What Is The Best Garage Door Opener To Buy In 2020? 

 March 11, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

When people talk about their dream home, they almost always include a house with a garage. It’s no surprise because the garage adds value to your home and provides you with more storage space, plus it can protect your car from the weather.

However, because there are so many garage door openers available on the market, you may be wondering what is the best garage door opener. We feel your pain. Many home owners will choose the most affordable opener and think nothing of it.

However, there are options available that are capable of exceeding your expectations and truly be something you’ll be happy you bought.

In this guide, we aren’t just going to give you our opinions of what is the best garage door opener, but we are going to give you mini garage door opener reviews and touch on some features that you should look for in choosing the opener that is right for you.

Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Garage Door Opener On The Market

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What To Look For In A Garage Door Opener

Many people think that a garage door opener is pretty straight forward and there aren’t many features involved with these units. That isn’t necessarily true. Perhaps back when your parents were picking out their first opener there weren’t that many features, but today? Today we have many more features that only add to the value and function of these devices.

Some key features you will want to look for include:

Remote Controls

To open the garage door, you’re going to want either a wall mount button or a keypad. Many modern garage door openers will feature wall mount devices, keypads, and even 1 or 2 remote controls that you can have on your keys.

Manual Release

This feature will allow you to disengage the unit from inside the garage, allowing you to open and close the door manually and without the use of the opener. This can be handy in instances when you have a power outage.

However, there are some models that feature a battery backup which will grant you use of the garage door opener for a period of time.

Security Lights

There should be a security light that will activate when you are operating the system and have an automatic shut-off feature after a certain period of time.

Rail Segments

Most garage door openers have rail segments that are 7 feet tall, but if you have a garage that requires 8-feet, you may have to purchase an additional attachments.

Other useful features include:

Home Automation System

This feature will allow you to connect and control your opener when you aren’t home or near it. This is useful if you are away and someone in the household forgets their keys. You can open the door for them.

Built-In WiFi

The built-in WiFi is going to connect to your home’s WiFi and you can use the device all from your smartphone, even if you don’t have a remote control. What’s nice about this is that anyone in your home with a smartphone can use the app on their own phones.

Vehicle Compatibility

Newer cars are equipped with HomeLink, which is compatible with some garage door openers. With this compatibility, you don’t even need an extra remote control on your keys or the app.

Battery Backup

We touched on the usefulness of battery backup when we were talking about manual release.

Motion Sensing Security Lights

With these lights, you can keep an eye on your property and see if anyone is trespassing on your property.

Now that we know what kind of features that make up the best garage door opener, let’s take a look at some of top rated products that you may want to consider purchasing.

Most Recommended Garage Door Opener: Detailed Reviews 2020

Best Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain is one of the most well-known garage door openers on the market. Here are three great options.

1. Chamberlain WD1000WF Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

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Replacing an old garage door opener with a new one can be challenging, but the Chamberlain WD1000WF Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is easily considered to be one of the top rated garage door openers and for good reason.

This unit is capable of syncing up to your smartphone, thanks to the MyQ technology. Because it syncs to your phone, you can monitor who comes to your home, and you can open the door remotely, which is perfect if a family member forgets their keys inside the house and locks themselves out.

Also, this unit comes with an LCD wall control panel that will allow you to control the door, but it also gives you the ability to program the additional remote controls, turn on/off the lights, and gives you a read out of the time, temperature, and diagnostics.

What’s really useful is that this unit has battery backup, which means if your power ever goes out, you can still get in or out of the garage. This battery backup will work for 72 hours before the battery needs to be replaced.


  • MyQ smartphone control with built-in Wi-Fi, CFL,200 W,Voltage-120 V
  • Compatible with 8808CB for 8 ft high doors and 8810CB for 10 ft high doors (sold separately)
  • Wi-Fi, Battery Backup, 2 three-button remote controls, wireless keypad, LCD wall control, safety sensors
  • LCD wall control enables you to view the time, temperature, diagnostics, program additional remotes and turn opener lights on and off
  • Horsepower 1-1/4 HPS

When looking at the reviews for the product. Of these reviews, customers said that the unit was very quiet and it works smoothly. Customers said that the unit was pretty easy to install—one customer said that it took about an hour and half for the removal of the old unit and the installation of the new.

