A Complete Buying Guide for the Best Skin Care Products 

 July 2, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It is the outer covering of the body and the largest in the integumentary system. Human beings need to take care of their skin using the best skin care products possible. Are you wondering why your skin should be so important? Read on to get the answer right away. The skin guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments, and organs. It takes a lot of work and effort for your skin to remain healthy, fit, and ultimately beautiful.

Types of Skin

It is good to know the type of skin you have before you go shopping for skin maintenance products. Doing so will make sure you get the best for you and not what might work best for somebody else. Human beings are different, and so are your skins too.

Dermatologists state skin has five types. These types define what facial essences are best for you. The various types include:

  • The normal skin type
  • The dry skin type
  • The oily skin type
  • The combination skin type
  • The sensitive skin type

When you realize the skin type you possess, you know the best way to take care of it. Remember, you only have one skin. So, take care of it wisely.

Determining and Taking Care of Different Types of Skins

1. The Normal Skin Type

Those with typical or standard skin will exhibit some characterized features like smooth texture, few or no breakouts, and delicate pores. Other characteristics include but are not limited to no sensitivity and no blemishes.

Knowing your skin type and taking care of it are two different things altogether. Taking care of a typical skin type is the easiest of all. Straightforward products as you have the typical skin type that works with the majority of skincare products. See the list below of things that benefit your skin.

  1. Wear the best skin sunscreen
  2. Hydrate yourself
  3. Stay moisturized
  4. Wash your face before sleeping
  5. Do not sleep with your makeup on

What if you’re fan of Cosmetics

Some of you may not be fans of makeup, but this does not hinder you from washing or cleansing your face before you sleep. Those who are fans of cosmetics need to know what damage it can cause to their skin. It clogs the pores and leads to breakouts. Be sure to remove it every night before you sleep. Speaking of moisturizing your skin, you need to know this is good for all skin types, according to the dermatologists.

Miniaturization Matters

Your body, if well moisturized, will remain moisture and prevent overproduction sebum. Just like moisturizing your skin, sunscreen is good for overall skin maintenance. Exposing your skin to direct sunlight may lead to developing dark spots and patches. Drink a lot of liquid throughout the day, most preferably water. Doing this will keep you hydrated and avoid the production of excess sebum.

2. The Dry Skin Type

Just as the name suggests, dry skin lacks moisture. So, experiencing this skin dryness stems from lack of moisture that results in some flaky and rough appearances. You may also notice some uneven texture, skin itching, or the skin feeling tight. If you belong here, there is always a way to care for it.

On top of using the best skin essence products you know, do these things:

  1. Use sunscreen regularly to prevent dehydration.
  2. Moisturize your skin regularly to keep it moist and avoid dehydration. Do this when the skin is damp.
  3. Use a humidifier to retain your skin’s natural moisture.
  4. Drink a lot of water/ liquids.
  5. Skip long hot showers. A hot shower strips the natural oil from your skin.
  6. Use a gentle cleanser or a shower gel with moisturizer. Do this with the best Beauty counter products which you have meticulously screened for your safety.

3. The Oily Skin Type

When your skin has some greasy appearance, some open pores, and skin prone to breakouts, then you might have oily skin. It is recommended that you use the best skin care serum before moisturizing your skin sp you can lock the moisture in your skin. Again, here you need to make sure you remain hydrated and wash your face at least twice a day. It is advisable to use a toner after washing your face. Toner removes any traces of dirt and impurities in your pores, impacting the appearance and tightness of your pores positively. More ways of taking care of your oily skin include:

  1. Using an Astringent every day.
  2. Applying the best facial products once a week, you can consider a facial mask here.
  3. Exfoliate once a week.
  4. Using a cleanser containing sulfur, salicylic acid, or tea tree since they dissolve excess sebum.

4. The Combination Skin Type

Just like the name suggests, this is a combination of two skin types: dry skin, and oily skin. Oily skin types exhibit the listed characteristics and without proper care, won’t get better. See the traits of people with the combination skin type below:

  1. Sensitive cheeks
  2. Breakouts only on forehead, nose, and chin.
  3. Oily T-zone and dry cheeks

There are several tips for taking care of this kind of skin. Follow them strictly, and you will see results. Firstly, dermatologists recommend that you use cleansers if you belong to this group. The pores in your T- zone are usually larger than those of your face. Harsh products could clog the pores too. Dermatologists advise you to use a gentle cleanser for this matter.

Oily T-zone and dry Cheeks

Secondly, buy oil free products. They will clog your pores. Whether you are buying your best skin products or that one you secretly admire from your colleague. The key is oil-free.

Separate Skincare Routines

Thirdly, you need to maintain two separate skincare routines. The best facial treatment for oily skin could be harmful to the dry one. Generally, products that work for dry skin may be harsh on oily skin. You, therefore, need to follow two separate skincare regimen for your T- zone. Be sure no to use the same products for your T-zone on the rest of your face.

Exfoliating Every Day is Dangerous

Fourthly, some people are addicted to exfoliating every day but this is a harmful practice. It removes the natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry and not moisturized. Only exfoliate once in a while. When doing it, do not scrub your T- zone too much as you will be damaging your skin unknowingly.

Last but not least, wear sunscreen since it is a must have for everyone. People with combination type skin should choose an oil-free sunscreen.

5. The Sensitive Skin Type

Have you ever heard of over-reactive skin? This skin type develops acne and other complications but never understands why. If you exhibit the following traits, then you have a sensitive type of skin.

