What Is The Best Recliner Chairs To Buy In 2022? 

 January 15, 2020

By  Axel Kloch

Here are our top-rated, very favorite recliner chairs. Use the tables below to help you zero in on the type you're looking for, then read on to find the best recliner for you.

Top Best Recliner Chairs On The Market

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How To Choose The Best Recliner

Style, Functionality, Comfort

Choosing the best recliner for your home can be a challenging task. You need to make sure it is the right style of recliner and that it offers you all the functionalities you require to be as comfortable as possible.

Whether you’re buying a recliner for health reasons or just to put your feet up at the end of a busy day at work, there are a few things you need to consider before making your final choice. It’s also important that you choose a model that matches your interior design.

In this buying guide, we’re first going to run you through some of the best leather, swivel gliding, wall hugger, and other recliners currently on the market. We’ll then share some top tips on choosing the best recliner for your home.

By reading this guide, you’ll be made aware of why you should choose your recliner carefully and some top features to pay attention to when making your final decision.  So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Leather Recliner Chairs

Winner: Homelegance Center Hill

[amazon box="B00JGHDKDW" template="vertical"]

Leather recliners are an extremely popular option because they suit the design of virtually any home. While you can go for faux leather for a slightly lower price, choosing one that is made of real material means that it will likely stand the test of time.

With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to Homelegance, a brand known for providing some of the freshest and most functional furniture designs for virtually any home. 

The company’s products are exceptionally made and range from classical to modern depending on your individual preferences. Its seating collection is designed with comfort, style, and function in mind in order to create the optimal space for your living area

If you’re looking for a classic leather recliner, we suggest you check out the Homelegance 9668BLK-1 Glider Reclining Chair. It comes in a choice of black or brown and can be bought as a chair, loveseat, power RCLN chair, power RCLN sofa or a regular sofa. 


Thanks to its bonded leather seating design and matched bi-cast vinyl faux leather finish on the body, this Homelegance model is extremely easy to clean and maintain. All it requires is a regular wipe with a damp cloth and you should be able to keep away those pesky oil stains. 

The Homelegance 9668BLK-1 Glider Reclining Chair comes with traditional rolled arms and a channel-tufted design. And if you’re looking for a really traditional design, this one won’t disappoint as it comes with nailhead accents across both sides of the front of the chair. 

This model has a lever action reclining mechanism and offers a gliding motion when not in recline mode. It measures a modest 42 inches by 38.5 inches by 40 inches and requires a simple back assembly to setup. 

While the manufacturer does not clarify whether or not the product comes with a warranty, if you buy it from Amazon, you can purchase an additional 3 or 5 years of protection for anywhere between $39 and $66 respectively. 

Runner Up: Teyana Red Leather Recliner Club Chair

[amazon box="B01BH0GNFW" template="vertical"]

If the Homelegance 9668BLK-1 Glider Reclining Chair doesn’t quite tickle your fancy for any reason, and you want a recliner that adds a bit of color to your home and is smaller in size, we recommend you look at the Teyana Red Leather Recliner Club Chair.

With a size of just 35.75 inches by 26 inches by 42 inches, this chair is perfect for anyone wanting to relax in the comforts of a smaller space. Aside from its small frame, this Teyana armchair only needs to be placed 3 inches from the wall to still be able to fully recline. 

The Teyana Red Leather Recliner Club Chair is made up of a wooden frame and upholstered with red PU leather. But, if you’re looking for something a little less flashy for your home, you can also choose the white model available. 

While bright in color, the manufacturer has kept the overall design for the Teyana Red Leather Recliner Club Chair simple, meaning that it goes with virtually any home decor. 


Unlike other models, this recliner comes in only two parts and is therefore extremely easy to assemble. No tools are required and it comes with a comprehensive set of manufacturer instructions to follow. 

Customers who reviewed this model say that with just two people, you can get this recliner up and running in less than 15 minutes. Because it is not motorized, all you have to do is pull a handle and use your bodyweight to lean the recliner back. 

Because of its compact size, the Teyana Red Leather Recliner Club Chair is able to fit through doors that are 24” when at an angle. All you have to do is get the chair through the door before you slide on the back piece.

In fully reclined position, this armchair can lie at a flat 180 degrees, perfect for those of you who want to improve your circulation, have problems with your joints, or who are pregnant as it will lift your legs above your heart level. 

This simple yet classic and classy design is one of the cheapest on the market today, coming in at around [amazon fields="B01BH0GNFW" value="price"] per unit.

Plus, if you’re worried about how long it will last, you can buy an additional 3 or 5 years of protection for a one-off payment of $17 to $31. The Teyana Red Leather Recliner Club Chair gets our seal of approval as one of the best leather recliners on the market today. 

