5 Best Smoke Detectors 

 July 1, 2022

By  Jacqui

Did you know that a home fire starts every 85 seconds in America? Getting a working smoke alarm installed in your home is one of the best safety measures you can take to protect your home and your loved ones.

A smoke detector equipped with all the necessary features alerts you in the event of a fire so you can take immediate action. It is strongly recommended to get at least one alarm on each level of a home or in your bedrooms to prevent tragic accidents.

Many types of smoke detectors are built to provide optimal security. Photoelectric smoke alarms detect smoldering fires, whereas ionization smoke alarms are helpful in distinguishing fast-burning or sudden fires.


There are also many efficient hard-wired smoke detectors that require expert installation. Such devices are excellent since they rely on batteries as a backup power source. However, users can purchase battery-operated alarms that aren't hard-wired. The only downside is that they are likely to begin chirping in the middle of the night when it's time to replace the battery.

Since, the market is loaded with all kinds of smoke detectors, finding the best model worth your money is tricky. In this buying guide, we present to you some of the most popular and best smoke detectors you can purchase. We are also going to highlight the crucial features that you must pay attention to before buying a smoke detector.

Top 5 Best Smoke Detectors On The Market

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What is the Best Smoke Detectors? Keep reading to find out!

1. Kidde I12060 Hardwire Smoke Alarm - Best Hard Wired Smoke Detectors

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Our winner for this category is The Kidde i12060, which is an AC/D powered ionization smoke alarm. That is an incredible fire alarm that detects invisible fire particles quicker than photoelectric alarms and runs on runs on a 120V power source.

The Kidde i12060 has all the right features that are essential for an excellent hardwired smoke alarm such as a front-loading battery door. The product is easy to install and comes with Smart Hush and a working alarm memory.

You can efficiently use the model with a series of other devices such as other alarms, whistles, and bells. Its handy audio alarm rings in at 85 dB. Another great thing is that the Kidde i12060 is engineered to sustain temperatures as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The device comes with a quick connect plug with 8 inches pigtails and 120 VAC electrical wiring. The smoke alarm employs ionization sensing technology and offers a 9V battery backup


The robust product is currently ranked as the best hard-wired smoke detector and has received rave reviews from both users and critics. It is manufactured by Kidde which is the most significant manufacturer of fire safety products in the U.S.

If your smoke alarm goes off because of overcooked dinners, don’t worry. This product’s trademarked hush feature enables users to silence nuisance alarms. Thanks to a test feature and an indicator LED, users can conveniently confirm that the device is working.

Buyers who have been using the smoke detector consider it a great device with a potent ionization sensor, at a reasonable price. Another great feature of this model is its impressive ten-year limited warranty.

Users are particularly happy about easily accessible front-loading battery backup compartment which allows them to replace the battery when required easily.  And easily replace the battery when necessary.

Major Features
  • Front load battery door provides to ease battery replacement
  • Offers incredible security with its disc-style cylinder
  • Hush feature to silence nuisance alarms
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) tested for safety standards

2. First Alert BRK SC7010B Alarm - Best Hard Wired Smoke Detectors

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The First Alert, BRK SC7010B Smoke Alarm, is one of the most beautiful hardwired combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms. The BRK combination device operates as a standard smoke alarm and features robust photoelectric sensing capabilities that guarantee fewer false alarms.

Apart from its incredible smoke sensing abilities, the smoke alarm efficiently detects carbon monoxide levels in the room and alerts users if their levels are unsafe. The model incorporates a handy 85db horn tone to other deeper frequencies that are convenient for users who are hard of hearing.

When the BRK smoke detector interconnected to any of the 18 available connections, users can conveniently make out if the alarm has kicked off the system with an Initiating Alarm latch. The latch triggers and causes the connected devices to sound, once it is activated. There is a backup battery compartment inside the alarm, in case of a power loss.


The BRK SC7010B benefits from the advanced 360 OptiPath technology to enhance detection capabilities near ceilings and walls. The device is designed to comply with updated construction requirements.

Without a doubt, the product is rated as one of the best-hardwired smoke alarms to protect you and your family.

Buyers who have purchased the First Alert smoke alarm love it for its ease of use and impeccable performance. It offers an intuitive latching alarm that remembers which unit initiated a signal.

In addition to that, the unit has a remarkable 10-year limited warranty. The device is tested to meet UL standards.

You can purchase it from Amazon for just around [amazon fields="B0080I9TJ2" value="price"] with free shipping.

Major Features
  • Offers coverage for your entire home
  • Loud alarm
  • Convenient set-up

3. Nest Protect Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Best Interconnected Smoke Detector

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If you are looking for the best-interconnected smoke detector, then the Nest Protect Smoke Alarm is built to alert your phone any time something goes wrong when you are not home. Unlike other conventional smoke alarms, The Nest Protect speaks up to let you know if there is high-level carbon monoxide or smoke. 

The best thing is that you can silence it from your phone. The Nest app gives you complete control to tackle any unforeseen situation.

