What Is The Best Laptop Sleeve To Buy In 2022? 

 May 18, 2022

By  Jacqui

What are the Best Laptop Sleeve ?

Up until now, you may have gone your entire life without using a laptop sleeve and have it never become an issue. However, laptops aren’t built as bulky and sturdy as they used to be. Every year laptop parts are being changed with cheaper alternatives that leave the laptop susceptible to damage. 

A laptop sleeve is needed now more than ever. The extra protection it adds to your laptop can mean the difference between a completely broken laptop and a useable one. The simplest form of protection for your laptop is the laptop sleeve, so it's worth the investment. 

Those of you who expect several decades use out of your laptop won’t achieve that goal without a laptop sleeve. With this sleeve, you can throw your laptop in your hectic bag without worrying whether or not you’re damaging the laptop. You can hold your laptop in the same bag as your books and food and liquids without a second thought. 

All the sensitive components of your laptop remain safe with a laptop sleeve holding it together. Parts such as the memory, motherboard, and processor are all susceptible. Any damage made to these parts means you won't get your laptop working, and all that saved data is lost. 

The shock a laptop endures when it falls on the ground usually is what causes damage to these sensitive parts. Some laptop sleeves come with zero-shock features that protect the sensitive parts. 

As you can see, a laptop sleeve is a must-have item if you own a tablet or laptop and have been carrying it around without protection this entire time. Below we have four recommendations that vary in material and design to ensure you have a versatile selection pool. Sometimes you don’t know what you want until it’s staring in front of you. 

Perhaps one of these laptop sleeves will catch your eye, so keep on reading our guide below! 

Top 5 Best Laptop Sleeve On The Market

What is the Best Laptop Sleeve? Keep reading to find out!

1. ProCase 13-13.5 Inch Laptop Sleeve - best laptop cases

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  • Comes in Seven Colors
  • Available in Three Sizes
  • Ideal for Daily Use & Travel 

What sets it apart?

The ProCase Laptop Sleeve comes in varying lengths, but the one that has earned over 10,000 positive reviews is none other than the ProCase 13-13.5-inch Laptop Sleeve. A laptop case must protect your notebook from sustaining any damage, which can be hard to find out if you’re ordering this sleeve online. 

Lucky for you, thousands of customers have left reviews attesting to the high quality of this product. The external dimensions ProCase provides for this laptop sleeve are accurate enough for you to make a well-informed decision as to whether or not this fits your laptop. 


The external dimensions for this particular ProCase laptop sleeve are as follows: 14.5 inches by 10.5 inches by 1.5 inches. As you can see, it has an outer thickness of 1.5-inches but an internal thickness of 1.1 inches. This is adequate to protect your laptop from absorbing shock when it falls. 

The interior contains foam-like padding and soft lining that shields your laptop without making it any heavier to carry than it already is. This means you don't have to strain your back, but your computer can still receive adequate protection against bumps, shocks, and scratches. 

ProCase custom built this laptop sleeve for the 13-inch Macbook Pro, Surface Laptop 2017, and Surface Book.  Any 12 to 13 inch Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Acer, Chromebook, Dell, and Toshiba laptop is guaranteed to fit inside this ProCase Laptop Sleeve. 

This laptop sleeve has a designated compartment for your laptop along with a pocket along the front. This is a small yet practical pocket that can store your pens, charger, and other laptop related accessories without a problem. 

In fact, you won't have to go rummaging through your bag for your charger anymore because you can quickly grab it in one go. 

Imagine all the time you can save knowing exactly where you place your items. 

2. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve - best leather laptop bag

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  • 22 Designs to Choose From 
  • Comes in Varying Lengths 
  • Made with Polyester
  •  Multi functional Build 

What sets it apart?

MOSISO Multifunctional Laptop Sleeve has made this particular laptop sleeve model available for anywhere from 11.6 inches to 15.6 inches. Its bestselling one seems to be the sleeve measuring 13-13.3 inches since most portable tablets and laptops come in that length.

MOSISO delivers a modern and elegant laptop sleeve that functions as a briefcase that can protect your laptop. This brand has gone out of its way to make a name for itself to be a top-quality, environmentally-friendly laptop case. The trendy bag allows you to carry your laptop in elegance that no other brand can really ensure. 


To break down the measurements even further, we found that the interior dimensions of this laptop sleeve measure 13.58 by 0.79 by 10.04 inches. As you can see, this sleeve isn't as thick as our winner, which explains the lower price tag. The external dimensions are only slightly more prominent, but that doesn't mean you could squeeze a 14inch laptop in this sleeve.

You should double-check your laptop dimensions with the internal case dimensions. Only by doing this, you can order the right size. MOSISO provides a list of laptops that it has custom designed this case for. The Microsoft Surface Book 13.5-inch, Dell Inspiron 13.3-inch, and different laptops, notebooks, and ultrabooks measuring 13 to 13.3 inches in length are ideal. The MacBook Air seems to be the perfect fit for this particular sleeve since it's small enough that it makes up for the thin jacket build.

