The The Best Hardside Luggage In 2022 

 February 3, 2022

By  Kawandanell

Travelers are using hard sided luggage more than ever. That is because airlines continue to charge higher fees for checked baggage and mainly because such items are convenient to carry and offer multiple storage options.

Lightweight hard side luggage is an excellent option for packing smart. Thanks to its popularity, consumers now have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of sizes, specifications, and designs you can choose.

Whether you are traveling with fragile items or looking for maximum protection for your belongings, carry on hard side luggage offers ultimate security and convenience. Owing to their contemporary look and stylish designs, it is not surprising to know that some travelers prefer its sleek-look over conventional suitcases and bags.

Many hard luggage products have a “clamshell” setup. That means that the bag opens like a book and users have two packing areas with zipped mesh layers or tie-downs. All products are designed to offer maximum capacity, easy cleaning and low maintenance.


There are hundreds of brands that have come with different designs, colors, and materials to provide today’s consumers a wide range of choices.

Most of the products utilize an easy to clean fabric and are usually available in beautiful or bright colors. Hard-sided luggage serves as the perfect accessory for frequent fliers who don’t have to carry too many items.

If you are guilty of overfilling soft-side bags, you can benefit from a 2 or 3 piece hard sided luggage set. Not only this type of suitcase keeps your stuff safe, but it also does not bend and retains its shape.

When you have 2 or 3 pieces at your disposal, you get ultimate versatility and capacity to organize and pack all critical accessories.

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Best Two-Piece Hardside Luggage Set

We have formulated a list of best hard sided luggage options to offer you 2 or 3 pieces of Carry-On luggage. This guide also details the crucial factors you must take into account before purchasing a hare side luggage product.

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1. AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage

Topping our category of the best two-piece hard side luggage sets, the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage emerges as a clear winner. The AmazonBasic is easy to move around and features a sleek look. It is one of the best looking hard side luggage products that are currently available in the market for this price tag.

The spinner set is the perfect accessory for all leisure and business trip of any duration. The collection features two suitcases of 20 inches and 28 inches that offers users with plenty of storage options.

The durable cabin case of this impressive product has all the features you seek in a permanent luggage item. The 20-inch luggage features a zipper for safe closure. Thanks to an expandable design, you can create up to 15% more storage space to make extra room according to your requirements.

Travelers are likely to incur excess-weight fees at check-in when the 28-inch suitcase expands and loaded. However, the AmazonBasics 28-inch suitcase is the perfect solution for packing all your items in one suitcase without having to carry multiple bags.

The bags feature durable ABS material, a robust component, which is a must-have for frequent travelers. Since ABS is permanent and is capable of resisting scratches with its micro-diamond pattern, users are hugely impressed with the set’s durability.

The exterior looks brand new even after heavy-duty use. The suitcases are easy to maneuver, thanks to the four spinner wheels.

Users effortlessly glide it through narrow spaces since the wheels can rotate 360 degrees. You also get a comfortable telescopic handle too for conveniently pushing or pulling the bag.

There is nothing that can go wrong when you purchase the AmazonBasics 2 piece set. However, there is no warranty and users have to pay an additional $3 for it.

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Over 400 customers have bought the favorite suitcases on Amazon.com and have praised its ease of use and storage capacity.

The product is available for around $170.92 on Amazon.com.

Product Features:

  • Made out of extra-thick and durable ABS material for long-term durability
  • Tough, hard shell with scratch-resistant finish
  • Fully lined interior with divider
  • Telescoping handle for easy maneuvering
  • Expandable for up to 15% additional storage capacity
  • Four double spinner wheels for mobility in any direction

2. Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set

Our runner-up for this category is the super-popular Rockland Luggage Spinner Set that offers a lightweight storage solution to ease your traveling. The suitcases may not boast the best of design. However, the Rockland 2 piece set is engineered to offer maximum storage capacity and features sturdy construction.

The product is mainly a favorite among travelers who are traveling for business.

If you are looking for a reliable suitcase but don’t’ want to spend a fortune on an overly-priced product; the Rockland 2 piece set is the best hard luggage you can find for this price tag. The spinner set is hugely popular among occasional and regular travelers, thanks to its expandable capabilities and professional look.

The smaller model measures 20″ X 13″ x 9.” The suitcase is designed to fit into the overhead bins of a large number of regular passenger planes. The bag is lightweight and weighs just 6 pounds. It is the best luggage option for a weekend getaway.

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If you are looking to store accessories and clothing items for only a couple of days, the 20-inch suitcase will safely keep all belongings (including tablets, devices, and phones) in one place.

The 28″ suitcase is a more significant option to store clothes, shoes, and toiletries for a two-week trip. If you are a small family that’s looking for reliable luggage options that comfortably fit into a traveling budget, the Rockland luggage offers secure storage and hassle-free use.

