5 Best Digital Piano 

 May 4, 2022

By  Jacqui Cheng

Imagine opting for the best acoustic piano over digital pianos.

Its elegance, charm and authentic feel while playing can’t be traded for anything. The beautiful sound it produces and its elegant appearance is irresistible. 

Therefore, it makes sense why anyone would opt for an acoustic piano. 

Despite the amount of money that went into buying the acoustic piano, it takes up so much space in your home. Moreover, if you’re a musician, you’ll find the piano impractical and less convenient. For instance, taking it with you for gigs, concerts or live performances would be almost impossible.


But, you may wonder ”why opt for the best digital piano?”

A lot of debate goes into whether an acoustic piano is better than a digital piano or vice versa. Due to the costly, bulky and less portable nature of the former instruments, you’ll want to consider an electronic keyboard.

So, why opt for a digital piano over an acoustic piano? 

Although acoustic pianos deliver high quality sounds and come in impressive designs and looks, a digital piano would come in handy for various reasons.

Here’s why.

The best digital pianos are convenient and portable. They’re compact in design and thus more lightweight. Even console digital pianos with cabinet-like elements that resemble those of a conventional piano weigh less than acoustic pianos.

Acoustic pianos can be disassembled into different parts for storage. However, their digital counterparts designed for stage performances easily fit into vehicles for use on the go.

Secondly, digital pianos are less costly than acoustic instruments. Whereas mere dusting with a soft, dry cloth may be the maintenance that electronic keyboards need, acoustic models require tuning twice or thrice annually. Apart from the high buying price, costly maintenance services also increase the cost of acoustic pianos. 

The best digital pianos are also versatile and support volume control or adjustability. With an acoustic piano, the intensity of striking keys determines the instrument’s range of volume. The harder you strike, the higher the volume and vice versa.

However, digital pianos support silent practice with headphones on and volume adjustment as necessary. What’s more, the ability to add various sounds (due to built-in sound sets) such as woodwinds, percussion, brass, drums, etc. are bound to improve performances.

Digital pianos have recording capability, which is important especially when learning to play and need to track your progress. They also support connectivity to recording equipment, computers, flash memory cards and audio devices through MIDI capability and USB ports.

Electronic keyboards for schools and beginner pianists come with built-in learning or teaching tools such as exercises, lessons, metronomes, chord or note displays and access to resources online. Students can work with their teachers silently for pianos that come with two headphone jacks. 

On the other hand, split-keyboard capabilities enable piano students and teachers to play similar sections within the same octaves. 

The best pianos are also less expensive and don’t require tuning, even when moved around. They’re available in various types and options ranging from portable digital pianos to grand pianos. Beginner pianists and musicians prefer portable pianos to any other.

The quality of sound samples in digital pianos influence their price. And, with many options on the market, there’s an instrument for everyone. High-end digital pianos are based on premium samples that produce exceptional sounds. The samples reflect the different dynamics and nuances of the digital piano, playing them back faithfully.

Digital pianos mimic real acoustic sound actions for an authentic feel of the keyboard. Other actions include weighted, synth, hammer, semi-weighted, graded hammer and hammer action built into electronic pianos. On the other hand, weighted and semi-weighted actions are often featured in beginner pianos of this kind.

Digital technology has allowed digital pianos to incorporate musical keyboard features such as different instrument voices, rhythms, effects, on-track sequencer, etc.

Moreover, the best piano keyboards come with a remote control, synthesizers, and apps to learn how to play. They also support hands-free playing. 

Finally, the most recent models of digital pianos connect to the internet to download sounds, songs and styles. They feature built-in expansion slots for upgrading hardware and software if need arises. As a result, your piano may never become obsolete.

Now that you’ve made a decision to buy a digital piano over an acoustic piano, find out what it takes to choose the best musical instrument for your personal or professional use. Choose a range of sound effects and sounds in your versatile piano.

Choose thousands of distinct sounds without being limited to your piano’s built-in sound.

Top 5 Best Digital Piano On The Market

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What is the Best Digital Piano? Keep reading to find out!

1. Casio Full Size Digital Piano - best digital piano under 1000

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Founded in 1946, Casio is a Japanese multinational company. It manufactures calculators, watches, electronic musical instruments such as digital pianos, and projectors. With the launch of the Privia series in 2003, the brand made a name in the industry.

It manufactures affordable pianos for amateur and beginner pianists. The tech-savvy company has some features only found in high-end competitor models on its pianos. The company continues to impress its consumers with innovative pianos.

The Casio Privia Digital Piano is built with 88 keys. It’s the product that elevated the brand’s popularity in the industry. It’s the piano you need if you want the feel and sound of your digital piano to resemble that of an acoustic piano.

