What Is The Best Bug Zapper To Buy In 2020?

Are you looking for the best bug zapper?

Imagine preparing a barbeque or party to host your friends and loved ones one Saturday night only for stubborn pests to take away the peace of your guests. Nobody wants flying insects (harmless or not) to spoil their time outdoors or indoors.

The whining of mosquitoes and buzzing of other insects and pests can be annoying. What’s worse, the diseases they carry can be deadly. Getting rid of flies can be difficult. The moment they find residence in your home, eliminating them can be a tall order.

They can be bothersome and even disrupt a nice evening meal or party in your backyard at night. They pose health risks to the wellness and health of your family. They harbor bacteria and infections that can cause various illnesses.

It would take a short time for flies to spread harmful germs in the food you serve your guests outdoors, be it night-time or day-time. A standard fly swatter takes time to kill flies. 

Some people are unable to use traditional fly swatters to eradicate flies because using the devices takes a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, hitting flies on curtains and table linens with the swatter can easily create a mess.

Flies sense movements in air within their immediate environment, explaining why they evade fly swatter hits. The flying insects can easily evade the hit of a swatter when you least expect it. The result is strenuous and aggravating efforts to kill flies and rid them from your home. It takes the best bug zapper to get the work done.

Electronic fly swatters are handheld tools you can use to quickly eliminate flies from your commercial or residential premises. They’re designed in the form of tennis rackets and kill flies on the spot. Use them just like tennis rackets to hit and kill flying insects.

When flies get into contact with the two grids built into the zapper, they get electrocuted and die immediately. Some models are battery-powered with rechargeable batteries for use on the go. Locate the rotating plug at the Swatter’s bottom and plug it into a wall power outlet whenever the batteries run low.

An electronic fly swatter is built for ease-of use and easily dispatches harmful pests. The device kills pests and bugs without crashing them for easy cleaning. A simple sweep easily eliminates dead bugs and other unwanted parasites such as moths, crawlers and mosquitoes. Bug zappers are safe for humans, but strong enough to kill insects, pests and mosquitoes.

Bug zappers greatly lower insect population inside and outside your home, while lowering the possibility of new insect, bug or pest invasion. After a day of use, expect to see dead bugs, insects and pests in the unit’s tray.

Top 5 Best Bug Zapper On The Market

Why Use Bug Zappers?

But, what are the benefits of using the best mosquito killers? They’re free from chemicals and poison. Unlike bug sprays and bug strips, electronic bug zappers are reusable. Designed for home patio and outdoor décor, the devices resemble lanterns for an appealing look. However, strips aren’t pleasant to look at more so when having guests around.

Moreover, the best mosquito killers are rechargeable and portable, making them ideal for use when you go camping. Battery-powered zappers are usable in areas without electricity, explaining why you can bring them outdoor when you go hiking, camping or trekking,


Last, but not least, the best mosquito killers are easy to maintain and clean. They’re also easy to install; simply use the strong ring on your zapper to hang it. The unit doesn’t get dirty easily to mean that you don’t have to clean it daily or after each use.

Invest in an electronic bug zapper to offer you an effective and simple technique of controlling mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other flying pests. Make sure that your device is placed in an area with a high bug population or traffic for enhanced effectiveness. 

The more the insects that sense the light that your device illuminates, the higher its efficacy.  They’re attracted into the unit and get zapped. Check out the buying guide at the end of this article to help you choose the best bug zapper for your unique application area.

Our Recommendations

Despite the controversies that surrounded bug zappers with regards to killing mosquitoes, they’ve been renovated for improved efficiencies. You’ll have to find devices with additional specifications if your focus is getting rid of biting insects such as mosquitoes. Here’re are our top recommendations to consider when looking for a good zapper for you.

Best Overall, Outdoor: Flowtron Electronic Bug Zapper

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Flowtron Electronic Bug Zapper is the best popular and best-selling bug zapper on the market. Founded almost a century ago, Flowtron Outdoor Products Division manufactures various lawn and garden outdoor products such as insect killers and yard carts.

With the electronic device, you can efficiently eliminate mosquitoes and other biting insects from large outdoor spaces. It has a large coverage area of up to 0.5 acres. It attracts flying insects within the device’s proximities and zaps them with electricity.

