What is the Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo For Beginners To Buy In 2020? 

 September 3, 2020

By  Margaret Gulley

Are you tired of the noise and fast-paced nature of the city or urban environment? Or, do you want one of the best fishing rods to catch some fish to prepare a delicious and healthy dinner for your loved ones?

You won’t go wrong with the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners to spend some time outdoors fishing. There’s also no better way to spend time with friends than go fishing. It’s also a perfect time to relax and get rid of stress or the negative thoughts in your mind.

Fishing isn’t just a way to provide your family with a good meal because it comes with a range of healthybenefits. One of the best things to do during your free time back home or when you go for a vacation is fishing.

Apart from making for a great hobby or sport to pass time, fishing is also a great way to make a living. Battling fish is not for the faint hearted.


Most fishermen are only strong enough to wrestle big fish for a few hours. If you’ve read “The Old Man and the Sea,” you’re aware that the protagonist fought the marline for three days.

Fishing on a regular basis (the protagonist in the book fished every single day) as part of your job can make you strong. It trains and strengthens your body to enable you catch any type of fish your rod hooks despite its size.

Landing fish engages your arms, shoulders, back, legs and core to reel in the fish caught. With continued fishing, your muscles are strengthened to handle even larger fish.

Even when not reeling, fishing makes a great form of exercise. For most fishermen, the best part of fishing isn’t just the battle with fish. It begins with the journey from home to the sea, lake or river.

Good fishermen don’t fish from a single spot, but move across the waters for varied yet fun fishing experience. It takes the right fishing gear and perfect fishing spots to gain from optimal exercising during an expedition.

A typical day fishing involves lots of reeling in and casting out, maybe in the hundreds in count. All the moves work together to exercise and tone your upper body. As a form of exercise, fishing also has low impact on your body joints. This is unlike carrying weights or hitting the gym.

Other benefits of fishing include relaxation and improvement of dexterity, including fine motor skills. It also makes for a perfect time to bond with your family, spending time together. Buy the best fishing rod for kids your young ones can use, and get adults suitable rods. It’s also a good way to teach fishing and pass down the skills to your next generation.

As a fisherman, you also develop self-reliant skills and get to travel to your fishing destination. Traveling is bound to expand your mind and make your life more fulfilling. Within just a few years of fishing at different spots, you become an accomplished traveller.

If you were unsure about fishing, you can now get yourself the best fishing rod and head to a perfect destination to catch your favourite fish.

The Best Fishing Rod And Reel Combo For The Money

What is the best fishing rod? Keep reading to find out!

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1. The Ugly Stik Spinning Rod and Daiwa’s BG Reels - best fishing rod brands

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Shakespeare manufactures the most functional and cost-effective fishing rods in the industry. The elite series of spinning rods are durable and backed with a warranty of 7 years. In case a rod breaks within the warranty period, the company asks a few questions before getting it replaced.

Ugly Stik isn’t the only durable spinning rod on the market that’s built for great performance. However, it’s among the best fishing poles available at the same price point.

Unlike the original Ugly Stik rod series discontinued in 2013, recent models such as the Tiger Elite series work just fine for most fishing styles. This includes offshore and fly fishing for mahi mahi and tuna, among other pelagic fish.

The Ugly Stik Elite Fishing Rod features single-piece “Ugly Tuff” guides made from stainless steel. The guide is unmatched in the industry for similar products on the market retailing at the same price point.

Some users with braided lines have reported that grooves cut into the guides, resulting in extensive fraying. However, others haven’t reported a similar experience two years after using the same rod. The latter fishermen stated that they’re yet to notice even a single nick on the rod’s guides.

The spinning fishing rod features a soft tip made from graphite and fibreglass. The tip ensures the rod resists breakage and provides high sensitivity to support bait fishing without hampering the rod’s stiffness. This makes it a feasible lure fishing rod.

When the Ugly Stik Spinning Rod is paired with the redesigned Daiwa’s BG Reel, you can use your complete fishing rod for many years with little to no maintenance. The sealed reel retails for around [amazon fields="B07C5RYHC7" value="price"]. Its reasonable price and unmatched durability makes it unbeatable. The reel is ideal for use with braided fishing lines.

