What is the Best Singing Bowl To Buy In 2022? 

 April 26, 2022


What is the Best Singing Bowl? Keep reading to find out!

Tibetan singing bowls have been around for centuries. They are specifically for meditation and healing purposes. By tapping into the bowls, you can create a range of sounds to calm the soul, body, and mind.

The sounds produced helps restore the normal vibratory frequencies of affected parts of the body. These sounds work as ‘energy medicines’ that promote healing, easing one’s pain, depression, stress.


The healing process begins by entraining our brainwaves to harmonize with the resonance of the singing bowls. Users can create different tones to produce the ideal state for intuitive messages, deep meditation, and creative thinking.

The pure sonic waves provide several mental health benefits and are also good for the ears. However, to get started, you’ll need to invest in the best singing bowl. Rest assured, this buyer’s guide will teach you everything there is to know about making the right purchase.

Our Top Recommendation For Best Singing Bowl On The Market

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Do you want to invest in the best singing bowls? Here are a few of our best picks according to different categories:

1. Silent Mind Singing Bowl Set

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Silent Mind Singing Bowls are constructed using the best quality and are perfectly designed to fit in your hand. Despite its small size, this singing bowl does not compromise on sound and can produce the same resonance as larger bowls.

Perfect for sound therapy, meditation, and spiritual gatherings, the Tibetan Singing Bowl Set is just what you need to create the perfect atmosphere for generating positive energy.

  • Purchase includes 4 Singing Bowls: Your purchase will include a hand-sewn pillow and an easy-play pencil grip striker. Use the singing bowl to create longer lasting sound. The exquisite designs will look excellent inside your home.
  • Superior Quality: Each design is inspected and hand-selected to ensure it meets quality standards. The manufacturer checks each singing bowl set for sound quality and defect before shipping. This feature ensures that customers benefit from the best quality possible
  • Beautiful Aesthetics: The singing bowl is designed to create a calming and relaxed sound once you have played or tapped around the rim, which is an excellent way to meditate, relax and unwind.
  • Perfect Gift for Loved Ones: These singing bowls make the perfect gift for loved ones. These bowls will make a great gift for folks who are stressed out or could use a new hobby.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Silent Mind may be a small family run business, but they are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of each of their customers. This reason is why the brand offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

The bowls will help you create a space for positive energy. Your brainwaves start synchronizing with the sound, allowing users to achieve mental clarity and creativity. Using the singing bowls will initiate healing and will reduce stress.


This feature makes Silent Mind Antique Design Tibetan Singing Bowl Set an excellent choice for parents, beginners, yoga teachers and school teachers alike. The attractive yet calm-inducing design of the singing bowl produces rich tones and emits authentic ones and vibrations.

Aside from guaranteeing peace and well-being to its users, Silent Mind also promises excellent customer service. The brand is ready to answer to all of your questions and queries and will gladly provide instructions when it comes to taking care of the bowl.

2. Solar Plexus Tibetan Singing Bowl

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The Solar Plexus Singing Bowl is an amazing quality bowl that is made using seven materials including lead, zinc, copper, iron, and tin. All the metals serve a unique purpose.

  • Authentic Handcrafted Bowl: The Company manufactures and sells handcrafted products while its retailers and wholesalers are from Nepal.
  • 8 inches Diameter: The singing bowl features an impressive height of 3.5 inches and is 8 inches in diameter, which is the perfect size for most singing bowls in the market.
  • Intricate Design: The singing bowl features intricate designs on its exterior and interior surfaces. This feature adds to the aesthetic value of the singing bowl. For optimal quality, the bowl is handmade in Nepal and features the best craftsmanship.
  • Free Accessories: Now you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional accessories. Your purchase will include a free silk cushion and a wooden mallet Drum.

The seven metals represent the sun, moon and other planets. You can use the bowl for chakra cleansing, music or mediation, depending on your purpose. Your purchase will also include a leather striker with the bowl. The bowl has been hand-hammered in Nepal.


The bowl has been hand-crafted for the most striking designs. Because of its hand-crafted design, the bowl has been hammered to improve its texture. Additionally, the bowl offers a long-lasting tune that helps create a peaceful environment.

Folks who are in search of a good quality handmade bowl will certainly not be disappointed by this product.

3. Thamelmart Superb B Crown Tibetan Singing Bowl

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This Singing Bowl from thamelmart is a special singing bowl that is made using seven unique materials including copper, iron, zinc, lead, tin, gold, and silver. Each metal serves its unique purpose.