Built with an ultraviolet light, the device lures mosquitoes and other biting insects and pests in large numbers. Rated 15 watts, the best mosquito zapper neither consumes too much electricity nor fails to kills biting bugs. It kills all insects and bugs that settle or land on the grid.

Designed in an attractive, decorative lantern design, the Flowtron bug zapper works both as a regular lamp for lighting and a bug or pest killer. Polycarbonate is used to make the bug zapper, giving it non-rusting properties. The best mosquito zapper light comes with a replaceable BF-35 bulb to prolong the use of your device.

Zapped insects fall on the ground through the unit’s grid for reabsorption back into the ecosystem. It’s determined to keep the natural cycle going, including reabsorption into existing ecosystems.

  • Uses 15 watts of electricity and thus reduces energy costs, including electricity bills.
  • Durable and waterproof to withstand weather conditions outdoors
  • Uses UV light instead of harmful chemicals to attract mosquitoes 
  • Has an area coverage of up to 0.5 acres for large yards
  • Zapped insects fall on the ground, meaning the unit isn’t demanding in terms of cleaning
  • Doubles as a source of regular lighting
  • Must be plugged into a power outlet to function
  • Can’t be used indoors
  • Not ideal for use in balconies and patios because zapped insects would drop on the floor

Runner Up: Flowtron Fly Control Device

Flowtron Fly Control Device is designed to help you eliminate stubborn flies. But, it also works against mosquitoes. With over 9 decades of successful business and experience in the industry, Flowtron Outdoors Product Division manufactures exceptional outdoor products. 

The company consistently develops new improved products and evolves its existing portfolio for increased functionality. Note that Flowtron bug zapping products are popular and of high quality, and we just had to showcase it here twice.

The device is like no other. Unlike our winner product from the same brand, it’s recommended for indoors and outdoors use. The versatile zapper supports either vertical or horizontal mounting. It means you can use it almost anywhere infested with bugs, pests and insects. 

Whether you want rid your premises of mosquitoes or flies, the device emits up to 40 watts of ultraviolet light. It features three bug zapper UV bulbs designed to lure all kinds of flying insects for zapping. The pheromones included in the unit appeal to insect senses, drawing them closer to the device for zapping. 

The electrified grid electrocutes anything that lands on it, and that’s how it eliminates the stubborn bugs from your home’s indoors or outdoors space. The dead bugs drop into the collection tray for disposal. The removal tray is also easy to clean.

Use it to eliminate flies, mosquitoes and others pests from your stables, garden, office, greenhouse, stores, home, barns and anywhere else infested with bugs.

  • It can be used either indoors or outdoors
  • Supports vertical or horizontal mounting
  • It can easily be hidden from sight in homes or stores
  • Rated 120 watts, hence consumes less power to save on energy costs
  • Emits pheromones to lure more bugs
  • Feature three UV bulbs with greater illumination power to cover a wider area up to 2 acres
  • The zapper is electric-powered, hence can’t be used when there’s no electricit

Best Plug-In: Hoont Electric Bug Zapper

Hoont is a top manufacturer of indoor and outdoor products for eliminating pests, insects and bugs. With products ranging from the best mosquito zappers to hand-held dog repellents, Hoont is a go-to brand for many people looking to get rid of stubborn bugs and pests from their environment.

Designed for indoor use, Hoont Electric Bug Zapper repels and kills mosquitoes. You can use it to control mosquitoes in any indoor space, be it an office or your home. It’s efficient and takes little to no effort to use. What’s more, it doesn’t use harmful chemicals to kill mosquitoes. 

The device is built to use UV light to attract all kinds of bothersome flying insects such as mosquitoes. The insects get burnt at high voltage the moment they touch the grid. Designed to use only 10 watts of power, the device is energy-efficient. Unlike your home appliances with higher voltage and wattage ratings, this best indoor bug zapper consumes less power.

Moreover, UV light is touted to “cleanse” or purify air, meaning your indoor space won’t just be free of bugs and pests, but also bacteria that thrive in the atmosphere. The silent operation of the device makes it ideal for use in rooms that require lots of silence and tranquillity such as your living room and bedrooms.

