What Is The Best Lightweight Cookware Sets To Buy In 2021? 

 November 4, 2020

By  Julius Hagenes

Sometimes certain situations or circumstances require cookware to not weigh much and is easy to move from one place to another. This is a much more convenient way for people like street food hawkers to sell their food. If you’re looking for the best lightweight cookware, please continue reading.

As there are many options available on Amazon, our guide will help you save some time as we will review and compare three of the best lightweight cookware sets.

Top 3 Best Lightweight Cookware Sets On The Market

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1. Gear4U Lightweight Camping Cookware Kits

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This lightweight cookware set from gear4U weighs about 1.32 pounds or around half a kilogram. The entire set can fit into a cylinder form and does not get in the way of other things. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This set features an anodized aluminum non-stick pan, a pot made of the same material, two BPA-free plastic bowls, sporks, lidded silicone cups, BPA-free soup ladle, bamboo spatula, and a sponge for cleaning.

As mentioned above, all components can be stacked into a cylindrical shape neatly. A nylon bag is included for easy and safe transportation.

The whole set is made of lightweight materials so you would only need one hand to carry everything. Tying the cylinder shape to a bag is a great method to free up your hands and transport it from one place to the next. No need to worry about it clashing with the other objects!

The BPA-free plastic tools are non-toxic, which means reasonable heat will not make any harmful substances leach into your food. The set is lightweight so you can have an opportunity to carry more things with you. It’s also not hard to clean the set.

This set of cookware is highly versatile as it can be used for boiling, frying, and heating. The aluminum conducts heat very well so there won’t be a problem with heat dispersion. If the heat is kept at a reasonable temperature, you should have no issues while cooking.

Other than camping, you can bring this with you for picnics or small gatherings. Street hawkers can also benefit from this set because you can use it with different types of stoves.


  • Package Dimensions: Not listed
  • Total Weight: 1.32 pounds
  • Included Parts: 13
  • Lightweight
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to stow away
  • Cleaning is not a hassle
  • The handles might be flimsy
  • Not family-sized
  • Plastic ladle might not lock properly

[amazon box="B01M650MT3" template="list"]

2. Bulin PCS Nonstick, Lightweight Backpacking and Camping Cookware Mess Kit

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Bulin sells this lightweight cooking set that includes 13 pieces. Made of safe anodized aluminum and BPA-free plastic, the whole package only weighs 2.15 pounds. With this set, you don’t need to worry about overloading your bag or car!

The anodized aluminum pot, pan, and kettle are coated in a non-toxic and non-stick material so cleaning this type is easier than a normal pan. The cookware heats up quickly and saves you precious time to enjoy other things, and if you’re hungry for a quick snack making one won’t take much time. You can also sing campfire songs to pass the time while cooking!

The handles, eating utensils, and bowls are toxic-free plastic, so you won’t be poisoned by any harmful substances. If you keep the heat at a reasonable level, you’ll be fine. They all fit into the package neatly as well.

You can use this cookware set on many types of stoves including gas stoves, wood stoves, or alcohol stoves. Bonfires won’t damage this type of cookware easily, though you’ll have to be careful. Enjoy making warm food wherever you go!


  • Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.6 x 4.6 inches
  • Total Weight: 2.15 pounds
  • Included Parts: 13
  • Versatile kit
  • Won’t get in your way
  • Fire-resistant
  • Teapot is great for hot drinks
  • Non-stick coating might fail
  • Handles are flimsy
  • There may be hot spots

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3. KingCamp PCS Aluminum and Lightweight Camping Cookware Set

[amazon box="B07TWGTT28" template="horizontal"]

KingCamp offers this lightweight cooking set, which is great for outdoor excursions or simply a gathering where light meals are prepared. It is a larger set and is suited for four to six people. Hooray for larger gatherings!

The contents of this set include three pots of various sizes, one frying pan, pot lids for each pot, five bowls, two plates, a spoon spatula, and a foldable ladle. That’s enough to make lots of food, though you’ll have to bring extra tools and utensils. The materials are safe for cooking food and will not give you food poisoning.

The pots and pan are made of anodized aluminum, which heats up quickly and does not weigh much. This is perfect for portability as you don’t need to sacrifice much when packing for the outdoors. Please note that only the pan is non-stick, and they are all not dishwasher safe.

The bowls and plates are smaller. It is a sacrifice to maximize portability, but the smaller bowls and plates do hold enough food. They are easy to clean, allowing you more time to do other things.

When you are finished, simply pack everything up. The whole package can be stacked up into a cylinder and can fit in the included nylon bag. Stowing it away won’t be a problem as you can attach it to a backpack or just place it in the corner of a car trunk.


  • Package Dimensions: 8.07 × 8.07 × 6.30 inches
  • Total Weight: 3.39 pounds
  • Included Parts: 17
  • Larger set
  • Portable
  • No plastic in the pots and pan
  • Very light set for four people
  • Lids don’t fit inside the rim
  • Only the pan is non-stick
  • Rattles a bit too much

[amazon box="B07TWGTT28" template="list"]

Buyers Guide

With different features found among the three sets, choosing one might be difficult. We will give you a little push in the right direction if you are stuck between the three options. Please read on.

Simple and Effective

The lightweight cookware set from gear4U is very simple, lightweight, and easy to use. If you don’t want something too fancy or complicated, this set is the right one for you.

Drinks Anyone?

Bulin’s set has a kettle included so you can satisfy your coffee and tea cravings. You can free up the pots this way as well. If you love hot drinks, then you won’t go wrong with this!

Larger Set

KingCamp’s set is larger and caters to groups of four or more. If your gathering is larger or you just want more cookware, this is the right set for you. The more, the merrier!


Lightweight cookware is perfect if portability is a priority. You don’t have to sacrifice much since these sets are lightweight and easy to stow away. We hope you enjoyed these guides and find the perfect one for your needs!

Julius Hagenes

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