Best Swivel Gliding Recliner Chair For Nursing

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

[amazon box="B075T56NRH" template="vertical"]

If leather isn’t your style and you want something that looks a little cozier in your home, we can’t think of a better model than the Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

It comes in a classic yet stylish and slick square silhouette with track arm design as well as an elegant welt trim detail. The backrest comes with button tufting on the backrest and above all, you can choose from four colors and various materials. 

Designed for maximum comfort while spending time with your baby in its nursery, the Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner comes in beige, the choice of a grey linen or grey microfiber, or a mocha microfiber material.

Aside from its mound of color and design options, this Baby Relax recliner comes with an enclosed ball bearing mechanism which means that as well as offering a reclined position, you can swivel on it and you’ll benefit from a smooth gliding motion to keep an eye on your child. 

While this recliner was designed for a nursery, it is just as good a piece for a living room or bedroom as it is one of the most comfortable on the market to date thanks to its supportive spring core foam filled seat. 


While some customers find the wings aren’t quite long enough to rest your head, others say it is still one of the most comfortable armchairs to sit in after a long day at work. 

The Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner can recline to various positions depending on your preference as well as a fully lying position if you want to improve your circulation or suffer from problems with your joints. 

While the Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner looks larger than others, customers with smaller apartments who bought this chair have written in to say that it suits their homes perfectly despite having a smaller space. 

Because this chair is not particularly deep, it is perfect for both men and women no matter what their size. There are reports of women of 5’1 and 5’2 using it very comfortably. Others have reported using this chair with a separate footrest while they recuperate from surgery and don’t have the strength to lower the footrest normally. 

With a price tag of around [amazon fields="B075T56NRH" value="price"] and the option for an additional 2 years of protection for just over $50 extra, it would be hard to find anything to fault in this Baby Relax recliner model. 

Best Wall Hugger Recliner Chair

Coaster Home Furnishings Power Lift Wall Hugger Recliner Chair 

[amazon box="B00BGUOGW6" template="vertical"]

Are you limited on space? Do you already struggle to keep all your appliances, furnishings, and other belongings in order because you have a small apartment or living room?  Well, a wall hugger recliner may be just what you need to relax after work without taking up any additional space in your home. Best of all, we’ve got just the model that will blow your mind. 

The Coaster Home Furnishings Modern Transitional Power Lift Wall Hugger Recliner Chair is one of the coziest and most comfortable reclining armchairs on the market today. It is plush and padded allowing you to relax without feeling any springs coming through the foam over time. 

It is a wall hugger model which means that it can be placed within an inch of the wall and you will never have to pull it away in order to put it in its reclined position. Instead of leaning backward, wall hugger models such as this one push forwards. 

The Coaster Home Furnishings Modern Transitional Power Lift Wall Hugger Recliner Chair has the design of an automotive-style bustle back recliner with thick pillow arms for maximum comfort. 


It comes in a sort of textured velvet and you can choose between brick red, charcoal, chocolate, taupe, and brown depending on your individual preference. It has a lift function which makes it perfect for those of you who are less able and have either joint problems or other disabilities which make getting out of a chair that little bit harder. 

The lift function is powered by a motor which can be operated thanks to the included remote control. And, if that’s not enough, this Coaster Home Furnishings recliner comes with a specifically designed pocket to house the remote. 

The Coaster Home Furnishings Modern Transitional Power Lift Wall Hugger Recliner Chair is the ideal piece for anyone wanting to add a little functionality, comfort, and warmth to their home. 

Priced at just around [amazon fields="B00BGUOGW6" value="price"] with free shipping included, this model is slightly more expensive than its above counterparts, however, it is equipped with a lift mechanism and will save you a significant amount of space thanks to its wall hugger design.

Best Big Man Recliner Chair

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan Oversized Recliner

[amazon box="B01FDN76E6" template="vertical"]

With a zero wall mechanism that allows you to place your sofa right up against the wall, and a size that can fit two people very comfortably, the Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan Oversized Recliner is a special and stylish piece for any home.

Perfect for those with smaller apartments, the Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan Oversized Recliner is great if you have a larger stature and want to put your feet up after a long day at work.

This comfortable recliner has extra stuffing in the back area, seating area, and arm cushions for maximum comfort. Plus, its made of soft polyester microfiber rather than foam. It is built with a sturdy corner blocked frame and comes with a metal reinforced seat for increased durability.

Its contemporary style means that it is a great piece of furnishing for virtually any interior decor. Designed in a light mocha beige, this oversized recliner has a generous size of 59 inches by 44 inches by 41 inches meaning that you can easily cuddle up after a long day on your feet.


While the Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan Oversized Recliner doesn’t come assembled, the manufacturer does provide easy-to-follow instructions as well as the hardware to put your armchair together. All you need is a screwdriver and you’re good to go.