Made out of sturdy ABS material, you never have to worry about scratching your hard-sided bags. Although a few users have found the product to be not as resilient as it claims, it is for long-term use.  You can also move it around quickly with its four-wheel design. Push or pull the suitcases in any direction with the swivel wheels that are one of the best parts of this product.

Product Features:

  • Imported
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels
  • 100% ABS Material
  • Telescoping push button handle
  • Expandable
  • Full lining
  • Interior mesh
  • Sturdy zippers

Best Three Piece Hard Side Luggage Set

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1. Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set

The Omni PC outclasses all its competitors in the three-piece hard side luggage category, thanks to its robust, scratch resistant and sturdy construction. If you are looking for durability and rugged performance along with a contemporary design, the Omni PC is just the right product for you.

The lightweight bags ride on superior 360 spinner wheels. You won’t feel as if you are carrying the luggage. Instead, the suitcases roll comfortably beside you on every journey. The bags are available in 20″, 24″ and 28.”

The expandable design makes room for more items when required. TSA locks make sure all your belongings arrive safely at every destination.

One of the best things about this set is that the suitcases are incredibly light-weight and feature an aesthetic design. The 100% polycarbonate design takes your traveling to a new level of comfort and convenience.

Samsonite continues to dominate the industry with its iconic products. Thousands of customers have been using their product-range all over the world for over a century.

This 3-piece hard side luggage set holds an impressive rating score on Amazon.com where hundreds of users have benefitted from its remarkable dimensions.

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If you are looking for an easy luggage solution that offers versatility, safety and ultimate capacity all in one place; buy the Samsonite Omni PC 3 piece luggage set today for multiple buyers on Amazon.com. 

Product Features:

  • Imported
  • 100% Polycarbonate
  • Incredibly scratch-resistant, thanks to its micro-diamond texture
  • Lightweight spinner wheels for easy mobility
  • Maximum organization with full-zip interior, divider, and cross-straps
  • Side-mounted TSA lock for 100% security

2. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set

The Coolife 3 piece hard sided luggage set is for frequent or regular travelers who are looking for a durable yet sleek luggage item. Since the collection is available in more than a dozen colors, there is a suitcase for everyone.

Users praise its touch exterior, which is ABS material, known for its durability. The set features three chic luggage suitcases of 20,” 24,” and 28.”

Each of the bags features high-quality spinner wheels to offer 360-degree mobility. Travelers smoothly move the suitcases around without any mobility issues.

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Since the ABS material provides much of the durability and resilience and is lightweight, the bags are engineered to sustain heavy-duty and long-term use. In addition to that, the bags also protect your belongings to keep them all in one place.

Users are particularly happy with its ergonomic telescoping handle which makes it reasonably easy to push or pull the suitcase. You can also carry the luggage when needed with its high-quality top and side handles.

The interior offers enough capacity to keep all essential belongings. The product’s expandable design allows exceptional storage functionality so users can pack as many items as they want. The model also features a mesh zip pocket and a secure combination lock for complete peace of mind.

Product Features:

  • Two Year Warranty
  • Tough ABS construction
  • Light-weight yet durable
  • Spinner wheels for smooth and quiet mobility
  • Ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle
  • Interior mesh zip pocket and expandable design

3. Merax 3 Piece Eco-friendly Spinner Suitcase Set

Another favorite three-piece luggage set is the Merax P.E.T Eco-Friendly 3 Piece Spinner Set. Users are happy to get three different sizes ecologically friendly and light-weight suitcases.

Do not underestimate its durability and functionality. Thanks to its innovative design and a new eco-friendly PET material, the three-piece set has made its way into dozens of hard side luggage reviews. Users get multiple options and a wide range of colors to select. The environmental friendly hardshell is the highlight of this item.

PET is a new non-toxic, tasteless, inexpensive and eco-friendly material utilized in the manufacturing of this impressive product. The set features three stylish luggage bags that are resistant to stress and impact at both high and low temperatures.

No products found.

Since the suitcases are subject to a thorough QA test to check for durability; you can use the set for many years to come. The bags are engineered to fit inside each other are built to provide maximum capacity. You get a sturdy, hard side luggage set that also possesses anti-UV and anti-aging features.

One of the best features of this product is that users receive a 5-year warranty. The bags are available in 20,” 24,” and 28.”

All suitcases are designed to provide ultimate convenience to the modern and eco-friendly traveler. The set is also one of the best lightweight hard side luggage items that are currently available for this price.

You can’t buy the Merax P.E.T suitcases separately. Travelers must purchase the bags as a set of three. Over 200 customers have posted positive reviews of the product on Amazon.com. The item is for travelers who care for the environment. The three-piece set is available for No products found. in a wide range of colors.