The device makes use of two wavelengths of light for detecting smoke from slow and fast burning fires, thanks to its Split-Spectrum Sensor. Its advanced algorithm and superior humidity results in fewer false alarms.

The battery-powered Nest Protect functions and performs hundreds of checks every day.


Users can easily modify the brightness with the Nest app whereas Pathlight lights your way at night. The Nest Protect offers a green glow when users switch off the light to let you know that everything is ok.

If you are tired of smoke alarms that go off when you are cooking, you are going to love this smoke alarm. It warns you before it goes off so you can take the required action and save yourself from the trouble and embarrassment.

This smoke alarm is nothing like a regular smoke detector. It benefits from innovative features and is a definite upgrade from previous versions. This device is a fresh addition to your any smart home and deserves all the praise for its impressive specs and performance.

Another great thing is that it offers a hassle-free and easy installation process. Users can easily connect it to their Wi-FI and their preferred choice of a device within minutes.

You have the freedom to position this battery powered smoke alarm wherever you please. Each of your Nest Protect devices in your home quickly connects to others.

Buyers who have purchased the smoke detector find it one of the best-interconnected smoke detectors for the money. You can buy used and new models from Amazon for just around [amazon fields="B00XV1RCRY" value="price"].

Major Features
  • Sends notifications on your phone whenever something happens
  • Convenient setup
  • Designed in America

4. Kidde RF-SM-DC Wireless Smoke Alarm - Best Wireless Smoke Detectors

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For those of you are looking for a wireless smoke detector, the best model to purchase is The Kidde RF-SM-DC. Being a wireless device, it is an entirely battery powered unit.

Like all wireless units, the device can be mounted anywhere in your home. There is no electrical required, and the smoke detector offers a hassle-free setup.

The model is particularly popular among homeowners who are looking for smoke alarms for their older homes, constructed before the modern code. This particular model uses an ionization sensor which does a great job at detecting flaming or fast burning fires.

However, these detectors are not as beneficial in identifying smoldering fires. For obtaining complete protection against both types of fire hazards, so you should use the unit along with photoelectric sensors to protect your entire home.


One of the best features of this smoke detector is its interconnectivity, which you don't find in battery operated smoke alarms. Thanks to this feature, you can pair up your smoke alarm with other units installed in your living space.

That ensures all your smoke alarms go off to signal danger. You can connect the RF-SM-DC with as many as many as 24 Kidde devices. However, you can't pair it with the 12 Kidde smoke detector units.

Other valuable features that you get with this device are an alarm hush button and a once-per-minute audible sound in case the batteries are running low.

Some users complain that the smoke detector doesn’t offer other innovative features including a voice warning that mutes the unit’s low-battery chirp. However, the Kidde smoke detector continues to win compliments and impressive ratings from satisfied customers.

The unit is one of the most affordable smoke detectors that are popular among today’s consumers.  The Kidde RF-SM-DC has garnered plenty of positive reviews on Amazon.com where it is available for a little around [amazon fields="B00PC5S37K" value="price"].

Major Features
  • Wireless technology for receiving and transmitting messages
  • Meets UL requirements
  • Battery power allows users to install interconnected alarms
  • Smart touch button for silencing nuisance alarms
  • Affordable price tag

5. Honeywell 5808W3 Photoelectric Smoke Detector - Best Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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Our runner is the incredible Honeywell 5808W3 Photoelectric Smoke Detector. Not only it is convenient to install, but it also has a built-in wireless receiver. By purchasing this product, you get a smart checking device that comes with LEDs.

The unit is compatible with the 5800 series installations and is not for commercial use. The cutting-edge smoke detector is engineered to perform multiple tasks.

Apart from being an efficient smoke detector, it also serves as a smoke and freeze detector. Users can make the 5808W3 perform one or all tasks just by merely altering the programming in their Honeywell system.


The photoelectronic smoke/heat detector is a 3V lithium powered device that features a built-in wireless transmitter. The alarm works great for any residential installation. Its powerful transmitter delivers an exceptional performance whereas smoothing algorithms reduce nuisance alarms by taking care of short-term spikes from smoke and dust.

That is an excellent option to install if you want to preserve the beauty of your living space. The 5808W3 requires no drilling and no holes to operate.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the best wireless smoke detectors, this unit is a valuable addition to protect your home. You can buy it for around [amazon fields="B0017KD4FA" value="price"] with free shipping.

Major Features
  • Powerful LED Status Indicators
  • Enhanced RF Field Strength
  • Convenient installation

How To Buy The Best Smoke Detector

Thanks to technology, a smoke detector does more than just detecting smoke. Most updated versions are equipped with tons of features to guarantee an effortless set-up and ease of use.

There are many factors that you must pay attention before you purchase the best smoke detector to protect your home.


All smoke alarms have two distinct types of detectors: photoelectric and ionization.

Ionization smoke detectors are the most popular devices that you can install in most of today's homes. These are affordable devices and contain minute quantities of radioactive material for ionizing nitrogen and oxygen items present in our air.