Not only this, you must ensure that your doorway is 32” wide or larger. The Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan Oversized Recliner comes directly from the manufacturer in order for you to receive your model in a timely manner.

Plus, you can choose between the recliner chair, the press back chaise, the recliner loveseat, and the recliner sofa, all of which come in the same material with a variety of different features based on the model you choose. 

The Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan Oversized Recliner is priced at around [amazon fields="B01FDN76E6" value="price"] and comes with free shipping straight to your doorstep if you order it from Amazon.

Best Power Recliner Chairs

Winner: Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner

[amazon box="B01LWPJN7B" template="vertical"]

Power recliners add a level of functionality that traditional lever-powered models lack. These rely on a series of motors to move different parts of your chair. You can typically adjust the back and footrests independently, and toggle additional functions such as vibrating and massaging.

Power recliner manufacturers such as Pulaski now produce models that have innovative features such as USB ports and surface areas that can be used for different purposes. Not only this, they use high-quality materials that make their furniture extremely durable.

Pulaski is known for manufacturing exceptional recliner of all types as well as elegant bedroom, kitchen, and dining room furniture. Combining quality materials with functional features and brilliant craftsmanship, Pulaski has created some of the best recliners ever produced.

If you are looking for a great power recliner that has an array of innovative features, the Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner has to be close to the top of the list. This magnificent power recliner has powerful, yet quiet engines that help power all of its great components.


Although most recliners aim to be comfortable, they often bring key design flaws because, for instance, some rooms may not allow you to place your chair next to an outlet, or perhaps your charger is too short

Pulaski Furniture has created a great power recliner that revolves around comfort and functionality. The Power Home Theatre Recliner features two USB slots on each of its sides, allowing you to charge your phone and tablet while enjoying a movie or your favorite sport.

In addition to this, it has an electric outlet for larger gadgets such as computers or other electronics. The recliner outlet is located on the back of the chair, making it very easy to place it next to a power source.

The Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner also features a very practical swiveling table that can be stowed away when not in use. This feature can be used to house food, snacks, device remotes, guides, and other accessories that people usually like to have handy.

The reclining feature itself offers endless possibilities as you can pick and choose the exact angle you want to sit at with the push of just a button. This means you can sit up while enjoying an intense series, recline when you are enjoying a comedy, and fully lay back for a long nap.

Made of a soft and durable faux leather cover, it provides a plush seating area that will make it one of your favorite seats in your home. Besides being very comfortable to sit in, this recliner is also easy to clean as you can avoid oil stains just by wiping the surface with a wet cloth.

If you are still not sure about the Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner, you can look at online reviews to see what customers say about this piece of furniture.

When it comes to value for money, the Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner offers a great alternative with a relatively low price tag at just around [amazon fields="B01LWPJN7B" value="price"]. You can also opt to add furniture protection from Amazon for 3 or 5 years for just under $79 and $47 respectively.

Runner-Up: Divano Roma Furniture Plush Bonded Leather Power Electric Recliner Living Room Chair

[amazon box="B01FTW3YQ0" template="vertical"]

If you think the aforementioned model is a little too high tech for your individual needs, we suggest you check out this Divano Roma Furniture reclining chair.

While it does not come with quite the same functionalities or color choices as the above Pulaski model, it is still one of the most durable and practical models on the market. Plus, it comes in a functional and minimalist design that will be sure to match the interior or your living area.

Powered by electricity, the Divano Roma Furniture Plush Bonded Leather Power Electric Recliner Living Room Chair can recline from upright to a fully lying position in a matter of seconds without you having to do anything but touch a button.

Plus, because it comes with a powerful and high-tech motor, you’ll never fall victim to screaches or other uncomfortable noises.

The Divano Roma Furniture Plush Bonded Leather Power Electric Recliner Living Room Chair comes in a stylish and durable bonded black leather, meaning that it will complement virtually any home it is placed in.


While the Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan Oversized Recliner doesn’t come assembled, the manufacturer does provide easy-to-follow instructions as well as the hardware to put your armchair together. All you need is a screwdriver and you’re good to go.

Not only this, you must ensure that your doorway is 32” wide or larger. The Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan Oversized Recliner comes directly from the manufacturer in order for you to receive your model in a timely manner.

Plus, you can choose between the recliner chair, the press back chaise, the recliner loveseat, and the recliner sofa, all of which come in the same material with a variety of different features based on the model you choose. 

The Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan Oversized Recliner is priced at around [amazon fields="B01FTW3YQ0" value="price"] and comes with free shipping straight to your doorstep if you order it from Amazon.

Best Ergonomic Recliner Chair

Winner: Fjords Mustang Large Leather Recliner and Ottoman

[amazon box="B00DT6S5Y0" template="vertical"]

If you are looking for a recliner, chances are you want to find the most comfortable model that helps improve your posture.

