What Is The Best Gifts for Bakers To Buy In 2020? 

 July 13, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

Everyone loves to eat cakes and pastries, whether it is for a specific occasion or without any occasion at all. But sometimes we forget to thank the heart and hands of the person who made that thing so enjoyable for us. So, if you have anyone in your circle who is a good baker, you can show them gratitude by gifting them a perfect token of your appreciation.

Now, when buying a gift for a baker, there are many choices and various factors to consider before making your final decision. To help you with all this, we have compiled a list of items that you can present to your relative or friend with a love of baking. In the section below, we will take a look at some of the best gifts for bakers, along with their various features.

Let’s begin!

5 Best Gifts For Bakers

Take a look at the top 5 gifts that you can present to that person in your life who makes everything better with their baking skills.

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Features and Benefits of the Best Gifts for Bakers

Here in this section, we are going to study the various features and benefits of the above-mentioned gifts for bakers. We will also take a brief look at the pros and cons of the listed articles.

1. Make Your Mark Design Baking Queen Chef’s Hat Cooking Themed Ceramic Mug

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It is a bit tough to find a gift that has both looks and utility in it. That’s why the makers at Make Your Mark Design designed this beautiful little customized mug, especially for those ladies who are baking enthusiasts. The mug has a beautiful caption on it that says “Baking Queen,” along with a chef’s hat just above it. This makes the mug look more charming, distinguishable, and unique.

In addition, the material used for making the mug is high-grade ceramic that provides its strength and ability to hold both hot and cold liquids. The mug has a C-shaped handle that makes it easy to hold, and it is also dishwasher and microwave safe.


  • Volume: 11 oz. (325 ml)
  • Color: White
  • Variants: 15 oz. (443 ml)
  • Material: High-grade ceramic
  • Additional features: Dishwasher and microwave safe, sublimation print on both sides
  • Beautiful design
  • Unique and attractive caption
  • Made from premium grade material
  • Ease of hold by C-handle
  • Brittle design requires a lot of care while handling

This mug is the best gift for your baking sister, mother, or wife!

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2. Fox Run Polished Marble Rolling Pin

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There is no better gift for a baker than something that actually helps them in their passion. So, if you are choosing a gift for a friend of yours who is a baker, this polished marble rolling pin from Fox Run will be the best. The rolling pin has an elegant design with a smooth and well-polished marble barrel, along with two wooden handles fitted on either side.

The polished nature of the barrel makes it non-sticky, which is best for rolling cookie, pizza, and pastry dough. As it is made of 100% marble, it has cooling properties that work well with butter or oil while rolling the dough.


  • Barrel length: 10 inches
  • Overall length: 18 inches
  • Non-Stick: Yes
  • Add-ons: Resting base
  • Material: 100% marble
  • Color: White
  • It does not absorb moisture, fats, or odors from food
  • It has nylon ball bearings for smooth and uniform rolling
  • Comes with comfortable wooden handles and a resting base
  • The pin might be a bit heavy because of its marble barrel

This is a handy, useful item meant for bakers who strive for perfection.

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3. The Baking Bible Book

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Behold! The king of all gifts. The Baking Bible, written by Rose Levy Beranbaum, is one of the best books in the world, taking you on a remarkable journey of discovering various baking recipes. The book has a well-designed structure with all new recipes of cakes, tarts, pastries, breads, and more. The organization of the content in the book is done such that any layman can understand it.

You don’t need to do any guesswork while baking the dish. The book has a truly foolproof and detail-oriented instructions set. It also includes other sections like “plan-aheads,” “ingenious tips,” etc. Some of the names of the recipes in the book are Coffee Crumb Cake Muffins, Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Tart, Mango Bango Cheesecake, White Christmas Peppermint Cake, etc.

This will surely put a smile on your friend’s face!


  • Available in: Kindle and Hardcover version.
  • No. of pages (hardcover): 576
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Writer: Rose Levy Beranbaum
  • Best selling book and winner of the 2015 IACP Cookbook Award for Baking
  • It has a plethora of recipes in an easy to understand format
  • It has received a lot of positive reviews
  • None

This is a fantastic collection for learning new baking recipes.

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4. Personalized Loves to Bake Christmas Tree Ornament

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Here is another great choice for bakers. Though it is not that big, it will make your friend’s Christmas tree look more charming. The Loves To Bake Christmas Tree Ornament is a beautiful gift for your girlfriend, sister, or mother. It features a lady with a chef’s hat on her head, along with a rolling pin in her hand.