Of all the best rated garage door opener options available, customers like that you can control the light on the opener without having to open the door. In fact, it has a sensor that will turn the light on the moment you step into the garage.

Customers also pointed out that the size of the motor is not as advertised, which contributes how well the door functions. Some people have said that their units create a loud whining sound when it is being used, while others say the unit moves too slow.

2. Chamberlain WD832KEV Garage Door Opener

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Forget having to get out of the car to open the garage door the next time it rains. With this garage door, opening the door is as simple as using an app on your smartphone or pressing a button. In fact, it is that simple!

This model of Chamberlain garage door openers uses MyQ technology that allows you to sync it up to your smartphone. Not only will this allow you to open and close the door, but you can also control the outdoor lighting and the house lamps, too. This unit features a protection system that sends out an invisible light across the garage opening.

Should something break that light while the garage door is coming down, it will stop its descent and it will go back up.

If you’ve hesitated to get a new garage door opener because you’re infants bedroom is over the garage and you’re afraid of waking them up, you need not worry because this garage door opener uses a belt drive, meaning it is going to be nearly silent and work so smoothly, making it the best belt drive garage door opener available.


  • WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.
  • Timer-to-Close feature can automatically close garage door after 1, 5, or 10 minutes.MyQ Enabled Technology.
  • Uses less than 1 watt on standby power.
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and belt; 5 years for parts; 1 year for accessories.
  • Assembly required.
  • Light compatible with using compact fluorescents (CFLs).

Customers like that the safety feature is very responsive, as one customer revealed that their family cat ran under the garage door while it was coming down, and it instantly stopped coming down and went back up within seconds. Customers also like that they can control the lights separately from the opener.

Of the remaining customers who left 3-star reviews or lower, the common complaint was that if you have a HomeLink vehicle, the garage door opener may not be compatible for some vehicles, despite Chamberlain and HomeLink being from the same parent company.

Customers also found the installation instructions were confusing and hard to follow. Many felt frustrated during the installation process.

3. Chamberlain WD962KEV Garage Door Opener

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When the power goes out, it can be frustrating, especially if your car is full of groceries and it’s pouring outside. With the Chamberlain WD962KEV Garage Door Opener, that will not be a problem anymore because this garage door opener features battery backup. This feature allows you to use your garage door like usual.

There are safety and security features included with this unit that will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your home is going to be safe, as well as children or pets that may walk under the door while it is closing.

This unit also uses MyQ technology that you can sync up to your smart phone, thus allowing you to monitor and control the door opener wherever you may be. The smooth start and stop feature is going to reduce the amount of noise the unit creates when it is activated.


  • Powerful 3/4 HPS* DC belt drive system for the ultimate in quiet performance
  • Built-In Battery allows for normal use even when the power is out
  • MyQ Technology Enabled
  • Timer-to-Close feature can automatically close the garage door after 1, 5, or 10 minutes
  • Includes two 3-button remote controls, one wireless keyless entry system, and one control panel

Customers said that the installation of this product was pretty simple and straightforward. Some people have said that they were a little creeped out by how silent the unit works when it is operating.

The belt drive makes the unit really quiet—all you may be able to hear is a whirring and creaking of the doors, but it’s barely noticeable. Other customers have said that they were able to sync their car to the opener with little to no issues. A few people did say they had to purchase a bridge for it to connect.

With the remaining customers who left 3-star reviews or lower, the common complaint was that they had a hard time getting the WiFi gateway to work. When they tried contacting customer service, they received little to no help, which was frustrating.

Other customers said that their garage door opener opened on its own throughout the night, despite it not being told to do so. Customers also point out that this unit is not compatible with ADT Pulse.


If you’re a fan of Chamberlain products, it’s understandable that you will want to stick with what you know. We feel that all three of these products are worth your consideration, but depending on your budget, the WD832KEV model is going to be the most affordable, as it is priced under $200.