There are many high-quality recliners on the market that focus on providing the ultimate ergonomic experience. These allow users to work on their back position while seated in the comforts of their home or office.

But, the best ergonomic recliners tend to be in the premium price range because of their intricate design and features. Taking this into consideration we would like to introduce Fjords, a Norwegian company that specializes in manufacturing quality recliners and furniture in general.

Known as one of the best high-end furniture producers in the world, Fjords has earned a reputation for producing extremely comfortable ergonomic recliners. Not only this, but the company also uses superior-quality materials that result in reliable pieces every time.

Besides being known as a premier furniture manufacturer, the Norway-based company also thrives to offer innovative designs that go beyond the established standards. This results in captivating, efficient pieces of furniture that also work perfectly with all decor styles.

Purchasing the best ergonomic recliner is critical, so we would advise you take a look at the Fjords Mustang Large Leather Recliner and Ottoman. This lush recliner comes in eight different color options and two different sizes, making it perfect for homes of all sizes.

Because it’s made of genuine leather, you can rest assured knowing that your comfortable seat will withstand the test of time while maintaining appearance and functionality, especially if you look after it properly.


One of the reasons the Fjords Mustang Large Leather Recliner works so well is because it features a complex design. The backrest, ottoman, armrests, and seats all feature cold cure molded foam, resulting in the ultimate feeling of comfort once you’re sat down.

This reliable recliner also offers internal features that revolve around improving your seating experience. For instance, the Mustang recliner features the Fjords Active Release System, a one-of-a-kind mechanism that provides the best neck support.

You can also adjust the Fjords Active Release System manually, allowing you to optimize your seating position easily at any time. Besides improving your neck position, the Mustang recliner also helps you relax your body while preventing your legs and back from getting overworked.

Both the recliner and the footrest feature a swivel design, which allows them to turn 360 degrees. This adds another level of functionality and comfort while enabling you to place your recliner in different areas around your home or office.

If you are still skeptical about the Fjords Mustang Recliner, online reviewers give this high-quality ergonomic seat a four or five-star review 83% of the time.

Although the Mustang was purchased for both comfort and medical reasons, most customers praised its comfort and quality. Not only this, but the tilt feature and separate leg rest make it a perfect match for recovering patients and comfort enthusiasts alike.

With a price tag starting around [amazon fields="B00DT6S5Y0" value="price"], the Mustang Recliner may not be a budget choice, but it’s a worthwhile investment for those looking for the best ergonomic recliner available.

Thanks to its stylish finishes and dedicated ergonomic design, it makes a great choice for all families. This has earned the Mustang recliner our stamp of approval as one of the best in its class.

Runner-Up: Esright Massage Recliner PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge Heated Chair 360 Degree Swivel

[amazon box="B076DYPTGN" template="vertical"]

The Esright Massage Recliner isn’t only durable, but also extremely efficient. This premium recliner provides continuous back and leg support. This results in a more comfortable seating experience while gradually improving your posture over time.

But, comfort isn’t only about padding or positioning. The Esright Massage Recliner also features unique gliding mountings, resulting in the best seating position, regardless of who sits in the chair. Note that the recliner chair will adjust its position based on the user’s weight.

Additionally, the 360-degree swivel allows you to be involved and keep an eye on everything going on in the room without you having to get up from your seat. And, if that’s not enough it can recline to up to 150-degrees, perfect for an afternoon nap.

While comfort is key, this chair is also designed to help with a variety of medical and health conditions. Whether you’re recovering from an operation or suffer from stiffness in your muscles and joints, this Esright model can help.

The Esright Massage Recliner PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge Heated Chair 360 Degree Swivel comes with heating, massaging, and vibrating functionalities, perfect for igniting the muscles and joints and regaining mobility while also allowing you to sit back and relax.

Plus, you choose the intensity of all these functionalities thanks to the remote controller and power cord with which it comes. The model is equipped with five modes as well as two intensity levels, perfect for elderly people or those who suffer from health issues.

Designed in a soft PU leather, the recliner is made with durability in mind as it is able to stand to even the most intensive and regular use without showing any signs of wear and tear.

And, if all the above isn’t enough, it comes with padded extra thick sponge in both the back and arm areas, all of which retain their shape and will not weaken over time.

Not only this, you’ll never have to get up from your seat or lean down to pick up your drink as it is equipped with two cup holders, one on each side.

You’ll also benefit from four storage bags whereby you can keep all your favorite books, magazines, notepads, and even the remote control for both your chair and your television.

It is perfect for taller and larger people thanks to its generous size of 33.1 inches long by 35.8 inches wide, and 43.2 inches high. It weighs just over 90 pounds. 

With a price tag of just around [amazon fields="B076DYPTGN" value="price"] as well as a mound of features and functionalities to choose from, not to mention the additional comfort factor that comes with it, this Esright recliner gets our seal of approval as one of the best models available to buy in 2020.

