Best Drones to Get Right Now (Top 5 Pick) 

 July 1, 2022

By  Hanel

Drone flying is an exciting activity that is getting more popular with each day for both the professional and leisure industries. These aircraft are loved by everyone from those that simply want to kill some time to those who always dreamt of becoming a pilot but never did get the means to do so.

Drones fall into two major categories; professional and hobbyists. 

Professional drones are used in various industries such as agricultural, industrial, military and more to get an aerial view of certain locations, animals or people as they engage in various activities. Adventure lovers, vloggers, and bloggers also invest in drones to capture selfie videos or photos that they can use as content with which to awe their audiences. 

Hobbyists and children use drones simply because they are great fun. It takes tremendous skill to operate a drone successfully and even more so if you want to capture quality photographs and videos. Drones are used by the public for various purposes. They are applied for surveillance on properties, to document events such as birthday parties and children’s activities or get together and many love to get together for drone racing. 

If you, like so many others, want to get a drone but are not sure where to start then this is the right Buyers Guide to read. In this guide, we are going to compare the 4 best drones you can get right now and we offer a quick guide to help you decide on the best one to buy.

The 5 Best Drones for Every Budget

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The HobbyTiger H301S Ranger Drone - The Best Drone for Kids

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If you are shopping drones for little ones then it is probably best to start with something affordable. Kids still need to learn to handle a drone and kids tend to crash things when the excitement of flying gets the better of them. The HobbyTiger H301S is one of the best drones over $100 to get for children. This is also one of the best beginner drones for adults because it is so easy to control and so affordable.

This little drone is very lightweight at just 5.8 ounces and has a powerful motor that can keep the drone in the air and reach speeds of up to 15-20 mph with ease. The drone has a lithium battery that is quick to recharge and offers you up to 20 minutes of flying time.

This little drone might be affordable but it has impressive features. It offers GPS assisted flight with an Auto return to home function so you won’t lose your drone when it goes out of range or when the battery runs low. It also has headless mode, one key takeoff, and landing, a follow me home function, altitude holds amongst other terrific features.

 The drone is sufficient for taking photographs and videos. It has a 720HD Wi-Fi camera that takes up to 120-degree imaging. All content is stored to a 4GB Micro SD card but you can live stream the content you see through your phone app. The drone also comes with a transmitter with a phone holder so you can man your drone via real-time view of the aerial visuals with ease.


  • Weight - 5.8 ounces
  • Size - 12.6 x 12.6x 4.7”
  • Battery - 1 x Lithium-ion
  • Color - matt black
  • Camera - 720P HD
  • Wi-Fi - Yes
  • Memory - 4GB Micro SD card
  • Features - GPS, Headless mode, Follow Me, Automatic Return Home, Low battery Failsafe, Real-Time FPV, Altitude position hold.
  • Best suited for - kids, hobbyists, and beginners
  • Accessories - Transmitter, user manual, USB charging cable, 4G TF Card, card reader, spare propellers, propeller guards, landing gear, blade caps, propeller gears, screws, screwdriver and wrench
  • Very affordable and easy to use
  • A great drone for beginners and children
  • Lots of accessories included in the set
  • Lots of features to keep little ones busy 
  • Long battery life and quick to recharge
  • The Auto takeoff and land function is preferable for little ones
  • The camera isn’t the best
  • It can be challenging to figure out how to use the drone
  • Vibration can affect video and photo quality
  • You need to remove the rotor guards to store the drone


This is the best drone to get if you are a beginner or if you are shopping for a child The drone is easy to use, affordable and still allows you to take photos and videos so you can practice your flying skills before moving onto something bigger and better.

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The Holy Stone HS700D Drone - The Best Drone For Hobbyists

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If you are serious about drone flying and need something of good quality with good performance then the Holy Stone HS700D is the best pick. This drone weighs 4.4 lbs but is driven with a powerful brushless motor that reduces friction for enhanced speed and prolonged battery life. The drone has a modular battery that offers 22 minutes of flying time and recharges in 5-7 hours.

This drone offers lots of functions. It has Custom Flightpath, GPS positioning, GPS auto-return or smart return, Headless Mode and other functions that ease flying the drone and make it possible for you to take great selfie shots and videos with this drone. 

It is fitted with a very good 1080p camera that adjusts to an angle of up to 90 degrees. The drone offers quality real-time viewing thanks to 5GHz frequency so you can fly effectively when streaming on your phone.

 The transmitter has a phone holder so you can steer or view video content with ease on your phone as you move around. It also has an impressive range of up to 3277 feet.


