5 Best Electric Deep Fryers 

 April 28, 2022


Almost everyone enjoys a good bit of fried food. If you were to ask your friends what their favorite meal was, it may not be too surprising if some of them said some kind of fried confection.

For lots of people, the only time they really get good fried food is when they go to the restaurants and order it. If they tried to make it at home, it never turned out quite the same. That is, until they’ve purchased the best Electric deep fryer their money can buy!


If you’re wondering where to buy a deep fryer, you don’t have to go to a fancy kitchen appliance store. You can find them right online, and before you go out and pick up any old fryer, we are going to talk about some of the features you should consider when choosing a fryer, but we are also going to give you 5 great options that are affordably priced under $100.

Top 5 Best Deep Fryers Under $100

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What is the Best Deep Fryers? Keep reading to find out!

1. T-Fal 3-Liter Oil Deep Fryer - Best Easy-to-Use Deep Fryer

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Never again will you have to worry about undercooked fried foods because this deep fryer by T-Fal allows you to cook with 100% precision. This appliance is designed to use 3.3 liters of oil and is capable of cooking 2.5 pounds of food at a time, giving plenty of space to fry food for your family. Notable features of the T-Fal Deep Fryer include:

  • Adjustable thermostat to accommodate a variety of recipes
  • Ready indicator light for correct oil temperature
  • Heating element quickly recovers to ensure crispy results
  • Lid with viewing window
  • Stainless-steel frying basket
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Magnetic power-cord connector for safety
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • 1-year limited warranty

Because this fryer features an adjustable thermostat, you’ll be able to cook a variety of foods that have specific cooking temperatures. The final result will be perfectly fried food that is going to be hot, crispy, and delicious. Also another awesome feature is that this product features a timer that you can set and forget. Once that timer goes off, you know your food will be cooked through.

When looking at the reviews for the product, 88% of customers left 4 or 5-star reviews. Of these reviews, customers said they were pleased by how efficient the fryer works. They said it doesn’t take very long for the fryer to heat up, and once it does, the heat recovery is equally as impressive.


Customers like that the temperature is spot on and that when they set the timer, they like being able to cook other things without having to monitor the fryer. Of the remaining 12% of customers who left 3-star reviews or lower, the common complaint was that although many customers have said that the temperature on their units is spot on, several customers have said that their units are off by 30 degrees.

Some customers have also said that they returned their products and the replacement was also off, but this time by 10 to 15 degrees. Other customers have said that it stops working less than a year of use. Fortunately, this product does come with a 1-year limited warranty, so you aren’t completely out of luck in the off chance your fryer stops working, too.

2. Presto Stainless Steel Dual Basket Deep Fryer - Best Economical Deep Fryer for Large Groups

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If you’re trying to find the best home deep fryer, you can’t go wrong with the Presto 05466 Deep Fryer. This professional style deep fryer features two baskets, which will allow you to simultaneously create restaurant tasting food at home. The large 12-cup food capacity cooking space is going to allow you to fry enough food for your family, friends, and guests with ease.

The oblong shaped baskets are perfect for cooking chicken or fish. When you decide that you want to use the unit, the 1800-watt immersion element is going to be able to preheat your oil quickly, but it will also give you speedy heat recovery when you drop cold food into the oil. Notable features of the Presto Deep Fryer include:

  • Stainless steel, dual basket, profry, professional style deep fryer in a handy at home size
  • 1800W Immersion element provides quick preheating & fast oil temperature recovery
  • 5 lb food capacity for frying family sized batches in a hurry
  • Adjustable thermostat with signal light that indicates when oil is ready for frying
  • 12-cup food capacity
  • Heating element and enameled pot remove for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

When looking at the reviews for the product, 89% of customers left 4 or 5-star reviews. Of these reviews, customers said that although this unit is a little bit to leave out on the countertop all the time, it is a fantastic deep fryer. Customers have said they were able to cook both chicken wings and fries, or fish and chip in the fryer at the same time, and the food was crisp, hot, and delicious.

People said they especially like how easy this unit is to clean, which is a big selling point if you’re a big time fryer. You can put the components (lid, oil tray, baskets, and the heating element) into the dishwasher and that’s it.


Customers like that the lid leaves you with enough room to raise and lower the baskets with the lid on, so that the chances of getting splattered by the oil is significantly reduced. Of the remaining 11% of customers who left 3-star reviews or lower, the common complaint was that the fryer wasn’t able to get to 375 degrees.

