Best Bed Bug Spray Reviews 

 April 7, 2020

By  King

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I bet most of you can agree with me that quality and ample sleep plays a salient role in the human body. Due to differences in anatomy, the required level of sleep required differs from an individual to another. However, the basic underlying factor to take note of is that sleep is necessary to all of us.

Biology has proved that human anatomy is complex and requires some rest after an extended period of activity. The benefits of quality sleep seldom go unnoticed. For example, it helps in body mass management. Sleep-deprived people often tend to consume more calories. Regular good night sleep improves one’s cognitive abilities. Therefore, the brain can concentrate deeper into activities. As if not enough, the quality of your decisions is affected by your quality of sleep. We all know the imperative role played by decisions in our lives. Be it in our businesses, professions, learning institutions, social interactions, etc.

A good sleep affects an individual's immunity, physical capabilities, and emotional intelligence. Sleep deprivation has been linked to depression among its victims.

As illustrated, I guess it is now clear that we all need regular sleep intervals to make it certain that our bodies function optimally. Don’t you agree too?

However, contrary to popular belief, the number of hours one is asleep is not the most salient matter of concern. What matters most is consistent sleep patterns. This is otherwise known as the circadian rhythm.

Your circadian rhythm should determine the best sleep pattern to embrace your body's optimal functionality. Anything that would negatively alter your sleep pattern is a foe to your development.

One such menace is the presence of bed bugs. A bed bug infestation can render you sleepless for very long especially if you do nothing to remedy the situation. If you ever come into contact with these pests you need to take affirmative action as fast as you can.

Bed bugs are a menace. If they are not treated immediately they hatch fast and soon you will have sleepless nights. Bed bug management needs to be handled with caution. It begins with consistent use of a good bed bug killer spray. However, it is imperative to take note that the eradication process of bed bugs is complex and needs consistency. You require sufficient information on how to handle a bed bug infestation. Despite this, there is no cause for alarm. This article will provide the best bed bug spray reviews will ease your entire decision-making process on the appropriate bug killer to purchase.

Harris bed bug killer spray is effective at its job. Enumerated below are is a list of its features. The information below will help you decide whether this is the ideal bug killer for you or not.

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Product Features

  • Water-Based Formula: The Harris bed bug killer spray's chemical composition is water-based. For this reason, this bed bug killer is odorless and leaves no stain when used on fabric. This is ideal for people with scent induced allergies. Additionally, the clean nature of your treated fabric will remain safeguarded.
  • Extended Utility: Harris bed bug killer spray offers protection from further infestation for several days after this bug spray dries off.
  • Effective: If used consistently, this bed bug killer can treat your apartment and your personal items. It will eliminate these pests completely hence giving you back your quality beauty sleep.  
  • EPA Registered: This brand of bug killer spray is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (APA). It is termed as the ideal bug killer for indoor use. You can comfortably use within your residential apartment.
  • Modified Trigger Spray: This bed bug killer has an extended trigger. This makes it easy to effectively get to the small areas where the bug may be hiding.

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Product Description

Harris bed bug killer spray has been known for several details. It was founded in the year 1922. Two years later it was used in the elimination of bugs which had infested the lower parts of the Calvin Coolidge White House. This bug killer was so good in eliminating this menace that it was posted on the cover page of the Washington Times. It was described as the “Vermin Slayer”. This gives you confidence in this ergonomically designed bed bug spray. Here is how you ought to use it to get similar results. 

There are two ways this product can be used; proactively and reactively. 

Proactive Treatment

The purpose of this is to prevent a bed bug infestation before it occurs.

1.Before traveling, spray your luggage and leave it to dry out. Pack all your personal items in plastic bags that can be sealed. 

2. After checking in a lodging, inspect the seams of the mattress for bug feces.

3. When you get back home, unpack your luggage outside and leave it the garage or laundry room.

Reactive Treatment

This is done after a bed bug infestation.

1. Put the beddings and upholstery in high temperature for 20-30 minutes.

2. Treat every part of your mattress, the bed, along with every part of the room. Treat every nook and edge where bugs may remain concealed.

3. Put your personal items in sealable plastic bags and along with a cloth damp with this bug spray. Leave it intact for a fortnight.   

Technical Description

  • Product Measurements7.1 x 4.4 x 11.8”
  • Item Mass8 pounds
  • Shipping Mass9.15 pounds
  • DepartmentInsect Repellents
  • Product ManufacturerPF Harris


  • Goodwill: As aforementioned, two years after it was launched, this bug spray was used in bug treatment of the Calvin Coolidge White House. This bug killer was so good in eliminating this menace that it was posted on the cover page of the Washington Times. It was described as the “Vermin Slayer”. Therefore, you can be assured of superior quality.
  • Ergonomic: This bed bug killer has an extended trigger to effectively get reach the concealed areas where bugs may be hiding. 
  • Odorless: This bug killer has a subtle odor. It is convenient for people that have issues with scent induced allergies.
  • No Stains: As mentioned above, Harris bed bug killer spray does not leave stains on your bedsheets when it is sprayed. There is no cause of alarm of whether your bright colored bedding will look horrible after use.

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Best Bed Bug Spray Reviews

The general review of this bed bug spray is a 3.5 out of the possible five stars. This is reception is slightly above average. There were varying views about this bug killer. However, most of the remarks made were positive. 

The most conspicuous features about this product include:

  • Stainless: Many users were contented by this bug killer because it leaves a surface spotless.
  • OdorlessThis bug killer has a subtle odor which was liked by several users. 

Despite, its reputation as an effective bug killer, there have been few complaints made about its ability to eradicate bugs completely. 


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