  • Weight - 4.4 lbs
  • Size - 15.2 x 15.2 x 6.1 inches
  • Suited for - hobbyist flying
  • Battery - 1 lithium polymer that offers 22 minutes of flying and recharges in 5 - 7 hours
  • Accessories - transmitter with phone holder, USB charging cable and charger, 8 propellers with spinners, 2 landing gears, 4 propeller or dust guards and a screwdriver
  • Features Custom flight path, GPS positioning, GPS auto return, quick release propeller, headless mode, one key takeoff/landing 
  • Motor - Long-life brushless motor
  • Camera - 2K 1080P camera with 90 and 110-degree angle
  • It is a perfect drone for hobbyists
  • Takes good quality photos and videos
  • Easy to handle thanks to one key launch and land function
  • Lots of features to help you get the most out of your drone
  • The drone is relatively affordable
  • It has a compact size for easy transportation
  • GPS modes reduce the chances of losing your drone
  • A custom flight plan is terrific for taking beautiful aerial videos
  • It is challenging to fly
  • Rotor guards don’t have a secure fit on the drone
  • Photo and video capture can be unstable or shaky
  • Video on HD quality tends to be shaky


This is one of the best drones under $500 to consider if you are a hobbyist who loves to fly quadcopters. The drone takes good quality videos and photos which makes it suitable for vlogging or blogging and it is very easy to control. It is available relatively affordable and offers you lots of features to help you get the most out of your flying expeditions.

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The Wenjuan Pro Drone - The Best Value for Money Drone

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If you are looking for the best drone under $300 then you should consider the Wenjuan Pro Drone. This drone offers leading features at a pretty affordable price. The drone weighs 4lbs and consists of a mixture of plastic and metal components. It has a powerful brushless motor that reduces friction for longer battery life and a smoother flight pattern. This drone allows you to enjoy longer flights because it comes with two batteries that each offers 20 minutes of flight. The batteries are recharged over 240-300 minutes.

The drone has a transmitter range of 500 meters and includes lots of features such as GPS return home, a point of interest function that offers excellent video effects, custom flight path so you can program it to take videos of a specific location and optical altitude hold. 

This drone has a pretty good 5MP camera and allows you to take 1080P videos. The camera can capture 120-degree panorama views and content can be streamed directly to your mobile device so you can fly in real-time. 

 The quadcopter also comes with a transmitter with a phone holder for easy handling whether you are simply flying about or taking great photos and videos.


  • Weight - 4 lbsSize - 48 x 48 x 18 cm
  • Application - 10 years and up
  • Frequency - 2.4Ghz mode 2
  • Materials - Plastic and metal
  • Battery - 2 x batteries each with 20 minutes flying time and recharges in 240 - 300 minutes
  • Transmitter range - 500 meter
  • Camera - 5MP, 1080P with 120 degree view
  • Accessories - Backpack, remote control USB charger, 2 x 2500mAh batteries, screwdriver, 4 spare propellers, 2 landing gears and instructions
  • Features - GPS Return Home, Live video, Follow Me, Waypoint, Headless Mode, auto return, custom flight path, point of interest
  • Comes with an extra battery for longer flying time
  • Made of quality materials and contains a brushless motor
  • Powerful 5MP camera that offers 1080P video quality
  • It is easy to use
  • Lots of features such as GPS return home, Follow Me, Waypoint, Headless home, Auto return, custom flight path and more allow you to create videos with interesting effects
  • The drone comes as a set complete with a padded backpack for easy storage
  • A forward camera position would have been preferable for a larger panoramic view 
  • It can be challenging to master the drone


This drone offers you good value for money. It is a great drone for hobbyists and is also suitable for children aged 10 and up. The drone is also practical for semi-professional use by bloggers and vloggers. Lots of features allow you to capture videos with interesting effects so you can create content that your audiences will love to view. It is a great little drone for anyone looking for something easy to transport, compact and easy to handle that doesn’t cost you a fortune.

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The DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter - The Best Renewed Drone

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The DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter is available in brand new and renewed form. Renewed drones are often a preferable solution for those looking for something that excels in terms of quality yet doesn’t break the bank. When you buy this renewed drone, you can save over $200 on your purchase and still get all the benefits and functionality a brand new drone would provide.

The DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter is more expensive than others on the list but it is worth its salt since it does lead in terms of quality and functionality.

 This drone is a perfect tool for professional use or serious hobbyists. It weighs 15.2 ounces and has a small size of 6.5 x 1.6 x 3.2 inches which also makes it the best indoor drone. The drone’s impressive 32MP camera is positioned onto a 3-axis mechanical gimbal that allows you to take up to 180-degree panoramic images in both vertical and horizontal directions. It is a perfect tool for videos since you can capture 1080p videos at 100mbps in UHD quality. The camera also offers advanced effects such as slow-motion video and more. The drone also has a very smooth flight pattern for smooth and steady video quality. 

The DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter also offers lots of advanced features. It has 8GB built-in internal storage and a Micro SD slot that you can also use to save even more content. Information can be transferred to other devices via USB 3.0 port and the drone also offers other features such as Active Track, Smart Capture and more. 

The drone has a powerful battery that offers you up to 21 minutes of flying time and it recharges relatively fast. The controller has a phone holder so you can view video imaging in real-time on your phone by simply installing a suitable app. The controller has a range of up to 6562’. 


  • Weight 15.2 ounces
  • Size - 6.5 x 1.6 x 3.2 inches
  • Color - white and grey
  • Battery - 1 lithium polymer battery that offers 21 minutes of flying time
  • Camera - 32MP sphere 180-degree panorama camera with 1080P video quality
  • Features - 3-Axis Gimbal, Slow motion video, HDR photos, 3D foldable design, 8GB internal storage, Activity tracker, Smart Capture, Flight Autonomy, FOC, ESC, and Propulsion
  • Accessories - Carry Case, USB charging cable, user manual, transmitter, and extra parts
  • Best suited for - Hobbyists or professional videography
  • An excellent tool for creating captivating video content
  • Lots of camera features for striking video effects
  • Captures good quality 32MP photographs
  • Smooth flight pattern for minimal camera distortion
  • Lots of features such as activity tracker, smart capture, flight autonomy, FOC, ESC and more
  • A perfect tool for professional application as well as hobbyists
  • Offers long battery life
  • It is challenging to master all the features of the camera and drone
  • The drone is still a bit pricy for some hobbyists
  • The product is restored but it is also available in brand new form


This is one of the best drones to buy if you love taking excellent quality videos and photographs. It is a handy tool to have on hand for any hobbyist, vlogger, blogger or anyone with an adventure channel. The drone offers superb quality photo and video content and has lots of features that ease handling and recording.

If you are looking for the best of the best but want to save money then this is the right pick. The drone is available much more affordably simply because it is second hand yet still offers you all the benefits of a brand new drone because it is fully renewed.

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Buyers Guide

Are you still struggling to make the right decision about the right drone to buy? Perhaps this quick buyer’s guide can help you make up your mind quicker;

The best drone for kids - The HobbyTiger H301S is the best drone for kids because it is so easy to use and so affordable. Little ones can play with and parents won’t have a heart attack every time the drone crashes. Alternatively, the Wenjuan Pro Drone is also a good pick although it is a bit more expensive. This drone is fitted with a much better camera which is preferable for older kids and those with a passion or photo and videography.

The best drone for beginners - We recommend the Wenjuan Pro Drone for beginner adults because it is affordable and has a good quality video camera. But if you don’t quite know if you will love drone flying just yet then the HobbyTIger H301S is another good pick for beginners because it is so affordable. 

The best value for money drone - The Holy Wenjuan Pro Drone is a good pick if you want good value for money. It is affordable, has a great camera and offers lots of leading functions. The JI Mavic Air Quadcopter might seem expensive but is also a good value for money product because it is discounted since it is renewed and offers superior quality imaging at a relatively good price.

The best drone for videos - The Holy Stone HS700D is one of the best drones you can buy for quality videos. It is easy to man and is fitted with a good quality 2K 1080p camera that has lots of features. But if you are serious about photography then the DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter is the ultimate choice. It has a powerful motor, 32MP camera and takes the best videos. It also has lots of camera functions that allow you to create unique and interesting videos that online audiences will love.

The best drone for hobbyists - The Holy Stone HS700D is the best you can consider if you are a serious hobbyist. This drone offers lots of features, has a good camera and is very easy to handle. The DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter is a good alternative if you can afford it and the Wenjaun Pro Drone can also be a handy drone if you don’t want to spend much on your aircraft.

The best professional drone - If you are using the drone for professional tasks such as landscaping photography, for lucrative blogs and vlogs and more then you need to invest in something quality like the DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter. It might seem expensive but the advanced video and camera features make this a worthy investment for anyone that needs quality content and a drone that is relatively easy to master.

Final Verdict

All of these drones are good picks but if you want the best functionality then it is best to invest one that suits the type of tasks you are most likely to perform, even if that means spending a little bit extra. A drone that doesn’t have a suitable camera will be a waste of money if you rely on good footage for an income and a drone that is well out of budget just isn’t a worthy investment for a beginner or child.

We hope that this buyer's guide helped direct you towards the right drone to buy. But if you feel that you want to know more detail about the drones on this list then we welcome you to have a look at our product reviews where all of these drones are discussed further in great detail. 

Drone flying is an exciting hobby that can keep you busy for hours or that allows you to take your blogs and vlogs to the next level. If you don’t have one yet then it is time for you to get with the times by buying one now. 


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