The Best Hardside Luggage Sets In 2022 

 February 3, 2022

By  Hanel

What is your next travel priority: a honeymoon, a business matters, or how about a safari? Whatever and whenever it is, you will have one priority. Do you want to know about it? I know the answer is a big YES! It is keeping your belongings safe and in one piece. For you to achieve this, you need a robust case to be your company as you enjoy your travel. Preferably a hardside luggage or what some travelers call the hardshell luggage, or even a shell case.

Whichever luggage you choose is crucial, just like what you put inside it. It is difficult nowadays to choose the best hardside shell luggage due to the influx of so many types of luggage bags in the market. If you are reading this article now, you have come to the right place. We will guide you to the best hardside luggage almost immediately. One of the most important questions people ask is whatare the benefits of buying a hardside luggage? Therefore, look at the benefits of traveling with this luggage below as I try to answer that question.

Benefits of Hardside Luggage

  • The best hard shell luggages provide a strong exterior that is solid and stiff. Its rigidity assures you of the safety of your commodities since it is hard to break into.
  • Hardside luggage protects your valuables such as cameras, laptops, and other electronic devices from humid or wet conditions. It does so because it is made of really good quality.
  • When you buy hardside luggage, you can use the space as you wish since the luggage opens as a book does. You can fill the two sides with whatever you wish without compromising the appearance or shape of some items.
  • Another benefit is that you can move this luggage with ease due to its ability to remain upright and balanced on its four wheels. Its super strong handle also makes it easy for you to roll it however you wish.
  • One of the best benefits is that you will be able to choose your luggage from various colours. Therefore, you can spot it from the carousel in the midst of so many others.

The second most important question travelers ask is how they can find the best luggage for their commodities. Right down here, we answer this question intensively and extensively. Take a look.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Luggage

There are a couple of things you should consider before you decide to purchase a particular luggage for your travel. They include but are not limited to:

1. Size of the Hardside Luggage

The manufacturer of some of the best luggage sets offer various sizes ranging from small to large. You will, therefore, get the suitcase sized to the quantity of your belongings. If you have heard of carry-on luggage, it is for that matter that the small cases are designed since they need to fit into the overhead compartments of planes when traveling.

Below are the usual measurements of small cases, although it can slightly vary depending on the manufacturer.

  • Length: 22 inches
  • Width: 18 inches
  • Height: 10 inches

You need to note that some airlines accept some size restrictions. Therefore, you should not assume your cabin-sized best hard luggage would be accepted automatically. Always confirm the needed size.

On the other hand, medium sizes will measure somewhere between 25-27 inches depending on the manufacturer, while the large ones can measure up to 32 inches in length. What appeals to hardside luggage lovers is the exact lack of stretching and flexibility since a solid structure assures total safety for your commodities in transit.

2. Weight is another Important Thing

One common policy we find with most travel services is they charge our luggage based on weight. The travel service providers usually provide us with restrictions on how much you can carry with you, and the weight of the case too.

There is a similar assumption that all the best hard-sided luggage are heavier than their soft-sided counterparts are. Nevertheless, the truth is, the difference is as minimal as you can guess since the hardshell luggage only weighs an average of 2-5 pounds more compared to their soft shell counterparts.

Please note the current crop of the best hardside carry-on luggage are incredibly lightweight but still super durable. The cases made from polycarbonate are light, but those made from ABS material are even lighter, although the former is hard-wearing. The difference between the two is minuscule.

3. Number of wheels

If you want to look like a modern traveler and save yourself the unfathomable thought of carrying your luggage in these modern days, then you will want wheels. The best hardside spinner luggage has spinning wheels of either one pair or two. You can easily pull the one pair wheeled cases behind you as you strive to catch your flight. With them, you manoeuvre smoothly if the bus stop or the airport is very busy.

Travelers who want to wheel with added smoothness can choose the four-wheeled luggage to get its smooth-rolling comfort experience. There are concourses on the cases that allow you to keep the luggage next to you. With the four-wheeled cases, you can decide to pull one and push the other simultaneously and still manoeuvre smoothly across your town’s busy streets to catch your flight.

4. What About Handles

Every traveler from young to old will want to pull or push their luggage. Therefore, you need to consider the strong trait of the handles so that they can withstand your various trips all over. Once you are done pulling or pushing your luggage, the handles should be able to slot away quicklyChoose a handle with a smooth mechanism that is made of high-grade aluminium since they tend to be the best. Don’t find yourself in the middle of the airport with a handle that is stuck completely extended.

