Vremi Inflatable Queen Air Mattress Reviews: Best Queen Air Mattresses 

 September 11, 2020

By  King

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When you go camping, pretty much any mattress will do. All you really need is a little bit of insulation from the bugs, rocks, twigs, and dew on the ground. You need a mattress that is small enough to fit into your camping gear and easy to inflate without power.

When you are shopping for an in home air mattress for everyday use, it gets a little bit more complicated. You can’t just settle for any old mattress because your guests will be using it. Anyone who you love enough to invite into your home, rather than having them stay at a hotel, deserves a comfortable night’s sleep. When you don’t have enough guest beds to go around, someone is going to end up on an air mattress – either you, or your company. 

This means that you need something a little bit more special than a thin, 4-inch mattress pad. You want support, comfort, and a quality mattress that will offer a restful night of sleep. Vremi offers one of the best queen air mattresses on the market, so you can treat your guests with the respect they deserve. 

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The Features

  • This Queen mattress measures 81 x 62 x 21.5 inches, so it is big enough for 2 adults but smaller than a King, so it won’t take over an entire bedroom. It is slightly bigger than some models of Queen sized mattresses, affording taller people a little extra room so their feet don’t hang off the edge of the mattress, but not so much extra room that fitting sheets to it becomes impossible.
  • It also inflated in 4 minutes with the built in air ump. This makes it great for emergencies or unexpected guests. It comes with a 5-inch cord, so it can be placed in the best possible spot in any room rather than needing to be super close to an outlet. 
  • The mattress uses coil beam construction to evenly support body weight. This means you won’t be sinking in the middle of the night, and your butt and shoulders won’t be lower than the rest of your body, which is what causes people to wake up with back pains after sleeping on other air mattresses because of how much pressure it puts on the spine.
  • It can be used as a camping mattress for drive up campsites as well because it fits easily back into a storage bag. It is also waterproof, so your sleep won’t be affected by moisture. The flocking on the top and sides will feel really soft to the touch and prevent your sheets and pillows from sliding all over the place if you move around when you sleep.
  • This mattress also comes with a repair kit. If your mattress gets small tears, pinpoints, holes, or leaks you can simply patch it up quickly. There’s no need to buy a brand new mattress just because of a little hole.
  • Speaking of buying inflatable air mattresses, this one is an incredible deal. It is much cheaper on average than a lot of comparable air mattresses in its category, especially for the amount of support and features it offers.

What There Is to Love About the Vremi Inflatable Queen Air Mattress

This is a raised platform, high quality queen air mattress. While a bed can be considered raised at around 18 inches, this bed elevated even further. It is a full 21 inches off the floor, which makes it as tall as most traditional beds. This is really nice for guests who may be disabled or elderly, because it allows them to easily get into and out of the bed without hurting themselves. 

We also love how durable the bed is. When play tested with children, several 4 year olds were able to jump up and down on the mattress for an hour while playing without it losing too much air or getting damaged. This makes it ideal for campers who can’t stand being on the ground and families who are letting their children have slumber parties in the bedroom.

This is an extremely high quality mattress. The weight capacity of the mattress is 600 pounds, so it can easily sleep 2 adults, even if those adults are taller or bigger than the average adult. It’s also slightly larger in dimension than many Queen mattresses, so there’s some extra space to stretch out comfortably.  

This is actually a really comfortable mattress. It’s suitable for daily use because it does a great job supporting your spine when you sleep. The raised height and firm support make it a safe enough air mattress to sleep on even if you have back pain.  It’s a very sturdy surface that is actually much more comfortable than a lot of budget hotel beds, so you may want to pack it on your next trip!

What There Is to Dislike About the Vremi Inflatable Queen Air Mattress

One of the most common problems with this air mattress is that it loses air overnight. Because it is built so affordably, it does not include the never flat sensors and secondary pump that automatically re-inflate the air mattress the second it falls below the desired pressure level. This problem is easily remedied as long as you remember to add air to it again each night before bed. 

It also inflates and deflates quite loudly. While the pump technology is great for quickly inflating the mattress, it was not designed with whisper quiet technology. Make sure that you are inflating and deflating this mattress when everyone is awake so you don’t disturb people because it is very loud. 

While it is thick and durable enough for us to safely assume that this is a chamber style mattress that uses PVC that is at least 0.4 mm thick and probably even 0.6 mm or more, we can’t be positive because the exact dimensions and coil style of the interior are not specified. 

Buying Advice

When buying a Queen air mattress for in home use, you want the mattress to feel like a bed, not a cheap temporary sleeping bag. This mattress is great because it’s durable, supportive, and raised high enough from the floor to feel like an actual bed.

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