What Is The Best Bike Helmets To Buy In 2020? 

 July 9, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

Whether you are an avid cyclist who likes to take part in cycling marathons, or just an occasional rider who takes out a bike when it is pleasant outside, a helmet is always a necessary gear to keep you protected from any head injuries. It is an investment which may seem pricey, but it can save your life.

Top 5 Best Bike Helmets On The Market

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of variants of helmets out in the market and to choose the one that is the best for you can be a hard task. So, to make things easier for you, we will review the top three bike helmets in this review.

1. Exclusky Adult Bike Helmet

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The Exclusky Adult Bike Helmet is a dynamic helmet that offers a variety of features with a sturdy structure and an IN-MOLD frame. The outer PC covering provides a strong hold and its adjacent shell slides right inside in case of an accident. This lessens the impact of head injuries.

This helmet comes with a system of built-in retractable lights, which are powered through a USB source. With multiple modes of flashing, it makes sure that you remain visible from afar even when you are cycling in the dark.


  • Strong Helmet with IN-MOLD construction ensures your safety and protection
  • USB lights with multiple modes for better visibility and secure night trips
  • Comes with 12 vents to support proper ventilation and keep your head cool
  • Embedded with extra soft padding which is also detachable
  • Perfect fit for Urbanized Cycling and Commuting
  • The visor slides sometimes and offers trouble
  • The strap fitting can be too tight for some consumers

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2. Sunrimoon Bike Helmet for Adults

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The Sunrimoon Bike Helmet for Adults is an excellent choice for those who like to ride amidst traffic and require a strong and durable helmet. Designed with IN-MOLD construction and polycarbonate (PC) covering, it offers a very secure structure. It does not compromise on comfort and has a thick padding inside to lessen air pressure and maximize safety.

It has a very contemporary aerodynamic design and also entails bionic petals for the aesthetic purpose. It is well ventilated and comes with 9 vents to ensure your head remains cool, especially in summer. The vents can be extended to relieve you from hot winds.


  • Material – EPS
  • Age Group – Adults
  • Air Vents – 9
  • Type – Lightweight Helmet
  • Size – 22-24 inch (57- 61 cm).
  • Durable Helmet with PC outer shell and in-mold build to maximize your safety
  • Equipped with 9 vents to offer constant ventilation
  • Lightweight model which sits nicely on your head
  • Dial Retention System makes it the perfect fit for your head
  • Added USB Lights
  • Finicky with detaching the padding
  • Good design but not the best price

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3. Exclusky Aero Bike Helmet

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protection, this helmet comes with an IN-MOLD selection and offers a frame which can withstand high intensity impacts. The polycarbonate (PC) outer shell on this model is an added layer to keep it from getting rusted or damaged.

This model comes with detachable magnetic goggles which offer UV protection and anti-glare properties. These goggles are as firm as the helmet itself and never disappoint the user.

It is a lightweight option with dial fit retention system for the best fit. With 8 vents, it makes sure air flows well as it enters the helmet. This is done via its aerodynamic shape, making it a great option for those who like to cycle extensively in summer.


  • Material – EPS
  • Age Group – Adults
  • Air Vents – 8
  • Type – Lightweight Helmet
  • Size – 22-24 inch (57- 61 cm).
  • CPSC certified helmet with a PC outer shell makes it a preferable choice
  • Lightweight Helmet with EPS padding to ensure maximum comfort
  • Additional magnetic goggles which offer UV protection and are anti-glare
  • Aerodynamic with 8 vents, provides a cool and fatigue free experience
  • Dial-retention system with a close grip makes it a proper fit for your head
  • Lacks the USB light system
  • Overall structure is optimal for bigger sized heads only.

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Best Bike Helmets – Buyer’s Guide

All three of these helmets are great options on the market and offer versatile features. If you are unable to decide which one you want to go with, then our buyer’s guide will make the decision easier for you.

The Strongest

The Exclusky Adult Bike Helmet is the one we recommend in terms of the stronger structure and durability. It proves to be a good deal in terms of price and quality.

The Most Comfortable

The Exclusky Aero is the one which offers maximum comfort and makes your cycling experience free of fatigue. The magnetic goggles attached to it provide additional comfort for your eyes and are easily mounted on your prescribed glasses.

The One for Everyday Use

The Sunrimoon Bike Helmet is an excellent choice for your everyday ventures as it is the most convenient for riding amidst traffic and offers you maximized support. The added USB lights make it equally preferable for your night adventures.

Final Thoughts

A helmet is as important for cycling as the bike itself. And to meet your helmet needs, all three of these models are very secure and durable for frequent usage. If you are someone who prefers comfort over other features, then go for Sunrimoon as it offers extensive padding. For a sturdier frame, choose Exclusky Adult. And if you are a speed enthusiast, then Exclusky Aero is the perfect fit for you with those added goggles.

We hope this article on the best bike helmets helps you make an informed decision.

Lisa Hanel

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