The removable collection tray mounted at the bottom of the unit is easy to clean. It collects all electrocuted bugs that drop after touching the grid, leaving your floor clean. Opt for this best mosquito killer if you’re looking for an energy-efficient device for controlling flying pests.

  • Rated 10 watts, the device is energy-efficient unlike most home appliances
  • The Collection tray holds killed bugs and insects to ensure your floor doesn’t get messy
  • UV light attracts flying pests and purifies the air
  • Doesn’t use harmful chemicals 
  • Not recommended for outdoor use
  • Depends on electric power for operation, hence not usable in areas without electricity

Best Overall, Indoor: Aspectek Electronic Bug Zapper

Developed by Milo Enterprises Inc., under the Aspectek Milo Enterprises brand, the device is powerful beyond it voltage consumption. Although the company was founded only a decade ago, it has developed many top quality products under insect control and garden care categories. 

The brand has expanded from it base in the U.S to operate in France, Mexico, Germany, the UK, Japan, Spain and other countries worldwide. The company is popular for its high-grade pest control products such as the best bug zappers for mosquitoes. Aspectek Electronic Bug Zapper is rated 20 watts. It features two UV black light bulbs that illuminate up to 6,000 square feet in area coverage.

It kills all insects and pests that get into contact with the grid. It’s also built with a collection tray at the bottom to hold dead bugs. You can easily remove the tray for emptying or cleaning to promote continuous efficient operation of the unit.

Designed for indoor use, use the device in garages, homes, hospitals, kitchens in restaurants, barns or offices to eradicate stubborn bugs. It features a wire chain you can use to hang the unit. Alternatively, set it up on a flat surface.

  • 20 watts energy consumption for low energy consumption and zapping of even the biggest bugs
  • Effective in electrocuting insects that land on the grid
  • It has a large area coverage of up to 6,000 square feet
  • The bug collection tray collects dead bugs to protect your floor from getting messy
  • Not recommended for outdoor use
  • Depends on electricity to operate; can’t work without it.

Why You Should Choose the Best Indoor Bug Zapper Carefully

Depending on the materials used to make bug zappers, they can be harmful to you, your family and even pets. Due to the potential health and safety hazard they pose, it’s important to choose a device that has been certified to be safe. If you keep pests or have children in your house, you’ll want to choose a zapper that’s safe around kids and pets.

The best bug zappers for mosquitoes use light source to lure insects and pests. Different types of lights attract specific kinds of pests, bugs and insects. Which insects or bugs do you want to get rid of? Choose a device built with a light source that lure the kind of pests you want to control in your outdoor or indoor environment.Although most devices feature ultraviolet bulbs as light sources, you’ll find those using neon or mercury. Insects that fly at night are often attracted to mercury vapour lights than any other. This explains why entomologists use the light source to lure and capture or observe insect specimensDo you have kids and pets living in your home? If so, you need a device with a proper housing for protection. Find a sturdy, durable and safe housing to ensure your kids and pets don’t get electrocuted because the grid is beyond their reach. However, the unit should feature large spaces that can allow insects to fly inside towards the light.

Some of the best indoor bug zappers can be made with components containing harmful chemicals that can easily hamper your health. Therefore, choose devices with chemical- and poison-free components. Moreover, the need for an efficient and effective zapper goes without saying. This is more so true if you intend to control mosquito populations in your home, office or outdoor space.

Although most bug zappers are effective at eliminating flying pests and insects, you’ll want to ensure that the device you pick for killing mosquitoes is effective. Make sure it uses techniques that haven been proven to work in luring and killing or trapping the female anopheles mosquito responsible for carrying malaria parasites.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Bug Zapper

Bugs and pests can make living in your own home uncomfortable and unpleasant. Find a reliable and useful device to eliminate the annoying insects. The best outdoor bug zappers are not made the same. And, due to the essence of this device and the need for an effective, efficient and safe zapper, it’s important to look at various factors to help you make an informed decision. 

What’s more, the myriad bug zapper options on the market make it difficult to make a decision. Here’re a few top factors to consider when shopping for insect zappers.