The AiR engine facilitates precise grand piano sounds based on seamless dynamics to deliver powerful and expressive musical performances. With the Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II Keyboard, you’re guaranteed unmatched accuracy and speed for realistic feel and performance dynamics.

The duet mode allows teachers to use the piano with their students at once. The new string ensemble work well independently. However, they can be layered with the best electric pianos, grand pianos and harpsichord in the same series.

The chassis adds a touch of elegance to the piano’s physical look, atop housing a speaker system (measuring 8 x 8 W) to deliver rich sounds like no other. With the split and layer capability, you can play two-layered tones on the right and bass sounds on the left of the piano.

If you’re a learner, you’ll appreciate the two-track recorder learning tool. It supports recording of performances and playback to track progress during practices.

  • The built-in speaker system delivers impeccable sound 
  • Allows for connection to external speakers
  • Generates multi-dimensional air sound
  • Comes with an extended 3-year warranty 
  • Supports dual use for teacher/student performances
  • Available in 5 styles: beginner, portable, essential, home and digital piano bundles
  • Available in black and gold color finishes
  • Portable for use on the go
  • Not ideal for learning purposes
  • May be a bit costly for beginner pianists without prior experience 

2. Yamaha Console Digital Piano - best yamaha digital piano

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Yamaha is a pioneer manufacturer worldwide. Founded in 1887, the company is the oldest and most popular piano manufacturer with the most versatile product portfolio.

The Japanese company boasts large factories in china, japan and Indonesia where its vast digital pianos and acoustic pianos are manufactured. It generated more than $3 billion across its diverse product portfolio in 2017.

The company has enjoyed great success from the invention of its first acoustic pianos. With attention to details and sound mechanics, Yamaha’s grand pianos and upright pianos are used almost everywhere from concert halls to schools.

It features the branded hammer action in all its digital pianos varying quality levels. The Yamaha Console Digital Piano is built to deliver unmatched sound quality, playability and realistic feel. With the piano, you’re guaranteed the best experience.

The GHS weighted action has a lower impact on the high keys and higher effect on the lower keys resembling the acoustic piano mechanism.

The Pure CF Sound Engine produces the sound of a concert grand piano. The samples reproduce sounds from the built-in 50 classic piano songs and a music book for expressive and dynamic performances.

The console piano also features a song recorder with two tracks, a detailed pedal control and iOS controller app. The application adds a user-friendly graphical interface packed with a myriad of features for easy and fast configuration or navigation.

  • Delivers dynamic and expressive playing experiences for powerful performances
  • Weighted action for high quality acoustic-like sounds
  • Features built-in classic piano songs up to 50, including a sing book
  • High quality for durable use
  • Comes with a bench
  • Available in dark rosewood and black walnut finishes 
  • Costly piano
  • Not ideal for beginner pianists

3. Casio Portable Keyboard - best portable piano

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Casio is a top notch brand with lots of pianos in its arsenal for all kinds of customers. Therefore, we’ve featured it twice in this list.

The Casio Portable Keyboard delivers great playability with acoustic-like feels and sound. If you’re looking for a portable piano you can use on the go and still get the experience of playing an acoustic piano, this is the best digital piano for you.

The portable keyboard is built with an intuitive voice percussion sampling capability, including power supply and a microphone. It comes with 400 AHL voices built into the best piano keyboard.

The best piano also features a progressive learning tool and enhanced sampling effects for even better performances.

  • Portable for use on the go
  • Delivers premium sound quality
  • Built with playability experience that resembles that of an acoustic piano
  • Ideal for beginner pianists
  • Comes with multiple sampling keyboard voices for versatile use
  • Sampling effects enhances sound and performance 
  • Supports learning with up to 110 songs built into the keyboard 
  • Built with up to 61 keys on the keyboard
  • Cost-effective for everyone to afford
  • Advanced pianists may prefer a more advanced keyboard with enhanced capabilities 

4. The Yamaha Weighted Action Digital Piano -best electric piano

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Yamaha, as mentioned before, is a leading digital piano brand. As such, we’ve also featured it twice on this list.

The YamYamaha Weighted Action Digital Pianois designed to deliver authentic sound each time you play your instrument. With the 88 full-size keys based on weighted action, you’re guaranteed high sound quality with lots of features for added functionality.

The keys produce realistic feel when playing for an experience as good as playing an acosutic piano. The Amazon Exclusive Model comes with a sustain pedal and power adapter to support functionality of the piano.