To make it even better for your loved one, you can get this ornament personalized by printing their name and year on it. All this is done by professional artists, free of charge.

The ornament is made from a lightweight cast resin material and is all hand-painted. It also has a ribbon loop on top for hanging it on the tree.


  • Material: Cast Resin
  • Customizable: Yes, with name and year
  • Ideal for: Christmas Tree
  • Features: Ribbon loop, hand painted
  • It has an attractive and cute design
  • It will improve the overall charm of the Christmas tree
  • It can be personalized for a particular person
  • It is fairly small in size, so you might need to buy a number of them

This is the perfect personalized Christmas gift for bakers.

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5. Country Barn Babe Personalized Cake Stand

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Among all the above gifts, the Country Barn Babe Personalized Cake Stand has a unique significance. This glass item is ideal for those who love to add beauty to their recipes. Whether holding up a cake, bread, or pastry, you can bet that the cake stand itself will attract as much attention as the dessert itself!

The cake stand comes with a cake dome and tiered platter. The best thing about this item is that the dome can be inverted to form a punch bowl.

The molded glass handle of the cake dome allows for easy access to the treats kept under it. Plus, you can get the cake stand personalized as per the person for whom you are buying it. You can get the name of your friend printed on it.


  • Material: Durable Glass
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 12 Inches (Maximum Diameter), 10 Inches (Height), 10 Inches (Lid Diameter).
  • Printing Type: Sticker
  • The cake stand adds grace to your treats
  • It can be personalized as per your preference
  • Glass dome can be converted into a punch bowl
  • Glass dome can be converted into a punch bowl

This is the best gift for bakers who would love to add artistic value to their treats.

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Best Gifts For Bakers | Buyer’s Guide

Now, we have studied some of the potential gift choices that you can consider for your baker friends and relatives. Maybe at this point, you have decided on a product to purchase in your mind.

But hang on just a little longer – you need to make sure that you are making the right choice in every way. Here are a few specific things to consider before you make your final choice:

Consider All of Your Choices

First and foremost, the important thing that you need to do is analyze and explore your choices. There are many people that do not explore the choices that much – they take a look at the available options and quickly choose out of them. If you want to buy a unique and memorable gift for your friend or relative, make sure you take the time to think through all of the gift choices that are available. With thorough research, you will be able to choose the perfect one.

Make Sure it’s Useful

A gift is of no use if it does not have some kind of application, even if that application is to be a symbol of some sort. So, choose a gift that does something worthwhile or acts as a memory of yours for your baker friend. Giving your friend something that he or she cannot use will be a total waste of time and money. Choose a gift that puts a smile on your friend’s face.

Plan Your Budget

Money is a consideration, but it’s not as powerful as your relationship with your friend. You should weigh your budget along with all of the choices for a gift, with an emphasis on what would really make them happy. For example, if the item that you choose has a long term application, it is worth it to spend more. But if it does not have long term applications, go for another one.

Get to Know Your Friend’s Preferences

Now, it is good that you are exploring various items before choosing one. But, if you have knowledge about the choices of the person you are buying the gift for, it would be easier for you to choose one. The best benefit of this will be that your loved ones would be delighted to see the gift they like the most. For example, if your baker friend is a boy, you can give him a cake stand, whereas if your friend is a girl, you can get a personalized coffee mug for her. The ideal thing that you can gift to any of your friends is a recipe book.

Align all the Features in One Product

Features are what make a product valuable, no matter whether it is for a baker or a scientist. If you are planning to surprise your baker friend with an awesome, attractive gift, make sure that it has all the essential features required in it. For example, if you are purchasing a cake stand for your friend, make sure that it is made from a sturdy material and has the required weight-bearing capacity. Oen should also consider the ease of usage of the product that he or she is purchasing.

Keep Longevity in Mind

The bond between you and your relative is stronger than anything in this world. And when you present a gift to him or her from you that has a long life, your bond will become stronger. In time, your gift will become an embodiment of you, whether you are there or not. That’s why you should try and choose the gift that will truly last.

Final Words

Are you looking for an awesome gift for someone who is an enthusiastic baker? This article has some of the best gift choices for you. You can check the specifications and features of the items from the detailed descriptions. You can also filter your choices by analyzing the pros and cons of the various items.

In the end, you should study this buyer’s guide very carefully, as it will help you discover a better gift based on the factors described in it.

Lisa Hanel

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