What is the Best Recurve Bow For Hunting Buy To In 2020? 

 August 22, 2020

By  Margaret Gulley

Whether you’re into archery or are passionate about hunting the best game, it is essential you purchase the right recurve bow. This particular kind of bow is designed to store more kinetic energy, allowing archers or hunters to deliver a powerful shot compared to other traditional straight-lined bows in the market.

Sure, you'll need to take out more time to practice, but with the right bow, it's likely that you will never miss a target again.

However, with so many different options to choose from, selecting the right recurve bow can be a challenging task. Rest assured, we have prepared this handy buying guide that will teach you everything you should know about making the right purchase.

Top 5 Best Recurve Bow On The Market

To ensure you make the right purchase, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite products in the market according to different categories. Some of the most popular names include:

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What is the Best Recurve Bow For Hunting? Keep reading to find out!

1. Spyder And Spyder XL Takedown Recurve Bow - best takedown recurve bow

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The Spyder is an excellent quality recurve bow that does pretty much everything it is designed to do. When compared to other models of the same price, the Spyder is lightweight and has an excellent finish.

Best of all, the limbs are interchangeable with the other models, i.e., the Samick Journey and Samick Sage, which makes this model an excellent choice for a traditional hunter or archer

Some Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Kit Includes Arrow rest, stringer tool, premium carbon arrows, SWA Spyder bow, hard case, and bowstring.
  • The bow is suitable for use for everybody regardless of their hand orientation
  • Designed by the makers of Samick Journey and Samick Sage. This particular model is an improved version and is quite easy to use
  • Includes a blow string, three-piece takedown bow and an Allen wrench for assembly, which makes the bow perfect for target archery, bow fishing, and hunting.

It features a sturdy dual wood laminated construction that has a 2-tone gloss finish. While you might not be impressed by most wooden bows, this one is certainly visually appealing. The grip is made using nothing but pure wood, making it comfortable and ergonomic to hold.


Best of all, the wood has excellent thermal properties so the bow will be comfortable to hold during cold climates. Best of all, the bow won’t feel cold in comparison to the metal riser.

The riser also includes a layer of redwood that allows the bow to stand out in the crowd. Additionally, the flush limb bolts offer a more streamlined feel and look. The limbs have strengthened limb tips that are flight compatible.

2. Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Combo - best budget recurve bow

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If you’re on a budget and want to do some shooting, we suggest you invest in the Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Starter Package Bow Kit.

This kit is a one-time purchase that will contain everything you will need to become an experienced archer. The comprehensive kit contains everything that a beginner of veteran archer will appreciate.

Some Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • 62” takedown economical bow, suitable for beginners to intermediate level archers
  • Hard maple laminated riser and Dymondwood
  • Hard maple limps that feature a single tapered knob and a crowned arrow shelf
  • Includes a B-50 bow string along with reinforced limb tips

This particular bow features a streamlined and efficient design which successfully makes it a popular choice among archers. You'll appreciate how the riser is made using real wood, hard maple, and Olive Dymonwood.

Regardless of its glossy finish, you’ll be surprised to know that the riser does not reflect too much, this ensures the riser does not distract you while you’re hunting. Additionally, the cut of the riser makes it possible for users to tune the bow according to the arrow type.


Since the riser is pre-drilled, you can conveniently attach as many accessories as you want such as a sight or stabilizer.

The Samick Sage is among the best quality recurve bows in the market because of its durability and high-quality limbs. Typically, most quality bows of the same price are known to have limbs that twist and distort. The limbs comprise of hard maple and undergo lamination for increased durability.

For additional support, the tips of the limb feature an additional strengthener that is Phenolic plastic. Another advantage of this bow is that the limbs detach easily and archers can unscrew using fingers.

3. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow - best recurve bow for the money

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This sturdy and well-constructed is bow is certainly a bang for your buck. The AMO length of 62” adds stability to the bow. This particular bow is an excellent choice for beginners. You can also use it as a backup bow for when you are traveling or are on a big hunt.

Some Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • 62" now includes arrow rest and B-50 bowstring
  • Pre-installed future upgrades such as Brass Bushings for sight, stabilizer, brass plunger and quiver
  • Hard maple limbs with black fiberglass
  • Archers can purchase additional limbs to alter the weight of the bow if required

The Takedown Recurve Bow is excellent if you wish to shoot arrows at an alarming speed. However, the performance of the bow will have a lot to do with the person's shooting style and the way people hunt.

It is advised you use the instrument for short-range hunting and not for long range situations.

