The Best Hunting Gear 

 July 1, 2022

By  Julius Hagenes

Hunting enthusiasts are about to have a very eventful fall. It is once again that time when new hunting gear hit the market! While product-testers and the influencers are knee-deep in the latest outdoor products, we bring you a comprehensive guide.

1. The Best Hunting Clothing

The hunter’s clothing deserves the same level of attention and investment that hunting gear gets. Hunting clothes are every bit as important as the equipment used in the field. The right attire will boost the hunter’s confidence and focus.

There are many hunting apparel camouflage brands right now offering a variety of hunting clothes.

Each of the following brands that we are going to highlight puts a lot of effort into creating innovative attires with unique fabrics and patterns,

Drake Hunting Apparel

The Drake hunting clothing line has multiple series of hunting clothes. Each series is made for any given set of circumstances that you may encounter while hunting in the field.

Hunting attire that this clothing label designs includes pants, jackets, hoodies, bibs, and vests. Each of these attires is constructed with different kinds of fabric and camouflage patterns.

  • Drake makes hunting clothes for mid-season hunting with temperamental weather changes.
  • Their Hypershield 2.0 technology provides complete waterproof protection
  • The fleece lining in their line of jackets provide insulation without the bulk
  • Specialized for waterfowl hunting
  • Certainly not the hunting apparel for cold biting winter

Drake Hunting apparel designs their clothes according to the need for concealment, element protection, and temperature regulation.

Sitka Gear

Sitka hunting gear became popular in hunting circles because of its skillful layering system. The clothes are made for moisture management and temperature regulation.

The Sitka layering system comprises the following three main layers:

  • Baselayer
  • Mid (insulation) layers
  • Outwear

The layering system is dynamic, changing from one season to the next. This is the reason why you will certainly find apparel for all seasons at Sitka stores. They are grouped as early season wear, mid-season, and late-season hunting clothes.

Sitka uses distinct technology to produce quality hunting clothes for hunters. Technologies are the following:

  • GORE OPTIFADE Concealment
  • Sitka has mastered the art of producing warm hunting apparel
  • The Gore-Tex technology makes their apparel extremely water-resistant
  • Sitka understands the importance of those extra pockets for storage
  • It makes clothing for all hunting seasons
  • Because of the layering, Sitka winter apparel appear and feel bulky
  • Compared to other brands, Sitka is not the most breathable apparel

Sitka hunting clothes are ideal for protection from cold winds, light snowfall, and wet conditions. The hunting attires also allows you to move quietly.

2. Best Hunting Apparel

Hunting apparel has come a long way from the last decade. Competition among hunting brands has been to the benefit of hunters. New technology and innovation have come up with a range of apparel optimized for all hunting environments and weather.

Scentlok Full Season Elements Jacket And Pant

The Scentlok is a high-performance attire meant to keep hunters invisible and scent-free in their hunting site. The Scentlok is ideal for wearing from the pre-rut through to the late season.

This attire combines 100% waterproofing capabilities with the noiseless performance that is crucial to bowhunters. The Scentlok full season attire is one of the best hunting outerwear for late season whitetail stalking.

The odor-free properties of this attire are because of Scentloks’s Carbon AlloyTM technology that provides maximum odor concealment.

This attire will especially be useful to bowhunters since it has features like safety harness opening, articulated knees and elbows, and inner thigh gussets.

This attire is available in various sizes as well as camouflage patterns. Men’s sizes range from SM to 3X.

The camouflage patterns available include Mossy Oak Break-up Country and Mossy Oak Terra Gila.

  • Full odor masking capabilities
  • 100% waterproof
  • Noiseless attire
  • Functional design for maximum performance
  • This hunting attire isn’t for the budget hunter

Scentlok has invented the near-perfect hunting suit if ever there was one. All we can tell you is that you will probably get that deer!

Women’s Cold Blooded 3-in-1 Parka And Pant

Cold Blooded women attire released a versatile 3-in-1 Parka and matching pants for lady hunters.

