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June 26, 2021

Best Portable Tool Box: Reviews and Buying Guides 2021

When your tools are your riches, you need to have the best portable tool box to store them in. Shopping for tools and shopping for their storage should always go hand in hand—and it helps to understand what works for you and the job you do. In this guide, we’re going to help you make the best choice by presenting some products that stand out from the pack.

1. Overall Best Tool Box: Wewline 18.5″ Portable Tool Box

Wewline is known for its carefully designed tool storage compartment. We like the Wewline portable tool box for its multi-functional capacity and organizational prowess. It offers separate compartments for storing all sorts of tools and has ample storage space.

If you need additional storage, the removable dividers allow plenty of storage to accommodate a host of tools. It opens to display five compartments with three different levels, providing ample storage.

The excellence is again shown in the versatility put into the design of this product. Take, for instance, the layered compartmental design. The tool storage box is not only foldable, it has different compartments to store a wide range of small and large tools.

We love the two integrated lid organizers that allow you to neatly store screws, nails, wall anchors, wires, and other small objects. The structural form also shields the contents from the elements. The product is made of a hardy plastic capable of keeping out water and any worry that your tools will dent, rust, rot or deteriorate under this level of protection.

Unbelievably, this portable tool box weighs in at just 7.19 pounds. Many users will love the size (18.5 x 8.3 x 7.4 inches), which is neither too small nor too large to comfortably carry. Compact in design, the toolbox is sturdy enough to suit any job site or home-based applications.


  • It has different compartments for extra space. Your smaller tools can also be organized in the different compartments for easy access.
  • The long handles are sturdy and convenient to carry. It has a concave-convex surface, which is easy for mobility and use.
  • It provides secure compartments for your tools with its outer layer made of sturdy and durable plastic material, protecting tools from rust or damage.


  • You may need to be careful how you arrange tools inside it, especially the small tools, otherwise, some will spill into the other compartments.
  • Justified concerns have been raised that its relatively smaller structure may mean it will not be strong enough to handle extremely heavy tools.

Save for these issues, the Wewline 18.5″ Portable Tool box shows why it is one of the best portable tool boxes available in the market today. We highly recommend it.

2. Overall Best for Work: KETER 22″ Cantilever Plastic Portable Tool Box

The Keter cantilever plastic portable toolbox is a wonderful and affordable product. You can store a wide variety of tools you need to carry without worry. It comes with compartmentalized bins to allow ample space for different types of parts and tools.

The cantilever design allows the top-level tray to smoothly open and close. This design also prevents the weight of the lid’s contents from tipping over the tool box, keeping the contents accessible when the lid is open. While the topmost bins hold the lighter tools, the bottom compartment is ideal for heavier items. To access the bottom compartment, you need to slide the top on.

The extendable handle gives it a comfortable grip. Its sturdy construction means your items will not wobble inside as you carry them. The latches are strong and the handle is thick, preventing it from swinging when picked up. Its size, storage compartments, and space make it an ideal option to carry around for domestic needs.

The security features in the product are impressive. The central locking mechanism is very good and it is made from a tough, all-weather resin, helping to prevent rusting, peeling, and denting of your tools.

At 8.83 pounds and a dimension of 22.32 x 12.36 x 9.65 inches, the product is a perfect tool box for mobility and staying handy when on the go.


  • It is an efficient toolbox for organization and neat arrangement for your tools.
  • Accessories include removable bins for organizing small parts and hardware as well as nuts and bolts. There are also back legs that provide optimum support and keep the organizer stable at all times.
  • It is perfect for any kind of project—DIY projects, home improvement, construction work, job sites, and other professional work.
  • At 18.75 x 9 inches, the inside dimensions of the tray are a good size for essential tools.
  • If you are carrying heavy tools, this is the toolbox for you. It features a heavy-duty frame and comfortable handle to aid mobility when working.


  • Some customers have complained about product arriving in a defective state due to shipping.
  • There may be varying size bins for storing hardware. Some customers have stated they got 11, while some got two with two dividers.

If organization is one of your top priorities, then it is a top reason to consider buying this product. That’s why many users have fallen in love with the tool divider.

3. Overall Best Storage Tool Box: Contico 37″ Portable Tool Box

The Contico brand is known for the quality of its products. This tool box does not disappoint and lives up to its brand. You can store your hand tools, power tools, and any other things you need to carry without worry.

