What Is The Best Portable Bike Lock To Buy In 2020? 

 September 3, 2020

By  King

What is the Best Portable Bike Lock? Keep reading to find out!

In the US, there is a bicycle stolen every minute. Given the right tools and the perfect timing; there is little you can do to protect your bike from thieves. You know how it feels if you have ever had your bike stolen.

It is essential that you avoid leaving your expensive bike unattended. If you must, make sure your bike is registered, and that you share the serial number with the local police.


One of the best ways to save your bike is to secure both of its wheels and its frame. A bike lock is one of the most effective ways to keep your bike safe and protected from anyone. Never assume your bike is reliable out on the streets.

Keep your bike secure with the best bike lock, so not even an expert thief manages to steal it. The best bike locks remain intact even if a thief uses a lock prick, cable cutter, bolt cutter, an angle grinder or a cordless drill.

In this buying guide, we are going to list some of the best bike locks that are popular among bike owners. We also present a few essential features that you must look into a model before making a purchase.

Top 5 Best Bike Lock On The Market

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Best U-Lock

U-locks are also called D-locks. Such models are giant padlocks in two parts. A tough U shaped shackle connects to a straight crossbar and forms a closed D shape when secured. These locks developed in the 1970’s by a brand that has now become a household name, Kryptonite.

U-locks transformed the way we previously acquired bikes. These locks give an unbeatable security equivalent to hardened chains at little weight.

1. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Bike Lock - best mini u lock

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Our winner for the best U lock is none other than The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini. The lock is one of the thickest and irrefutably the most secure of all the U-locks available in the market.

  • 18mm hardened steel shackle
  • Offers incredible security with its disc-style cylinder
  • Double deadbolt locking for ultimate holding power
  • Tough vinyl coating
  • Premium quality sliding dust cover

The lock is a hit among bike owners and is well-liked for its 18″ shackle. This fierce beast is a fabulous model that presents an excellent blend of design, security, and durability. Not too many locks have a restraint this thick to keep your bike protected from thieves.

One of the best features of this lock is that it bears the brand's patent MAX-Performance steel. The specially manufactured steel is triple heat treated to deliver an unbeatable resistance to theft-attacks.

Bike owners are happy to benefit from this incredible lock as no bolt cutters can crop this lock. You would need a significant amount of time and power tools to crack this lock open. The hardened steel cross-bar guarantees complete security.


The Fahgettaboudit ensures an extraordinary level of protection. Its performance reflects in its security ratings. The brand itself gives it a 10/10 rating.

Both users and critics have praised its built and locking capabilities. Once you safely lock your bike with this product, there is no chance that a thief can insert a hydraulic bottle jack for popping the lock open.

The New York Fahgettaboudit is the most portable and secure bike lock in the market. It enjoys massive popularity among bike owners who love its portability and security features. The U-lock has received a fair share of positive reviews from happy buyers who find it a sturdy lock. The heavy-duty lock is available for around [amazon fields="B000OZ9VLU" value="price"] with free shipping on Amazon.com.

2. Sigtuna Bike Lock By Sigtuna Gear - best budget bike lock

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Our runner-up is the truly impressive Sigtuna Gear bike lock. This product is an all-in-one solution that features a U-lock, a mounting bracket and a steel cable in one package. The double-bolted U-lock has hardened steel, and its sturdy cable has braided flex steel cable.

  • Perfect bike lock for high crime areas
  • Features leverage attack resistant shackle
  • Drill resistant cylinder
  • Tough one-button release mounting bracket
  • Long-lasting vinyl coating and an essential hole cover
  • Easy to use
  • 100% money back guarantee

If you are looking for a light-weight U-lock for your bike, there is nothing better than the Sigtuna bike lock which weighs merely 2.5 pounds. The 16mm lock is perfect for use in high-risk areas since no drill or force cut quickly cut into it. That makes it one of the best bike lock for the city. 

The lock’s tough double bolts secure both sides of the lock to the crossbar, and there is a sturdy mounting bracket for added security. The 1.2-meter braided steel flex cable comes in handy for securing the entire bike since bikers can also use it to loop the whole frame and the tires.


Another great feature of the lock is that it is incredibly convenient to use. There is no complicated mechanism, and you get two Abloy keys to open the lock quickly. Moreover, they keyhole has a movable cover to enhance security and shields the lock from precipitation and dust.

The product boasts an impressive double deadbolt locking mechanism and a disc-style cylinder which gives excellent protection against leverage attacks. Buyers who have purchased the affordable bike lock consider it a great product worth every penny. The best part is you can ask for a full refund if you are not happy with its performance.

