What Is The Best EDC Flashlights To Buy In 2020? 

 May 5, 2020

By  Margaret Gulley

The best EDC flashlight the perfect tool to help shed some light on a dark and tricky situation. These tools are handy whether you are at home and need to see what is going on in the yard or want to stay safe during travels or camping expeditions. This is also one of the best gifts you can buy any person of any age including women because it is something that everyone needs at one point or another.

Today you can shop a huge variety of flashlight types. These handheld lights vary from those mini keychain lights that can help you out in roadside emergencies to those big HID flashlights that scorch the earth whit an immensely powerful stream of light. 

With so many different flashlight types, styles, brands, and features to consider it can be challenging for you to find the right one for your home, vehicle or to gift to a friend. 

In this buyer's guide, we are going to make it just a little bit easier for you to make the right decision. We are reviewing the top 4 flashlights that you can buy right now and offer you info on their top advantages and disadvantages. We also offer a quick buyers guide to help you choose the best one based on need. 

Here is a quick look at the best ECD flashlights to buy right now;

The Karrong Magnetic Flashlight - The Best Flashlight for the Money

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We all want good value for that hard-earned cash and we believe that the Karrong Magnetic Flashlight is one of the best flashlights for the money. This is because this flashlight is compact yet packed with a lot of handy features. 

This is one of the best pocket flashlights because it folds up to a compact 1.57 inches so it can fit comfortably into your handbag or pocket. When in use, you can extend the grip of the flashlight to 1.96 inches for easy handling. The flashlight is perfect for work environments because it comes with a belt clip that attaches to your pocket or it can adhere to steel via a built-in the magnetic strip.  

The flashlight offers a bright light with 4 modes that include high, low, COB SOS and COB. The focus of the torch is also adjusted by stretching the body of the flashlight to zoom in and out. The flashlight is also good for work because it is water and impact resistant. 

It is an affordable little flashlight that offers you up to 50000 hours of use over the years. The flashlight uses 18650 lithium batteries that can be recharged via USB cable. On low light setting, a fully charged battery can give you up to 8 hours of constant light. 

[amazon box="B07RK2FQCL" template="list"]

  • Weight - 3.36 oz
  • Size – 1.96 inches (fully extended length) 1.57 inches (length)
  • Materials - Black aluminum alloy
  • Light color - White
  • Waterproof - IPX4 rainproof
  • Battery life – 8 hours (low mode)
  • Battery type – 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable
  • Light modes - High, low and medium brightness, SOS and COB sidelight
  • Other functions – 4 x Different light modes, easy operation and switching off
  • The magnetic strip allows for hands-free use
  • The flashlight is light in weight and very compact which makes it very portable
  • The flashlight has a sturdy aluminum alloy body and is water-resistant
  • You can recharge the battery via USB port so you never have to buy batteries again
  • It offers 4 different light modes
  • It is very cost-effective since it is affordable and you don’t need to buy batteries
  • You get a 1-year warranty along with the flashlight
  • It offers up to 8 hours of battery life on low light settings
  • Rechargeable batteries can cause problems after some time
  • The flashlight can get somewhat hot during constant use
  • The sidelight can be blinding and annoying
  • Battery life is short when wet on the bright intensity


This is a handy little flashlight to have with you on night shifts or while you are trying to change a tire at the roadside. The thing we love the most about the flashlight is the magnetic strip that allows you to cling the flashlight to your car while you work.

The flashlight doesn’t offer the brightest light output but for its size and durability, it is still a very good investment. The quality materials, waterproofing, and the long bulb life mean that you will get many years of good use from this little flashlight. It is a worthy investment when you consider the affordable price of the flashlight and especially when you consider its functionality.

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The Darkbeam UV 395nm Flashlight - One Of The Best Flashlight Brands

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Darkbeam is known for its ability to develop high-end flashlights that last. Similar copycat flashlights that look and feel exactly like the Darkbeam 395nm Flashlight just cannot compete with its high durability and usually give out much quicker than the flashlights produced by this reputable brand.

This flashlight is somewhat different from the others on this list because it produces a powerful UV light instead of normal light. The UV light source is perfect for detecting messes such as pet urine inside your home so you can clean these messes up and remove bad odors inside your home. The UV light is also terrific for drying your nails.

This little flashlight isn’t very big at just 5.4 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches but this is perfect for those looking for something compact and portable. The flashlight offers a powerful 395 lumens lens output thanks to a double UV LED flashlight. It has 4 light modes that include spotlight, floodlight and it has UV or LED mode which means you can also use it for casual lighting outside when you are taking your pets for a walk.

The flashlight is very easy to use and it is very durable since it is fitted with a bulb that can last up to 10000 hours.

This is one of the best rechargeable flashlights you can buy right now because it comes with a lithium battery that is rechargeable, as well as a charger with USB port that connects to your computer, electrical source, USB plug or that, can be used along with the vehicle charger that is also included in the torch set.

