What Is The Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under 2000 To Buy In 2020? 

 September 28, 2020

By  Hanel

Mountain biking is nothing less than an adventure. Whether you partake in this activity for sport, as a hobby, or for regular exercise, few things come close to mountain biking in the aspect of sheer thrill and adrenaline. If you live in one of America’s best biking towns, this can be your way to have the time of your life.

But this amount of excitement needs to come with proper equipment. Normal city bikes will not survive the rough terrain of a mountain or a cross country circuit and may end up causing serious injuries to whoever is riding them.

For your benefit, we have curated some of our favorite choices as well as some tips for how to choose the best full suspension mountain bike under $2000. Read on to know more.

Top 3 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under 2000 On The Market

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In this review, we are going to compare three mountain bikes based on your needs that all come within your budget.

1. WGHZ Adult/Kids Mountain Bike

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This versatile mountain bike is a delight for both adults and kids. Available in both 26 and 29-inch sizes, it is a good fit for a wide range of heights. With a simple, single-bar design, this mountain bike can be easily folded and stored, which makes it easy to transport. The material used for the frame of this bike is aluminum, which makes it lighter and more durable than bikes with stainless steel construction.

The brakes on this bike are hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes dissipate heat efficiently and are resistant to wear and tear.

This mountain bike does not ship completely assembled (85% according to the listing), but a user manual and installation instructions are included so you can put together the remaining parts like the seat, handlebar, wheels, and pedals.


  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Available sizes: 26 inches and 29 inches
  • Product speed: 27 speed and 30 speed
  • Product weight: 37 pounds
  • Brake system: hydraulic disk brakes
  • Simplistic design, lightweight
  • Available in two sizes and speeds
  • Foldable
  • Durable frame and brakes
  • Inexpensive
  • Heavy due to aluminum alloy
  • If looks are important to you, this might not be the best choice due to its simple design
  • Only available in three colors

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2. XHCP 24 Inch Boys Mountain Bike

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This mountain bike is our favorite foldable bike. With a dual shock absorption design, the high carbon steel frame of this bike can bear up to 353 pounds of weight. This means that it is not only lightweight but also very durable.

The seat and the body of this bike are streamlined for the best ergonomics, which means that drag will be significantly reduced. It’s available in three different gear options (21, 24, and 27), and also includes a power system to offer quick gear changes.


  • Product weight: 40 pounds
  • Product speed: 21 speed, 24 speed,27 speed
  • Applicable height: 145-175CM
  • Available in three different speeds as per your convenience
  • Foldable and compact
  • Quick gear change system
  • Can bear high weights up to 353 pounds
  • Shock absorption design on both the front and the rear
  • Relatively more expensive than the other bikes on this list.
  • Only available in four colors

[amazon box="B08C2KDL86" template="list"]

3. WGHZ Full Suspension Adult Mountain Bike

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In our opinion, this is the best looking bike in this price range. With a high carbon steel frame, the streamlined design cuts down on drag and offers the least resistance.

The bike has a 21 gear system, which makes climbing steep surfaces easier and gives you better terrain adaptability. This bike also comes with two settings, where you can either lock the fork for flat grounds or uphill drives, or turn the shock absorption setting on for rougher terrain.

The braking system is also advanced, giving you double disc brakes. Disc brakes on both wheels ensure that braking force is evenly spread and removes room for unpleasant surprises on tricky circuits.


  • Material: High carbon steel
  • Available sizes: 24 inches and 26 inches
  • Product speed: 21 speed
  • Brake system: Double disc brake
  • Cool, smart design
  • Lightweight
  • Settings for different types of terrain
  • Absence of hydraulic brakes
  • Only available in one speed option (21 gears)
  • Not foldable

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Buyer’s Guide

All these bikes have their pros and cons, but based on your interests, the cons might not necessarily affect you. Here, we have put up a buyer’s guide for our favorite bike under two grand so that you can decide which one you want to get.

  1. The most durable mountain bike: If you are looking for a bike that will serve you for years despite heavy use and rough terrain, the WGHZ Adult Mountain Bike is for you. It’s aluminum alloy frame and hydraulic brakes will make sure that this bike will endure through all the punishment you can give it.
  2. The most stylish (and lightweight): If you’re looking for something that looks brilliant and is packed in a light frame, the WGHZ Full Suspension Bike is the way to go. This mountain bike comes in 12 colors for you to choose from and is lighter than the other two options.
  3. The most versatile: If you’re looking for a bike that will serve you well both in the countryside and on city roads, the XHCP mountain bike is for you. It will cost you more than the other bikes on this list, but it is a great option for versatility and won’t limit you.


We hope that this review helped you pick out the right mountain bike for yourself. If you are looking for more options in this product range, please feel free to check out our other reviews as well. Happy biking!


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