The Parka and pant offer both windproof and waterproof protection in the rain, ice, snow, and wind.

Cold Blooded huntress attire features the excellent odor adsorption Carbon Alloy technology.

Women’s sizes are available from XS to 3XL in mossy oak break-up country camo pattern.

  • Carbon alloy technology for complete scent concealment
  • It has a variety of sizes for all huntresses
  • Waterproof and wind protection
  • Moisture-wicking inner liner
  • Complete odor elimination is not guaranteed

This attire is recommended for hunting during the mid to late season.

3. Best Hunting Coats

The hunting coat is an indispensable part of the hunting wear. The coat keeps you warm and conceals you into the background. Some have both stealth and scent-reduction properties. The hunting attire simply isn’t complete without a decent coat.

Under Armour Ridge Reaper Infil Windstopper Jacket

The jacket combines the GORE-TEX Windstopper technology with Under Armour’s ColdGear technology.

The result is the creation of a superior wind-repelling jacket that is ideal for hunting in the bitter cold. The jacket is also waterproof for protection during wet weather hunting.

The inner liner is a luxuriously comfortable microfleece that retains the body heat. The chest pocket closes with a zip and is ideal for storing electronic hunting gadgets such as a GPS or a rangefinder.

The sizes range from small to 3XL

  • This is one of the warmest hunting coats in the market
  • The inner microfleece layer is stretchy and delivers both warmth and comfort
  • Both hand pockets and internal chest pocket are secured with zips
  • Faux neck collar adds to the extra warmth
  • Woven overlays make the coat durable
  • This is a high-end jacket so the pricing is on the higher side

This Windstopper jacket is worth the money you will pay to stay warm in winter cold in the woods or mountainside.

Huntworth Men’s Soft Shell Fleece Jacket

Huntworth coat comes designed with the latest disruption camouflage pattern. The fleece jacket soft shell makes use of triple-layered fabric insulation to trap in body heat.

The jacket has scent-reduction properties to avoid spooking game. The Microban technology inhibits the microbial that are responsible for producing scents.

The coat has a detachable hood that paves the way to a harness access hole. The hem of the jacket is differential, meaning that it is longer at the back. A longer back helm is ideal for long waits when you sit patiently waiting for prey.

  • The stretch polyester fabric on the outside later of this coat comes with DWR finish for protection against moisture and light snowfall.
  • Safe to machine wash
  • The softshell keeps the core body temperature stable
  • High stand collar protects your neck
  • The coat is not quiet despite being softshell

Huntworth men’s hunting jacket provides protection from the harshest of nature’s elements but does not compromise your ability to move.

4. Top Hunting Pants

Comfortably dressing your lower half of the body is just as important as the upper parts. A decent pair of hunting pants offer reliable protection from cold, wetness, and general discomfort.

Superior pants do all that and still possess noise-reduction properties while offering maximum comfort.

SITKA Men’s Timberline

The Sitka Timberline is a high-quality hunting pan that is designed for enhanced durability and comfort.

The outer fabric is nylon ripstop. At the knee and seat areas of the pant, the fabric is reinforced. The reinforcement enhances mobility, you can move and crouch on rough terrain without worrying about tears in your pants.

The Timberline comes with removable knee pads. They come in handy when you have to lay down or crawl. Remove them if they are not necessary.

  • You can choose from three designs; Open country, Lead, and Subalpine
  • The nylon material makes the pants waterproof
  • Removable knee pads offer additional protection
  • Reinforced knee and sitting area protects you when sitting or kneeling on wet ground
  • The knee pad positioning falling exactly at your knees depends on your height. If the inseam is taller the pads will fall in the wrong place.

The Timberline pants are functionally comfortable and insulated. The material is flexible allowing you room to move your limbs around.

5.11 Men’s Taclite Pro 74273

This the budget pant option if you are not splurging on the big brands this season. These tactical pants consist of 65% polyester and 35% ripstop cotton fabric. So, despite the fact, these are budget pants, they are highly durable.