Plus, you’ll benefit from free shipping as long as you reside in the United States.

Best Zero-Gravity Chairs - Indoor

Winner: Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Zero-Gravity Recliner

[amazon box="B01HQLLT3C" template="vertical"]

It is a fact of life that through the years gravity takes a hefty toll on the human body (no pun intended, of course). Developed by Human Touch and inspired by NASA technology, the Perfect Chair PC-420 is at the top of the list when it comes to rating the best zero-gravity chairs.

The ergonomics of the Perfect Chair allows for a similar body position the astronauts maintain when climbing into orbit. Not only is the Perfect Chair's seating position comfortable and soothing for the entire body, but it also offers numerous short term and long term health benefits.

When seated in the reclined position on the Perfect Chair PC-420, back pain and pressure is sufficiently relieved due to the vertebrae decompressing. Also, there is an improvement in blood flow due to the legs being raised above the heart.

This sitting position is also known to expand lung capacity, reduces muscle tension, fatigue and soreness and increases blood flow to assist the body when recovering from surgery.

As well as the multitude of health benefits, the PC-420 is superbly constructed utilizing one of the strongest woods which is from the rubber tree. The hand-carved and hand-finished wooden base will ensure that this chair lasts and retains its beauty for many years to come.


The Perfect Chair also uses natural cowhide leather which is relatively free of any imperfections. This chair also uses treated high-tensile strength steel which is smooth and quiet during the reclining process.

Other features which make this the best zero gravity chair is the head pillow which offers full support by cradling the head and neck while administering ergonomic comfort. An adjustable lumbar support system comes with a release valve which enables you to customize your comfort level further when seated.

The extended armrests, which are both long and wide, provide consistent support even when the chair is reclined to its zero-gravity position.

Striking the correct balance between seating comfort and support, the Perfect Chair is a unique creation which permits you to sit in a virtually weightless posture.

Regardless of which recline angle you decide to utilize, you can be assured of the maximum ergonomic posture through its fixed-form seating.

Combining an innovative zero gravity seating design, unparalleled health benefits and comfort, outstanding construction and superior stylish design, it is not difficult to see why the Perfect Chair is at the top of its class. However, the PC-420 is not for every budget, as it has a high list price of around [amazon fields="B01HQLLT3C" value="price"]. So take a load off, sit back and relax.

Runner Up: Kahuna LM-6800 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

[amazon box="B01M24RKQY" template="vertical"]

This position is effective in decompressing your spinal section and increasing the overall effects of the massage. The air-cell massage system being utilized by this chair is exceedingly effective in massaging your shoulders, arms, waist, and hips.

In addition to its unique and extremely effective ergonomic structural design, the LM-6800 is capable of being able to fit well within your home. This chair uses advanced design technology which allows it to conserve space when it is being transitioned into the zero-gravity reclining position.

The chair needs to be situated only three inches away from the wall before being reclined into zero-gravity position. This permits the chair to be seamlessly incorporated with your other furniture.

Using a computer body scan technology, the LM-6800 automatically scans your body size to provide a body massage which is customized to your size. It uses an air cell massage system which is effective in both operating quietly and increasing the quality of the massage.

Since this chair uses special programming, the air cells inflate independently of each other which permits your body to obtain an intense stretch by stretching. In addition to the six auto programs, this chair has five manual massage techniques and also provides heating therapy for the lower back and legs.


Due to its numerous beneficial health features, the LM-6800 is one of the best zero-gravity chairs on the market today. The zero-gravity position efficiently distributes your weight along the chair, relieving stress on your body and permitting a more profound massage experience.

As a result of the significant reduction of the body's stress levels, this chair will have you feeling as if you are weightless. The fully reclined position consists of your legs being higher than your heart. At this position, the therapeutic benefits are the most intense and may be felt immediately.

With a list price of [amazon fields="B01M24RKQY" value="price"], the numerous benefits of the LM-6800 do not come cheap. This is a very stylish well-constructed chair which also comes with double layer shoulder airbags, extra foot padding, and a remote control holder. The dimensions of this product are 48 x 31 x 46 inches, and it weighs 250 pounds when fully assembled.

Offering therapeutic massage and heating treatment, enhanced comfort and an exquisite space-saving design, it is not too complicated to see why the Kahuna LM-6800 is at the top of its class when it comes to the best zero-gravity chairs.

If this chair is within your budget and you are looking to maintain or improve your overall body health, the LM-6800 is worth a try.

Best Zero Gravity Chairs - Outdoor

Winner: Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Chair

[amazon box="B017B9PN2W" template="vertical"]

If you're in the market for a chair that is portable and ensures a proper tension relief, you have found your answer with Timber Ridge. For those who have never heard about this manufacturer, you will wish you did after you’re through reading this.

