Finding the Best Board Games for Couples in 2020 

 July 26, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

Have you been searching for exciting and fun ways to enjoy time with your partner? Are you struggling with boring and uninteresting date nights? Are you not tired of the same “Netflix and chill”routine ? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are at the right stop.

Why not try something tried and true: board games. In this article, I’m going to be briefing you on some of the best board games for couples to play on a late-night date or sleepover.

I have carefully and specifically picked these games to guarantee you and your partner 100% relaxation and fun. Let’s start!

What are Board Games?

Board games are games that are played using counters or pieces that are usually moved or placed on pre-marked surfaces (a board) and these are guided by a set of rules.

These games are based on strategy (skill), chance, or a mixture of the two. They are aimed at players achieving a particular goal, which is likely to defeat an opponent in the terms of acquiring points or winning positions.

There is a wide rangeof of board games types, including:

  • Single-player board games
  • Two-player abstract strategy games
  • Multiplayer elimination games
  • Racing games
  • Multiplayer games without elimination
  • Economics and strategy games
  • Games of physical skill
  • Children games
  • Cooperative games
  • Word games
  • Campaign games
  • Deckbuilder games

And the list goes on, but we’ll only be talking about some of our favorites!

Why Play Board Games?

Although the introduction of modern technology has kind of slowed down the sales rate of board games, these games still have a whole lot of importance and fun to offer that should not be ignored. Of course, many board games now come in virtual forms too!

But here, I am going to be focusing on the importance of board games for you and your partner. To mention a few, these include:

  • More connection between you and your partner: Board games provide a new atmosphere and a more intimate connection and bond between you and your partner, which promotes a stronger relationship.
  • Stress relief: playing board games and having fun gets your mind off the stress after a long day of work, which allows you to relax. Taking your mind off business, money, your job and other life factors can prove to be relieving. Playing board games is an effective method of relieving stress.
  • Enhances cognitive function: Researchers have proved that those who play more games have better cognitive function, including memory, problem-solving, decision making, and general cognitive function over those who do not play games.
  • Boost confidence: playing board games can help boost self-confidence and self-esteem in a fun way. Playing these games provides a sense of being included and involved.
  • Enhances socializing skills: when you play board games with your partner, it promotes social interaction and a better way to know each other. This improves the strength and quality of relationships and also reminds you of how fun it is to play with your partner.
  • Teaches teamwork: one of the most important elements for a long-lasting relationship is teamwork. Playing board games with your partner against other opponents builds teamwork skills.
  • Takes pressure off a relationship: romantic board games between you and your partner can help take the pressure off. Some board games are even adult-themed (ahem!).
  • Bringing you and your partner together: Perhaps your partner has been away for a long time or you are in a long-distance relationship (online board games), playing board games can effectively provide an opportunity to make up for the long lost time.

Now that we know what board games are all about and what impact they can have on a relationship and intimacy, let us go ahead and get to know the realio dealio of this article: finding the best board games for couples.

How to Choose the Best Board Games for Couples

Here, I am briefly going to be giving you a few tips on how to choose board games for you and your partner. To know which board game would be suitable for you and your partner, you should answer some of these questions (and you should do so truthfully while also considering your partner’s opinion).

How Long Do You Want to Play?

Some board games are more time consuming than others. So, determine the time you and your partner want to spend playing board games. Some board games take about 30-120 minutes to complete a round while others take just about 20 minutes. You should carefully evaluate this.

Do You Want to Compete Against Your Partner or Team Up?

You can decide to team up with your partner or compete against them. There are various games across many categories. Teaming up can be fun, but what feels more fulfilling than having a sense of victory at the end of the game?

Do You Want an Advanced and Complex Game or a Simple One?

Many board games come with tons of rules guiding the gameplay, while others are easy to comprehend. You should decide which you want to sign up for: either a relatively simple one or one with lots of elements and rules.

If you have successfully answered these questions— congratulations! —because you are halfway there on the journey to finding the best board game for you and your partner.

10 Incredible Board Games for Couples

Board games can prove very difficult to find for just two players but I have included and carefully selected some incredible two-player games that can spice up your romance.