This process results in some electrical current in the sensing chamber. A smoke alarm keeps a check on this current.

However, as soon as smoke makes its way through the chamber, the current is altered, so the alarm goes off. These alarms detect small particles. Hence, the units are excellent at sensing flaming and fast-burning fires. 


Photoelectric sensors work when smoke reaches the alarm and alters the direction of the light of an LED beam to fall on a photocell. Although the models are less useful than their ionization counterparts, they are still popular as supplementary alarms to provide complete coverage to your house.

Hardwired Or Battery-Operated

At present, users prefer using smoke alarms that run on batteries. However, you can also purchase hard-wired devices. Such detectors are installed during construction to create an interconnected smoke detector system.

These alarms run on the house’s electrical system and usually come with battery back-up. But, it is possible to install a hardwired smoke detector after construction.

When you choose a battery operated smoke-alarm, make sure to set a reminder, so you never ignore testing and changing out batteries.

Interconnected Detectors

Interconnected smoke detectors ensure that if a fire breaks out in any area, all smoke alarms installed throughout the house will go off.


You can also assess the quality of a smoke detector by its warranty. Many products come with a reliable manufacturer’s warranty that goes up from 2 to 10 years.

Alerts And Remote Control

Users can now take care of the safety of their home, regardless of their location. Today's smoke detectors send notifications and alerts to your phone whenever there is smoke, or in case the batteries are running low.


Voice Hush

This feature enables you to take care of irritating nuisance alarms. Models that come with voice hush allow users to tell the device to stand down. That is crucial when you are managing multiple pots on the stove.

Silence Buttons

These buttons offer a convenient way to quiet alarms without disabling the device. You can use silence buttons to silence the signal for at least 15 minutes, so you have enough time to clear out steam.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Your smoke detector doesn't monitor smokes; it also detects carbon monoxide. If you invest in a product that also controls your carbon monoxide level in the house, then you get two-in-one protection to save valuable money.

Smart Features

Many smart smoke detectors identify the exact location of the fire. That is an excellent feature for speeding up evacuation and fire response.


One of the best features you can look for in a smoke detector is the connectivity it offers to incorporate into your smart home. Users can use the detector’s mobile app to get the most of their device. Buyers who already have such a network running in their homes must invest in a device that is compatible.

The best smoke detectors work with several third-party networks such as Google Home, Vera, Wink, Nexia, Apple HomeKit, etc.


This connectivity comes in handy when you away on vacation. Whenever something happens when you are not home, you get a notification. This functionality allows you to get in touch with emergency services, even if you are not back.

Why You Should Get A Smoke Detector

Even if you are not required to obtain a working smoke detector installed in your house, there are plenty of benefits that you get if you invest in the best smoke alarm. You have an efficient security system intact to protect your home in case of fire.

Places To Avoid

Choosing the right model is as important as placing it in the most appropriate position. When you install the smoke detectors in the right spots, there are fewer nuisance alarms.

 Make you avoid setting up the devices in these areas of your house.

Near Registers, Supply Grills, And Vents

It is imperative that you do not install a smoke detector closer than 3 feet from an A/C supply, a furnace or registers. If you place these tools in areas of turbulent air, the airflow hinders the smoke from reaching the detectors.


Although some homeowners are tempted to put smoke detectors in their bathrooms, it is a big no. The steam and hat coming from a hot shower are sure to trigger the alarm. Moreover, the moisture also damages the device over time and results in heavy-duty maintenance.

All alarms within 20 feet of a bathroom must be photoelectric smoke detectors.

Near Fans Or Fluorescent Lights

If you set up a smoke alarm near a fan, it will blow the smoke away. Make sure all smoke alarms are at least 3 feet away from the tip of the blade of a paddle fan.

Likewise, avoid installing smoke alarms closer than 1 foot from a fluorescent light since the flickering and electrical noise can adversely affect the detector’s operation.


Avoid placing smoke detectors near open-able windows. That is because drafts from a window can blow smoke away from a device.

Near Stoves And Ovens

It makes sense to avoid setting up a smoke detector right on top of your cooking appliances, ovens, and stoves. Make sure to set up an alarm at least ten feet away from your cooking range. That will reduce false alarms to make your life easier.



It's probable that you are required to install a smoke detector in your home, depending on where you live in the U.S. Some states even define the type of smoke detector you must connect to protect your home.

If you have a wood burning or gas fireplace in your bedroom, it pays off to invest in a smoke detector that also detects the carbon monoxide levels in your room.

Today’s best smoke detectors are built keeping in mind the consumers’ safety and ease of use. Moreover, if you have a rental or homeowner’s insurance policy, you are likely to have a section that requires you to have a working smoke detector installed in your home.

Smoke alarms and detectors now become indispensable items for our homes. We urge you to take note of all the factors that we have highlighted in this buying guide. The products we have recommended are not only tested for quality but also durability. Make sure you choose the best smoke detector that fits your budget and lifestyle.


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