Timber Ridge classifies itself as being an outdoor brand catered towards professionals. Only those serious about their outdoor gear will truly appreciate what Timber Ridge has to offer. However, you shouldn't fret if you're new to the outdoor world.

Some people prefer to equip themselves with the best possible gear from jump. Outdoor products from brands such as Timber Ridge can make a dent in your wallet, so you should think twice before you make your order.

However, you will receive what you pay for. This is because all of Timber Ridge's products undergo various quality tests that are performed throughout differing environments. This is so Timber Ridge can truly comprehend what the buyers will go through while using their products.


Since Timber Ridge is a leader in the outdoor product market, it shouldn’t shock you to find out that it was one of the first manufacturers to embrace zero gravity chairs. It’s safe to say that the Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Chair is a customer favorite in the outdoor market.

As a side note, if you end up loving the Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Chair, you should seriously consider looking at its line of tents, wagons, bags, and much more.

The Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Chair has one of the highest weight capacities, which rests just under 350 pounds. For people who are over 6’4’’, trying to find a zero gravity chair to such a size is impossible. Thankfully, Timber Ridge made the impossible possible.

Timber Ridge wants you to feel as if you’re laying on a cloud when you get comfy on the Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Chair. To make this a reality, this zero gravity chair comes with a removable headrest, adjustable armrests, and a curved ergonomic design.

You can move around in this chair until you truly feel comfortable. This is why my people who end up purchasing the Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Chair prefer to take it with them to the beach.

On top of being comfortable, this chair is also lightweight, which makes transporting it from one place to another an extremely easy endeavor. In fact, the Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Chair weighs a total of 25 pounds, which you should readily carry.

Reading a book or tanning will become as effortless as breathing after you make ample use of the Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Chair. Now you can understand why this zero gravity chair earned our title as being the winner.

If we've caught your attention with the Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Chair, you'll be glad to hear that this product comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. In case any unfortunate accident was to happen, or the product came with defects, the issue will be addressed straightaway.

For those who want additional protection when it comes to the product, you should consider purchasing the yearly protection plans that are an Amazon specialty. You can choose from 3-year to 4-year plans, and they seem to be very affordable.

Runner-Up: Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair

[amazon box="B01MT929UQ" template="vertical"]

Best Choice Products always listens to its customers, which is why the Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair is one of the most up to date chairs that customers love. The manufacturer has gone through many trials and errors until it came up with this zero gravity chair.

Before we go into details about the comfort that this chair can ensure, we must discuss the cost-effectiveness associated with the Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair.

One way that this runner-up chair beats the winner mentioned above is it costs about half the price, and you receive two chairs with your order.

For many buyers, they get confused as to why someone would purchase any other zero gravity chair option when you can purchase two for such a low price. You also have more colors to choose from when compared to the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair.


The Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair is available in seven colors. This means you have the freedom to decide on a color that doesn’t clash with your interior decor. Don’t forget that color might fade over time, but that is a small price to pay for what you’re receiving.

When it comes to the comfortable nature of the Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair, you can expect to relax when you rest on it thoroughly. This is because this chair comes with seats that contain fine upholstery. The material you lay on is as important as the support that the steel body ensures.

Fortunately, the upholstery and the steel framework well together so your body can experience maximum comfort. No other zero gravity chair has such a system, which makes this one of a kind. In fact, Best Choice Products is the only one who has the patent for this design.

People tend to sweat in their zero gravity chairs, but you don't have to worry about that when you lay on the Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair. This is because this chair comes with a mesh material that gives it a breathable quality.

It keeps the chair resilient against harsh weather, including extreme heat, moisture, foreign particles or pest infestation.

To ensure it lasts a lifetime, users who store it indoors while not in use have been startled by enduring originality and authenticity.

If you’re on a tight budget, you will find that the Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair is your best option possible. This is because you’ll be purchasing two zero gravity chairs for around [amazon fields="B01MT929UQ" value="price"], which means that you’re paying less than $45 per chair.

Best Reclining Lift Chairs For Seniors

Winner: Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair

Next on our list of best recliners in 2020 is the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair thanks to its incredible functionalities and the fact that despite all these capabilities, the manufacturer didn’t skimp on style.

While slightly more expensive than its aforementioned counterpart with a price tag of just over $540, the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair is an exceptional model that is comfortable, stylish, and made with those less mobile in mind.

Whether you’re elderly, have a disability, or just struggle with certain movements, this Pulaski model is a lift chair with all the bells and whistles. Constructed with a plywood frame and a 100% polyester fabric, this recliner is durable and easy to clean.

The lumbar area, back, and armrests come with additional high-density foam padding and the reclining and lifting mechanisms are made of strong steel, thus giving it the perfect blend of comfort and durability.

