What is the Best Sump Pump To Buy In 2020? 

 August 16, 2020


When it comes to large purchases, your home is probably going to be the largest and most important purchase that you’ll ever make. So it only makes sense that you are going to want to protect from flooding. By outfitting your home with the best sump pump, you’ll be able to prevent rain water that collects around the foundation seeping into your home.


Of course, there are sump pumps systems that can be used for a variety of other applications, such as draining pools, bath tubs, hot tubs, boats, and even removing excess water from the yard or a flat rooftop!

In this guide, we are going to talk about the important features that make up the best rated sump pumps. Then we are going to give you five mini-reviews so you have a few options.

Top 5 Best Portable Sump Pump On The Market

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What is the Best Sump Pump? Keep reading to find out!

What To Look For In The Best Sump Pump

Most homes will have either a pedestal sump pump or a submersible sump pump. As the name would suggest, a submersible sump pump will sit at the bottom of the sump pit which is then surrounded with cooling water. The pedestal sump pump has the motor sitting on a shaft above the sump pit and it never touches water.

When choosing which pump will suit your needs the best, take these into consideration:


The effectiveness of the sump pump is measured in gallons per minute or gallons per hour. You will want to take into consideration the height which your water is going to be lifted during the removal process. This is known as head pressure and it will impact the effectiveness of the pump.



Your sump pump can be powered by electricity via a power cord (this is the most common). Most backup sump pumps are battery powered and they will kick on when the power goes out, or the electric powered sump fails.

Then you also have water powered sumps that uses the city water pressure to begin working. Keep in mind that the water powered sump pumps are not designed for moving large amounts of water.

Float Type

There are three types of float switches that one could choose from:

  • Tethered float switch: These are better suited for large pumps in large sump pits. They can allow for longer cycles, meaning the pump can be off longer in between the pump cycles, allowing the motor to cool off.
  • Vertical float switch: These are good for smaller pits that cannot accommodate a tether float switch. The shorter vertical float switch means the pump is going to run more frequently, thus using more electricity.
  • Electronic float switch: These are going to take up less space than the previous options, plus they sometimes include options like a built in water depth alarm.


The sump pump is going to be used in damp environments or even submerged in water. It’s important that you take this into consideration and purchase a sump pump that is made from materials that are resistant to corrosion.


This includes materials like stainless steel, bronze, or an epoxy-coated cast iron. You can even find inexpensive sump pumps made from thermoplastic material, too.

Check Valve

This valve prevents discharge outlet to flow back into the basin.

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for the best sump pump, let’s take a look at five mini-reviews of sump pumps we think are worth looking at. In these mini-reviews, we will go over the features of the sump pump, but we will also give you a brief summary of what customers had to say about the sump pump.

Most Recommended Best Sump Pump: Detailed Reviews 2020

1. Wayne WaterBUG Sump Pump - Best Submersible Pump

The Wayne Submersible Pump with Multi-Flo Tech is a tool that features patent pending technology that easily removes water from a wide variety of situations, thanks to the dual discharge valves (one on the top and one on the side).

The top discharge allows you to remove water from tubs, winder wells, and pool covers, while the side discharge makes it easy to remove water from flat roofs, a flooded basement, and even the yard.

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There is a multi-ring suction strainer with this pump that filters the water and collects any debris. This is beneficial because it prevents any debris from clogging the intake openings.

When the pump is working at full capacity, it is capable of removing as much as 30 feet of water, up to 1257 gallons of water every hour, all the way down to 1/16th of an inch, thus leaving the surface virtually dry.

Notable features of the Wayne Submersible Pump with Multi-Flo Tech include:

  • Multi-Flo Technology allows easy selection of the appropriate discharge for the application
  • Top discharge is perfect for tight spaces where water removal is needed
  • Side Discharge is ideal for easy water removal from flat open surfaces
  • 30 ft. Max Head removes water down to 1/16 in. of surface
  • Portable Electric Water Removal Pump
  • Max. flow rate is 1257 Gallons Per Hour. 985 GPH @ 10 ft.
  • Easy Hang Tab Feature, for seasonal storage
  • Corrosion resistant, sealed thermoplastic construction with 6-leg Stable Base Design
  • 10 ft Power cord for hard to reach places, with cord wrap handles
  • 3/4 in. Corrosion Resistant Brass discharge outlets, with tethered cap seals
  • Multi-Ring suction strainer filters debris, and minimizes clogs

When looking at what people had to say about the Wayne Submersible Pump with Multi-Flo Tech, they had great things to say. Customers were impressed by how efficiently the pump is able to remove water. Many have said they used this to remove water from pools, hot tubs, pool covers, and even their flooded back yard.

