What Is The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair And Allergens To Buy In 2020? 

 August 26, 2020


Buying a vacuum cleaner for your home when you are alone and buying such a product when you live with a pet are two completely different matters.

For those saying it’s the same, here’s a newsflash for you: your whole life has been a lie. But now that you know that, how do we differentiate a regular vacuum cleaner from the Best Vacuum For Pet Hair And Allergens?

Well, hopefully, this guide will ‘shed’ some light into that.

Top 5 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair And Allergens

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Choosing the best vacuum for pet hair is definitely no easy thing to do. There are so many features you need to consider, and you can never know what works best for you. Should you get the classic upright model, or should you go for a handheld cleaner?

In order to make your selection easier, we brought together a few popular models for you:

What is the Best Vacuum For Pet Hair? Keep reading to find out!

1. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum - best vacuum cleaner for carpets and pets

This bagless cleaner combines fluid maneuverability and powerful suction, making it the best vacuum for pet hair if you have a pet running around the house, leaving hair everywhere.

This vacuum cleaner doesn’t have many adjustable options, so it’s surprising how great of a job it does at leaving the floors clean. It has a 35-feet cord length, so you can cover even larger homes with it.

Numerous competing vacuum cleaners have many knobs and buttons for adjusting the suction level, while the Dyson model has none of these. Instead, it can automatically adjust to the floor type, providing the appropriate suction level.


In terms of performance, this vacuum cleaner manages to pick up cat litter from every type of surface. Thanks to the low-profile design, it fits perfectly under furniture as well, leaving no area unattended.

As for pet hair, this vacuum cleaner also works pretty great. The suction power is strong enough to pull the hair from the carpet fibers, without pushing it further in like most vacuum cleaners seem to do.

Plus, it comes with accessories galore. Besides the classic attachments, you also have a brush with firm bristles that can pick up hair and fur. Furthermore, if you have delicate materials to deal with, you can switch to the soft bristle tool.

Overall, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 surpasses most vacuum cleaners, earning the top spot on our “best vacuum for pet hair” list. While you may not have many options to adjust, it still does a very good job of cleaning up animal fur.

  • Wide cleaning path makes it suitable for large rooms
  • Sleek design that fits under furniture
  • Many accessories that enable proper fur cleaning
  • You cannot adjust the suction like you can with most professional vacuum cleaners

2. Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum - best bissell vacuum for pet hair

[amazon box=”B01DTYB05C” template=”horizontal”]

The Bissell is also considered the best vacuum for pet hair. With its tangle-free brush roll, this vacuum cleaner leaves no place for tangled hair.

Furthermore, it will not clog on pet fur wads either (such as the hairballs that your cat may be spitting every now and then.

This vacuum cleaner also comes with a multitude of accessories meant to pick up animal hair from various surfaces. Not all the extras are included in the price, however, since the crevice tool is generally purchased separately.

This vacuum cleaner is perfect for any type of surface, regardless if it’s hard floors or carpets – although it still works better when it comes to carpets. You can, however, turn the brush roll off if you want to make the switch from carpet to hard floor.


The Bissell features a quick release wand that enables you to clean drapes, shelves, and stairs with as little as possible. You can even clean the upholstery with it if you have areas where your pet prefers to sit (and thus leave hair marks).

This is also a bagless option, and you can easily see how much dirt has piled up. It has a side button that permits the release of the debris without too much hassle – and without getting you dirty in the process.

The power cord is not retractable, so it will need to be winded up. However, considering that it measures 30 feet, it gives you plenty of coverage even if you have to clean a bigger room.

Overall, this is the best bagless vacuum for pet hair that can clean up any surface, from carpets to hard floors. It may be more efficient when it comes to hard floors – however, it will work just fine either way.

  • It features a solid build that doesn’t require assembly
  • The quick-release wand turns it into a multiple surface vacuum cleaner
  • High-end filtration system that prevents the release of allergens in the air
  • The odor eliminator vacuum filter is fairly expensive to replace
  • It has an outstanding pet hair suction ability, but it’s average when it comes to larger-sized debris

3. Dirt Devil Razor Pet Vacuum Cleaner - Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

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Those looking for a more affordable alternative might find Dirt Devil’s Razor Pet vacuum a very attractive option. With its powerful suction ability, it’s the perfect choice if you have animals running around the house.

This vacuum cleaner may not have as many extras as the models mentioned above, but it’s still the best stick vacuum for pet hair that you can find on a budget.

Thanks to the swivel head, you can easily move it around the furniture and any other obstacles you may come across very smoothly. Its cleaning path measures 12 inches, making it perfect for large homes – yet it’s narrow enough to be comfortable.