It enjoys excellent reviews from happy customers who find it affordable and durable. The Sigtuna U-style bike lock is available for around [amazon fields="B016GZWRY4" value="price"] on Amazon.com

3. Amazer Combination Bike Lock - best u bike lock

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Another fabulous option to expensive bike locks is the incredibly functional Amazer Combination Bike Lock. The U-lock has 12mm zinc alloy shackle. The lock is also covered by a 3.85mm PVC coating to give a total thickness of 16 mm to the lock.

  • Keyless bike lock
  • Easy to set combinations
  • Protective dust cover
  • 100% money back guarantee

The lock is designed to offer unbeatable security to your bike since it is capable of resisting leverage and cutting attacks. The high-quality PVC lining on the ‘U' ensures there is no scratching to damage your bike paint.

Bike owners frequently complain that the more secure a U-lock is, the more massive it becomes. However, the best thing about this great lock is that it weighs just around 1.817 pounds. Its cylinder and shackle have industrial-grade solid zinc alloy. The entire lock is premium quality material, so your bike remains protected from scratching.


Buyers who have purchased the incredibly functional bike lock are happy with its easy use and the 4-digit combination convenience. Now you don’t have to worry about losing keys since you can set a thousand possible combinations for preventing thieves who use universal keys to steal your bike.

A dust cover protects the combination and adds more life to the cylinder. The lock has essential dimensions and is a light-weight and portable security accessory for your bike. All buyers get a 30-day refund offer if they are not happy with the 12 mm Amazer U lock.

If you are interested in buying this robust U-lock for your bike, you can get a fantastic $8 discount on Amazon.com. The lock cost around [amazon fields="B01I9X9WNU" value="price"].

4. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1410 Bike Lock - Best Chain Lock

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When it comes to high quality and durable bike locks, Kryptonite is a household name for manufacturing unbeatable products. The specialists at the company have formulated this fantastic chain lock, keeping in mind all the features required in a high-end bike lock. 

  • Tough and protective nylon cover
  • Boasts 14mm six-sided chain links
  • Maximum security New York Disc Lock
  • Hardened double deadbolt locking
  • Secure disc-style cylinder
  • Sliding dustcover for added durability

The New York Fahgettaboudit 1410 Bike Lock boasts quite a few impressive features that make it an excellent choice for bike owners.

The lock's six-sided links are boron manganese hardened steel. This innovative shape makes it uncomfortable for thieves to grip. Thanks to the super-tough lock, nobody can crop or cut into the lock to make a steal.


The sturdy chain is resistant to saws and chisels for unbeatable security performance. The incredibly sturdy and double-skinned steel armor guards the locking mechanism against being dislodged under any hammer attack. Product tests also revealed that power tools do not affect the lock.

It is a heavy-duty bike lock that may not be the best fit if you are looking for a portable bike lock. It weighs almost 12 bounds, and bikers may have a hard time carrying it around. It is best to take it in your car or as a potent defense mechanism at home.

It is an expensive lock at around [amazon fields="B073W8N26F" value="price"]. However, it is one of the best bike chain locks that gives 100% security to your bike and offers complete peace of mind. If you have an expensive bike that you fear leaving un-locked out on the street, investing in this premium-quality lock goes a long way to protect your valuable mode of transportation.

5. Bordo Granit X Plus 6500 by Abus - Best Folding Bike Lock

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When shopping for the best folding bike lock, there is no other product than the Bordo Granit X Plus 6500 from Abus, to keep your bike secured. The Abus Security level 15 folding lock is an excellent choice if you find it difficult to carry a U-lock around.

  • 5 mm plastic coated steel bars
  • Versatile folding mechanism
  • Security Level 15
  • X-Plus cylinder for extremely high protection
  • Comes with two keys
  • 1 LED-lighted key

The model offers an excellent blend of the best features of a U-lock and a chain lock. The Bordon Granit X-Plus 6500 has robust features and ensures complete safety with a hassle-free locking mechanism. The lock boasts temper hardened steel bars enclosed in an impressive coating for keeping your bike's paint job scratch-free.

Thanks to the ABUS Link Protection Shield, you get unbeatable protection to secure your expensive bike. The supporting elements, the links, and the body; all use the same premium quality steel you will find in the bars.

A ground-breaking X-Plus Key cylinder guarantees optimal protection from picking. It can also be keyed alike with all the other locks by the brand that features the same X-Plus. This feature offers versatility and extreme convenience for multi-bike households.


Much like the rest of the locks from the Bordon family, this particular model is portable and easy to carry. Abus claims that this is a high security rated product which is for tackling any high-risk situation.

The small lock is a perfect security accessory if you are not fond of heavy duty locks that rattle away in your frame. The case and mounting traps guarantee secure anchoring of the bolt. The bars are significantly more extensive than any regular bike lock which gives it an edge over many favorite products.

Buyers who have purchased this super-safe bike lock value its features and praised its durability. The lock has collected rave reviews from both bike owners and critics to prove that the lock is for delivering high-level security.

