Hobbytiger H301S Ranger Drone Reviews – Best Drone For Kids 

 September 27, 2020

By  Hanel

The very first drones ever created were crafted by soldiers who intended to kill or spy on enemies. Modern drones are however much different. These drones are used for a great magnitude of professional and social purposes including for entertaining and educating children.

A baseline or beginner drone is the perfect gift for children aged 14 and up because these fun flying machines will instantly capture the attention of your child so you can get them out of the house and away from the television for some quality time in the sun. This is however not the only benefit drone flying has in store for children. These toys should be considered educational must-haves because they assist in the following ways;

Enhanced social skills - Quadcopter flying with friends and drone racing is very exciting for children who can learn to engage with their friends to promote healthy social lives and skills.

Enhances concentration - Flying these aircraft isn’t the easiest of tasks. Children need to concentrate hard to succeed. Keeping a drone up in the air is superb for enhancing concentration.

Develops Fine motor skills - Remote controlled vehicles and aircraft are terrific for developing fine motor skills because your little one's fingers need to be quick and agile to maneuver the quadcopter effectively.

Improves Direction and mapping skills - Many drones can be operated even out of site and function via GPS to navigate the drone back home. Flying a drone is excellent for developing a child’s ability to navigate, read maps and identify directions. 

Drone flying is probably one of the best hobbies any child can enjoy. If you are looking for the best drone for kids then we recommend you consider the HobbyTiger H301S Ranger Drone the next time you go gift shopping. 

Hobbytiger H301S Ranger Drone

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The Hobbytiger H301S Ranger Drone is one of the best drones for beginners, children or occasional play at home. This little quadcopter is quite affordable, compact and very easy to handle.

This little drone comes partially assembled. All you need to do is install the blade guards if you choose to do so and it is ready to fly since it comes fully charged.

The drone weighs only 5.8 ounces and is fitted with a powerful motor that is sufficient for keeping this drone up in the air with ease and can reach speeds of 15-20 mph comfortably. It is powered with one lithium battery and recharges very quickly. The drone has a battery life of 15-20 minutes 

The drone is packed with lots of features. It offers GPS assisted flight and an auto return to home function that navigates your drone home safely whenever the battery runs low or whenever the drone flies out of range. 

This drone is also fitted with a 720P HD Wi-Fi camera that can adjust to an angle of 120 degrees. It can take good quality photos and videos and stores the info on a 4GB Micro SD card or streams the content in real-time FPV to your phone. 

It has headless mode, one key takeoff or landing and a follow me home function that allows you to man the drone with ease or capture great selfie photos and videos. 

Altitude hold allows you to maintain a smoother flight pattern as you take videos or pictures and the little drone has a control distance of up to 180 meters. 

A transmitter with a phone holder is also included with your drone and eases general flying function tremendously. 


  • Weight - 5.8 ounces
  • Size - 12.6 x 12.6x 4.7”
  • Battery - 1 x Lithium-ion
  • Color - matt black
  • Camera - 720P HD
  • Wi-Fi - Yes
  • Memory - 4GB Micro SD card
  • Features - GPS, Headless mode, Follow Me, Automatic Return Home, Low battery Failsafe, Real-Time FPV, Altitude position hold.
  • Best suited for - kids, hobbyists, and beginners
  • Accessories - Transmitter, user manual, USB charging cable, 4G TF Card, card reader, spare propellers, propeller guards, landing gear, blade caps, propeller gears, screws, screwdriver and wrench

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  • Very affordable price
  • A great drone for kids and beginners
  • Comes with lots of accessories required for the drone and for fixing it
  • Offers lots of features such as headless mode, follow me, GPS and more
  • Long battery life and quick to recharge
  • Light in weight and easy to operate
  • Made of good quality materials
  • Auto take-off and land feature is excellent for children or beginner pilots


  • Not a professional drone but better than a toy
  • Can be challenging to figure out how to fly the remote
  • Vibration and dampening affects video quality a bit
  • Rotor guards need to be removed when storing the drone in the case


All in all, this is one of the best drones to buy for your child or for an adult who is just starting in drone operating. This quadcopter comes fully assembled and is ready to fly the moment it arrives since it is even recharged. It has rotor guards to help protect your drone when flying and the auto takeoff and land function is perfect for new flyers who don’t know how to handle the drone just yet.

It is made of quality materials, is quick to recharge and offers great value for money.

The most outstanding feature of this little drone is its price compared to the features you get. The GPS drone is packed with lots of advanced features such as Follow me home, altitude control and more. The 750P camera on the drone isn’t the best but it is good considering its price. You can take good quality HD photos or videos and stream the visuals to your phone in real-time. Content is also automatically stored on the 4G Micro SD card included in the drone set.

We hope that you found our product review helpful and if you are interested in something a little different then we welcome you to hop over to some of our other product reviews to find out about our other top picks.

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