The reel comes with a semi-sealed drag to maintain the correct tension on its spool. However, the reel is resistant to corrosion. A corrosion-proof reel would cost about thrice or four times more than Daiwa’s redesigned BG Reel.

2. The Orvis’ Clearwater II Outfit Fishing Rod - best bass fishing rod

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The Orvis Clearwater Outfit Fishing Rod is an affordable, all-round rod for catching trout. Despite weight difference between this fly fishing rod and another that costs about 10 times more, you’re less likely to point out any other discrepancy.

The weight of fishing lines to cast define fly rods and reels, and correlates to the fish size they’re made to target. The 9-foot rod weighs 5 weight. It’s versatile just like any other fly fishing rod. It’s ideal for sub-surface or wet and surface or dry fly fishing. Thanks to its mid-flex rating, and stiffer (for dry fly fishing) yet softer (for wet fly fishing) flexibility.

Unlike other affordable fishing rods, the rod’s cork handle is durable enough to last many years. However, the rod is covered to replace your cork handle if it fails.

Trout fishing requires fancy fly reels. However, the Clearwater II Reel can last long, just like other reels, with proper maintenance and care. Designed for freshwater fishing, keep your reels out of salty waters. But, if you must fish in the sea, dismantle your rod after use for thorough cleaning. Rinse it with fresh water and let the disassembled part dry separately before re-setting up the best fishing rod for girls.

The drag knob on the 5-weight reel can handle large trout weighing up to 10 pounds. The rod comes packed with backing, a fly line and a leader, saving you up to $50 if you bought the components separately.

The fly fishing rod is versatile and comes with a 25-year warranty for protection from manufacturing faults. However, the reel requires more greasing before you begin to use it.

3. The Temple Forks Outfitters Fly Fishing Rod - best fishing reels

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Founded by Gary Loomis, Bob Clouser, Lefty Kreh and Flip Pallot, the Temple Forks Outfitters is a brand by experienced fly fishing fishermen for anglers into the same fishing style. They manufacture high quality and affordable fly rods any angler can trust.

For instance, Bonefish Unlimited’s Captain Will Valley, a professional guide on venerated Caicos and Turks, recommends the fishing rod brand.

Designed for general use in saltwater, the Temple Forks Outfitters Fly Fishing Rod is 9 foot long and weighs 9 weight. Rods weighing 7 or 8 weight are ideal for bonefish while tarpon is best caught with a rod weighing 10 or 12 weight.

The 10-weight rod is used for small fish while 12-weight for fish weighing at least 100 pounds. On the other hand, fly fishing rods weighing more than 12-weight are designed for catching pelagic fish species such as billfish and tuna, offshore.

The difference between any two fly rods from the best fishing rod brands is weight. It affects your ability to cast your fishing rod throughout the day. Unlike other recreational forms of fishing, casting a fly rod can easily tire your arms. This explains the difference a few more weight can make on your casting.

However, the cost of the best fishing polefor fly fishing isn’t worthwhile for certain fishermen, whether they’re beginner or experienced anglers. The longer the line you throw, the higher the flexibility of this fly rod. As a result, the casting distance increases, more so for weighted flies and sinking or hard-to-cast wet fishing lines.

Pair this fly rod with the Redington’s Behemeth Reel. According to the Hatch Magazine, it survived a tangle with a dolphin that went unharmed.

The fly rod’s reel comes with a smooth drag. However, the reel isn’t anodized and the rod doesn’t come with a rod tube. Therefore, you’ll have to buy the tube separately, especially if you intend to travel. If you want an anodized reel, you may have to spend on a more expensive fishing rod.

4. Tsunami Airwave Elite - best baitcasting rod

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The Tsunami Airwave Elite Fishing Rod is sturdy, lightweight and comes with guides made from silicon carbide (SiC). A titanium frame has been used to attach the guides to protect them from breaking or bending during transportation.

The shrink vinyl grips have diamond texture despite the rod being cost-effective. This is unlike soft cork or EVA foam used in most fishing rods. Fish easily chew on the soft materials, wearing them out over time.