How To Buy The Best Bike Lock

If you are someone who uses his bike to commute, a good bike lock is a must-have accessory to protect it all times. The market has plenty of mediocre and cheap bicycle locks that look great but do nothing to protect your bike.

It is essential that you avoid falling for low-quality locking mechanisms that come at an incredibly cheap price tag. The best bike lock is sturdy enough to resist all the tricks and tools that professional thieves employ to make a steal. If you travel a lot, it makes sense to invest in a lightweight design. 

However, ensure that the lock is engineered to sustain heavy-duty use and must be able to withstand the durability test. When shopping for the best bike lock that perfectly suits your needs and fits into your budget, it is imperative that you look for the following features in a product.

Types Of Bike Locks

Not all bike locks are the same. Generally, there are three types of bike locks.

Cable Locks

While these locks are light-weight, they do not offer the best of security to your bike. Anyone can quickly cut into this type of bike lock. However, cable locks are comfortable to carry and convenient to handle. This lock is for you if you live in a low-crime area or own an inexpensive bike.



One of the most popular and challenging to cut bike locks, D-shaped bike locks or U-locks are made out of sturdy and durable materials to ensure ultimate safety. Even the most seasoned thieves have a hard time cracking these locks open.

However, it is crucial that you purchase the best U-lock for your bike after knowing it would be an accurate fit for your bike frame. Since these locks are expensive, make sure you buy a model that comes with a reliable warranty or refund policy.

Chain Locks

These locks appear severe and are more difficult to cut through than cable locks. However, they are not as severe as U-lock models. Chain locks are also bulky and may be difficult to move around. They are best suitable for commuters who don’t mind a clunky locking mechanism.

Folding Locks

Folding bike locks are best for securing your bike to an oddly shaped object. Since the bolts are compact and light-weight, you can secure travel with these accessories. Again, they may not be as secure as U-locks.


Whatever lock you choose, make sure it is big enough to fit around your bike. It is safe to purchase a lock that doesn’t leave too much wiggle room. If you are looking for the best bike lock that tightly fits around your expensive bike, make sure you check the product information to choose the best fit.


It is common for bikers to prefer locks that are inside protective casings. This feature is essential if you don't want to ruin your bike's paint job. A soft housing also makes it easy to carry your lock in your backpack, so it doesn't cause any damage to your belongings.


Although, U-locks offer the best security level for keeping your bike safe, they are not the best options when it comes to portability. If you need to move around with your lock, it is best to choose a product that is light-weight and portable.

Heavy-duty locks are perfect choices when you can keep these accessories in your car or at home as precautionary measures.


Sadly, even the most trusted manufacturers sometimes overlook the quality element of a bike lock.  Never buy a bike lock that looks great, but it has cheap quality or faulty materials.

It is crucial that you choose a lock with a good frame mount that securely fixes to your frame for holding the latch tightly. Check for materials and the steel quality used in the lock’s production.


There are too many locks that feature mounts that are tricky to attach to the bike and are not secure against the frame. That makes it unable to prevent the bolt from falling off or rattling when you are riding the bike. Always buy a product that promises sound quality and some warranty as a proof of the lock's quality.

Security Level

When you are buying a safety lock for an expensive bike, it is essential that you go for a product that has undergone rigorous testing.

Ease Of Use

Although your bike lock should be difficult to open for thieves, it has to be easy to use for bike owners. Look for a lock that promises a hassle-free but secure locking mechanism. Generally, bike locks come with three different locking mechanisms.

  • Combination
  • Keys
  • Electronic locks

The rider has to decide the most appropriate mechanism according to his lifestyle and needs. There are pros and cons attached to each option.

If you buy a lock that offers keys, you will get maximum security. However, you must always need to carry your essentials and make sure you don't lose it along the way. Key locks are more robust to crack than combination locks.

If you’re someone who never remembers to carry a key, a combination lock may be the perfect choice for your bike. However, some of these locks are easy to cut open. Always buy a good quality bike lock manufactured by a trusted brand when you are purchasing a combination lock.

Then there are electronic locks. These locks are pretty cool but are more expensive than most bike locks. You would also need to type in a cod for unlocking electronic locks. If you are looking for a hi-tech bike lock that comes with innovative features, you can choose this option. However, electronic locks may require a battery power source and to be recharged.


Now that you know how to buy the best bike lock, there is no excuse to settle on a standard lock that offers little protection to your expensive bike. Bike locks are handy accessories that you must use if you live or work in surroundings that have a high crime rate.


When you have finally purchased the best bike lock, make sure you lock it in the right way too. It is essential to lock the wheels along with the frame and keep the lock off the ground.

The best type of bike locks for commuting and traveling are light-weight and portable models. If you want to keep your bike safely locked at home or when parked near your home, you can go for a heavy-duty and thick chain lock to protect your bike.


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