The effective range of this bow is around 20 yards. The takedown recurve bow is available for both left and right orientations.

Since this is a takedown bow, archers can upgrade the limbs according to their strength, which eliminates the need for folks to invest in a new bow once their skills have developed.

The bow is available in a wide range of draw weights ranging from 30 lbs to 55 lbs. You can conveniently increase the draw weight as you become more experienced in the field.

Another notable advantage is that the Sage accepts many accessories and is designed to accommodate them.

4. Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow - best recurve bow for beginners

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The Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow is one of the best recurve bows on the market. Southwest Archery manufactured this bow, a company that is known for manufacturing high-end products for a reasonable price. These qualities make the Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow an excellent bow for beginners.

Best of all, the brand offers both right and left-handed versions to suit the user. The bow also had many pull weights that range from 20 to 60 pounds.

Some Notable Features Of This Product Include

  • 100% 30 money back guarantee along with a one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Incredibly well-constructed and high quality three piece takedown recurve bow
  • Comfortable grip and durable design that is likely to last countless archery and hunting range trips
  • 4-item kit that you can easily carry with you

Unlike most recurve bows on the market, this particular model is excellent for bow fishing, hunting or target, which ensures you don't have to juggle between two or more bows and can get everything done with this one.

Archers are likely to be impressed by the Spyder's impressive, streamlined design, a solid trademark of Southwest Archery. The topnotch design handles practically everything you throw at it.

The kit includes a three-piece takedown recurve bow that is exceptionally easy to carry around. It also contains an Allen wrench along with instructions on how you can assemble or disassemble the product.

The riser and the limb pockets feature rounded edges that make for a lighter bow. This feature is perfect for folks who require a bow for traveling and hunting.

These features also result in a more aesthetically pleasing or refined design. If you ever plan on upgrading the string, you can do this thanks to the reinforced limbs and tips.

Additionally, this recurve bow comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a 100% 30-day money back guarantee, which ensures customers can make a risk-free purchase without worrying about wasting their money. The brand also offers excellent customer service if you have more questions and queries in the future.

5. Courage Hunting Takedown Recurve Archery Bow - Best recurve bow for target shooting

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Finding the right archery bow can be a challenging tasks for beginners, fortunately, the SAS Courage 60″ Takedown Recurve Archery Bow is an excellent choice that not only features an attractive design but is also affordable. The overall construction of the bow is design to offer comfort, easy handling, accurate shooting, and stability.

Thanks to the bow's balanced and well-constructed, archers can make accurate and faster hits without putting in much effort. It also features pre-installed brass brushings for sight quiver or plunger stabilizer.

Some Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Wood limb along with a fiberglass face
  • Pre-installed brass bushings for stabilizer, brass plunger and quiver/sight
  • Hardwood riser
  • Tall 60" length for powerful shots

The SAS Courage is a largely sized bow that is excellent for hunting and practicing archery. It is constructed using wood composites along with a mixture of fiberglass. Additionally, the riser is constructed using pure wood that offers a solid and stable base.

Because of the bow's long design, more force is transferred to the bowstring, resulting in powerful shots that can travel long distances. The 60" bow thus helps in delivering powerful shots.

Additionally, since the draw weight can go up to 50 lbs., users can efficiently use the bow to hunt powerful and large animals.

Better yet, the product uses a simple mechanism and is quite lightweight. The riser is quite stable, ensuring the sturdy limbs remain centered when you draw the string.

This product comes with an excellent 3-year warranty. The warranty also covers repairs and replacements if the product defects. You can visit the brand's website for more information about their warranty policies.

Why Should You Choose Your Recurve Bow Carefully

Experienced folks will agree can be challenging sport, especially if you don’t have the right bow. If you’re still wondering why you should put in all this effort to buy the right product, here are a few important reasons why:

  • Portability: The most daunting thing about outdoor sports is that you are required to carry around your equipment wherever you go. Archery works the same way so you might as well invest in a bow that is portable and lightweight. Good quality bows are constructed using lightweight materials that are easier to carry around. It's also worth investing in a product that will require limited storage space.
  • Better Archery Experience: Did you know that Mongols had used recurve bows centuries ago for hunting and warfare? The only difference is that the bows we use today offer a better archery experience. Buying a good quality product will enhance your experience, ensuring you get the best value for your money.
  • Comfort: A good quality bow will allow you shoot at the target with ease. Additionally, a lightweight bow will also prevent back strain, and you can sustain a better posture, which is important for improving performance in the field.
  • Less Maintenance: Good quality products require less maintenance which means you won’t have to worry about looking for replacement parts from time to time. However, making a wise purchase will save you from this hassle once and for all.
  • Warranty: Reputable brands offer a standard 1-year warranty that comes in handy if there is a defect in the product or if it suffers damage. It is thus essential you opt for a high-quality product that you can use for the next couple of years at least.

Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Recurve Bow

To ensure you have made the right purchase, here are a couple of factors you should consider before investing in a recurve bow:

Intended Purpose

There’s no denying that recurve bows are great archery tools. Experienced archers will agree that these bows are typically more difficult to use, hence their popularity in archery competitions. However, it's important you determine the purpose of the bow before investing.

It's worth noting that now all recurve bows can be used for shooting game. Evaluating the draw weight and accuracy of the bow is important if you are purchasing a bow for hunting.

A draw weight of 40 to 45 pounds is a good choice for a popular game including turkey, deer, and elk. However, if you plan on hunting down larger animals such as buffalos and bears, the draw weight must be 55 pounds or more.

If you're only concerned about target practice, a normal draw weight of 24 pounds should be sufficient enough. We suggest you spend some time practicing with the recurve bow before, this will ensure an animal does not go through unnecessary suffering when you are hunting for game.

Draw Weight

The draw weight is a term used to measure the amount force stored inside a fully-drawn bow. In other words, the draw weight will determine how far your arrow will fly. It will also affect the amount of strength needed to shoot the arrow. If you’re a beginner, we suggest you start off with a bow having a lighter draw weight.


Once you have mastered accuracy and have improved your technique, you can move over to recurve bows with a greater weight. However, some states have a few restrictions such as a minimum draw weight for hunting so make sure you follow the rules.


The riser is the middle portion of the recurve bow that includes a grip, which connects both limbs and allows the users to hold the bow securely. Aluminum, laminated wood or a combination of the two are some of the best materials for making risers.

These components are often compatible with limbs and can be used to attach many accessories such as an arrow rest or sight.


The limbs are among the most important components of the bow. It comprises of the lower and upper portion part that holds the string from both ends. It also plays an important part in connecting the middle of the bow and the riser.

The limbs are typically constructed using materials such as wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. The limbs may feature varying weights that can alter the movement and precision of the recurve bow.

Ensure you invest in a recurve bow with powerful limbs that can effectively store kinetic energy or else you will have trouble hitting the target. Any kind of malfunction or fault in the fitting and design of the limbs can cause the arrows to shoot sideways, causing archers or hunters to miss their target.

Added Accessories

Buying a recurve bow with added accessories can save you plenty of time and effort in the long run. Not to mention, it can help improve your performance on the field.


Many shooters prefer buying kits or bows that come with additional accessories, which results in added comfort and ease while you're out hunting or are in a high-pressure situation.

Most standard take-down bows consist of a wooden handle, two limbs along with a string. These components are available in varying tensions which you can purchase individually or in the form of a kit. Other accessories such as a finger tab, stabilizer, and bow sight also make it easier for shooters to hit the right target.

On the other hand, archers can benefit from another set of accessories such as quiver so that they have easy access to arrows. For added protection, you can also invest in a chest guard or an arm-guard to protect yourself against archery-related injuries.

Weight Of Bow

Paying attention to the weight of the bow is especially important if you are investing in a recurve bow for hunting, which is important because hunters spend a lot of their time scavenging around the woods so you might as well invest in a lightweight bow that won't slow you down.

However, lightweight bows tend to be noisier than sturdy ones. So make sure you find the right balance between comfort and usability before making a purchase. We advise you opt for a product that is vibration free and does not produce much noise.

Length Of The Bow

Considering the length of the bow is also important before making a purchase, which is because longer bows tend to be more accurate. This feature is highly important if you are hunting.


However, make sure the bow is easy to carry around wherever you go and is comfortable enough to hold. There's no point in purchasing an incredibly long bow if you're not able to hold it in place.

Level Of Expertise

Have you ever used a recurve bow or is this your first time? It's essential you consider your level of expertise before making a purchase. Beginners will receive a bow that is easy to handle even if it does not offer the best accuracy.

Once you have mastered your skills, you can match your expertise to the right draw length. As you gain experience, you can opt for a high-end or advanced recurve bow that matches your capabilities.


Conducting thorough research is important if you want to purchase the best recurve bows. Hopefully, this detailed guide has provided you all the information you will need to make the correct purchase.

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