These customers who said their unit wouldn’t reach 375 degrees have said that their unit was only able to reach 330 degrees before the “ready” light would turn off. They said when they tried cooking at this temperature, their food wasn’t crispy and the oil soaked through. A few customers have said that their product arrived with scratches and dings right out of the box.

3. Cuisinart 4-Quart Deep Fryer - Best Fryer for Outdoor Frying

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As one of the top rated deep fryers, the Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer is going to be a fryer that you wouldn’t mind leaving on your counter top. The sleek stainless steel fryer is nice to look at, but it is a powerhouse, too. Notable features of the Cuisinart Fryer include:

  • Perfect for frying potatoes, onion rings, seafood, chicken, vegetables, donuts, and much more
  • Large 4-quart capacity cooks up to 2.3 pounds of food
  • Large stainless mesh basket with cool-touch handle
  • Removable 1800-watt immersion-style heating element for fast heat-up and heat recovery
  • 1 gallon removable enamel-coated oil container with pouring spout

This unit features a powerful heating element that is going to help you get those crispy fried favorites that you go to the restaurants for, right in the comfort of your own home. You will be able to put up to 2.3 pounds of food in the fryer—whether it is chicken, fries, seafood, or pastries! When you’re done frying up your goodies, you can take the fryer apart and clean it in the dishwasher. Talk about convenient!

When looking at the reviews for the product, 84% of customers left 4 or 5-star reviews. Of these reviews, customers said the fryer was easy to assemble and just as simple to use. They like that it is large enough to fry chicken with no problems.


According to a few of the people who have purchased the unit, it takes about 15 minutes for the fryer to reach 375 degrees, which could be a problem for those who are impatient and want to start frying immediately. However, they have said that when you put cold food into the fryer, the temperature recovery is pretty great.

One family said they used the fryer at least once a week and it provides consistent results each and every time. Of the remaining 16% of customers who left 3-star reviews or lower, the common complaint was that it makes a mess on your countertop. The design of the lid allows for oil to drip down the sides. When the basket hangs out from the unit, the oil can drip there, too.

Also, customers didn’t like that this fryer doesn’t include some kind of filter, so their house smells distinctly of a fast food place after using the device for several batches of fries. Another customer said that they didn’t like that there wasn’t a catch screen under the baskets, and because the heating element sits under the baskets, it is a pain to drain and clean.

4. Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer - Good for Home Cooks

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If you’re looking for the best deep fryer that look like it could be in a small restaurant, then you’re going to love the Hamilton Beach Professional Style electric deep fryer. This unit is able to fry up to 12 cups of fried food, which is plenty for a large family.  Notable features of the Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer include:

  • 3 baskets included – one large and two small – with hooks for easy draining
  • Double baskets let you cook 2 foods at once
  • Extra-large 12 cup food capacity feeds a crowd
  • Immersed heating element for fast heating and cooking
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Adjustable timer with audible tone
  • Breakaway cord
  • Lid with viewing window

The double basket design is going to let you to cook two foods at once, or you could use the large basket and cook larger pieces of food like chicken breast, fish fillets, and more. Because this unit is easy to assemble, use, and clean, you can start frying delicious good in no time.

The adjustable timer can be set to the desired cooking time, and once the food is finished, the is a tone that will that’ll let you know that it’s time to eat!

When looking at the reviews for the product, 87% of customers left 4 or 5-star reviews. Of these reviews, customers said that although the unit looks like it is cheaply made, they were pleasantly surprised by how well it worked.


Customers have said the fryer heats up and is able to recover temperature rather quickly—much quicker than other fryers they have used in the past. Customers like that you can remove the heating coils to clean, which is a nice convenience.

Customers also stated that they liked that the power cord was magnetically attached to the fryer, so if there is ever an emergency and the power needs to be shut off quickly, they can just pull the cord. Of the remaining 13% of customers who left 3-star reviews or lower, the common complaint was the heating element was as strong as they would have liked.

Because of this, some customers have said that their food comes out soggy. A small handful of people have said that the grease seemed to leak all over and because the power cord is short, the only place they could use the fryer was under hanging cabinets, causing the condensation to make their cabinets soaking wet.

