasts a soft and shredded memory foam composition that is durable. Buyers appreciate the model for its ultimate durability to sustain harsh use. If you are looking for a long-lasting bean bag that doesn't succumb to daily wear and tear; then the Chill Sack is the best bean bag to suit your needs.


The sofa features a soft microfiber material cover to beat its rivals concerning comfort and functionality. Users can quickly remove the cover to wash it safely in their washing machine.

Since the cover is highly resistant to all kinds of stains, it is less likely to suffer any significant damage during its lifespan. All models have double stitched seams. It is one of the most durable bean bags considering the price.

These bean bags are US-made. Each model passes through premium quality checks and is manufactured to perform well for a prolonged period.

Buyers who have purchased it from Amazon are happy with the light and ultra-soft shredded foam and convenient zippers that come with this model. Hand-picked fabrics are double stitched to ensure excellent durability. This product offers a great size to serve both adults and kids.  

4. Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Brown Bean Bag Chair

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Another great bean bag chair for adults; the Flash Furniture Bean Bag chair makes up a chic addition to your home décor. The model features a beautiful cotton-twill upholstered exterior. Users can easily spot clean it using a damp cloth. However, you can also machine wash the removable cover in cold water in case of big spills. Some notable features:

  • Oversized to accommodate adults
  • Easy to Clean
  • High-quality cover
  • Cotton-twill upholstery
  • Removable slipcover
  • Metal zipper to polystyrene polymeric beads
  • Lightweight design
  • Portable

Thanks to its impressive design and dimensions; you can keep it in any area; be it your living room or bedroom. 

The oversized solid brown bean bag offers ultimate comfort with a lightweight design. Users are happy with its cotton twill upholstery for easy cleaning and maintenance. You also benefit from breathable polyurethane foam beads. 


Its brown color is particularly favorite among users. However, you can also order it any color that you choose.

One of the best features of this model is that a high-quality metal safety zipper prevents the beads from leaking out. It is a comfortable and lightweight bean bag that offers incredible versatility and portability features.  

If you are looking for a comfortable bean bag to relax after a tiring day; then this is the model which promises incredible comfort with easy maintenance. Hundreds of customers who have invested in this product have posted positive reviews.

5. Panda Sleep 4FT Bean Bag 

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The model is sure to bring luxury and comfort into your lifestyle. The Panda Sleep 4FT blends all the right qualities in an excellent bean bag chair. The premium quality fabric is super soft to touch. Some notable features:

  • Luxurious experience
  • Dimensions: 28” H x 48” W x 48” D
  • Easy to clean  
  • Tougher than its competitors
  • Lightweight 
  • Portable
  • Flexible
  • Cotton-twill upholstery 

You would never want to get out of this chair once you get comfy in it. The bag features a double stitched cover that has sturdy, but comfortable yarn engineered for military clothing.

It guarantees long-lasting performance no matter how much you use the model. The company incorporates safe and reliable materials when manufacturing all their products. The company claims that each bean bag features 100% cancer-free materials. Hence, if you are looking for a safe bean bag to place in your children's room; then this is the model you should buy.


Another great feature of this model is that it is highly affordable. If you don’t want to purchase an over-priced bean bag to add to your home décor, the Panda Sleep 4FT is a great bean bag worth the money. The manufacturers behind this product claim to use only safe and no cheap polystyrene beans to ensure maximum durability.

The brand is committed to delivering the very best of products to their customers. They claim to give away a model for free if you can convince them there is another model that offers the same quality and comfort at a lower price.

Buyers praise its sturdy fabric that is manufactured to sustain use by children, pets or large groups of guests. The brand takes pride in using certified virgin foam. The bean bag is one of the safest options that are presently available and do not emit any harmful fumes.

Although the model promises a long-lasting performance, some users can benefit from occasion re-filling to prolong its lifespan.