3. Inateck 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case - best laptop bags

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  • Internal Dimensions:13.9 inches by 9.8 inches
  • Exterior Canvas Material
  • Interior Neoprene Material
  • Available in three sizes

What sets it apart? 

Inateck depends on a padding layer that's also found on scuba divers to function as the primary form of protection against external factors on its laptop sleeve. This diving material makes up the middle layer while fluffy fabrics surround it on both sides. 

The soft lining is the material that primarily absorbs the bumps and shocks, which prevents your laptop from enduring accidental scratches. The front side of this sleeve comes with a canvas layer that only enhances the durability of this Inateck 14 inch Laptop Sleeve. 


You can expect all-around protection with this sleeve without having it add additional weight to your bag other than that of the laptop. Inateck equips this sleeve with two zippers, which gives you full and easy access to your laptop whenever you need it. The seamless foam padding protects your laptop exceptionally well for such a low price tag.

In fact, when we found out that you can buy this Inateck Laptop Sleeve for less than $15 on Amazon. The amount of money you spend going out to eat could be spent better on protection for your expensive laptop.

Inateck claims that this 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve is compatible with numerous laptops, but it’s always smart to check its internal dimensions. If you have a 15 inch MacBook Pro from 2016 to 2018, then you could use this laptop sleeve.

An Acer Aspire or Chrome Book that's 14-inches will find a perfect home in this laptop sleeve. The ASUS E403 along with the 14-inch Dell Inspiron series can fit in this Inateck sleeve. The popular HP Chromebook and Thinkpad t460 will also fit in this case.

Your laptop will remain safe and dry if it's drizzling outside and this laptop sleeve is its only form of protection against the rain. However, if there is a non-stop downpour of rain, you should keep your laptop in an enclosed bag because this sleeve is water-resistant not waterproof.

4. Canvaslife Pink Rose Laptop Sleeve 15.6 - best laptop bags for women

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  • Suits 15-15.6 inches 
  • Canvas Exterior 
  • Pink Rose Design

What sets it apart? 

Those of you who value an eye-catching design over any other feature in a laptop sleeve should look no further. The Canvaslife Pink Rose Laptop Sleeve is calling your name. Even though Canvaslife markets this towards women, it's a beautiful case to have to carry around-regardless of your gender. Don't feel pressured not to buy it because it doesn't appear masculine and conforming to society's standards. 

You want to leave a strong impression on a business meeting. If you equip yourself with a case that stands out, the clients you're dealing with are bound to remember you or at least comment on it. 

The exterior of this case is covered in elegant pink roses that rest on a grey background. There is a Canvaslife logo sewn onto the bottom right-hand corner of the case. Even the brand's logo accentuates the rustic yet elegant vibe this case gives off.

Canvaslife didn't invest all its time into making this laptop sleeve aesthetically pleasing. In fact, it also spent a considerable chunk of time during the designing process for making this laptop sleeve functional. We have been impressed with how much this laptop can carry while not impeding you in any way.

Let's break down this Canvaslife Laptop Sleeve's functional features. The front pocket is big enough to hold a phone, glasses, mouse, laptop accessories, pens, and more! After a certain point, you don't want to cram too much stuff in the pocket because it will stretch the laptop sleeve. This dampens its durability, which will negatively impact your laptop.

Staying true to its name, Canvaslife uses canvas to line the exterior of this sleeve. This gives it waterproof and shockproof qualities that are impossible to ignore. If you own a 15 inch laptop, you’re in luck.

The Canvaslife Pink Rose Laptop Sleeve can hold most laptops measuring up to 15.6 inches. As far as mac laptop cases go, the MacBook Pro 15 can fit in this Canvaslife sleeve. There is also a 13-inch option for those of you who have small laptops.

Canvaslife tries to make this sleeve travel-friendly by ensuring it complies to all TSA laws and regulations. The u-shaped zipper is efficient since, in one motion, you can open the sleeve and leave it out for the TSA agent to scan.

Once you get on the plane, searching for your laptop no longer becomes the hassle it is typically. You can store it underneath the seat in front of you without worrying if it's going to sustain damage.

Continue reading for a detailed look at the features you should be searching for when you’re in the market for the best laptop sleeve.

What to Look For in a Laptop Sleeve

Proper Sizing

Before you decide on a particular laptop sleeve, you can avoid having your hopes crushed by finding out your laptop dimensions before your search. Knowing the laptop sleeve size should be the first piece of information you gather. 

Don't make the mistake of ordering a laptop sleeve that's too big for your laptop. Most people assume that just because their laptop fits, it means that it's protected. This is not the case in this situation. A small notebook in a huge sleeve will most likely endure damage if it were to fall on the ground. Your laptop would hit the floor at a faster rate than if it were to fit in the sleeve correctly. 


For instance, if it had snugly fit in the case, the impact it makes when the case hits the floor is padded rather than accelerating. The physics applied in this situation is the same as wearing a seatbelt while being in a car. The tighter the seat belt fits, the more likely it will protect you. 