These include:

1. Fog of Love

This is one of the best duo games. It is no different from other board games that involve some form of conflict, but in this case, the conflicts are somewhat different. Here, there is no pandemic or zombies trying to invade a region or space, but only you and your partner take on the roles of specific characters trying to make it through life. It’s a role-playing game!

The players craft identities through trait cards and are faced with circumstances and situations where playing into your character is a necessity. For instance, how would you feel if your partner starts receiving constant texts from a coworker after work hours? Or if your partner sweeps you off your feet and heads to a vacation overseas? Or how about if you discover some dark secrets about your partner’s past?

Players will take turns playing scene cards. On the cards are choices to be made and the effect of these choices is listed on the card. Players can win if both meet their destiny, making this a truly cooperative game.

This game is for adults around the age of 17 or older and it takes an average of 1-2 hours to play. This is a very communicative and intimate game that can build teamwork between you and your partner (or not!) and will often leave you both laughing hysterically!

2. Star Crossed

Star Crossed is one of the best of two-player games for couples and is highly recommended for a Valentine’s Day get-together or sleepover. Many board games are designed with the goal of competing against one another, and many of these games shy away from romance. But Star Crossed spices up the whole night time game with a little bit of romance. It is a storytelling RPG where the players assume the role of two characters that are inexplicably drawn to one another but cannot express their love.

This storytelling concept is configured into gameplay using a Jenga-liketower, which is made up of 54 bricks. You build up the tower following the rules cards. If the tower falls, your characters act on their feelings. If the tower never falls, the characters never get to act on their feelings.

It is a game that encompasses suspense, romance, and sexiness. It is one of the best two player board games, and just like Fog of Love, it is an excellent medium to have fun in a relationship, relieve stress, and build teamwork. A round of this game takes about two hours to play.

3. Bears vs. Babies

Bears vs. Babies is centered on creating an army of bears that will be capable of defeating unusual and questionably designed babies that only a mother can love. This game requires a lot of cunning in terms of determining what your partner’s next move is.

Since playfulness is one of the things couples should never exclude in a relationship, you may like the comedy element of the game. It is quite easy to pick up and learn, includes crazy and super-hilarious artwork, and only takes an average time of 30 minutes to complete each round.

4. Pandemic

Pandemic is another cooperative board game that requires that you and your partner coordinate your efforts to win the game.

The goal of the game is for you and your partner (in your randomly selected roles) to work hand-in-hand to stop the spread of a pandemic in a region and to find its cure.

The game consists of a board showing a network of 48 cities on a world map, two decks of cards (player and infection cards), four types of cubes (24 cubes each) representing a different disease, 6 research stations, and a pawn for each side.

It takes about 45 minutes to complete one game. A sort of counter-romantic game, Pandemic is still great for couples who want a completely different experience.

5. Hive

This is a straightforward game to play with a bug-themedtabletop. It’s reviewed and ranked amongst the best couples games. It is very addictive and is also a strategic duo game.

Here, there is no boardThe pieces are added to the play area, thus creating the “board.” It is made up of 24 pieces. Each player has one Queen Been piece.

It has gameplay as strategic as chess, where you must surround your opponent’s Queen Bee with either yours or your opponent’s colored pieces. The first person to surround the opponent’s Queen Bee becomes the winner of the game. It takes a shorter time to play versus the other board games (approximately 20 minutes, depending on the complexity and intensity of the game).

6. Onitama

This game is of Japanese origin and is a strategic board game created for two players. It has a relatively short playing time of about 15-20 minutes. It is designed on a 5×5 board, and both players begin to play with five pawns on their side, with the main pawn in the middle.

Each player has a set of two open cards that display a possible move for the pawns but there is a fifth card that neither of the players can use. In turns, the player chooses one of the cards and moves one of the pawns as illustrated on their cards, then exchanges the used card with the fifth card. The opponent does the same.

Making a move onto your opponent’s pawns removes their pawn from the game, then moving your main pawn into your opponent’s main pawn starting space lets you win the game.

This game is very tactical and is the best fit for you if you prefer smart games with a shorter playing time.