Unlike most fishing rod grips that wear out easily, the grip on this rod resists breakage and scratches. Pair this fishing rod with the Shimano Baitrunner D Series designed for use with live bait. I, has a finely-tuned extra drag to enable fish to go for the bait without hesitation. The reel is also streamlined and sturdy.

The reel is also lightweight, making it ideal for other forms of fishing apart from live bait fishing. When paired with the Airwave Elite Fishing Rod, the reel also supports light trolling. Unlike traditional fluorocarbon or monofilament fishing line, braided lines tend to fray, cut off or get caught up in snags or crevices.

However, this smooth reel can work with braided lines. Moreover, the over-sized grip is comfortable enough to retrieve lures and handle big fish all day long.

The fishing rod is of high quality and made from premium materials to last long. On the other hand, the Baitrunner D Series reel is versatile, sleek and has readily available replacement parts from the Shimano brand.

To secure storage of the rod within the rod holders, it comes with a gimbal. The reel’s graphite frame can break easily if dropped.

Why You Should Choose Your Fishing Rod Carefully

The need to choose the right fishing rod goes without saying. A good fishing rod doesn’t just support a single fishing session, but allows for long-term use. A rod made from premium materials and the right features allow for exceptional fishing experience each time you use your rod.

Choosing the right fishing rod also ensures that you fish in the right waters under supported conditions. You also get to catch your preferred type of fish and size. The right rod made for your intended use also makes fishing easier and fun.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Fishing Rod

Shopping for fishing gear can seem overwhelming for beginner fishermen. With tackles, rods, reels and accessories to choose, a lot goes into picking the best fishing rod for boys or girls. What’s more, each component of a fishing rod is built uniquely to improve your fishing experience.

Unlike traditional fishing rods and reels, modern rods come with various parts and accessories that can easily fill your tackle box. Here’s a list of the things to consider when shopping for fishing rods.

  • Type of Fishing Rod

Fishing rods come in varied styles and types. Spinning or casting rods are ideal for most fishing applications. Built with unique reel seats, you’ll want to buy fishing gear or equipment made to match their use.

However, some rods are made for specialized use. Opt for a specialty surf rod designed to support casting deep into the ocean. Although a spinning rod can easily enable you to fish in the ocean, opt for a specialized rod if your specialty is off-shore fishing.

The rods are strong from the tip to butt area and measure at least 10 feet long. This ensures that you can cast your rod easily beyond the breakers and be able to use a heavier setup of the tackle.

Designed for fly fishing, fly rods come in long and thin designs. The rods are built to take on specific fish sizes. For instance, a small rod measuring #000 is ideal for catching small pan fish. On the other hand, large rods measuring #16 can handle large saltwater fish.

Split bamboo fly fishing rods are considered the best rods for fishing. However, bamboo is fragile and requires extensive maintenance to last long. With an ice fishing rod, you create a small hole on the ice covering water to drop your fishing line into the waters beneath.

The fishing rods for ice lakes are usually short, measuring about 2 feet in length. However, you don’t have to cast the rods because they’re adapted for use in the tight areas within ice lakes.

Finally, consider the best telescoping rods. If you’re into camping or hiking, opt for this type of rod designed for compact use on the go. When collapsed, the best fishing rods for women or girls can measure up to 18 inches. They’re ideal for light, compact packing for fishing on a vacation, while camping or even when you go hiking.

  • Length / Construction of the Rod

Long rods are designed to support long casts with little to no effort. On the other hand, a short rod delivers more fighting power while reeling in big fish. A long rod for surf fishing is designed to ensure your cast doesn’t land beyond the breakers.

However, when battling large fish, you’ll need a shorter rod to overcome the power of the caught fish. It’s also possible collapse an extremely long rod for easy storage and portability. Note that a surf fishing rod can extend to over 12 feet in length.

Rods generally range in length from 4to 14 feet. However, rod designed for catching bass fish range from 6 to 8 feet in length from the tip to the butt. Whereas long rods cast long distances, the converse is true about short ones.