Source of Light

The best bug zappers for mosquitoes use light source to lure insects and pests. Different types of lights attract specific kinds of pests, bugs and insects. Which insects or bugs do you want to get rid of? Choose a device built with a light source that lure the kind of pests you want to control in your outdoor or indoor environment.Although most devices feature ultraviolet bulbs as light sources, you’ll find those using neon or mercury. Insects that fly at night are often attracted to mercury vapour lights than any other. This explains why entomologists use the light source to lure and capture or observe insect specimens


Do you have kids and pets living in your home? If so, you need a device with a proper housing for protection. Find a sturdy, durable and safe housing to ensure your kids and pets don’t get electrocuted because the grid is beyond their reach. However, the unit should feature large spaces that can allow insects to fly inside towards the light.

Wire Meshes

A typical bug zapper is built with two metal wire meshes all around the light source. Make sure the meshes are safe and come in a good size because they’re responsible for electrocuting the bugs and pests. 

The high voltage passing through the wire meshes can pose a great risk to you, your kids, pets or any other family member.


What’s the voltage of the best outdoor bug zapper or one meant for indoor use? The voltage of a bug-killing device determines its efficiency in eradicating the pests. Find a design that’s built to consume less voltage while killing your target insects at high efficiency.

A typical zapper for killing bugs has about 2,000 volts or 20 watts to effectively kill most types of insects and bugs.

Type of Bug Zapper

We’ve seen that zappers come in various types, ranging from electric to solar-powered variations. They also come in distinct sizes, designs and shapes.


Some zappers come in the shape of tennis racquets for swinging to hit flying insects such as mosquitoes. Some types use UV light to lure bugs and then kill them immediately upon touching the electrified grid.

Which type of bug zapper do you want? Choose one that’s bound to meet your unique needs to control indoor and outdoor pests.

Source of Power

Some devices operate on electric power while others are battery-powered. The former kind are rechargeable, but can only be used near power outlets indoors or outdoors. With battery-powered devices, you replace the batteries whenever they’re depleted. 

On the other hand, battery-powered bug zappers are usable on the go. They’re reliable and you can easily use them outdoors in places without electricity. For instance, when you go camping in the middle of nowhere.


The devices use high voltage to kill pests and bugs. Therefore, they’re a safety hazard to you and those living in your home, including pets. Look out for triple mesh layers for extra protection from accidental burns. Make sure it has a button or switch for powering the unit on/off.


As mentioned earlier, the voltage of the best bug zapper for mosquitoes determines its effectiveness. This means that the most powerful devices have the highest voltages. Opt for zappers with higher voltages, but less energy consumption for unmatched effectiveness in eradicating bugs.

However, expect that powerful zappers cost more than their less powerful counterparts with lower voltages.

Coverage Area

How large is the indoor or outdoor space you want to rid of insects? Look for devices with the largest coverage areas (in acres) for heightened satisfaction and effectiveness of the device. For instance, a device can have coverage area of up to 2 acres.

Availability of Replacement Parts

Choose a device with easily available replacement parts. For example, you may need to replace the bulbs or grids within a short time. Easily accessible replacement parts reduces the cost of repairs and eliminates the need to buy another unit altogether.

Device Construction

If you intend to use the best mosquito killer outdoors, device construction becomes an important consideration. Choose one that’s designed to withstand outdoors weather such as rain. For instance, a waterproof zapper is ideal for outdoor use.


Just like any other electrical device, you want to buy a product that’s backed up with a warranty of at least 2 years. A warranty comes in handy in case you don’t like the product delivered. It also offers you protection from manufacturing faults.

Don’t forget to read through the warranty and guarantee to ensure that the terms are acceptable.  Keep your purchase receipt safe in case something comes up.


The best outdoor bug zappers are useful in both residential and commercial settings. They ensure that your outdoor and/or indoor spaces are free from stubborn flying bugs, insects and pests. Getting rid of them can restore the peace and comfort in your home.

What’s important is picking the right device for your specific needs. If you want a unit you can use indoors, find one designed for use inside homes or offices. Also decide whether you want a device you can mount vertically or horizontally. 

Order the best bug zapper for mosquitoes today and eliminate all harmful and stubborn insects from your interior and outdoor space.