This vacuum cleaner has a light, compact frame that is easily carried around from room to room. Still, the suction power is superior, and it can clean up anything from fine pet hair to chunkier kitty litter from the floors.

This vacuum cleaner may not have a HEPA filter per-say, but it does have a very good ability to get the dirt and allergens within the container. It’s also bagless, so it is very easy to clean when the container reaches its capacity.

  • It has a very powerful suction power that can pull anything from fine cat hair to larger debris
  • Light and compact, making it easy to carry around
  • The swivel head allows for better maneuverability
  • Affordable price
  • It can be fairly noisy, measuring 90 decibels
  • It lacks in extra attachments

4. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Vacuum Cleaner - Best Corded Pet Hair Vacuum

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The spherical shape is also pretty cool to look at – almost futuristic. It is also one of the reasons why this vacuum is so easy to maneuver since the head can go in every direction.Overall, this cleaner is not only the best vacuum for pet hair, but it’s also great for your everyday debris. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, since it prevents allergens being released in your home. may not have been around for much time, but it’s definitely the best-rated vacuum for pet hair – at least when it comes to corded vacuums.

It’s not surprising that this vacuum cleaner is mostly acclaimed for its suction power. Thanks to its Cinetic system, this item works on vibrating tips that lift the dirt up, break it down, and then suck it up.

This product does not have any filters that have to be washed or cleaned. Its filter is incorporated, and all you have to do is empty the dustbin in order to keep it going.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Vacuum Review

This vacuum cleaner has a light, compact frame that is easily carried around from room to room. Still, the suction power is superior, and it can clean up anything from fine pet hair to chunkier kitty litter from the floors.

This vacuum cleaner may not have a HEPA filter per-say, but it does have a very good ability to get the dirt and allergens within the container. It’s also bagless, so it is very easy to clean when the container reaches its capacity.

  • It features superior suction power for pet hair
  • No filters that require cleaning
  • Easy-to-empty bin
  • The turbine tool reduces its suction power
  • The cord is fairly short

5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum - Best Handheld Vacuum

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For those looking for a little more portability in their life, the Bissell handheld cleaner is the best vacuum for pet hair. Weighing only three pounds, you can easily use it to vacuum your furniture or car without getting tired.

Thanks to its motorized foot, this device offers a deep cleaning of delicate areas such as your curtains or furniture upholstery. It’s the more convenient option to pulling out the full-sized vacuum when you only have a spot or two to clean.

This vacuum cleaner has no cord, which means you will not be limited to power sockets. If you have to go further away, you won’t get tangled in each time you want to make a turn.

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Review

The bin is very easy to empty, and the brush can pick up pet hair from every surface – even the more delicate ones. You also have a crevice tool that allows you to go into tight spaces and hard to reach areas.

Overall, this is definitely the best handheld vacuum for pet hair. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain, and does a very good job and getting the hairs off from the furniture.

  • It has superior suction power
  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • Easily emptied bin
  • It takes fairly long to charge
  • The button is placed in a location when you can easily turn it off by accident

Why Choose Your Vacuum for Pet Hair Carefully?

Let’s say that you just bought some fancy vacuum cleaner for your house. Considering the price that you paid for it, you thought for sure that it could pick all the dirt and debris on the floor, leaving your floor squeaky clean.

You go home, you start vacuuming. So far, so good; the suction power seems to be a bit low, but the debris seems to be going away.

You finish vacuuming and then you check the carpet – only to realize that your cat’s hair is still gloriously hanging onto the carpet’s fibers. Great purchase, that was.

Furthermore, when you check the brush of the vacuum, you also realize that it has hair sticking from everywhere – to the point where you actually wonder if any of it went into the container. You highly doubt that.


Here’s the problem: when you use a regular vacuum cleaner, it will stir the debris within the carpet, dislodging it from the fibers so that it can get sucked up. Hairs, on the other hand, are a bit trickier – because they can’t be dislodged.

Plus, if you try stirring them, you’ll only manage to push it further into the fabric – and good luck getting it out after that.

This is why the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair needs to have a power strong enough to pull the fur without any issues. Furthermore, the brush of the vacuum cleaner also needs to pull up the hair – but without retaining it.

Having to collect it continuously from the brush would make it no different than you having to collect it from the floor using a rubber glove.

The more carefully you choose the best vacuum for pet hair, the less hassle you will have to go through each time you are cleaning the house – or areas of your house.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Vacuum For Pet Hair

When you purchase your vacuum for pet hair, you cannot leave anything up to chance. Strutting inside the store and buying the first (and cheapest) model you see will probably lead you into a similar situation to the one above.