Product Features:

  • Innovative and eco-friendly PET material; resistant to low and high temperatures
  • Tested for Resistance and heavy-duty use
  • Worldwide 5-year warranty
  • Anti-aging and anti-UV capabilities for added durability

Why Purchasing A 2 Or 3 Piece Hard-Side Luggage Set Is A Better Option?

There are all kinds of luggage options available to the modern consumer. However, buying any item in bulk is an excellent way of saving money and time. If you are traveling with a small family, a 2 or 3 piece luggage option serves a great deal since you don’t have to buy separate bags for everyone or carry a huge suitcase.

Most buyers purchase a suitcase set at discounted prices. That is an excellent way of saving hundreds of dollars on individual bags to pack your belongings for a long trip.

Moreover, all carry-on hard sided luggage suitcases encourage easy mobility. Travelers can quickly move them around, regardless of how heavy they are.

Having two or three pieces at your disposal means you have endless options to pack all kinds of belongings in just one place. Since most of these bags feature expandable storage options, you get an economical luggage solution that keeps all fragile and unbreakable items safe.

When Do You Need A Set Of 2 Or 3 Pieces?

A 2 piece hard sided luggage set is ideal for people who go on frequent but small trips. This type of collection is also suitable for a weekend trip.

If you are traveling with a small family of 3, you can quickly pack all essential belongings in a two-piece luggage set.

All 2 or 3 piece hard sided luggage products are available in different colors, sizes, and specifications. Whether you are traveling with your family or going alone on a business trip, there is the right kind of hard sided luggage product to suit your taste a


However, if you intend to go for a trip that spans over a couple of weeks, investing in a good three-piece set is recommended. Your lifestyle, the nature of your trip and the period you are likely to stay out of town; help you to choose the best option for you.

Features To Consider In New Carry On Luggage

Since there are hundreds of luggage sets available in the market, choosing the right one with your desired storage capacity is tricky. It is essential that you research about different products and check reviews and ratings to find the best luggage before making the final purchase.

When you buy the right kind of hard side luggage set for your traveling needs, you are less likely to buy another one for many years to come.

Buying luggage in sets is an incredible way to save money. Never settle for low-priced or cheap materials that risk damaging your belongings. The best suitcase collections range from two to eight cases and are available at different price tags.

Here are a few factors you must consider before purchasing the best hard case luggage for your traveling needs.


A large number of airlines follow the ’45 inch’ rule that limits the carry-on luggage to be not more than 45 inches in total dimensions. These dimensions include the width, height, and weight of a luggage item.

Hence, favorite brands make sure they manufacture products that fit those size requirements. However, make sure you check the dimensions before you purchase an expensive luggage set.

Convenient To Roll

Another crucial factor to pay attention to while buying a traveling bag is its ease of use. Never settle for a suitcase with wheels that lock up. Make sure your carry-on luggage has four-wheel spinners. Some large-sized luggage may also have eight wheels. A good quality traveling bag doesn’t tilt or drag along but gently rolls. The wheels are fitted to spin 360 degrees.


It is essential to check the kind of stuff used in the manufacturing of your hard side luggage.

Decide whether you need a soft-case or hard-case suitcase. Choose a material that is durable enough to withstand long-term usage.

The Best hard sided luggage suitcases are either made out of a hard or soft shell. Both options are great, considering how you like them to be. However, a hard shell is more likely to protect fragile items.

Whereas, some travelers prefer soft shell luggage since it allows the bag to expand and hold more items. They are also more durable than hard shell luggage items.

Consider How You Plan To Use It

Although, hard-sided luggage is built mainly for flying; it is not surprising to know that people like to use these for road trips or even as an extra storage space. You must familiarize yourself with the luggage rules of the airlines before you purchase this kind of luggage.

If you plan to travel by road, make sure your bags are pliable enough to maximize the trunk place. Rigid and flat luggage bags are great for cruise ships.


Since you can’t squeeze hard-sided bags into a storage space, you must purchase the right size that you can easily store in your living space. Purchase sets that feature pieces that comfortably fit into one another for secure storage.


Any good traveling bag offers plenty of storage and organization options, particularly if you are traveling with a lot of accessories. It greatly helps to invest in a high-quality hard side luggage bag that has enough capacity to hold your belongings. The general features for look for are dividers, pouches, and straps.


Hard side luggage offers handy storage options for clothing that wrinkles easily. Most of these bags feature dividers that are great for keeping delicate clothes. A few models also have extra pockets inside and outside a bag so you can quickly retrieve your tablet, phone or notebook.


If you are looking to upgrade your old suitcases; trust in our buying guide to help you make the best decision. The models we have mentioned are famous for their exceptional performance and ultimate capacity. Not just that, they are also engineered for easy mobility.



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