The pants come with two cargo pockets and an additional cellphone pocket for storing your gadgets. Since it is a tactical pant, they also add an external knife pocket.

Taclite Pro 74273 is stain-resistant thanks to the HT Teflon wear-resistant finish treatment. This also means that the pants can withstand a lot of battering.

The thick belt loops will support a gear-loaded hunting belt. The waistband on the pants is made of stretchy material which you will find very comfortable.

  • Fairly-priced
  • Stain-resistance is a huge advantage
  • The pants are long-lasting and can withstand the abuse
  • The pant pockets are large and deep to provide sufficient storage room
  • Probably the most lightweight hunting pants you’ll come across
  • Being budget pants means they had to compromise on some features

Wear these pants for that tedious stalking hunts without the extra weight of bulky fabric weighing you down.

5. Best Bowhunting Clothing

For bowhunters, the clothes and footwear are part of their weaponry as much as their bows and arrows. The clothes and shoes keep you comfortable during those long hours spend crouching or sitting waiting for prey.

Blizzard Buddy

Many cold-weather hunting over-the clothes apparels are unfriendly for bowhunters. This is because there is so much bulk around the arms that interferes with the aim.

Blizzard Buddy found a way to overcome this problem. The suit is fleece-lined which makes it ultra-quiet. Bowhunters can quickly yet silently open the zipped arm slots to shoot without being weighed down by the bulk.

  • The fleece lining preserves the body heat
  • The suit is made of noise-reducing materials
  • There are slots to expose out your arms for unhindered shooting
  • The zipper opening for arms provides limited hand movement

If you wear the blizzard buddy suit for treestand hunting, please make sure to have your harness as well for safety purposes.

NOMAD Hailstorm Series

Just like its name, this bowhunting suit is meant to accompany you on unfriendly weather hunts. Both the jacket and pants are designed for wading rivers and streams.

Even though the suit is heavily waterproofed, it is still breathable enough to prevent sweating. The outer part of the suit consists of multi-layered and scratch-resistant shell material.

  • 100% waterproof suit for wet weather hunting
  • Highly durable thanks to the multi-layered outer shell polyester fabric
  • The suit is breathable to prevent the accumulation of humidity
  • The suit is not insulated so you have to layer up before you put it on.

The Nomad hailstorm series will protect you during those river-bottom whitetail stalking and rough mountainside mule deer hunts.

6. Best Hunting Equipment

In the everyday life of a hunter, activities include scouting and clearing a trail, tracking wounded game, and cleaning the felled animal. There are tools that make all these activities easier.

Each hunter has different tools that they prefer to use on each hunt. Here is a selection of some of the best hunting gear, just to consider.

Outdoor Edge Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Combo

The JaegerPair knife combo by Outdoor edge is made of stainless steel. Each knife consists of a blade that is specially designed for skinning without accidentally slicing through the hide. This knife is also ideal for deboning.

The skinning blade has a 3.9 inches drop point blade which effortlessly slices through the layers.

The gutting knife blade on the other hand is 3.7 inches with a blunt tip. This way, it will slide underneath the skin without piercing organs.

The knives have a full-tang construction and rubberized handles that provide a secure grip.

  • This knife combo is lightweight and gets the job done fast
  • The non-slip rubber handle is a safety feature that prevents accidental slips
  • The stainless steel edges are heat-treated to maintain their sharpness for long
  • Some users have reported rusting on the knives

What we loved most about this knife was how the grip remained secure even when extremely wet.

Tenzing Hangtime Backpack for Deer Hunting

This is the best deer hunting backpack that we have come across in a while. The bag will serve you just as well in the field as it will hanging up on a treestand.

Tenzing Hangtime backpack has sufficient volume for a full load of essential gear as well as providing easy access to everything you have packed.