They were in awe by how powerful the pump was, but also that they were able to remove nearly all traces of water, whereas other pumps would leave a small amount of water on the surface. They also appreciated the dual discharge valves. They stated that this was a feature not many pumps have and it makes the pump truly a useful thing to have.

There were some people who weren’t so happy and left critical reviews of the pump. These customers said that their pump worked incredibly slow. One stated it took more than 2 hours to drain a 450 gallon spa – certainly not the 1257 gallons per hour as the product claimed to be able to do.

Also, customers reported that though the pump can remove water down to 1/16th of an inch, the pump needed 3/16th of an inch of water before the pump would begin working. This meant that they needed to let water accumulate before the water would be removed.

2. Zoeller M53 Sump Pump

The Zoeller Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump is a sump pump that features a sturdy cast iron body which is coated in a durable epoxy coating. The coating prevents the cast iron from corroding as a result of being in contact with water for prolonged periods of time.

The cast iron body is also going to disperse the heat from the motor into the water, which helps to keep the internal parts cool and safe. The pump features an automatic switch that is activated by a float that goes into the water. As the water rises, the float activates the switch, thus causing the pump to turn on. Zoeller Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump

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For convenience, the pump features a stainless steel handle that makes the device easier to carry when going from task to task. There is also a 3 meter long power cord that can be submerged in water without worrying about electrocution.

The pump also features a 1 1/2 inch NPT discharge that you can attach a PVC to. Inside the pump, there is a 1/3 horsepower motor that can reach speeds as much as 1550 rpm.

Notable features of the Zoeller Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump include:

  • Exceptional cast iron epoxy painted
  • Hermetically sealed with powerful 1/3 HP motor
  • Adequate length power cord
  • On impact, the shaft connecting float to switch is liable to dislocation
  • For easy portability handle provided
  • Wide discharge that meet standard sized pipe
  • Drawbacks of the product
  • Relatively short lifespan switch

When looking at what people had to say about the Zoeller Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump, they had great things to say. Customers reported that the pump was “rock solid” and with regular maintenance, they felt the pump would last for quite a long time.

Customers also liked that this pump was very quiet. In regards to how well the pump works, customers have said the pump was able to remove water from a pool easily and quickly, too.

Other customers have reported that they were less than impressed with their pumps and they left critical reviews of the product. These customers report that their pump stopped working or broke shortly after installing it.

Others stated that the float was too short or too temperamental, causing them to bypass the pump’s float switch all together. Several have also said that the pump would blow circuit breakers and one even reported that the water would seep into the pump where the cord connects to the base of the pump.

3. Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump

The Superior Pump Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump is a device that is completely submersible. The pump can protect your home by removing any excess water that may be lingering around the foundation of your home, but also inside, too.

The pump is made from a thermoplastic construction, meaning it is going to be durable and resistant against corrosion. The thermoplastic also ensures that the unit is maintenance free and at the ready whenever you need to use it.

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The design of the pump draws the water from flat areas like a flooded field, yard, or basement, but it can also have a garden hose attached to it to suck out water from pool covers, hot tubs, and even a bathroom tub if it is clogged.

At the base of the pump, there is a screen that will catch any large bits of debris so that the pump doesn’t become clogged. There is a 10 foot waterproof cord included with the pump so you can take the pump wherever you need it.

Notable features of the Superior Pump Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump include:

  • Powerful, 1/4-horsepower, continuous-duty split capacitor motor
  • Efficient pump is capable of pumping up to 30 gallons a minute
  • Can lift water up to 25 feet vertically for versatile use
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant thermoplastic construction
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty

When looking at what people had to say about the Superior Pump Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump, they had great things to say. These customers rave about how effectively this sump pump is for draining pools, hot tubs, and even basements.

Customers have said that they especially liked that it came with a garden hose adapter so they could remove the water from their pool cover much easier than other methods they have tried in the past. They do point out that if you do use a garden hose, the effectiveness of the pump is going to be a little slower, as the garden hose is smaller.

Though there were plenty of positive reviews, there were some people who were not as happy with their purchase. These customers report that their pump had leaked oil all over. This caused the motor to not work, but it also resulted in leaving a big oil mess that was difficult to clean up.

There were some people who were upset that their pump stopped working just after the warranty. One customer said their pump would blow any GFI circuit breaker it was plugged into. This is an indication that there was a defect in the insulation.