One of the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair’s most attractive features is its design. Suited to blend with virtually any home decor, this recliner is contemporary, modern, cool, and elegant enough for living areas of all kinds. And, it comes in a choice of brown or beige.


With the touch of just one button, you can recline or sit up to your favorite position without straining yourself or having to lean over the side of your chair to find a lever or other mechanism.

The Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair has the ability to move from completely reclined to thirty degrees standing in a matter of minutes without you having to do anything but push a button.

Thanks to its convenient yet barely noticeable and elegant side pockets, you can keep your remote control, magazines, and other favorite books in your armchair. And, if all the above isn’t enough, this Pulaski model is equipped to lift up a person of up to 300 pounds in weight.

In addition to all the above, one of the key reasons why we believe the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair is one of the best recliners on the market this year is its battery backup which, in the event of a power failure, will reset the chair to its normal position.

This is especially useful if you struggle to lift your body weight from a lying position. No matter what happens with the electricity in your area, you’ll always come back to an upright position without going through any inconveniences.

While this Pulaski recliner does require some assembly, it is still among the most user-friendly as all you have to do is clip the backrest on. Plus, it comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Despite its slightly more expensive price tag, the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair can be shipped straight to your doorstep and if you purchase it from Amazon, you can buy an additional 3 or 5 years of protection for just over $45 and just under $80 respectively.

Runner-Up: U-MAX Power Lift Chairs Recliner for Elderly

[amazon box="B074GPRKVW" template="vertical"]

If your mobility is limited and you struggle to get up from your seat, then a recliner may be exactly what you need. Aside from offering an additional level of padding to your seating experience, you’ll also be able to lie back with the touch of just one button.

With the above in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the U-MAX Power Lift Chair Recliner. Specifically designed for the elderly and those with limited mobility, this recliner is not only comfortable but easy to operate.

Made of the finest quality PU leather, this U-MAX model is extremely sturdy without compromising comfort. And, thanks to its extra thick sponge padding in the back area, head, and armrests, you’ll never feel any of its parts digging into you.

One of its most prominent features is the electric power lift with which it comes. With the push of just one button, you can lie down or lift yourself back up smoothly and safely, without having to go through any harsh sudden movements or jolts.

Every single function and capability that the U-MAX Power Lift Chair has can be powered by two separate remote controls meaning that you’ll never have to lean over the side of your chair to get to your desired seating or lying position.

According to the manufacturer, the first remote control is designed to control the lifting and reclining mechanisms in the chair, while the other controls the back and the footrest in order for them to work together.

While the U-MAX Power Lift Chair is designed to be a wall hugger recliner, sellers do recommend it be placed 20 inches from the wall rather than 10 in order for it to recline or lift comfortably.

Best of all, this U-MAX Power Lift Chair comes with a massage feature meaning that if you’ve got any aches and pains, you can just sit back and relax while enjoying a full body massage.


This model focuses on 4 specific areas to massage. These are the leg, tight, lumbar, and back areas. And, if that’s not enough, you can choose between 5 different modes depending on the type of massage you want or the type of ache or pain you are suffering from.

These five modes include pulse, press, wave, auto, and normal, all of which have their own set of unique benefits. If you feel that heat treatment can help relieve some of your discomfort, you’re in luck as the U-MAX Power Lift Chair comes with heat function as well.

Located in the lumbar part of the chair, the heat function promotes healthy blood circulation and can also help loosen up any tightness in your back, making the massage that bit more efficient.

Last but not least, the U-MAX Power Lift Chair is easy to assemble and comes with 2 wheels for ease of use as well as 2 cup holders and 4 storage bags so you have all your comforts close while you enjoy your time relaxing.

With an a price tag of just around  [amazon fields="B074GPRKVW" value="price"] including free shipping straight to your doorstep, we believe the U-MAX Power Lift Chair is among the best recliners on the market today.

Best Petite Recliner Chair

Winner: ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair In Black Microfiber

[amazon box="B009NZYJ50" template="vertical"]

People that have homes adhering to modern interior design will find that trying to fit a recliner chair in the mix is challenging to achieve. This is because modern interior design is typically synonymous with minimalism, and a recliner chair is the opposite of minimalism.

In fact, most people with studio apartments stay away from recliner chairs because it’ll end up being the only piece of furniture in your room. As it says in its name, the ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair in Black Microfiber is categorized as a wall hugger recliner.

A wall hugger recliner gives with the best of both worlds, since it takes up a minimal amount of space without forcing you to rearrange the rest of the furniture in your home. The whole point of wall hugger recliners is that they save you space without having to give up your comfort.


The ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair in Black Microfiber only requires a 4-inch distance for your wall to recline fully. This means that your recliner no longer has to stick out like a sore thumb since you can rest it near your wall.