[amazon box="B075FTT2V8" template="list"]

  • Weight - 5.08 oz
  • Size - 5.4 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches but extends to 6.23 inches
  • Lens output - 395 lumens
  • Light color - Double UV and LED flashlight
  • Bulb durability - Up to 10x000 hours
  • Batteries - 3 x AAA batteries
  • Beam distance - 30 - 60 feet
  • Switch - on/off on the tail
  • Modes - spotlight and floodlight mode, UV or LED mode
  • Accessories - Hand strap, charger, rechargeable battery, and a vehicle charger
  • Light Zoom - 150 - 20010
  • The thing we love the most about this flashlight is its UV function that can be used to detect pet messes
  • The powerful 395 lumen light output is also impressive for such a small flashlight
  • It functions via rechargeable lithium battery or can function with 3 x AAA batteries
  • You can also use the flashlight as a normal LED flashlight
  • The bulb is very durable and offers up to 10000 hours of use
  • The flashlight is nice and small in size for easy carrying and handling
  • IPX5 waterproofing makes it splash and fog-resistant
  • The light output isn’t extremely strong
  • One button controls all modes which can cause confusion or difficulty turning the light off
  • The UV light doesn’t pick up pet feces


This is one of the best flashlights for pet owners. The LED function makes it perfect for walking your pet at night while the UV light enables you to locate pet urine messes inside the house with great ease.

It is made of highly durable materials and it is water-resistant so you can continue to use it for many years to come. The flashlight is also quite affordable and offers you up to 10000 hours of light before you will need to replace it.

It is a good flashlight for those in need of UV light to help keep their properties clean and odor-free.

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The Vont LED Tactical Flashlight - The Best 1000 Lumen Flashlight

[amazon box="B00V45DSQS" template="vertical"]

If you need a good quality flashlight that offers you powerful light output but is still compact then the Vont LED tactical flashlight is one of the best you can buy. This is one of the best pocket flashlights you can buy because it has an LED bulb that delivers up to 400 lumens of light and it offers various lighting modes that include spotlight, floodlight and has an adjustable focus. 

The flashlight is very sturdy since it is made of military-grade materials and high-grade waterproofing protects the flashlight components even when submerged underwater. It is also impact-proof and can be dropped over 10 feet or can even be run over by a truck without damaging the flashlight. The aluminum torch also has a grid design all over the handle that enhances your grip on the flashlight while offering a sturdy feel. The flashlight functions using 3 AAA batteries and can last for up to 4 hours of continuous use.

It is very easy to use this little flashlight. The compact size makes it easy to carry, it is fitted with a belt clip that you can easily attach to clothing and the flashlight switches on and off and changes modes via the back positioned press switch.

[amazon box="B00V45DSQS" template="list"]

  • Weight - 2.89 oz
  • Lens output - 400 lumens
  • Light color - White LED
  • Batteries - 3 x AAA batteries - last up to 4 hours of continuous use
  • Beam distance - up to 1000 feet
  • Switch - on/off on the tail
  • Modes - Spotlight, floodlight adjustable focus and high, medium and flashlight modes
  • Accessories - belt clip
  • Waterproofing - Can be submerged underwater
  • Impact-resistant - Can be run over by a truck
  • What we love the most about this flashlight is the powerful 400 lumen light output
  • High-end waterproofing allows you to submerge the flashlight underwater without damaging it
  • Extreme impact resistance ensures that the flashlight stays in check even when dropped 10 feet
  • It is very easy to use and offers various light modes
  • The flashlight is compact and weighs only 2.89 oz
  • It functions on 3 AAA batteries that can last up to 4 hours but can also take lithium batteries
  • The flashlight has a nice and sturdy feel
  • Spotlight function can focus on objects up to 1000 feet away
  • The flashlight is up to 10x brighter than others
  • The tight belt clip can be challenging to get off your clothing
  • The light tends to change modes as you try to turn it off


This is one of the toughest flashlights on our list. It can be dropped up to 10 feet, can be run over by a truck or dunked into the water without breaking. Besides being tough, the flashlight is also very handy since it offers bright white LED light and its compact size makes it very easy to carry with you wherever you go.

All in all, this is one of the best tactical flashlights you can buy for work, military and security operations as well as for traveling and camping.

[amazon box="B00V45DSQS" template="list"]

The Fenjunshangmao Tactical Flashlight - The Best Affordable Tactical Flashlight

[amazon box="B07KMRNMDW" template="vertical"]

This is the most powerful flashlight on our list. Unlike other flashlights that take only 3 AAA batteries, this one takes 3 lithium 18650 batteries which ensures a much longer battery life and much more powerful lighting capabilities.

