Purifyou Glass Water Bottle: The Best Glass Water Bottle 

 September 9, 2020

By  King

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  • It does not absorb any flavor or smell, which keeps your beverages intact. And it does not release any toxins or damaging chemicals, like BPA.
  • It is very easy to transport thanks to its reduced size, and it is also easy to hold due to the silicone sleeve and its non-slip properties.
  • The glass is thick, which gives this product a sturdy build, but yet it is not too heavy. Being made of high borosilicate also comes in handy for this.
  • Its wide mouth is great to insert ice and fruits so that you can always keep your drinks cold and flavourful.
  • It is highly adaptable, as it comes in different sizes (which one can choose depending on the use that the bottle is going to receive), and in several colors, so that you can pick the one that better suits you.


  • Over time, the silicone sleeve may wear off and come out. Even though this is highly unlikely, it is a possible case scenario, especially it does not receive proper care.
  • The tap is not microwave-safe, which may be inconvenient because you have to remember to take it out every time you need to heat up a beverage.

Tired of having a slippery water bottle that falls and breaks into pieces in the blink of an eye? There is no reason why this should be happening to you. To keep this from happening ever again, the people at purifyou created this water bottle. Do you want to see how this product could change your water consumption habits? Read on!

Top-notch materials

This water bottle is made out of glass, which is not only recyclable but also chemical-free. Unlike plastic, glass does not release unwanted flavors and substances into your liquids. This product is completely BPA-free, Phthalate-free, PVC-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free. What is more, this material is safe to use in dishwashers and microwaves, just remember to take out the cap beforehand. 

Most people worry that glass will not last and that it will break at the first bump. But this should not be a concern with this water bottle. It is made of high borosilicate, which is tougher and more durable than typical glass. And to protect it even further, this product comes with a silicone sleeve that absorbs most bumps and drops. This part also helps to make it non-slip, which is great to avoid unwanted falls.

This product comes with a cap that can be twisted off easily, to ensure that you can drink without too much hassle at any time. Yet, its system is children-proof, so you should not be afraid of letting this container near them. The mouth of the device is quite big, which not only makes it easy to drink from it, but it also comes in handy to put in some ice and fruit.

What are the perks of having a glass water bottle?

  • Easy to clean: it doesn’t matter which beverages you put into containers made out of this material, they will come off easily with only some water. In case you want to sterilize it, you just have to plunge it in boiling water and let it rest for a few minutes. In this way, you get rid of potential toxins that may have come into contact with the water bottle.
  • Keeps your beverages at the right temperature: glass is far more effective than plastic at keeping a steady temperature. Also, if you put liquids other than water, the container will not absorb any taste or smell, which means that it will not contaminate your future drinks.
  • It is a green material:  most plastic containers, at one time or the other, end up in the trash. This means that ultimately they contaminate the sea or landfills. Of course, some people recycle it. But this is not as common as it should be, and only seven out of the thirty types of plastic can be recycled. Glass, on the other hand, is always recyclable. And actually most of it is used to create new products.
  • It is healthy and safe: drinking from a bottle made out of plastic or metal and tasting a weird flavor is quite common. This may be because of some residues that were left on the container. But however unpleasant this is, it could be worse. Many bottles ade out of materials other than glass can have bisphenol A, which is dangerous for humans. So, drinking from glass bottles will be not only tastier but also healthier.

Carry it anywhere, look good

This water bottle by purifyou is characterized by its thin and light construction, which will make you want to take it everywhere you go. Also, its stylish design will make it stand out in any place. And you can personalize it to make fit your looks. Its protective sleeve comes in several colors, like grey, pink, green, blue, black, and more. So, you can choose the color that better suits your personality and style.

Also, you can choose two models in terms of size. There is one for 12 oz, and another one for 22 oz. If you only take the occasional sip, you may want to go for the smaller one, but if you want to be hydrated for a long time, the bigger model may be more suitable for you. Yet, whichever one you choose, both of them are small enough to fit your purse or lunch box. It even fits in most car cup holders too!

Overall, this glass water bottle has a lot to offer for most users. If you are looking for a durable product that you can carry when doing sports or in your daily life, and that will deliver in terms of keeping your drinks at the right temperature, this is a safe bet. And if you are concerned about the consequences that ingesting chemicals with your water could have on your health and your family’s, you can’t go wrong with the glass water bottle by Purifyou.


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