It can comfortably accommodate two children or one adult.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing 

Since there are hundreds of models with different specifications and sizes; it is vital that you select a product that fits the size of your living space. It should also be small or large enough to serve the purpose. Here are a few crucial factors that you must consider to buy the perfect bean bag chair for you.

Easy To Clean

Imagine an excellent looking bean bag that is a pain to clean. If you want to maintain your bean bag for a more extended, you must wash it regularly. Go for models that promise an easily removable cover so you can get it off the chair quickly.

Fill Type

Polyurethane foam is a durable material that offers maximum comfort. Although it is incredibly soft, it never breaks down. That means that you don't have to refill your bean bag to prolong its life. Buyers can also choose an eco foam fill that is safe for home and is non-carcinogenic.

Polystyrene bead fill is also another popular option. It makes the bag easy to move around. However, this fill type is likely to break down quickly over time. If you can afford to refill your bean bag frequently, you can go for these models. 


In addition to high-quality components and memory foam; it is essential that a bean bag boasts high-quality upholstery or stain-resistant fabric. Your bean bag must withstand everyday wear and tear. Don't choose products that utilize cheap materials that stain or tear easily.  



There is no reason to settle for the wrong size because bean bag chairs are available in all capacities and specifications. Choose the dimensions that best fit your requirements. You can get in touch with a brand's customer service to elaborate the exact size of a bean bag before you purchase a product.

Age is not the best factor to choose the right size. One of the best ways to determine the correct size is to assess the height and weight of the individual who is frequently going to use the bean-bag. Naturally, the taller you are the more significant size you need to get a perfect support for your posture. If you are purchasing it for your children, make sure you take a measure of their height to choose the right size for them.

Never judge the size of a model from its picture and check for dimensions; usually mentioned with each product. 


Just because you have selected the right size and filling, it doesn’t mean that you will get the most comfortable product. The shape and manufacturing also have a profound effect on the level of comfort you can expect out of a model. 

Try to match your needs with the shape and size of the bean-bag. If you are an avid gamer, then you need a model that supports a more upright seating position. If you like watching movies while snuggling into a bean-bag chair, then you need a design that helps your entire body.


Buyers come across different warranties ranging from 1 month to 5 years. Some brands also offer lifetime warranties. Always check the warranty before you purchase a product, so you get a fair idea of the durability of the product. You should also contact the customer service to ask any queries if there is no warranty stated on a model.


Most brands do not include any safety features in the composition of their bean bags. However, many bean-bags come with a child-safe zipper. It is also essential to check if the fill of your bean bag is carcinogenic. These are seemingly trivial aspects but play a significant role in maintaining the long-term safety of your family. Choose a manufacturer that cares about the environment and your health. 


Other Tips

It never hurts to ask your retailer or a manufacturer if you have any confusion about the size, fill and dimensions of a particular model. Sometimes, a product may be out of stock. E-mail or call the manufacturer to inquire if the product will return to stores. Check for all available colors and sizes before choosing a product. 


Purchasing the right kind of bean bag for your home, office or living space is tricky. Since, there are hundreds of models with different, shapes, sizes and dimensions available to suit all tastes; the only effort you have to make is to look for the right set of features.

You must pay close attention to the kind of support that a bean bag delivers to correct your posture and get the comfort you are looking for, especially when you come back home after a hectic day at work. Don't go for cheap models that do not state any explicit warranty.


Moreover, choose the right size according to your needs and floor space. Some bean bags look too good but fail to provide the kind of capacity you seek. Always go through a mode's specifications and dimensions to assess if it fits your need.

Some people purchase a small bean bag for their pets. Make sure the material of these bags is safe so as not to trigger an allergic reaction among your pets. It is beneficial to choose bean bags that have removable microfiber exteriors to simplify the cleaning experience, mainly when you are buying or using it for your pets.

Again, if you are choosing a large-sized bean-bag; select a model that offers easy cleaning options. Never settle for a mediocre fill that emits dangerous fumes to pose significant risks to the health of your children.

By following the tips in this guide; you can suc


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