  • Handicraft Manufacturer: When purchasing this singing bowl, you can rest assured that you are getting your hands on the best quality products manufactured in Nepal.
  • Older Hammer Marks: For optimal benefits, the singing bowl features old hammer marks on the exterior and interior surface of the bowls.
  • Accessories: The singing bowl comes with a green colored silk cushion and wooden mallet, which ensures that you don't have to buy the accessories separately.

You may use the bowl for chakra cleaning, mediation or music depending on your personal preference. Your purchase will also include a leather striker. For optimal benefits, the bowl has been hand-made in a traditional way. It also has a long lasting tune that will help users create a peaceful environment around them.


Folks who are in search of a handmade bowl from Himalaya will not be disappointed with this product. The singing bowl can be used to treat disharmonies with the crown chakra.The B-Chakra is on top of the head.

Disharmonies in the B-chakra can result in hyperactivity, creative exhaustion, psychic debilitation, and psychosis.

4. Resonance Imports Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

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Start your daily mediation with the Tibetan Singing Bowl Set. This fantastic Tibetan Singing Bowl Set is an excellent choice for minimalists.

The bowl features a bright gold color along with clean lines. Best of all, these bowls are handmade, so each bowl is unique. You can purchase the singing bowl with a black or blue cushion. Your purchase will also include a wooden mallet.

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction: The Company focuses on offering complete satisfaction to its customers. Since the products are handmade, you may find a few imperfections in the finish. However, these minor imperfections are unlikely to affect the sound quality of the singing bowl. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can contact the company for a replacement or a refund.
  • Free Music Downloads: To get better use out of the bowls, you can download free music and guides, which you can use with these bowls, which will help you achieve a more relaxed state of mind. You can also listen to sample sounds on Resonance Import’s YouTube Channel.
  • Great Gift: The product can serve as a great gift for Christmas, friendship gifts, birthdays and Thanksgiving.
  • Includes a Protective Box: The Singing bowl includes a protective box along with a cushion and mallet.

Folks will be pleased to know that this bowl is pretty compact and features a nature-inspired trim. Thanks to the bowl's compact design, it is the perfect choice for parents who wish to introduce their children to meditation.


While the singing bowl has not been modified to give off a certain pitch, the high-quality wooden mallet can be used to give off a clear tone. For better results, the mallet is curved and is designed to give off more responsive results compared to cylindrical mallets.

For more information on how to use and properly care for the instrument, users can benefit from the e-book guide.

5. ShalinIndia Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Singing bowls have become increasingly popular and are popular in India along with other Asian countries for healing, religious and meditation practices. However, because of its tremendous benefits, many people in the west have also started incorporating these therapeutic instruments in their daily lives.

  • Includes Accessories: Your purchase will include one singing bowl, a cushion, and a stick. The pattern and color of the cushion may vary.
  • Stunning Hand-painted Finish: The singing bowl features a gold-tined trim along with Tibetan characters. Its stunning design enhances the overall appearance of the singing bowl.
  • Made in Nepal: If you're in search of an authentic singing bowl made in Nepal, the Tibetan Singing Bowl is an excellent choice.
  • Large Size for Home Use: The product features a large design that is best suited for home use.

You can use singing bowls for yoga studios, meditation or for home use. If you’re in search of a singing bowl that features a beautiful exterior and is appealing to the eyes, we suggest you invest in the Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation.


This singing bowl features a stunning decorative design that will contribute to the enhanced ambiance and overall elegance of your home. The bowl is machine-constructed and made using a metallic alloy, which ensures high quality.

The final product is hand painted by an experienced artisan. The bottom of the bowl features elegant colors and design, which makes the bowl beautiful from every angle.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are powerful, therapeutic musical instruments that stimulate the theta and alpha brain waves. Similar to other forms of healing, these singing bowls are kinesthetic which means the instrument's effectiveness often depends on the tool's feel, shape, and size.

Today, singing bowls are often used in mediation sessions to add depth and engross the user. You are likely to receive more benefits of the bowl if you play it by yourself.

How Do Singing Bowls Battle Stress

Using singing bowls is a form of sound therapy. It is effective because it influences the physical and emotional state of humans. Emotional imbalances are often the most primary cause behind physical diseases.


Once you're able to calm down your emotional stress, the physical symptoms are likely to disappear. Emotions and sounds connect deeply with each other. Human emotions link with expression using sound. Experts believe that the repression of sound can result in emotional blockages.

How Do Singing Bowls Work

Sing bowls work by revolving the mallet around the rim of the singing bowl or by striking the side. The later creates a continuous sound which may be soothing for the user.