When looking to catch large fish, short rods reduces distance, making for less stretches and bends. They’re also ideal for fishing from a kayak to save on space or troll for certain fish species such as walleye.

On the other hand, opt for long rods to cover greater distances and more water. They’re ideal for reaction baits meant for power fishing, brank bait deep diving and walking baits.

If you fish from saltwater piers or love surfing, opt for a long rod. Consider it for walking baits to catch bash fish or whatever you use to quickly cover water.

  • Action of the Rod

A rod’s action influences how far down the pole’s shaft can bend. A slow-action rod may bend far down to the last bits (the butt) prior to reaching the reel seat.

On the other hand, an ultra-fast action rod may only curve or bend at the tip. For small fish such as blue gill, opt for a quicker action. They’re stiffer and allow you to battle the fish harder. Use them with single hooks. However, if you’re eyeing sharks or tuna fish, consider a rod built for slower action.

A rod’s action is directly proportional to its power. It’s the pressure it takes for a rod to bend. With a powerful rod, you can use heavier rigs when casting line. On the other hand, a fishing rod with lower power reacts fast to all hits, including those on smaller fish. Use them with treble hooks.

Even with a direct connection to action, the power of a rod has distinct properties. The ease with which your rod bends is its power. And, its action influences the extent to which your rod will bend.

  • Materials

Modern fishing rods are made from fibre glass or graphite. The lightweight, stiffer, great sensitivity, and strength of graphite rods explains why it’s popular among most anglers. They’re brittle and easily detect light bites. However, graphite breaks easily.

On the other hand, fibreglass is heavier, flexible and unbreakable. Most fishermen opt for a rod with quick responsiveness for a seasoned angler. If you’re working on a tight budget, opt for fibreglass rods. For a mix of benefits and properties, find a rod made from different materials in multiple layers.

  • The Reel Seat

Choose a rod with the right reel seat that’s compatible with your specific type of reel. Make sure no plastic insert exists under the metal. This ensures your reel doesn’t get corroded or stained with rust. Over time, the reel gets stained.

If you’re buying top quality fishing rod, make sure it’s manufactured by a reputable brand. However, if you’re considering a bargain price, take a good look at the rod before buying it. The rods come with two reel types, mainly bait casting and spinning.

Make sure your fishing equipment is in good working condition and matches bait casting or spinning before making a purchase. Material of the Handle

Fishing rod handles are made from various materials such as cork or foam. Choose the right feel in your hands for optimal performance.

Long rods are ideal for use with heavier baits, casting your line farther into the depth of waters. It delivers a better grip experience than most fishing rods. For instance, a pistol or split grip works well with lighter bait or lures.

  • Fishing Rod Brand

With the best fishing rod brands ranging from Shimano, Penn and Okuma to St. Croix, Daiwa and Shakespeare, there’s a good rod out there for everyone

  • Material of the Handle

Fishing rod handles are made from various materials such as cork or foam. Choose the right feel on your hands based on personal preference for optimal performance.

Long rods are ideal for use with heavier baits, casting your line farther into the depth of waters. It delivers a better grip experience than most fishing rods. A pistol or split grip works well with lighter bait or lures. The grips target accurate casts over short distances, making your rod generally lighter in weight.

Short handles support single-handed roll casting or precise casts over short distances. On the other hand, long handles support double-hand rod handling over a long distance.

  • Power

As explained earlier, this is what it takes to bend a fishing rod. Also known as weight or taper, a rod with high power bends easily. Baits work properly based on your rod’s weight or taper. A powerful rod is stiff and less likely to bend. They’re ideal for catching large fish.


Ultra-light and light fishing rods are designed to catch small fish species such as pan fish and trout. The rods bend easily and can detect a fish bite on the bait.

Baits such as jerk baits, crank baits or spinner baits are reactions you can achieve with rods built with moderate power. Opt for heavier power rods for top waters, jigs or frogs that don’t require your rod to bend.


The best fishing rods for men or women are designed to help you catch the right type and size of fish. What’s more, you can use them in the right waters and weather conditions. Choose the right fishing rod built to last you years and decades of long-term use.

Check out our recommendations for the best fishing rod on the market and make your order today on Amazon.

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