Therefore, you need to keep an eye out for the following aspects:


When it comes to choosing the powering method of your vacuum cleaner, you have two ways to go: you either go with or without a power cord.

Cordless Vacuum

A cordless vacuum for pet hair is the best choice if you have to clean area far away from a power socket (for example, your car or a farther corner of the room).

They are also a very good option if you keep getting yourself tangled into the power cord each time you are cleaning the house.


Having said all that, the only issue with this vacuum cleaner type is that you’ll have to recharge it at some point. Usually, the battery only lasts for about half an hour – which is generally enough to clean a medium-sized apartment.

However, if you live in a bigger house that needs intensive maintenance, not even the best cordless vacuum for pet hair will be able to keep up. You have to stop and leave it to charge – which will put a halt to your chores.

Power Cord Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner with a power cord is the classic one that you will see at pretty much every store. You plug it in, and it will start vacuuming the room using electricity from your house.

The advantage of this type of vacuum cleaner is that, unlike the cordless version, you won’t be limited to the power of the battery. As long as it’s plugged in and you have electricity in your house, it will vacuum even a big mansion.

The drawback, however, is that you will be limited by the length of the cord. Therefore, if you are looking for a vacuum for big rooms, you might want to pick something with a bigger cord.

Plus, there will always be the issue of you tripping over it each time you start vacuuming – which many people find inconvenient.


When looking for the best vacuum for pet hair, you once more have two options to consider when it comes to storage.


You can either go with or without a bag. Each of those options can be cleaned very well, so in terms of performance, there is no actual difference between the two.

There are, however, several other differences that include the following:

Ease Of Cleaning

To clean a bagless vacuum cleaner, all you will have to do is pull out the container and dispose of the dirt. You may have to rinse it to make sure that all the dirt is gone, but at least you won’t have to deal with other bags.

The ease of use of a vacuum cleaner with a bag, however, will depend on the type of bag that you use. If you use a paper bag, it’s completely hassle-free: you use it once and you throw it away.

On the other hand, if you buy a reusable bag made of fabric, you will have to empty the bag yourself each time it reaches its capacity – and considering that dirt and hair stick onto fabric like glue, this process can get pretty messy.

If you’ve got allergies, then this might not be a good option for you.


Before purchasing the best vacuum for pet hair, you may want to consider where and how you plan on using the item. Each type of vacuum has its own portability level that you need to carefully consider.

For instance, if you buy an upright vacuum cleaner with a power cord, you will be limited by the weight of the device and by its attachment to a power socket.

Getting the best stick vacuum for pet hair might tone it down a couple pounds since they are a bit slimmer. However, the issue in question would still be its size.


If you do not want to clean the whole area or have surfaces such as car upholstery to deal with, then you might find benefits in the best hand vacuum for pet hair.

These vacuums are easier to carry since they usually weigh very little. Plus, if you are going for a cordless option, you won’t even have to drag your car next to a power socket each time you want to clean your dog’s hair.

Another option for portability would be to choose the best canister vacuum for pet hair, since you can pull it around whenever you have to clean the house. It’s more compact than an upright vacuum, which means it’s also easily stored.

Extra Features

Each vacuum cleaner has its own, unique features that you might want to consider before making your purchase. These features include the following:

Adaptable Brush Roll

If you want a vacuum cleaner that can be adapted for multiple surfaces, then a device with an on/off switch for the brush roll might be a more suitable choice.

This way, you will not be harming your hardwood floors. Plus, it will be much easier for you to collect pet hair without having to buy multiple vacuum cleaners – making it definitely a runner for the best vacuum for pet hair.

HEPA Filters

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, there are filters – and then there are HEPA filters. These types of filters are great for anyone who suffers from allergies or has a high sensitivity to pet hair.

These filters are thicker and have the ability to trap dust particles completely, thus preventing them from being released into the air.

You may have to replace them every so often, but they will keep the air nice and clean.

Handy Attachments

Depending on the brand that you are getting, you may be able to purchase vacuums for pet hair that have handy attachments such as dusting brushes, turbo brush rolls, steaming, or cleaning solution compartments.

All these features will make it much easier for you to have a clean surface right away with as little hassle as possible.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the animal that you have, you’ll always need to invest in the best-rated vacuum for pet hair if you don’t want to become a furry animal yourself. Each time you sit on the coach, you will get a new “coat” – so you have to keep it clean.

Hopefully, this buying guide allowed you to make the appropriate choice for your house and budget. Your hairy companion also deserves a clean environment – even though they are going to get it all hairy again soon.


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