The best laptop sleeve will have dimensions catered explicitly for the size of your laptop. Huge brands such as HP and Mac will offer laptop sleeves for sale. Buy straight from the manufacturer of your laptop since it is the closest you'll get to a perfect fit. In fact, these laptop sleeves are guaranteed to fit perfectly, but they can be more expensive because they come from the same people who made your laptop. 

If you were to find your laptop dimensions, you could find a sleeve from another brand that won't cost you as much money. Brands such as Canvaslife and ProCase have the most versatile stock regarding laptop cases, so we recommend checking them out. 

More often than not, cases from laptop manufacturers cost four times as much as our options. A 17 inch laptop sleeve shouldn’t cost more than $50, and we are here to prove that true. 

Testing Protection

After being able to fit, the next question you have to ask yourself is, “Will this laptop sleeve protect my laptop?” Obviously, the last thing you want to do is start throwing your laptop on the floor to see if the sleeve protects it or not. 

You can judge whether the sleeve offers protection against scratches, dust, and bumps by the way it fits in the sleeve. The best laptop sleeve will leave a minimal amount of space near the top and sides. This tiny space is meant to prevent your laptop from bouncing around a lot in the case. 

Notice how we said it should leave a little bit of space.  This is because an exceptionally tight laptop sleeve will make it hard to insert and remove the laptop, to begin with. 

How Does it Close?

While you figure out the protection quality, a feature you should take into consideration is the closure system. In other words, how does the laptop sleeve close? You’ll be taking your laptop in and out of the sleeve a lot, so this is an important feature to get right. 

A majority of laptop sleeves come with a closure system that relies on either a zipper or magnetic clip. Laptop sleeves of all qualities exist, and you can judge quality based on the tiny details. One such aspect would be the types of zippers being utilized in the manufacturing process. 


A YKK zipper is the standard for professional quality accessories. If a laptop sleeve comes with such a zipper, you should think of it as a high-quality product. You can test the strength of a magnetic clasp by trying to open it without pulling it with your hands. A weak magnetic clip will open and spill all the contents it's holding within seconds of you flipping the sleeve over. 

Some sleeves come with an open-ended design, so those have no closure system you can test. Those of you who plan on carrying their laptops primarily by their cases should opt for a sleeve that does feature a secure closing system. This prevents your laptop from accidentally falling out of the sleeve. 

Make sure you know the distance between the zipper and your laptop. If it's a close fit, the zipper will likely scratch your laptop. The product that's supposed to keep your laptop in pristine shape is now doing the opposite. Equipping yourself with as much information on the product is the best way to ensure you're purchasing the best laptop sleeve. 

Material Used

When assessing the material that the laptop sleeve comes built with, there are two features you should look out for. Laptop sleeves that come made out of polyester, microfiber, suede, or nylon. The ones that stand out are microfiber and nylon. 

The time you expect the laptop sleeve to last you dictates the optimal material choice for you. If you expect it to go through some tough times ahead, a more durable case is an excellent idea. 

A sturdy high-end material that will last years through a lot of wear and tear are ballistic nylon or leather. Sleeves made out of these materials will cost significantly more, but it's for a good reason- as you can clearly see. 

The second design element that you can judge the material with is its thickness. The answer for material thickness relies on how much use you expect out of it. Laptop sleeves made out of suede or microfiber tend to come incredibly thin. This makes these cases perfect for scratch-protection, but useless for preventing harsh impact. For instance, you'll likely damage your laptop by dropping it on the floor in a suede or microfiber case. 

A thick sleeve is highly advised over a thin one; regardless of how aesthetically pleasing the skinny on is. The thick case minimizes the effect bumps have on your laptop. Good quality laptop sleeves tend to contain a neoprene lining on the inside. That is the same material present in a diver's wetsuit, making it an ideal material for protecting a laptop. 

The best laptop sleeve will feature a fabric that's not rough on the skin but still offers a non-slip grip. You're searching for practicality and functionality. The least your laptop case should do is to ward off dust and other random debris from entering your laptop. It should also protect your laptop from getting wet- basically, be waterproof. 

Additional Features

Features such as pockets aren't necessary for laptop sleeves to function well. However, if they do have it, the product becomes much more convenient. The generic laptop sleeve will feature one or two pockets that can hold a handful of items. Usually, people place their laptop related accessories in these pockets. 

Keep in mind that the better laptop sleeve will have a pocket big enough to fit a laptop charger. If its any bigger or smaller, you'll merely be carrying items you do not require. If you want to give a minimalist style a try, start with a laptop sleeve. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

The sleeves mentioned vary in regards to design, so you have a wide variety of options to choose from. The laptop sleeve you end up purchasing is what you want people to know about you. How you dress determines how people perceive you- the same applies to a laptop case. 

Most of the sleeves available come in multiple colors, so one’s bound to have the perfect color for you. Almost all could perform to the same standard, so the design is what will dictate your choice. To make it easy on yourself, pick a case that complements your day to day outfits. 


Those of you who want even more information on these products can check out our detailed reviews. Hopefully, these are enough options to get you started on your journey towards finding the best laptop sleeve for your device. 


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