  1. Feeling itchy while wearing tight clothes
  2. Flushing quickly after eating spicy food
  3. Your skin feeling itchy and tight
  4. Your skin becomes oily during summers
  5. Your skin becomes dry during winters
  6. Uneven texture in some parts of your body
  7. Reacting to skincare essence
  8. Appearing red after a hot water bath

Check the Vulnerable Skin Types

As you can see, this is a tough skin type but it can be easily managed. Skin sensitivity and allergies are similar but different. Allergies are very severe, and they sometimes cause difficulty breathing. Those who, for instance, are allergic to dust, do not necessarily have sensitive skin. Your skin could be vulnerable to a particular ingredient in some products. Sometimes it adapts to other products that do not contain that ingredient. However, if you have sensitive skin, it will most likely react to harsh skin products and chemicals.

You will need to do the following to take care of sensitive skin. First and foremost, you should not blindly believe hypoallergenic labels. Conduct a patch test before applying any products as some of them may not suit you.

Overdoing Your Skincare Routine

Additionally, you shall not overdo your skincare routine. Be fair to your skin and use a mild cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Please do not apply too many products to your face.

Conduct a Patch Test

Moreover, you shall conduct a patch test. Those seriously wanting to avoid skin reactions need to take this seriously. Please do not use a product without testing it on your hand. Dermatologists recommend that you take 24 hours, and if there is no reaction, you are free to apply it to your face.

A facial is a necessary and essential form of treatment of your skin, starting with the best facial treatment. It encompasses the deep cleansing of the pores, skin exfoliation, and removing dead skin.

Primary Skin Concerns with The Help Of Massages

Primary skin concerns can be treated with the help of massages, masks, and peels. Some of the most common skin treatments are botulinum toxins and chemical peels, just to mention a few. Heard about toner? Toner is used to get rid of grime and impurities stuck to your pores after washing your face. Using the best facial essence, too, is advocated for by researchers. The lightweight hydrating liquid prepares your skin to absorb moisturizer. Doing so, it subsequently absorbs other skin products better.

Using Overnight Pads

To start with, search for the organic ones. Organic sanitary pads are chemical-free and mostly unscented. By this virtual, the pads are considered less likely to irritate your skin. They prevents any uncomfortable chafing or rubbing. Look for pads made from super soft materials such as cotton or bamboo. Some ladies experience heavy, regular, and light flow. These ladies will need to consider their cycle before making any decision to buy any pad. There could be even all-natural options with leak guards and wings. Some are even from eco-friendly reusable materials.

Looking for the best yet? Choose:

  • A soft, organic pad with a leak- blocking panels
  • A thin, overnight pad that is unscented
  • A hypoallergenic bamboo option

All the above will help take care of your skin and ultimately keep it healthy for the other underneath organs.

What about Whitening Soap

When was the last time you probably heard of “whitening soap?” Did you know this should be part of your skincare regimen? Replacing your ordinary soap is a recommendable decision, and it will not interfere with your usual regimen. Because a few innovative companies are in a position to produce whitening skin soap, it is not accessible. Instead, other topical whitening treatments are more popular. As it is still new in the market, skin whitening soap could be the best answer to many women. For instance, those who are not willing to add extra time to their skincare routine, this soap could be perfect for you. Again those who are new to skin whitening will introduce them to other treatments like creams and best skin care serum.

The whitening skin soap has been proven by dermatologists to offer something other skin whitening products do not. Most skincare products come with a booklet of usage instructions. You just need to use whitening skin soap the same way you would use regular bar soap. That translates into reaching for your whitening skin soap whenever bathing instead of your bar soap. A simple way to do it.

Where to find the soap?

Those worried about the cost of the whitening treatments, don’t need to. It is only a few coins more than your regular bar soap’s cost. It is cheaper, much more than any dermatological treatment. But you should not go for it blindly. Thus if you want to get your face to a lighter, brighter tone, always invest in an excellent all-natural whitening face cream. Try to get them from reputable makers.

What to Eat For You To Take Care Of Your Skin?

How can you leave without talking about what to eat for you to take care of your skin? Nutrition is quite essential for general health and consequently, that one of the skin. As researcher’s research more about diet and the body, it is increasingly evident that what you eat can significantly affect your skin. Below are some best foods and how they help the skin.

Red Or Yellow Bell Peppers.

They are rich in beta carotene, which is converted into vitamin A by your body. They are also rich in vitamin C, which creates protein collagen. Collagen keeps the skin firm and steadfast. Researchers linked women eating plenty of vitamin C to a reduced risk of wrinkled and dry skin with age.


Broccoli is an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, and carotenes, and many more are essential for skin health. Broccoli also is rich in sulforaphane, which helps to prevent skin cancer and protects the skin from sunburn.

Dark Chocolate

A lot of antioxidants that protect your skin from sunburn are in dark chocolate. Antioxidants still improve skin thickness, hydration, and skin texture.

Fatty Fish

The fatty types of fish known to you are rich in omega -3 fatty acids, which reduce the inflammation. They also keep the skin moisturized.


Soy is rich in isoflavones, which is useful in improving skin wrinkles, collagen, and skin elasticity. They also help to improve your dryness and protect it from UV damage.

There are many more foods you can eat to take care of your skin. The bottom line here is, what you eat affects your skin health. So be sure to get enough essential nutrients to protect your skin.

Final Words

Skin is vital and without it, you could be nothing. Follow all that has been discussed in this best skincare guide to maintain your skin.

Lisa Hanel

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