The piano’s dual mode allows two people to use the instrument simultaneously to deliver an inspirational playing experience. Choose from the various built-in sampled acoustic piano sounds and up to 10 voices for unmatched playing experience.

Available in a stylish, slim design, the piano weighs 25 pounds only and measures about 12 inches. Therefore, it won’t take up much space in your home or wherever you use it. Choose from the home bundle and digital piano configuration options.

  • Designed for portable use
  • Reasonably priced for both home and live performance use
  • Supports two users playing at once
  • Stylish, versatile, sleek and lightweight
  • Comes with 88 full keys for realistic sounds
  • Ideal for beginner pianists 
  • Not ideal for stage performances
  • Doesn’t come with a stand 

Why You Should Choose the Best Electric Piano Carefully

The best keyboard piano is an instrument designed for prolonged use. Whether you’re a regular or one-time user, the need to buy the best beginner keyboard or one for advanced players goes without saying. Careful choice of a digital piano results in a high-performing and durable instrument you can use year after year.

With many brands on the market, choose a brand that has worked hard over many years to build a name for itself. Also make sure you pick the right features carefully to ensure you get all the features you need on your piano.

What’s more, the right digital piano is bound to deliver high quality sound and give exceptional playing experience. Choosing your piano carefully is the key to landing the right product with the specifications you want. You get value for your money.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Digital Piano

Digital pianos are handy for people of different ages and across various sectors. Designed for professional, leisure and personal use, people of different skillsets and levels can use the musical instruments. 

The way artists and hobbyists practice music and perform has changed since the invention of the digital piano. The instruments have also revolutionized the musical production and professionalism landscape. 


Learning how to play the piano and perform is easier and more cost-effective with digital pianos than acoustic pianos. Consumers look for the best digital pianos they can afford due to the endless opportunities they offer.

However, due to the diverse nature of the musical instruments with regards to technologies, brands and special features, choosing the best digital pianos can be difficult. Understanding how each machine on the market works can be tiring and frustrating because they’re not made the same.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to look into different factors to help you make an informed buying decision. With enough information on the instrument you want to buy, you’re guaranteed total satisfaction. 

If you’re here, it means you’ve decided to buy a digital piano. Here’re factors to consider when shopping around for the best musical instrument for you.

Type of Digital Piano

What type of digital piano are you looking for? These musical instruments come in various types. The right type of piano depends on the specific features or characteristics you want on your piano.

Furniture requirements, use, price and space limitations determine the right of digital piano for you. Available as a keyboard with at least a pedal and without a stand, a slab is ideal if space is limited in your studio apartment or dorm room.

Place it on a table or a stand for practice, and hide it in a closet for storage when not in use. Weighing from 20 to 85 pounds, choose an ideal weight for your chosen digital piano.

Although a slab comes with one pedal, most models feature optional three-pedal units and stands. Opt for a piano alone or with a stand and pedal units. Alternatively, buy the optional accessories separately. 


You can easily turn a slab into a console digital piano; simply buy the different accessories needed. Some stands even come with built-in pedal assemblies.

The most pervasive and general type of digital piano is the digital keyboard. Based on various technologies, opt for a digital keyboard if you want increased portability and mobility with limited rhythms and tones on your musical instrument.

Upright digital pianos are built with similar features, but resemble a traditional upright piano is design and appearance. Opt for this type of digital piano if you want your musical instrument with cabinet-like elements and support.

Console digital pianos are constructed in the form and design of a real acoustic piano. It comes with built-in stand and pedal assembly. Choose this type of piano if you want one for home use. It comes with all the features of an acoustic piano, including physical but with added features at a lower cost.

Choose from synthetic wood grain, ebony, real-wood veneers, etc. for an ideal cabinetry finish on your preferred console piano. Also consider stage pianos, grand pianos (available in a range of wood finishes) synthesizers and MIDI controller keyboards.

Quality of Sound

Digital pianos emit sounds that resemble the authentic tones and notes of an acoustic piano. The best digital keyboard reproduces real sounds for a similar feel and unmatched playing experience.

Look out for digital memory on a potential piano for access to various realistic sounds. The best piano models are built with large storage memory and premium sound quality. Consider high quality built-in amplifiers and speakers to find a piano with high quality. 


Consider a 32-note polyphony on a digital piano if you’re a beginner pianist because it’s simple and easy to learn. These are the number of notes or tones you can play simultaneously. 

For sophisticated sounds, a 62-note polyphony is deal for intermediate pianists. Opt for an advanced digital piano with a 124-note or 264-note polyphony for professional use and performance.

Amplifiers and Speakers

Digital pianos can be designed to use built-in amplifiers and speakers or come with external ports for use with standalone speakers. 

