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 April 26, 2022


Each one of us has come across small and creative pieces of paper attached to the items we buy. These small pieces are mostly paper, plastic, fiber or other material.

Commonly referred to as a ‘label,' this small piece of paper offers relevant information about an object or product. The process of different labeling products is vital since labels are for helping consumers know about the manufacturer, shelf –life and other essential facts of an item.

However, labeling is not just for supermarkets and branded stores. Many people like to label things at home, schools, and hospitals so they can sort a large number of things to categorize different items.


Most people label their belongings including camera equipment, book collection, toys and other accessories. Some even use them to mark their garden plants. Don't be surprised to see a labeled traveling mug or tumbler at work. Some people like to label their favorite stuff when they are out, so they don't lose their belongings.

There are different kinds of printers or label makers that are for creating labels. There was a time when typewriters produced these vital products.  Thanks to advancements in technology and digital printing, now you can easily print labels with hi-tech label makers. 

Labels serve as useful tools for categorizing heaps and piles of stuff for organizing your home and workplace. If you have children, labeling dresser drawers and toy bins are one of the best things you can do to make your life easier.

Label makers have long been beneficial to organize things both personally and professionally. Whether you want to sort your pantry shelf at home or arrange your file cabinet at work, labeling goes a long way to keep everything in place. 

Currently, the best-known brands to manufacture high-quality label makers include Dymo, Epson, and Brother along with a few others.

Not only the brands excel at producing affordable printing solutions for both personal and professional use, but these manufacturers also continue to upgrade their products from time to time for designing user-friendly label printing experiences.

In this buying guide, we aim to highlight all the essential features that you must look for in a label maker before investing in a product. A good label maker is a hand-held and portable device. It is capable of connecting your computer via USB or through other connectivity methods.

It produces high-end results without a complicated operation. Intuitive features and durability are some of the standard elements that you must consider before buying a label maker.

We have also recommended a few trusted label makers to ease your buying experience. All products are manufactured from top brands and have undergone premium quality checks to deliver an excellent performance.

Top 5 Best Label Maker On The Market

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What is the Best Label Maker? Keep reading to find out!

1. Dymo 450 Turbo Thermal Printer - best thermal label printer

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Our proud winner for this category is none other than the 0. The printer guarantees a hassle-free and high-speed labeling process. The best part about the printer is that it ensures smooth and quick labeling and mailing solution to ease your workload.

  • Thermal printing technology for no expensive toner or ink
  • Features DYMO Stamps software for printing USPS-approved postage from a desktop
  • Engineered to print up to 71 different types of labels per minute

Users conveniently label, file and mail all types of items, thanks to its proprietary DYMO Productivity Software. The printer features the upgraded DYMO Label version 8 with DYMO File and Address Fixer and DYMO Stamps.


If you are looking for an inclusive label maker to print addresses, label files/folders and create barcode labels, invest in this robust label maker to boost your productivity.

The printer delivers an impressive performance without the hassle of printing label sheets with a standard desktop printer. No contracts or monthly fee required for printing USPS-approved DYMO Stamps, directly from your desktop. The Label version 8 software allows users to print everything from a Mac or any standard computer.

Users love the fact that it can print up to 71 labels in a minute without any expensive toner or ink. Now you can print all labels directly from Excel, Word, Outlook, QuickBooks and other popular programs. Another great feature of the printer is convenient to load label rolls that eliminate the need to feed label sheets into a regular printer manually.

The incredible Dymo 450 Turbo Thermal Printer has received rave reviews from consumers hailing from different professions. The product has collected mostly positive reviews on Amazon.com where used and new models of the machine are available for sale from around [amazon fields="B0027JIIKQ" value="price"].

2. Brother P-Touch PT-P700 Label Maker - best brother label maker

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Our runner-up for this category is the robust Brother P-Touch PT-P700 Printer. The product offers a robust label printing solution with glitch-free software to take care of the most common of printing needs.

  • Offers versatility for labeling electrical and IT equipment
  • Convenient labeling process for easing storage, file work, and paperwork
  • Compatible with operating systems such as Windows 7, 8 Vista and Mac versions
  • USB interface
  • Good label length and tape width

The printer has high-end features, and a boasts a resolution of 180 dpi, offering remarkable results for text printing. The model is engineered to print labels up to 1 inch wide and 11.8 inches long.

Thanks to its advanced thermal printing technology, users don't have to worry about ink levels for a smooth printing experience. One of the best features of the machine is its automatic cutter to produce desired labels with the precise length required for getting the job done to perfection. The hi-tech printer is capable of printing at speeds of up to 1.2" per second on AC power.

