What Is The The Best Down Comforters On The Market 

 February 13, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

Getting through the night can be tough when the temperatures drop. But that doesn’t have to be the case. A cozy and warm down comforter can take you through the night, keeping you toasty and ensuring you get enough sleep.

What’s more, owning a down comforter can also ensure that you reduce your usage of heating systems. Without cranking up your thermostat in winter, you benefit from lower energy consumption and thus a reduction in power bills.

Sleeping beneath a down fill comforter can feel heavenly. Down is warm, luxurious and make for a durable bedding you can use for many years. You can pass it to your next generation if properly taken care of.

Gorgeous down comforters made from premium down offers unmatched warmth and softness. Down feathers are compacted densely to keep you warm throughout the night. It traps your body heat due to its fill loftiness to keep you warm.

The higher the fill power of your comforter, the higher its insulation power and the more warmth it offers. Comforters made with top grade goose down feels soft and cozy on your skin. You’ll never wish to get out of bed.

Comforters also have high breath ability. They trap heat in the cold to keep you warm and allow free flow of air in warm temperature to cool your body. As a result, it keeps your body moisture-free to prevent you from getting chilled, sweaty or sticky.

The lavish and airy look of down comforters render them comfortable and luxurious. With proper care, your comforter can last up to 15 years. However, down alternative comforters become lumpy and uncomfortable in just a few months of use. They wear out easily over time.

Down fill comforters offer ultimate luxury and comfort each night. It becomes necessary to choose the right comforter based on varied factors as discussed in the buying guide below.

Top 5 Best Down Comforters On The Market

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Our Recommendations

Down comforters have been in use for decades and never get out of style. Choose from different patterns, colors and sizes to match your bedroom décor and bed size. Here’re our top recommendations for you.

1. Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter - Best Heavyweight

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Made from 100% Egyptian cotton cover and 100% goose down fill, the Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter is luxurious and hypoallergenic. It’s ideal for you if you suffer from allergic reactions. It’s the bedding you need for total warmth and comfort all-year round.

The comforter has a 750 plus fill power and weighs only fifty ounces for lightweight use. The luxurious 1200 thread count comforter is constructed in Baffle Box design to hold the down fill and prevent it moving around the outer fabric. It also removes cold spots and provides optimal fluffiness for ultra comfort.

The high fill power and thread count also ensures you get comfortable, luxurious and restful sleep each night. You’ll love the soft feel of the comforter against your skin. It also means the comforter is of premium quality and thus bound to last years of use.

The double needle stitch ensures the goose down doesn’t get out of the fabric cover. It holds the duvet cover in place to avoid unnecessary fill movement. As a result, you’re guaranteed even warmth distribution for comfortable sleep.

Choose from king, twin, queen, and California king sizes to fit your bed and other unique needs.

  • Provides hotel quality comfort
  • Lightweight, warm and comfortable with a high fill power
  • 100% goose down fill
  • Overhangs the bed well, ensuring there’s enough cover for couples or persons sharing a bed
  • High thread count and fill power translates to high quality comforter
  • Based on some user reviews, weak baffle box stitches might not keep fill from moving entirely as expected (this could have been a manufacturing fault)
  • A bit pricey

2. PUREDOWN Down Comforter - Best Luxury

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The PUREDOWN Down Comforter is the best goose down comforter. The outer shell is made from 100% cotton while the down fill is made up of 25% white feather and 75% white down.

The down fill is breathable, lightweight and warm for use year in, year out. Its breath ability ensures it traps heat in winter and keeps your body humidity-free during warm months for comfortable sleep.

Constructed in a baffle box design, the comforter isn’t just fluffy and comfortable, but prevents the fill from moving inside the outer shell. The double needle stitch holds the fill in place for even heat distribution and durable use of your comforter.

With 600 fill power and weighing 36 ounces only, the comforter is of high quality and supports lightweight use. It’s soft and comfortable for luxury sleep. The down fill is carefully picked and disinfected to give it antibacterial properties.

The comforter guarantees good sleep every night due to its high fluffiness and odorless nature. The baffle box stitch is beautiful and subtle in the eyes. It prevents cold spots and holds the comforter’s goose down in place.

Choose from full/queen, king and twin sizing options.

  • The comforter is attractive and durable
  • Reasonably-priced for a goose down comforter
  • Usable in summer and mild winter climate
  • Goose down fill for warmth, softness, comfort and luxury use
  • High fill power and good stitching design for increased durability
  • Might not be soft and warm enough for use in extreme winter climate.
  • Not ideal for users with allergic reactions

3. LinenSPa Down Alternative Comforter - Best All-Season

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Do you prefer a more affordable down alternative comforter? If yes, you’ll love the LinenSpa Down Alternative Comforter. It’s one of the best all-season down comforter that offers ultra soft and comfortable sleep.

The comforter features eight built-in side and corner loops to hold its outer shell in place for easy use. The microfiber down alternative is lightweight and offers the coziness and comfort of natural down fill feathers.

However, it’s odourless and lacks sharp quills that are sometimes present in duck or goose down fill. Therefore, the reversible microfiber fill is hypoallergenic for persons with allergic reactions.