Its dimensions are 36 x 23 x 21 inches and a weight of 31 pounds. It has an inside width of 31.625 inches, an inside depth of 16.5 inches, and an inside height of 18.5 inches.

It is also made of sturdy plastic that is easy to clean. This allows you to use it even in messier environments. If you are carrying heavy tools, you’ll appreciate its heavy-duty frame. A tool box like this is ideal for construction sites and other heavy-duty work. It also features a rust-proof cylinder lock (and keys) with metal hinge pins.


  • The structural foam material makes it sturdy, but lightweight.
  • It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, per the manufacturer. This should accommodate all the tools you have and then some.
  • It can stand up to any weather condition—great for rougher or wet work environments.


  • The central locking mechanism is not very durable and may give way after some time.

4. Overall Best Portable Tool Box: JEGS 3-Drawer Portable Tool box

The JEGS portable tool box would be a wonderful addition to any professional garage or workspace. The three-drawer design makes room for plenty of space and allows you to store all your essential tools neatly, organized, and in a compact manner. At 23 x 11.2 x 14.7 inches, this portable toolbox will impress a wide range of users, especially since it is nearly 12-inches deep.

The product design definitely emphasizes portability and convenience, especially with the easy-grip handle and lightweight construction. It is also easy on the eyes. It has a black powder coat finish and rust-resistant latches. The drawers fully extend and have smooth ball bearing slides and aluminum handles. Its sturdy construction gives it a slight edge over plastic toolboxes and once your toolboxes have been sorted, you can easily find them instead of opening the entire toolbox to start searching for a tool.

If you’re using tools on a regular basis, this is an ideal organizer. With its carrying handle, lightweight construction, and rust-resistant security lock, you will be able to take this tool kit along with you wherever you go. It is also great for domestic work and has extra storage for your larger hand tools.


  • The three-drawer design provides plenty of space to store all types of tools.
  • It has a sturdy 16-gauge steel construction to keep your tools safe.
  • Its compact shape makes it the best tool box for portability and mobile work, especially with its lightweight construction.
  • It is a very affordable option.


  • The handle in the center of the lid does raise concerns regarding long-term durability.
  • It has a smaller build and may also not be the best option for keeping larger or heavier tools.

5. Overall best domestic tool box: Plano Molding 20″ Portable Box

Plano Molding has already become a household name in the power tools industry. This portable tool storage is so good that a majority of customer reviews have consistently given it an A+ rating on many platforms.

One of the areas that impressed the most is the size. Despite its sturdy and durable build, the toolbox measures 10.88 x 9.13 x 20.25 inches and weighs in at 3.9 pounds, something that will surprise you the first time you lift the box.

Many users will find this product to be right in the Goldilocks zone, neither too small nor too large. The manufacturer says it accommodates heavier tools. Larger tools can always be stored in the very bottom, which is ideal for power tools and other larger equipment.

Home improvement projects can be worked on safely and efficiently with this tool box, as all your tools can be organized, easily accessible, and portable.

With supplies compartments, a removable tray, and drawers, you can rest assured it will keep your hand tools and accessories safe and secure.


  • It is portable, very light, has a sturdy build, and a removable tray for easy organization of your tools.
  • It has strong metal latches, helping keep it waterproof and protecting your tools from rusting.
  • It makes for the ideal domestic toolbox and, with a fairly decent load capacity, all your essential tools in the house will fit in without much hassle.


  • The plastic latches could present long-term durability issues after frequent use.
  • It will not be a suitable fit for heavier tools.

How to Choose the Best Toolbox for You

One thing you immediately notice when you search for the best portable tool box is the number of products available—it can be overwhelming. They vary in shapes, sizes, and their various features.

No need to worry, though; you just need to focus on the different types, functions, and general categories of toolboxes that best fit your needs.

Different Types of Toolboxes

Plastic Toolbox

A plastic tool box is, as you guessed, made of a plastic covering and is a quick, effective, and inexpensive way to store your tools. Apart from non-corrosiveness, plastic is lighter and costs less than other materials. While not as strong as other materials, plastic toolboxes are good for domestic and recreational work. A lot of plastic toolboxes also come with features like compartments and drawers for easy access and organization of your tools, also featuring removable trays and other benefits. One problem with them however, is that they are very hard to recycle.