5. Secura Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer - Best Multi-Basket Deep Fryer

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The Secura Deep Fryer is considered to be the best countertop deep fryer for those who enjoys making a wide variety of fried foods at once. Notable features of the Secura Stainless Steel Deep Fryer include:

  • 3 fry baskets: 1 large and 2 side by side baskets
  • 1700 watt immersion element preheats and recovers oil temperature fast
  • 4.2-liter removable oil tank for easy clean-ups, extra set of odor filters
  • Adjustable heat control (250°-375°F), odor-filter and see-thru window in lid
  • Automatic timer adjustable up to 60 min to shut down heating element

This 4.2 liter fryer is perfect for those family get-togethers because it comes with 3 baskets: a jumbo basket that will allow you to cook large pieces of food like chicken or fish and 2 smaller side by side baskets that’ll let you fry French fries and onions separately. With this fryer, you never have to worry about getting splattered by oil because it features a splatter-protection lid.

The viewing window allows you to see inside so you get that perfect golden brown color you’re searching for. What’s really nice is that this features an automatic timer that you can set for up to sixty minutes. After that time frame has past, the heating element will shut off, just in case you get distracted by that yummy food and forget to turn it off yourself.


When looking at the reviews for the product, 85% of customers left 4 or 5-star reviews. Of these reviews, customers said they were skeptical of how well a home fryer would be able to get the same level of fried goodness as a commercial fryer, but they were pleasantly surprised.

Customers like that the temperature dial able to get the oil to the desired temperature, unlike other devices that have a tendency to be off by a couple of degrees. Customers have also said that they like that the handles for the baskets are easy to remove. Customers especially like that the baskets and the oil tank are dishwasher safe.

Of the remaining 15% of customers who left 3-star reviews or lower, the common complaint was there is no actual on/off switch. The only way you can turn the fryer off/on is by the timer. Customers also disliked that the power cord is held in by magnets, so when the magnets go, the whole fryer is worthless.

Things To Consider When Buying A Deep Fryer

There is no short supply of deep fryers on the market and it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to find the best deep fryer that will meet your needs. Here are a few key factors you’ll want to take into consideration if you want to get the most bang for your buck:


When looking for your future fryer, you’re going to want to think about what type of food you’re most interested in frying up, but also how much of that food you’re going to be frying. If you’re only getting a fryer to make a small bit of French fries just for you, you can get away with a small unit. If you want to fry up some chicken for a party, you’re going to need something much bigger.


Safety should be one of your main concerns when you’re looking at deep fryers because getting burned by hot oil is not fun! Yes, it’s true that there is always a fire risk when you’re using other kitchen appliances, there is more risk involved with a fryer.

So you’re going to want to look for a fryer that has safety features like a Max Fill line so you don’t over fill the oil pan, a magnetic power cord, an automatic shutoff feature or a timer, and some kind of notification signal that will tell you that your food is done.


There are several different price points at which you can find deep fryers. Some are more affordable and under $100, while you have professional grade fryers that are significantly more expensive. Choose a fryer that is going to meet your cooking needs, but your budget needs as well!


Intended Uses

Some fryers are strictly for making donuts. Some are just suited for frying French fries and onion rings. Some are better suited for frying a whole turkey. Be sure that the fryer you purchase is designed for that purpose. For example, if you wanted to fry chicken, you’re not going to buy a donut maker.

Ease Of Use And Cleanup

Using a deep fryer is pretty easy—just fill the oil, turn the thermostat to your desired temperature, let it heat up, set the timer, and let it go. However, cleanup? Eh, it’s not nearly as easy. You’re going to want to look for a model that has several dishwasher safe components so that cleanup will be much quicker and safer.

Heat Up Time

Some fryers require more time to heat up to the desired temperature than others. Fryers with a higher wattage will be able to heat up quicker, although they may be more expensive.


As you can see, none of these deep fryers are horrible, why they all have above an 80% approval rating! We feel that all of these products would be a great addition to your kitchen appliance arsenal.

However, if we were to choose which device is the best choice, based on customer reviews alone and the price point, the Presto Stainless Steel Dual Basket Deep Fryer is the clear winner with an 89% approval rating.

This fryer is going to be able to give you the fried food you’ve been craving time and time again—you’ll be more inclined to cook at home and dine on those delectable fried treats you love. Not only that, but you’ll be able to make as much of the food as you need to, as it can make enough food for the whole family!

Looking for a high quality deep fryer may feel like a chore and for some, it may feel like an endless task because there are just so many options available. However, when you think about what you’re buying the fryer for and how many people you’re going to be able to feed, you can then choose the best deep fryer that is going to meet your needs, and then some.


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