Other than its space-saving design, this petite recliner chair is as stylish as it is practical. It comes covered in a microfiber material that is entirely stain-resistant. Since the recliner comes in a black color, it's safe to assume that it'll blend in with any type of decor you have surrounding it.

The frame of the ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair is laminated hardwood, while the spring system is constructed with steel. With such a sturdy frame and spring system, this chair will last you several years without failing you.

Using the reclining mechanism is extremely easy, so those who have joint problems will be glad to hear that you don't have to strain yourself to recline your seat. In fact, the ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair comes with a car door lever that's located on its lower right-hand side.

All you have to do is pull on the car door lever, and you'll be sitting in a reclining position in a matter of seconds.

People usually stay away from recliner chairs because they take forever to assemble. However, Handy Living doesn’t believe in manufacturing products that give you a hard time when it comes to the assembling process.

This is why Handy Living designed the ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair in Black Microfiber in such a way that it’ll only take you 15 minutes to fully assemble it. It also ships in one box, so you can get started with assembling it right when it's delivered to your front door.

Recliner chairs that come with all these features normally have a price tag that exceeds $1,000. You’ll be surprised to hear that the ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair costs around [amazon fields="B009NZYJ50" value="price"], which is a deal you won’t get elsewhere.

You’ll want to specifically purchase the ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair from Amazon, since it is well known to offer the best online deals. In fact, only on Amazon can you buy this recliner chair for around [amazon fields="B009NZYJ50" value="price"].

Why You Should Choose Your Recliner Carefully

Below are some of the most important reasons you should pay great attention when choosing the perfect recliner for your home:

Your Budget

It’s important that you are realistic about your budget. The lower your budget, the less likely you are to buy a quality recliner with all the right features. That said, today, recliners come in all shapes and sizes and can be bought at a fraction of the price of when they first became popular. 

Your Decor

You should narrow down your search based on the type and style of recliner you want in order to match your interior decor.

Ask yourself whether your home is modern or traditional and base your choice of recliner on that. There are now recliners that match virtually any decor so make the most of it and choose one that suits your personal preference. 

Your Needs

Are you buying a recliner because you want to relax, or do you have a condition that requires you use one? If you’re buying a recliner for the latter reason, you should pay special attention to the features each recliner has.


For example, if you want to improve your circulation or have problems with your heart, you should choose a recliner that can recline to a flat position with your feet elevated.1

On the other hand, if you suffer from arthritis or stiff joints, you may want to choose one that lifts you up from your seat. It is worth noting that most recliners now have specific features built-in to help those with medical conditions. 

Features To Look Out For When Choosing The Best Recliner

Aside from the above, there are basic features you should look at when choosing a recliner for your home. Here are some of them:


If you live on your own and need to get your recliner in your home and built, you may need to consider how easy it is to lift. Having a recliner that is moderately easy to move will mean that you can move it from one room to another based on your preferences and needs. 

Recliners that have a gliding feature are particularly helpful for those who live alone and would like to move their recliner to clean or redecorate. 


The material you choose is extremely important. While leather is very stylish, many find it quite uncomfortable because it can stick to your skin when in contact with it for too long. 

Basically, it’s not a great material if you like wearing shorts or a strapless top. That said, it is easy to clean and durable. On the other hand, cotton and microfiber models have become increasingly popular because they come in a huge variety of colors and designs.


Aside from the fact that it can wrinkle, there is really no downside to choosing a recliner made of cotton or microfiber materials, especially as it is easy to clean and therefore perfect for households with pets or young children. 

Lastly, polyester recliners are very durable and come in at a fraction of the price of their aforementioned counterparts. Some find them more uncomfortable but that is a matter of choice. 


The whole point of buying a recliner is for it to be comfortable. If you choose a model that is uncomfortable you won’t use it and you’ll either send it back or accept that you wasted a load of money. 

With that in mind, you should not only choose the best material for your needs, but also opt for a model that is long enough to suit your height. 

For example, if you’re tall you don’t want your legs dangling off the end of your seat. On the other hand, if you’re short, you don’t want to fall into your seat too much. Always consider your height and weight when choosing your preferred model.

For those that have a little extra weight on them, it may be worth choosing an oversized recliner for additional space. 


Low-quality recliners may seem like the best option because they’re cheaper, but they’ll actually end up costing you more money in the long run. Over time, they deteriorate and leave you with bulging springs, and no padding. 


Not only this, low-quality recliners tend to start squeaking and jamming earlier so it’s worth spending a little extra money in the first place in order to ensure your recliner stands the test of time. 


The best recliner for your needs will completely depend on your physical condition, the hours you work, and whether you want to share your throne with a loved one. 

The recliners mentioned above are all incredible models that are very fairly priced. Consider all the features and components mentioned above, and make your final decision based on those you need the most. 

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