5. Zippers Material and Design

When choosing your best luggage sets, the zippers should be well designed and engineered to survive any incident. You might encounter thieves, so the zippers should be set strategically at the back of the body, so you do not find them easily when shut. That way you minimize any chance of thieves slashing or trying to open the luggage. In zippers, you need to look for those with large teeth because they survive tear and wear.

There are some other modern cases that have locks instead of zippers. Therefore, you shut them and clip them down using the lock. That is the best for you if you come across them, but make sure you keep the keys safe.

6. Locks are a Must

As mentioned, a lock is a must-have commodity on any luggage nowadays. However, you need to choose a lock that is TSA certified and approved. Some cases have already in-built TSA locks, so you do not need to find one when you buy them.

Transport Authority Agents can access the said types of locks, but rest assured your property is safe from malicious people and damage as well. They access the lock to check the contents of your luggage so that you do not tamper with the travel regulations. They access the TSA locks using a special key they insert at the keyhole at the back of the lock. Therefore, you do not need to be there for them to access your luggage.

7. Durability and Material

Three different known materials are commonly used to create the best hardside shell luggage. See them below.

ABS For Best Hardside Luggage

ABS material is a mixture of three plastics. The cases manufactured from ABS material possess a sophisticated gloss finish with the ability to resist high impact and heat. They are cheaper than the second one in our list, polycarbonate case, and are not strong when comparing them with the later. We advise you to choose these when you are on a budget.


Polycarbonate cases offer impressive durability and resistance to high- level impact. They are available in several styles and colours. They are designed to provide massive safety against dings, bumps, moisture, and heat. If you are planning to buy one soon, we can recommend the polycarbonate ones. Currently, they are the most durable and virtually most unbreakable option on the market.


Travelers who are not on a budget, looking for the heaviest and the best hard luggage will choose aluminium cases. They are the strongest material on the market currently, and their look is impressive. However, they can be scratched easily, and as you know about aluminium, they can undergo oxidation hence rusting in the process.

Internal Features of Best Luggage Sets

You need to closely scrutinize your best hardside spinner luggage and establish if its features are what you expected after reading it. For instance, you need to know if it has an inbuilt security system. Such could include the earlier mentioned TSA locks. If not so, you will need to buy your own combination of locks for the safety of your valuables.

You also need to evaluate if the luggage the threshold of modern cases by containing features like:

  • Laptop pocket
  • Divider
  • Compression cross straps
  • Zippered pockets
  • Mesh pockets
  • In addition the others of your choice according to preference

Be sure to confirm all the features so that you can enjoy the value of your money.


Talking of the best luggage sets, we cannot exclude the cost they come with. It is a law that we all get the value of what we pay for. However, since you need to keep your belongings safe during transit, you should consider buying the best quality. When you buy higher quality bags you are paying for: brand name, comfort of use, and design.

Although it is not an automatic guarantee for you to get the value of what you spend for as you could be paying for a brand name, always do your best and let the natural balance itself.


Some people may avoid some hard case luggage since they believe it cannot fit all their items because it is ‘hard sided’.However, there are expandable versions available. The luggage has built-in extras that are zipped, but you can unzip to increase the expandability to accommodate more items. You only need to do one thing before you buy, confirm if all these features are available.

Many find expandability a good feature as buying gifts or new items on trips is quite common. Having an expandable suitcase allows you to fit these new items into your case without worrying about everything fitting.


The best hardside carry-on luggage comes with several compartments at the interior side. The compartments save you time and stress, squeezing your belongings in one big space. They offer you the freedom to separately pack your items, meaning you will easily access them whenever you need them. If you need to access any item mid flight, you can quickly open the bag to the correct compartment and find what you are searching for. This allows for your ease of travel while taking into account your safety.

Various Sizes

When purchasing a luggage set, you want to confirm what sizes it comes in. Why? Because nowadays it is next to impossible for you to use the same type of luggage every time you have a trip. For instance, you don’t want to pack a few clothes to change after your sleep-over in a large suitcase that can fit all your belongings? For that reason, you need to have sets of your hard sided luggage to alternate when you need a small or a big one. The cost for the sets may be high, but you will have saved yourself the burden of carrying one type of a case even when you do not need it.