For increased fluffiness, added comfort and down fill secured in place to avoid movement, the comforter has box stitch design construction. It’s also USA-made and comes with a 3-year warranty for guaranteed quality.

It offers the luxury and softness of a down comforter at a more affordable price. The down alternative comforter is machine washable. Choose from white, graphite or navy, mocha or sand, and charcoal or stone color variations.

The eight sizing options include twin, king, California king, queen, oversized king, full, twin XL and oversized queen.

  • Affordable for all and those working on tight budgets.
  • Soft, luxurious and comfortable like a goose down comforter.
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes.
  • It’s machine washable for easy care.
  • Hypoallergenic for persons with allergies.
  • Offers a 3-year warranty.
  • You might need an extra blanket to get enough warmth in winter.
  • Not ideal for persons looking for high quality and durability in their comforter.

4. Brooklinen Down Comforter - Best Down Comforter

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Made in Canada, the Brooklinen Down Comforter comes with a lifetime warranty. Although the brand is new on the market, its comforters are increasingly gaining popularity on the market. They’re comfortable, luxurious, durable and soft for sound sleep every night.

With 400 thread count and 700 fill power, the down comforter is of high quality and a great buy. The comforter is handmade to give it a unique character and touch for every personality and taste out there.

It provides the warmth and coziness you need to enjoy your sleep on cold nights, especially in winter. The cotton sateen shell has a thread count of 400 and is soft for luxury sleep.

Choose from king, queen and twin comforter sizes.

  • The company offers free product exchanges or replacements for unhappy customers within its return policy.
  • Made in Canada with a high fill power of 700 and thread count of 400
  • The down comforter is of high quality and durable.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Made from authentic goose down fill for comfort and luxury.
  • Down cluster for added warmth, fluffiness and lightweight use.
  • Treat with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial and is ethically produced.
  • Corner loops and baffle box construction to keep down fill in place.
  • Cost-effective for its selling price.
  • Only dry cleaning is recommended for the best results.
  • Highly priced but worth each penny.

Why You Should Choose Your Down Comforter Carefully

The need to choose your down comforter carefully goes without saying. Choosing the right comforter ensures that you pick the right bedding for your unique needs.

Available in all sorts of colors, sizes, qualities, brands, weights and down fill material, choosing the best comforter is not an easy affair. However, with careful considerations, you won’t just choose and buy a comforter bound to meet your needs to sleep warm at night.

But, it’ll also ensure that you can afford the comforter you pick. Various factors go into choosing the best down duvet for you or a loved one. The following guide will help you pick the right down comforter that meets your specific needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Down Comforter

Do research before buying a down comforter because there are many things you should know before making a purchase. The following are important factors to consider when shopping for a comforter.

  • Level of Warmth Needed

How warm do you sleep? Do you sleep in layers of blankets, a few layers of blankets, or turn the electric blanket high in cold weather? Heavy down comforters are ideal in extremely cold climates or during winter.

If looking you’re for a comforter to use in warm months, find the right fill that’s bound to provide mild warmth. Consider an all-season comforter for a blanket you can use all-year round.

  • The Size of Your Bed

How big is your bed? Measure your bed and find a down fill comforter that closely matches the size of your bed. Choose the right comforter size for your bed. Make sure it’s large enough to drape on the sides of your bed.

Avoid small comforters that might not fit your bed properly. Sizes to consider include queen, twin, king, over sized king, etc.

  • Thread Count for the Outer Shell Fabric

Down clusters are fluffy and soft, but can leak through worn out outer fabric. Make sure your ideal comforter has an outer fabric with a high thread count, is tightly woven and offers leak-proof fill protection.

Seal in the comforter edges for added protection, preventing the down fill from spilling. You’ll get down-proofness with a reputable brand.

  • Design and Type of Construction

Down comforters are stitched with different construction patterns and stitches such as baffle box, box and diamond box. Choose the type of construction you want on your comforter.

The varied stitches hold down clusters in place to prevent them from moving and clumping on one section of the comforter. Therefore, it ensures down is evenly distributed all over the comforter.

As a result, a good construction ensures even warmth distribution and down-proofness for comfortable sleep.Check the section above on types of construction for more information.

  • Duvet Cover

A duvet cover is what you need to care for your comforter. It protects it from dirt and frequent washes. However, it can make your comforter heavier. Decide whether you want to use your down blanket with a cover or not.

  • Down Fill Type

Do you want a pure goose or duck down comforter or a down alternative blanket? Down is lightweight, natural and provides consistent warmth throughout the year.

Unlike synthetic fill, down has a high warmth to weight ratio. This means you have less weight on you for sleep that’s more relaxing.

Duck and goose down are similar, but the latter is rare and thus more expensive. Unlike duck down, goose down is available at higher fill powers above 600. Down from colder regions have a high fill power, hence fluffier and larger.

However, down alternative comes in handy if you want a more affordable comforter with hypoallergenic properties. If you’re sensitive to the ethicality of the source of down, down alternative may be suitable for you.