Steel/Metal Toolbox

For heavy work and harsh environments, a steel or metal toolbox is the ideal choice. Their sturdy and rigid build is specifically meant for such environments. They are tailor made for durability, strength, and wear resistance. The major hurdle is simply that—these costs more. However, if you are a professional handyman or industrial worker, this is a solid investment.

Aluminium Toolbox

Although they can sometimes be confused with steel or metal toolboxes, aluminum is very different. The aluminium toolbox provides many different incentives to regular steel or metal toolboxes. For instance, aluminium is resistant to corrosion and will last better in the long term.

This is why it is a popular choice for many workers. Although they are also very strong and durable, they are much lighter to carry than steel. They may be on the higher side in terms of cost, they are a good value for money.

Cantilever Toolbox

A cantilever toolbox is named for its unique feature—the cantilever. They are uniquely designed to have different levels of space/compartments to store your tools neatly. They are usually designed with some shelves with a tray at the bottom for heavier tools. All the different sized compartments allow plenty of space and access to your tools without having to bring them all out or spend time searching for them.

These toolboxes are a great choice for professionals who need quick access to tools.

Features to Look for when Buying a Toolbox

Since a toolbox lets you organize all the necessary tools in one place while optimizing storage space, there are certain factors to consider before making a purchase.

We have provided the following guide for buyers to be able to select the best toolbox that will suit their needs perfectly. Just remember the following guidelines.


Portability is very important—it provides lots of benefits to all your tools. If you are a mobile worker and will be going on different projects, then you need a portable toolbox. Apart from portability, the ready-to-use models have different features and capabilities, so you need to also consider that. For onsite duties, for instance, you will definitely need a toolbox that has the appropriate security features while being tough enough to withstand whatever environment the job site presents. Finding one with high-quality wheels is also a good idea.


Portable tool boxes can also be categorized by their design. When it comes to construction, tool boxes can be constructed from many materials, but the most common are metal and plastic. There are stainless steel, plastic, steel, and aluminum varieties.

If you are looking for the most durable portable toolbox, stainless steel is a sure bet. They are also easy to maintain. For something even lighter and resistant to corrosion, you may want to purchase an aluminum toolbox. However, these tend to be costlier. We also have plastic toolboxes, which are more affordable, light, and also resistant to corrosion.

Storage Capacity

For a portable toolbox, size matters. You need a toolbox that will not only offer enough storage for your tools, but also leave enough space for you to maneuver and expand in the future.

Modern toolboxes come with compartments to make the organization of your tools and parts easy. Most people like to have as many compartments as possible. You want a toolbox that allows you to access tools and parts quickly—whenever you need them. Higher-end portable tool boxes will even feature sliding compartments that ensure more storage without necessarily making the product bulky. Lower priority tools are often stored in the lower compartments while the more important tools are placed on top.

Tool cabinets are extremely large and are the surest sign you have decided to go big. Many models come with casters and, thus, easier to move around. Tool chests are also significantly sizable and offer a lot of storage space. Many models come with several compartments, the smaller ones for smaller tools and the bigger ones for larger tools/parts.

Additional Details

When buying the perfect toolbox for you, you may also be looking out for additional features and construction. Therefore, toolboxes may be similar in design and shape, but will have different features. This is because no toolbox model is an exact copy of another model, even from the same manufacturer. So a manufacturer may add some additional features to sway buyers.

One feature you should pay attention to is the locking system. It needs to be considered carefully when selecting the right toolbox. An auto locking system is a good sign of premium quality and is certainly. The best tool box will always come with an auto-locking system, but a locking tab may also be good enough. This feature is important for so many reasons. It keeps the tools safe, preventing unwanted hands from gaining access to your tools—and also protects kids from accessing potentially dangerous tools.

The right kind of handles are also essential for the proper function of the best portable toolbox. Lifting a toolbox with both hands is never convenient, so the handle is one of the most crucial components. A poorly designed handle may collapse the moment you attempt to carry heavy items. It may also swing when you carry it, so it is important to look for a comfortable and sturdy handle.


At the end of the day, your tools are very important, whether for domestic work or professional work. So, when it comes to choosing the best toolbox, you have to consider what works for you.

Every part of a toolbox matters. However, notable differences between what you would consider home-based toolboxes and industrial ones can be the best way to know what you are looking for. We hope this review will prove itself useful in your search for the best product that fits your unique needs.

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