7. Hanabi

Hanabi is also a game of Japanese origin. The name translates to fireworks. This is a cooperative board game in which players try to produce fireworks by placing the playing cards on the table in the right order. It has an average playing time of 25 minutes.

The playing cards consist of five different colors, which are labeled and numbered one to five in each color. Players must act as a team to avoid making errors and to complete the fireworks before running out of cards. Sound kind of easy? Give it a try!

8. You’ve Got Crabs

What a hilarious name, right? Yes! This game is based on the same hilarious and funny concept as Bears vs. Babiesand it is made by the same manufacturer. I also love this game because you play with (up to five) teams of two, which means you can have a double — or even triple-date night! What a wonderful way to spice things up.

Here, each teammate will meet up (very) privately to come up with a non-verbal sign to indicate when either teammate gets the same crab card. You swap cards with your teammate and when either of you has the same crab card, you give the secret signal to your partner but you can’t say anything out loud. When your partner notices, they will point and shout, “you’ve got crabs!” at you. If they’re correct, your team gets a point. But you have to be careful so your opposing team doesn’t notice your signal. It can lead to your team losing a point.

At the end of the game, all tokens are gathered and the team with the most tokens wins the game.

It is a really fun and thrilling game that builds teamwork between you and your partner. It has an average playing time of 15-20 minutes. It is highly recommended for stress relief therapy.

9. Cottage Garden

How about spending your time gardening and working for two beds, with a variety of flowers. Sounds crazy, right? Yes, but if you have daydreamed about having a small garden with your partner, this one’s for you!

Here, you and your partner compete in the art of gardening. Players are given two flower pots and the goal of this game is to fill these pots while earning along the way. When no box is visible anymore, it means you have completed it and then all the points are counted.

The game will last for about 6 rounds and the player with the most points wins the game.

The gardening die travels around the board (nursery board) with the number on the die representing the current round. It has an average total playing time of 45-60 minutes.

The overall theme of this game is very clever and creative. The artwork is well designed and attractive. It is suitable for a duo.

10. Splendor

Want to play merchant? If so, then this game for you.

This is my last recommendation for you and I assure you it’s worth a try. It is a chip-collecting and card development game.

Players assume the roles of merchants during the Renaissance while trying to purchase shops and acquire wealth in the form of prestige points.

To win this game, you must acquire 15 prestige points before your opponent does. It has a playing time of 30 minutes, which is less time consuming than most board games.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Board Games for Couples

How nice and exciting it is to know some of these games, right? I know what you’re thinking, so I’m going to answer some of your questions as clearly as I can.

Most of These Games Seem Expensive, Right?

No! Not at all. Some of these games are expensive, but most are super pocket friendly, especially when you consider how much a date night out might cost!

What Makes These Games so Fun and Interesting?

Everybody likes to play by nature, no matter their age. Board games enhance social and mental skill so they are always beneficial, and enjoyable, when you find your right pick.

Are They Worth Spending Money on? 

Definitely! Do not doubt the mind-blowing advantages of these games for you and your partner’s relationship and intimacy.

How Do I Know a Good Game?

You can go through online reviews and award-winning nominations to discover some exceptional games suitable for you and your partner’s preferences.

Do all Board Games Come in English? 

Most popular games are in English, however, some games may only come in their native language. Moreover, there are many games that come in multiple languages which are great for multilingual families.

Where Can I Get These Games?

All of the games listed here are available online, but some may also be available at your local retailers. Game shops especially will have most of these games in stock.

Are all of These Board Games Available in My Country?

All of these games are available online or locally in the United States. For other countries, these games should still be available but they may require longer shipping times.


Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just a simple get together or sleepover, trying new things will always spice up a relationship. Date nights should be fun filled and interesting. These are some of the best board games for couples that will surely add some glitter to your date night.

I hope I was able to convince you that playing board games are not just boring, time-wasting activities! With so many different options across different categories, there is surely a board game for every couple!

Remember to pick a game that both you and your partner want to play! It’s always important to take their opinion into account.

If you liked this guide, be sure to check some of our other buyer’s guides too! Happy gaming!

Lisa Hanel

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