  • Temperatures in Your Sleeping Environment

Down comforters are made for use in warm or cold environments. Buy the right blanket for your sleeping environment. Those with high fill power and thread count are ideal for extremely cold weather. They tend to be heavier and warmer.

Lighter comforters are ideal for warm environments. You might need additional blankets to use them in cold environments. Note that the thickness or fluffiness of a comforter doesn’t determine its quality.

  • Quality or Quantity

Down has high insulating properties. It takes the right quantity to offer you the right warmth level you need. Whereas fluffy down offers enough warmth during cold nights, light warmth is ideal for warm nights.

As mentioned before, down quantity doesn’t determine the quality of a comforter. Different amounts work well in varied environments.

Quality down is collected from mature goose or ducks. Those from young birds are immature and of low quality, hence break easily. High quality down cluster is three-dimensional, meaning it traps more air for increased warmth.

Comforters made from pure goose down are often hypoallergenic for allergy-free use. Low-grade down fill, less down and a blend of feathers, and down are key to getting comfortable sleep.

With down blankets, you have the option to stretch your budget for a good investment.

  • Cost

Cost is an important factor when buying down comforters. With prices ranging from as low as $50 to as high as $4000, choose a comforter you can afford.

Come up with a budget to help you decide how much you’re willing to spend on your comforter. Note that high quality comforters with high fill powers and thread counts cost more than their lower quality counterparts.

The type of down used in the comforter and fabric material influence the cost of down fill comforters. Goose down comforters are the most expensive because feathers from the birds are rare. Duck down provide cheaper alternatives with similar quality and benefits.

If you want a good down comforter you can use for years, be ready to spend a good amount of money for good value.

  • The Right Fill Power

Find out how much fill power you need in your down comforter. It represents the quality of down fill used in the comforter. The higher the fill power in a comforter, the stronger the down clusters in use.

Large down clusters are breathable, offer superior insulation and increased durability. Compare fill power to get the right warmth for your sleep.

Down comforters with high fill power and fill weight offer high warmth level. They’re more fluffy and lightweight. Fill power and thread count also go hand in hand. High quality down comforters for higher warmth levels have high fill power and thread count.

Larger, high quality down gives high fill power in comforters because they occupy more space. The pre-washed and sterilized down is more breathable, lighter, fluffier and warmer in a comforter.

Fill power below 200 in a comforter is low quality (muslin material).

  • Luxury

If you want a luxury down comforter, consider the thread count and type of down fill used. Goose down offers the most luxury in comforters. High fill power also ensures the comforter is lightweight and fluffy for comfortable sleep.

  • Thread Count/Materials

Comforters with high thread counts are tightly woven and thus are finer. A thread count of 200 to 400 is high quality while anything above 600 is luxury.

However, don’t consider thread count alone to get high quality comforters. For instance, a 1200 thread count fabric might seem heavier and have weaker threads, meaning it can’t hold down well inside the comforter.

Make sure your comforter has a high thread count coupled with fine fiber quality and tight weaves. Down-proof fabrics ensure the fill stays inside the comforter, giving you a durable and lightweight blanket.

  • Size

Choose the right comforter size that either fits on your bed or drapes off it as Americans like their bedspreads. An oversized down comforter can easily drape off your bed to fit your style. The size should also fit your comforter covers if you intend to use them.

You can match the comforter and cover sizes, use an oversized cover with a regular sized comforter for a draped look or a smaller cover to get more fluff. An oversized comforter is a great choice for couples.

Opt for it if you intend to use it with your spouse to ensure nobody is left uncovered in the cold night. This is more so true if your spouse tends to roll over while sleeping.

  • Weight

Regular weight offers warmth and comfort while lightweight comforters cool the body in warm nights. On the other hand, heavier comforters offer enough warmth in cold seasons such as winter. However, your comforter should neither be too light nor too heavy.

  • Comfort

Choose the right comforter warmth level based on your sleeping environment to get comfortable sleep. Consider the down weight and fill power on the comforter to get the right warmth level. Hypoallergenic down feathers also support comfortable sleep.

Down comforters are filled with pre-washed and sterilized feathers, giving them hypoallergenic properties. Dust, dirt and allergens on your comforter cause allergic reactions, but not the down fill inside the blanket.

  • Care

Wash your comforter professionally only once a year if it’s extremely soiled. Otherwise, clean it at home twice or thrice a year. Consider using a duvet cover to protect it from frequent washed for durable use.

If you must wash your comforter at home, make sure you have a large, front-load washing machine to avoid damaging it.

Before buying a down comforter, check its care label for wash instructions. Does it support dry cleaning only? Is it machine washable? Does it allow for both spot and deep cleaning?


Down comforters are comfortable, luxurious, breathable and soft for restful sleep each night. It’s important to choose the right comforter with appropriate warmth level for your sleeping environment and climatic conditions.

Whether you want a colored, fluffy or hypoallergenic down comforter, consider various factors to help you make an informed buying decision. We hope that you found this guide resourceful and it has helped you choose the right comforter for you.

 Check out the various down comforters in our list on Amazon and order the right blanket that suits your unique needs.

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