These bowls are similar to standing bells because of its undercarriage on the surface, table, and floor. This reason is why the decorative aspect of bowls may sometimes hamper the sound quality instead of enhancing the use of the singing bowl.

Tips For Using A Singing Bowl

Want to achieve the maximum benefits of using a singing bowl? Here are a couple of tips you should follow:

Learn To Loosen Your Grip

A lot of beginners make the mistake of holding the bowl too tightly. Learn to loosen your grip. If you hold onto the singing bowl too tightly, the bowl won't produce any noise.


Consistency Is Key

If you want to battle stress and avail the therapeutic benefits of singing bowls, you’ll need to be consistent. Listen to your instructor and take the time to practice. Also, varying speed and pressure may not always work so stick to what works for you best.

Find A Good Instructor

Having a good instructor is the only way to ensure that you'll do well. Choose a teacher that you can connect with on a deeper level. This step will allow you to experience greater benefits of using singing bowls.

Factors To Pay Attention To When Choosing Your Singing Bowl

Here are a couple of factors you should consider before investing in a singing bowl:


Before investing in a singing bowl, it is essential you determine what you will use the bowl for grounding: meditation or physical healing. Additionally, are you purchasing the singing bowl to add to your collection or are you on the verge of becoming a sound healer? The answer to these questions will have an impact on your purchase.

Antique Vs. Modern Bowl

As mentioned above, each type of singing bowl produces a slightly different sound. Some bowls are antiques and have been passed down to new users for several years.


However, antique bowls are more expensive and are difficult to find. However, you can opt for an antique design bowls that feature intricate design but aren’t as expensive as real antique singing bowls.


Timbre is the tone quality that impacts the material and craftsmanship of the striker and bowl. Most bowls are constructed using alloy and include a balanced, ringing timbre. Singing bowls featuring pure and more auspicious materials are likely to have a better tone. Singing bowls that are made using quartz feature a clearer and purer tone.


The appearance of the bowl may be important in the selection process of some people. For better use, the shape size and personality of the bowl should suit the user. Each type of bowl has its special history. Before making a final choice, it is essential you spend some time looking for the best bowl that catches your attention.

Additionally, the bowl should not be too heavy or small for your hand. Some bowls may feature Sanskrit mantras while others may have deep hammer marks. It is essential you opt for a product according to your personal preference. All of these factors must be taken into consideration while investing in a singing bowl.


Before investing in a particular singing bowl, don’t forget to pay attention to quality. Consider talking to a friend or visiting a yoga instructor who is passionate about singing bowls.


Fining an authentic Tibetan bowl may require more effort than you think, which is because it takes a trained eye to learn the difference between the two. Pay attention to the markings on the bowl, its thickness, and overall tone.

It is important to pay attention to factors such as harmonics, vibration, longevity, and warmth. Singing bowls are made all around Tibet, so their markings represent the region of origin.

Single Vs. Bowl Sets

Do you only need a singing bowl or would you rather prefer buying a set that includes all the accessories you will need? Most bowl sets include a singing bowl, a stick and a cushion. A bowling set is an excellent option if you want to save a couple of bucks or are looking for a neat gift for a friend.


Singing bowls are available in many different styles and varieties. Some of the most popular varieties include:


This particular type of singing bowl features visible hammer marks. These bowls typically feature classical circular marking at the bottom and etching lines below the rim. Jambati bowls have become quite rare over the years. Initially, people used them for storage, which means that Jambati bowls have a high preservation level.



Thadobati bowls are relatively straight. They feature a flat bottom with two vertical sides. Some bowls may be rounder than others. However, the most common type features a bottom diameter that is slightly smaller than the opening.

These singing bowls are relatively deeper, typically featuring a 5 to 9-inch diameter. These styles feature a higher copper content while some may include more golden tones.


These bowls resemble Thadobati bowls regarding timbre and shape. These bowls also produce a similar sound which means the bowls can easily fit with Thadobati sets.

The only difference between the two bowls is that Remuna features an inward slope with a flat bottom and are known to display beautiful artwork. Remuna bowls typically feature deep etching circles at the bottom of the bowl and inside out.


Most of these bowls feature two textures, with the bottom of the bowl being rougher than the upper portion.


These were among the original singing bowls. Manipuri bowls were the most popular type among Western travelers in 1970s. During this time, refugees from Tibet brought in singing bowls.

Singing bowls sell well in India and Nepal, thanks to their metallic content. The singing bowl received its name from the Northeastern state in India. You will find plenty of sub-style Manipuri bowls in the market.


If you want to learn more about these products, check out their customer reviews on Amazon. We hope this detailed guide has provided you enough information about purchasing the right singing bowl. Good luck!


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