Whereas built-in speakers and amplifiers are ideal for pianos designed for home use, those manufactured for live performances or in venues with a large audience require powerful external speakers.

Therefore, look out for analog and digital ports you can use to connect your piano to an external speaker and/or amplifier.

Learning Tools

Beginner pianists require instruments with learning tools to support their practices. Look out for a built-in metronome to keep your sessions in rhythm. With a display, you’re able to see the keys you press to ensure you hit the right key if the wrong one is pressed.

Keyboard Action and Touch Response

The best digital piano is designed to mimic the feel and sound of an acoustic piano. With the right keyboard action, expect a good instrument to deliver an expressive and exceptional playing experience and high performance. 

The keyboard action can be fully-weighted, semi-weighted or a hammer action. The fully- and semi-weighted actions do a good job at mimicking the sound and feel of a traditional acoustic piano.

However, the hammer actions is the best keyboard action for a truly authentic acoustic sounds and feel. Make sure that the right digital piano for you comes with a suitable action on the best piano keyboard.

Keyboards with high touch response are the best for an acoustic-like playing experience. The velocity-sensitive keys on digital pianos use the force pianists apply on keys to determine the touch response and thus sound produced.


How much are you willing to spend on a digital piano? Depending on the specifications and features of a piano, you can pay hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Determine the type of instrument and features you want on your piano. With the features known, you can easily set a price limit on your budget. An ideal piano for beginners comes with basic features to support progressive learning. 

A beginner model can cost as low as $300 while advanced models with a myriad of features can go for as high as $3,000 or more. Buy a digital piano you can easily afford without straining other aspects of your life. Console digital pianos range in price from $500 to $10,000 while grand pianos from $1,500 to $20,000.

Number of Keys

Acoustic pianos are built with 88 keys. Advanced digital piano models come with 88 keys. However, those designed with the beginner in mind can feature less keys. Look out for 61 or 72 keys for lower-priced models.

The Number of Tones and Sound

Digital pianos are built with hundreds of sampled sounds from different musical instruments, including the acoustic piano. If you’re an intermediate or advanced pianist, opt for an instrument with hundreds of sounds to elevate you playing experience.

However, a beginner needs just a few sounds to learn how to play the piano. Why pay more for sounds you may never use?


With hundreds of the best electric piano brands on the market, choose the right manufacturer behind your ideal musical instrument. Different manufacturers use distinct piano technologies and consumers have specific expectations with each purchase. 

Most top brands such as Casio, Korg, Yamaha have been in the industry for centuries, if not decades. They engineer each instrument to great craftsmanship for experiences close to a true acoustic performance. 


The brands have proprietary technologies applied to various piano products they manufacture. With advancement in technology, the capabilities of branded pianos and industry standards improve while reducing market prices. 

Knowledge of any manufacturer’s unique technology is key to understanding their products. It helps select one based on your personal preferences and taste. Opt for a trustworthy, reputable and reliable brand with many years of experience in the industry. 

Piano Playing Skill/ Experience Level

The best beginner keyboard with built-in learning tools comes at a cost-effective price. Use it until you’re able to play from an advanced electronic piano.

However, the best digital piano for seasoned or intermediate pianists comes with high velocity sensitivity and touch response for an exceptional playing experience or performance.

Piano Dimensions

Where do you intend to place or store your piano? Make sure the musical instruments fit well in the space where you want it. Make sure your kids have proper height for appropriate use of the keyboard. Use a phone book under the pedal and adjustable stands to solve likely mismatches.


Lightweight digital pianos with bags and covers are ideal for use on the go. If you’re a traveler or have the need to travel with your piano, opt for a compact model designed for lightweight use. However, a large piano with many features is handy if there’s no need for portability. 


Choose between built-in speakers and amplifiers or headphone jacks for pianos designed for home use. Otherwise, stage or slab pianos feature analog and digital ports or jacks for connection to external speakers in large application areas such as live performances.

The best keyboard pianos with high touch, tone features are ideal for an instrument you intend to use many years to come. How many players want to use the piano at once? Is it ideal for beginners only, advanced players only or both? 

What type and number of sounds, rhythms, tones or voices are supported? And, how many can be played simultaneously? 

How realistic are the sounds and feel of the piano? Which type of keyboard action is supported? Do you need a MIDI interface or wireless capability to connect to a computer? With answers to these questions, you can choose the best digital piano for you.

Also consider internet and Bluetooth connectivity, recording and playback capability, vocal support, an external flash drive for storage and educational support for the best piano

Check out our reviews of the best digital pianos to order one for yourself, family or music band.

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