4. WAYNE CDU980E Sump Pump

The WAYNE Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Pump features a top suction design that filters out debris to minimize clogging. This sump pump combines incredible motor horsepower with a fantastic overall design.

It is made from sturdy cast iron, so you can trust that the unit is going to be around for quite a while. You’ll also notice that the pump doesn’t have any extruding parts that could get damaged during the installation process.

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This pump features a power cord that is fully insulated and can be submerged under water, thus allowing it to be installed without worrying about shocks and other dangers.

If the spot where you want to install the pump that isn’t close to an outlet, you needn’t worry, as the cord is a decent length. The pump is capable of removing 4600 gallons per hour, thanks to the 3/4 horsepower motor.

Notable features of the Wayne 3/4 HP Sump Pump include:

  • Top suction pump design minimizes air locks and clogging from debris in bottom of sump pit
  • Stainless steel motor housing and rugged, cast iron pump baseFully submersible
  • 3/4 HP; max. flow rate is 4600 Gallons Per Hour; 3500 GPH at 10 ft. of discharge lift1-1/2" NPT discharge
  • For use in 11" diameter or larger sump basins
  • 9" ON level and 4" OFF level
  • Assembled in US, with foreign and domestic components
  • 5 year warranty

When looking at what people had to say about the Wayne 3/4 HP Sump Pump, they had great things to say. Customers felt that this is an incredible pump that is capable of removing large quantities of water in a very short period of time, without making a lot of noise.

Several people also commented that the pump was easy to install – the average homeowner could install it without needing a plumber. Several people reported that they were skeptical about the pump because they had assumed everything would be made of plastic; however, upon opening the box, they were pleasantly surprised by the cast iron and stainless steel pump.

Some people weren’t as pleased with the pump and they left critical reviews. One person said the sump pump they received stopped working only after one use. Others said that the pump wasn’t very strong and it took forever to drain water.

One customer said that their pump worked fine, except it wouldn’t shut off because the switch was stuck. They said when they tried to jiggle it into the off position, the switch came off completely and the wires to the switch was exposed.

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5. Superior Pump 92333 Sump Pump - Best Pedestal Sump Pump

The Superior Pump 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pedestal Sump Pump is the perfect option for those who are on a budget and those who do not have a very large basement.

The pump is constructed from a heavy duty material that allows for enhanced technology that makes the pump truly effective, as it can remove 3000 gallons of water each hour.

The pump comes with an adaptor so that you can hook up a garden hose to the pump and drain small pools, a clogged basement, and a flooded basement.

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The pump features an air cooled motor with solid copper motor windings that is housed in a steel and aluminum housing. It is this housing that will protect the motor from damage, but also dissipates the heat from the motor with incredible efficiency.

The base, drive shaft cover, and the float ball are made from a high quality thermoplastic that ensures the sump pump is both reliable and durable for years of use.

Notable features of the Superior Pump 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pedestal Sump Pump include:

  • Continuous duty, thermally protected - split capacitor motor.
  • Pumps will lift water up to 20' of vertical height
  • Tough thermoplastic construction.
  • Large 1-1/4" discharge for high capacity pumping.

When looking at what people had to say about the Superior Pump 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pedestal Sump Pump, they had great things to say. These customers report they have never used a pedestal pump before, but the appreciate it’s design and affordability in comparison to submersible pumps.

They go on to say that the pump has been in use for several years and it is holding up quite well. It isn’t showing any signs of corrosion or break down. Several people have also commented that their bedroom is directly over the basement where the sump pump is, and they never hear it because it is so quiet.

At the other end, there were some people who were not happy with this pedestal pump. These people stated that they received broken or defective pumps. A small handful even said the received a defective pump the first time, and the replacement pump broke shortly after installing it.

Some customers said that the pump would develop too much torque, causing the pump to fall out of alignment with its bearings. Others would say that their motor would switch on, but the impeller would not turn on at all.

Our Recommendation

Protecting your home against water that will flood your basement or yard is something that you should think about, especially if you live in a low-lying area or in an area that is susceptible to heavy rain and a lot of snow.

All of these pumps are excellent options, truly worthy being considered the best sump pump. We do, however, feel that Zoeller pumps and Wayne pumps to be superior submersible sub pumps to lesser known brands.

If you are more interested in finding the best pedestal sump pump, then the Superior Pump 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pedestal Sump Pump is a great option.

Leave us a comment below and tell us which of the sump pump reviews you find most helpful!


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