Best Alternative Garage Door Opener

If you are looking for a different garage door opener manufacturer, here are two options that you may want to consider.

1. Genie SilentMax DC Belt Garage Door Opener

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When looking at the reviews for the product. Customers said the unit operates pretty quietly and the installation is very simple. They felt that the addition of the outside opener is handy and that they especially enjoy how smoothly the door opens and closes.


  • DC motor is a lighter weight providing quiet, smooth operation & soft start & soft stop
  • Smart Set Programming makes set up fast & easy & provides precise door travel control
  • Steel-reinforced belt drive system is durable & provides a smooth, quiet & reliable operation
  • Automatically seeks either the 315 or 390 MHz frequency produced by a remote, helping to ensure the opener will respond regardless of nearby frequency interference
  • 3/4+ HPc DC Belt
  • 2 3-Button Remote

People with children mentioned that they felt a little safer knowing that the Safe-T-Beam technology is very responsive and they feel reassured in knowing that if ever their child crosses the path of the garage door while it is closing, the door will stop and go back up, preventing the child from getting hurt.

The remaining customers who left 3-star reviews or lower, the common complaint was that it doesn’t sync up to HomeLink unless you purchase a separate bridge for the unit. Customers also were not happy that the garage door opener stopped working in less than a year and when they contacted the company they received little to no help.

2. SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener

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When it comes to finding a replacement garage door opener, you’re going to want a product that has safety features that will prevent the door from coming down when there is something in the way.

With the Sommer Direct Drive garage door opener, there is an additional internal obstacle detection system that sensors the movement of the door and it will also reverse the door if there are any obstacles in the way.

You’ll find that with the Direct Drive door opener, there is only one moving part—the motor silently glides along the chain that is firmly embedded in a strong steel rail. Because the Direct Drive glides along the steel rail, it operates with soft start and stop technology, and because the actual motor is on the door itself, you are getting maximum power with no gear damage.


  • Extremely quiet garage door opener with virtually no vibrations
  • Strong traveling motor technology
  • Lifetime warranty on entire garage door opener
  • Cycle tested up to 100,000 times by an independent test institute
  • Includes rail for 7 ft. to 8 ft. door height
  • Full installation kit included
  • Secure Rolling Code Technology, 310 MHz
  • Includes two x 2-button transmitters and one interior wall station
  • HomeLink compatible
  • Easy replacement of existing opener
  • Made in Germany

Customers said that they liked how easy the installation instructions were. They appreciated the simplicity of the wiring connections for both the wall buttons and the photo eyes.

Customer liked that the garage door opener was very quiet and it worked very smoothly. Customers said the only noise that you could hear when the door was opening was from the door itself. When they had to program the remote controls, they found that the setup was really easy.

The remaining customers who left 3-star reviews or lower, the common complaint was that they started having issues with the opener within a few years. One customer said that the contacts that gives the motor power were charred and it disrupted the flow of power.

Other customers felt like the opener was very slow and it took too long to open and close the garage door. Other customers were disappointed that the unit was not HomeLink compatible.


Of these two alternate options for garage door openers, we feel that the Sommer garage door opener is going to be your best bet. Although it is priced slightly higher than the Genie (Genie is priced below $220 and the Sommer is under $230), the approval rating for the Sommer is significantly higher than the Genie.

Our Recommendation

There are many garage door openers out there on the market, but you don’t want to just settle for any old product—you want the best garage door opener that your money can buy. We get it!

When you are looking at the options, you’re going to want something that is going to be quiet, rises and lowers smoothly, and it is going to have safety features in place that will keep your family safe should they cross the entry way accidentally while the garage door is closing.

With all of these things taken into consideration, we feel that the Chamberlain WD832KEV garage door opener is the best garage door opener for your money. It’s quiet. It can sync up to your smartphone. It has safety and security features, and it is affordable. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with this option…

And we aren’t the only ones that feel that way! 90% of customers who have purchased this product feel the same way.

In the comments below, tell us what garage door opener you’ve got your eye on, or even if you have any questions in regards to the products we mentioned in this guide. We’d love to hear from you!

Lisa Hanel

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