Warranties and Brands

There are manufacturers who have the habit of standing behind the durability and quality of their luggage. You need to look for brands that will repair your cases free for as long as that luggage exists. The brand also should provide you with warranties that are long enough to meet the value of your money. Some brands are good and offer warranties upwards of 5 years.

When buying, take your time, and analyse the terms of the warranty to understand clearly. However, that warranty thing should not be the only deciding factor for buying the luggage. There are even fewer buyers who follow up their warranty offer after buying due to other limiting factors, the big ones being time and distance.

The Most Important Points

  • The best hard luggage with the best telescopic handles has been manufactured with high-value aluminium and impressive smooth mechanisms.
  • If you are a buyer opting out to for a four-wheeled case as your best hard sided luggage, understand:
    • The four wheels may take up a few inches.
    • You may need to squeeze the internal space due to the factor (I) above.
  • It is exactly the unavailability of stretching and flexibility factors that attract buyers to the hardside luggage. They are sure their goods are always safe during flight.

The hardside case luggage offers additional safety level to your belongings against the would-be thieves within the midst of travelers. Those malicious characters will find it difficult to slash the hard sides of the luggage, and they cannot break the TSA locks as well.

Commonly Asked Questions about Hardside Luggage

Do airlines accept soft or hard luggage?

The airline will accept all types of luggage provided they meet the thresholds provided for by the airline services. For instance, the weight must be the desired one, and the luggage must have the TSA locks to be accessed by the transport authority agentsAs long as your luggage fits the size and weight requirements, you are good to go. Many airports allow people to bring their guitars and skis onboard, so your luggage is completely allowed too.

Is hardside luggage better?

It all depends on your preference, and the quality of goods you want to carry with you. I must say the hardside luggage is actually the best if you want to protect your fragile goods. For instance, although most of them are not waterproof, they easily keep your goods from snow, rain, or even puddles. They generally provide better safety against accidents and spills.

Can I travel with a piece of empty luggage?

The immediate answer to this question is a bold YES! Every time you travel, you pay for the luggage. Therefore, the airline will accept your luggage, whether empty or otherwise, as long as the standard weight is not exceeded. They even consider the empty luggage as profit since the plane can accommodate more weight.

How do I protect my hardside spinner luggage wheels?

If you want to protect them, get a set of plastic wheels or rubber covers. You will be able to cover the whole wheel, protecting it from wear and tear or from splitting apart when pulling or pushing the luggage. It could prove a challenge finding these plastic wheels in normal stores. Look for a specialist to design some for you at a small fee.

What do I need to know before buying a piece of luggage?

  • Know whether you need a hard sided or soft-sided luggage
  • Come with a tape measure to determine the size you need
  • Test the handle by holding it and pulling or pushing the bag. There should be no rattling or wiggling sound as you pull or push the case if the handle has maximum durability.

Which is the best luggage colour to buy? 

Luggage comes in a variety of colours from which you can choose from, and they have proven to be good at resisting wear and tear. However, generally, the classic black is the most common colour, which also has shown the least signs of wear and tear.

 What is the most popular luggage size?

To respond to this question, the most popular size of luggage is 26.5-27 inches. It has lots of space; hence you should consider it if you are looking to pack a lot of itemsMost travelers spend weeks at a time away from home and need the space to take everything they need.

What are the benefits of the hardside luggage?

  • They have the best protection for contents packed inside them.
  • They are ideally resistant to water.
  • Sometimes you can use them as your seat as you wait for your plight since they are strong.
  • They are easily stacked on top of the others.
  • They have no fabric, so they provide the best security because it is hard to rip them open.

Are the dimensions inclusive of the wheels?

The answer here is NO. The handles and the wheels are not included in the dimensions provided.

Is there a difference between hardside luggage and hare shell luggage?

The answer is NO. The two terms are used interchangeably to mean one single identity.


If you are out there and have all along been disturbed by the appearance of your old luggage due to lack of knowledge, now you have it. Those who have struggled with their cases that are not waterproof and outdated are risking their valuables to the ever changing weather.

We hope and strongly believe this article has brought a new world of hardside luggage to your door. Buy one if you have not done so yet or add a new one to provide a variety of those at your disposal. We assure you this luggage will revolutionize your traveling experience, and you will completely forget about the old type of luggage. Those who have already bought one or two and have had the amazing experience during their respective travels, bravo! However, you can do us a little favour by referring a friend to the site to benefit just as you did today.


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