 The flashlight is also designed with a lens that consists of 18 high quality LED bulbs although you can buy this flashlight in different bulb designs that consist of fewer LED lights. When these tiny LED bulbs are powered by the 3 lithium batteries they can produce up to 45,000 lumens of light although it should be noted that high power light can drain your battery life quite fast. The flashlight is also more powerful than others because it has a coated glass lens and consists of an aluminum reflector both of which result in a much brighter light. The flashlight offers 5 modes which include high, middle, low, strobe and SOS and the quality LED bulbs will stay functional and bright for up to 100,000 hours.

The flashlight is bigger than the others on our list since it takes more batteries. But it is still pretty tough. It is made of aluminum materials and features a grid design on the handle to enhance your grip as you move around.

[amazon box="B07KMRNMDW" template="list"]

  • Size - 285 x 54 x 26h mm
  • Materials - Aluminum
  • Light color - White LED
  • Light color - White
  • Light type - LED with 18 bulbs
  • Switch - Press tail switch
  • Battery - 3 x 18650 3.7 v batteries not included
  • Switch modes - High, middle, low, strobe and SOS
  • Light output - 45000 lumens
  • LED lifespan - 100000 hours
  • Lens - coated glass with aluminum reflector
  • Model color - black
  • The flashlight can produce up to 45,000 lumens of light
  • It has 5 different light modes
  • It takes 3 rechargeable 18650 lithium batteries that offer prolonged usage
  • The flashlight is very easy to use with its switch positioned on the torch tail
  • It is waterproof and impact resistant
  • The bigger handle offers a sturdier grip
  • The body of the flashlight is made of a strong aluminum
  • You can use the flashlight for self-defense
  • The tail cap needs to be properly tightened or your light will not work
  • Dust and debris can collect inside the tail cap which can affect the functionality
  • The flashlight does tend to be heavy and bulky
  • One press button controls all of the different modes
  • Tail cap needs to be properly tightened or it will not work
  • One button controls all modes and on/off function


This is one of the best flashlights to buy if you need lots of light and batteries that will last a long time. The flashlight offers up to 45,000 lumens of light output which is quite impressive and the three lithium batteries it uses, offers a lot more power and durability.

You can power the flashlight with rechargeable batteries to cut back on energy costs or to help conserve the environment or use disposable batteries of the correct size.

The flashlight isn’t the easiest to carry around with you since it does tend to be heavy and bulky. This means you probably won’t enjoy this flashlight quite as much on camping trips. But you will fall in love with the flashlight when using it in work and home environments.

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Buyers Guide

Are you still finding it hard to decide on the right flashlight to buy? Perhaps this quick guide can help shed some light on the situation;

The budget-friendly - All of these flashlights are available at affordable prices. With such a small price difference you should consider buying the right flashlight in terms of function or type instead of the most affordable one.

The best for pet owners - The Darkbeam UV 395nm flashlight is the best pick for pet owners. This flashlight can be used on an LED setting for general pet walks and the UV setting allows you to locate pet urine inside the house with ease so you can clean up effectively to get rid of bad smells.

The best tactical flashlight - The Vont LED tactical flashlight and the Fenjunshangmao tactical flashlights are both excellent picks if you need something sturdy and portable. The Vont LED flashlight is smaller and more portable which makes it better for traveling. On the other hand, the Fenjunshangmao offers brighter light and longer battery life which makes it better for work environments.

The best for work environments - The Karrong Magnetic flashlight is our top pick for work because it has a magnetic strip that allows you to adhere to the flashlight to steel so you can see where you are working. This flashlight also offers good lighting and is the pocket size for enhanced convenience.

The best kids flashlight - The Vont LED tactical flashlight is our top pick for kids because it can be dropped up to 10 feet and it can be submerged underwater without breaking. It also has various light modes to suit those tiny and sensitive eyes.

The best waterproof flashlight - The Vont LED tactical flashlight has the highest waterproofing rating and is the only one on the list that can be dunked underwater. All other flashlights on our list are however also splash-proof and can also be valid investments for working in humid or rainy weather.

The brightest flashlight - The Fenjunshangmao tactical flashlight is by far the brightest. It has 18 small LED bulbs and is designed with an advanced lens so it can produce up to 45,000 lumens of light. It might be powerful but it also offers 5 modes so you can also use it on a dim light to help preserve energy.

Final verdict

All of these flashlights are made of durable materials and offer you lots of light. They are all good picks and we are quite certain that any of these top pics will serve you well for a long time to come. It is always best to choose a good flashlight based on the main need you have for it. For example; travelers that pick the big and bright Fenjunshangmao might find it hard to carry it with them and pet owners benefit most from the Darkbeam UV flashlight on our list. If you consider your need then we are sure that these flashlights will be worthy investments. 

If you want to know more about the flashlights on our list then we welcome you to hop over to some of our product reviews so you can learn more about them and their various functions, pros, cons, and features.  

Margaret Gulley

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