It has a rigid construction consisting of an EVA-mold. So, the bag stays in shape and allows quick access to what you need. This is especially important if you are in a treestand and do not want accidental dropping of important gear down below.

The bag has a cubic capacity of 1,600 and contains 7 main compartments alongside 15 special compartments.

  • The design of the backpack has been optimized for treestand hunting
  • The molded exterior holds the shape regardless of the contents of the bag
  • Saves you the time you would have spent digging around the backpack for things
  • The fold-down zippered compartments are hard to open because of the rigid nature of the gun.

This bag is for the hunter who needs to pack their entire gear list into one bag. The hunter who loves hiking will find this backpack essential to carry all the necessary supplies.

7. Best Hunting Accessories

When you are stocking up your essential hunting gear, remember that accessories make the hunt even easier. Hunting doesn’t have to be harder or more dangerous than it should be. Technology has ensured innovation that has given us the best hunting gadgets.

HAWK Elevate Pro Safety Harness

The Hawk safety harness is designed to offer ease of use and maximum comfort to hunters. The ease of use ensures that it snaps on and off quickly as needed.

The waist and shoulder straps have sufficient cushioning material and the leg straps are adjustable.

The Hawk harness includes a storage pocket for cellphone, built-in gear hooks, a lineman’s belt, silent bind cables, a suspension-relief strap, a carabiner, a tree strap, and an adjustable elastic chest strap.

  • It is comfortable thanks to the adjustable chest straps and padded waist and shoulder straps.
  • It is lightweight
  • Non-tangling design
  • The harness can withstand the weight of up to 300lbs
  • The pro version of this harness costs a pretty penny

Harnesses are meant to keep you safe as you balance on a tree stand. Falling from such heights can be fatal, and a harness will prevent the occurrence of such injuries.

Millennium L105 and L110 Ladder Stands

The safest place to be on a tree is on the Millennium seat ladders. The L105 ladder stand is 18 feet long with a single seat.

The L110 on the other hand comes with a double rail ladder system and a fold-up seat with a larger platform. This makes it the best choice for bowhunters. The stand can go as high as 21 feet off the ground.

Both of these ladder stands are easy to set up on a tree perch and have no-noise properties.

The hunter can sit comfortably for hours on the comfortMAX seats.

The stands can be set up securely on their own without using a tree brace. This is because they come with an anti-flex support system that uses stabilizing straps and a Safelink safety line with a Prusik knot.

  • The L110 is highly regarded as one of the most comfortable in the market
  • The stand has enough space for you to stand on and shift around to find the perfect shot
  • The shooting rail is adjustable
  • A footrest keeps your feet comfortable for the hours of waiting
  • The L110 is expensive but worth the investment
  • The seats are not detachable

We recommend the L110 or the L105 if you are on a budget.

BioLite HeadLamp 750

The BioLite is absolutely lightweight enough to wear around your head when stalking your injured game at dusk.

The headlamp provides a sufficiently bright 750 lumens of illumination. The lamp is adjustable to multiple angles.

The headlamp is electrically powered via a USB charging port. Once charged to the max, it is capable of running up to 150 hours.

BioLite allows you to control the kind of illumination you want from the lamp. The lamp comes with an impressive 8 different lighting modes.

The fabric of the headband strap that secures the lamp has moisture-wicking capabilities. This keeps the forehead dry and cool.

  • It runs for 150 hours on low light mode, 7 hours on full light, and 8 hours on reserve mode
  • The 8 lighting modes are more than enough to provide lighting for different scenarios
  • The rear of the headlamp has a red visibility light in both solid and strobe modes
  • The 8-second hold time required to deactivate the power lock can be irritating

The comfort level provided by the BioLite headlamp is hard to beat. The headlamp meets the lighting, feature, and comfort demands of elite outdoorsmen.


The amount of preparation needed for a hunting trip is mind-numbing. You must get everything right, from the weaponry to the accessories such as headlamps. This guide includes everything you will need on a hunt, all in one place! Use it to guide your selection of the best hunting gear.

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