You can plug the printer into a computer via a USB cable to use added features. Users can benefit from the P-touch Editor software to create more elaborate labels. The PT-P700 comes with its own AC adapter. The printer comes with a Black on White Standard Laminated TZe Starter Tape measuring 0.94" x 13.1'.


Another great feature of the model is that users can run it on battery power. It is compatible with all window-based and Mac computers. Start using the printer to print all kinds of labels with its built-in plug and label connectivity. There is no need to install drivers or software to make this printer work.

The PT-P700 allows you to create labels with almost any computer at your workplace or home. You can safely save tags they have created. The ease of use, intuitive features, and user-friendly software enables people of all ages to benefit from this printer without any hassle.

The product is hugely popular among buyers on Amazon.com who have given good reviews highlighting the benefits of this printer. You can purchase the incredible label printer by Brother from Amazon and receive a two-year limited warranty. The price starts from just over [amazon fields="B00DSYEB28" value="price"].

3. Epson LabelWorks LW-300 - Best Handheld Label Maker

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If you are looking for a convenient handheld label maker that is ideal for all office and home environments, no printer delivers the kind of performance you get out of the Epson LabelWorks LW-300.

  • Creates professional and personal labels
  • Highly versatile offering multiple fonts, styles and built-in symptoms with over 75 frames
  • Results in less waste
  • Impressive built-memory for storing up to 30 label designs
  • 0 label designs

The new model serves as an ideal accessory to organize workload with easy to use features. The brand is immensely popular and widely used in several large-sized corporations to manage large file-work and complicated paperwork.

However, small and medium-sized businesses also benefit from its labeling capabilities. Users who prefer organizing their belongings at home also find the printer a fantastic product to categorize everything for de-cluttering their living space.

From labeling household items to critical archival files, the Epson LW-300 never disappoints with its impeccable performance. You can also gift it to someone who is in need of a functional label maker to organize a cluttered file-cabinet or cupboard.

The Epson LabelWorks LW-300 label printer is designed to take your labeling skills to new levels. Now you are no longer restricted to creating conventional looking boring labels.


Users are excited to choose from a wide range of frames, fonts, and symbols to create fun labels. With an extensive variety of colors, sizes, borders, and styles; you can unleash your creativity top design original labels.

One of the best things about the LW-300 is that it can save up to 30 self-created label designs thanks to its built-in memory for preventing redundant work. Most importantly, smaller lead margins result in a 60% less label wastage.

An ideal accessory for creating personal and professional labels within the comfort of your home or at work, the Epson LW-300 is one of the best handheld label makers to label everything from storage bins to sophisticated items. Users can also use the iron-on labels for putting images and words on clothing items for toys.

It also offers a great way to set up a label with your address to create a small name to suit multiple purposes. This easy-to-use electronic label maker features a built-in keyboard with a wide range of labels for all your labeling requirements.

The product has garnered a good share of positive reviews from people of all areas of life, on Amazon.com. 

4. DYMO LabelManager 360D Label Maker - Best Desktop Label Maker

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One of the best things about the DYMO LabelManager 360D is it works on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This feature eliminates the need of frequently replacing AA batteries to operate your printer.

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Offers a wide range of font sizes, text styles, and different boxes
  • Engineered to print up to 9 copies of the same label
  • Convenient access to special symbols
  • Easy to use QWERTY styled keyboard for creating labels up to 3/4 inches wide
  • Capable of storing up to 9 tags
  • Comes with a reference guide and charging adapter
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

If you are looking for a portable and compact label maker to make the most out of your labeling experience, there is none other than the DYMO LabelManager 360D that does everything for you.

Now you can work faster with an enhanced user interface that impressively displays all menu commands. You don't have to scroll your way down to read everything. Users love to preview their labels before printing them on a more extensive 1.5" x 2.75" screen that displays two lines of text.

The printer offers three fonts with seven text styles. You can underline or highlight your text with eight box styles. This potent model is capable of printing up to nine copies of the same label to lessen the workload. Thanks to its 9-label memory along with a ‘save text' function; the printer is a life-saver for busy professionals.


This printer is an ideal accessory for individuals who are looking for a portable device to speed up their workload. With a sleek and professional-looking invention, there is nothing that can go wrong when you invest in this machine. The printer is capable of printing up to 6,9,12 and 19 mm.

The product currently ranks as the best compact label maker with a 2 line 40mm x 70mm screen for quick and easy viewing. Good customization and a convenient QWERTY keyboard allow users to use the machine with ease.

You also get immediate access to currency and punctuation symbols. Buyers who have invested in this machine consider it a great label maker worth every penny. If you want to purchase the DYMO LabelManager 360D Label Maker, the product is available on Amazon and starts from just above [amazon fields="B002M1LG76" value="price"] with free shipping.

5. Monarch 925082 Pricemarker - Best Manual Label Maker

[amazon box=”B003DXPCGI” template=”vertical”]

Monarch holds a solid reputation as a reliable brand for having manufactured a string of successful products. The manufacturers have devised efficient labeling systems to create professional looking labels to ease the workload.

  • Pre-loaded with an efficient inking system
  • Users only need to dial the characters they want to print
  • Does not print alphanumeric characters but only digits

Similar to other products by this brand, the Monarch 925082 Pricemarker serves as a convenient to use pricing gun. If you are tired of spending money on complicated pricing methods to create labels, welcome the 925082 Pricemarker to benefit from its easy to use and features.


Store owners praise the gun for its remarkable performance to accurately label the right price on all items. Employees rarely report a problem with this reliable hand-held device for inventory pricing and coding in retail industries. The product is one of the best-selling label makers to reduce workload for more productivity. 

The Monarch 925082 Pricemarker enjoys decent reviews from customers on Amazon.com. If you’re looking for a convenient, affordable and hassle-free pricing gun, there is nothing better than the Monarch 925082 Pricemarker to do the job. You can purchase used and new models from multiple sellers. All products start from just over [amazon fields="B003DXPCGI" value="price"] with free shipping.

Popular Uses For Label Makers

People from all around the world are fond of using label makers to organize and categorize different items. Whether you are at home or work, a label maker serves as a handy device to reduce clutter and organize workload. Some of the best ways a label maker are for:

  • Sorting decoration, everyday household items, and personal belongings
  • Organizing and storing electrical equipment
  • Labeling valves and pipes
  • File-work and inventory management
  • Creation of Barcodes

Detailing instructions for growing different types of plants, vegetables and herbs (For example, water once or twice a day, keep in sunlight, etc.)

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Label Maker

When you are looking for a quality label printer for making your life easier, there are plenty of things to look out for in a product. Don't buy a mediocre product that comes at a lower price. Always check reviews and ratings of a label maker before you can jump on to clicking the ‘Buy Now' button.

Here are a few factors to consider before you purchase the best label maker for your needs.

Daily Print Volume

The kind of printer you are looking for must be engineered to sustain the amount of printing you need to get done on a regular basis. If you are buying a label maker for occasional use, several entry-level models are suitable for home use. However, you need to buysturdy machine to print more significant volumes of labels.


Thermal printing resolution has measurements in DPI or dots per square inch. Most products available in the market today offer 200dpi as a standard resolution. This resolution is perfect for most general applications such as barcodes while the printers are often less expensive.


But if you are looking forward to a more professional finish with all the crisp details intact, then you may need a higher resolution up to 300 or even 600 dpi.


Most of today’s label printers come with a regular USB connection for transmitting data from a nearby computer. But there are also many other connectivity options to consider.

For instance, a few advanced models feature wireless connectivity which is especially useful if you need to print directly from a network when there is no computer near your printer.


People who are always on the find a hand-held or portable label maker the best option for their labeling needs. However, if you are looking for a sophisticated printing system with more customization capabilities, then many computer-compatible printers are available at affordable price tags.


Labeling becomes a fun experience when you have a good range of font sizes, lines, symbols, and colors. Find out the exact purpose of why you want to purchase a label maker. Carefully check product descriptions to know how versatile a label maker is to ease your labeling process. A few label makers can even print emojis, icons and a wide range of symbols.

If you need to create barcodes and wire wrap or essential labels, make sure your chosen label maker has enough versatility.


Make sure the printer you are choosing is for delivering desirable results on the materials you are going to use it on and features the kind of resolution you need for creating appropriate labels.

Thermal Printing

Gone are the days when old-fashioned embossing models were the ‘in' thing. Thanks to thermal sheets, users no longer require ink or toner for a hassle-free label printing process. Moreover, your text doesn't always have to be black and blue since you can purchase tapes that produce gold, white, red, navy or other colors on different colored backgrounds.

Easy To Use Features

There is no point of purchasing an expensive label maker when it is difficult to operate. Look for features such as a handy QWERTY keyboard and one-touch shortcuts for easy access to popular symbols.

Rechargeable Batteries Or AC Adapter

Although rechargeable batteries are convenient to use, they can deteriorate over time if you don’t use the printer frequently.


Check for a label maker's built-in hard drive so you can save your labels to save time.



The best label makers come with a two-year warranty. However, most models are available for a one-year limited warranty. These are the main aspects you must keep in mind if you want to avoid purchasing the wrong label maker.


Since the market has all kinds of products, follow the instructions mentioned in this buying guide for purchasing the most appropriate label maker to suit your requirements.

Maintaining an organized home or workspace is no longer impossible. The best label makers are not just used for professional but also personal use. Thanks to a label maker, now you can organize everything from your kids' room to kitchen and file cabinets at work.


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