Everything About Best Teething Toys for Babies 

 June 16, 2021

By  Jacqui

Before we dive deep into teething toys. It is imperative to ascertain that all of us are on the same page. By definition, teething is the process when the milk teeth of children starts developing. 

It is a process that happens to all developing babies. If you have had previous interaction with toddlers then I bet that you know how strenuous this period can turn out to be. If not, then try to remember the feeling you had when your wisdom teeth were developing. You definitely felt it right? 

Now imagine how a small baby will feel with their tender gums. Babies have no idea on how to communicate so if you are completely clueless about this stage it can be a very challenging period for you. If you do not use the proper approach then you will have to put up with infinite tantrums. 

Fortunately, this period is easy to identify because babies become increasingly moody. Small babies also try to put random objects into their mouths including their hands with the sheer motive to try and sooth their gums. It is common knowledge that the hygiene of babies is a matter of utmost importance. You wouldn’t want your baby to have additional health issues caused by inserting random objects that are full of germs. It will be pain for both you and your baby. It is wise to be thoughtful during this time to avert unnecessary complications. Seeking insight from professionals is the first way to make sure this happen.   

Pediatric Psychologists recommend that parents or guardians help their growing babies to deal with this trying times. 

So what do these professionals recommend?

Pediatricians state clearly that it is the role of parents and guardians to ascertain that the teething period is as smooth as humanly possible. It is rather easy to achieve this thanks to the presence of superior quality teething toys in the market.

Teething toys are gadgets made of food grade material that is chewed on by babies. These toys are made of tender material which has a soothing and stimulating feel when a child is teething. Testimonials have real praise for teething toys because it really give babies the soothing feel it is meant to. If you get your baby a good teething toy, then then tantrums will be history to you. 

Teething toys are the ultimate gadgets used during the teething period. It will give an easier time to both yourself and that baby you adore. Here is a list of the advantages that it provides;

Advantages of using teething toys

Since you know the advantages of teething toys, I find it important to give you all the necessary information you require before you make a purchase.    


All you need to know about teething toys

A good teething toy will ease the teething period for developing babies. There are a number of features that make a teething toy to be optimal for its intended use.

Here are a few of the features you need to consider before making a decision on the right teething toy you need to purchase.  

Should be Safe for the Baby

Teething toys are regularly inserted in the mouth from time to time. Such type of toys need to be safe on several levels to avoid unprecedented accidents. 

One salient issue to consider is the size of teethers. Teething toys need to be made small enough for children but still the proper size that can fit in the mouth without being a choking hazard. The life of our babies is precious and should never be taken lightly. Make sure the size of the teething gadget you are willing to buy is the optimal size. 

The second safety measure you ought to consider for your teething baby is understanding the components of the teething toys. Babies have to chew on to these toys in order to ease the pain. It is imperative to be assertive and know what they are chewing on to avert any chance of intoxication. The best material that is recommended by professionals is food grade silicone. This material is tender and absolutely safe. Additionally, food grade silicone is free from soluble heavy metals. Do not be worried by the tedious process of ascertaining whether a teething toy is fit for consumption. All you have to do is check whether it is FDA-approved. If it is, you are set!

The third safety requirement to be assertive of is the hygiene levels of the teething toy. Some teething equipment are easy to clean than others. My preference is the teething toys that can be cleaned both manually and using a dishwasher because of the convenience that it always provides. Teething toys that are easy to clean are hygienic and this is a very important aspect. The other safety requirement to be watchful of is the presence of a clip. A pacifier clip has two functions. It helps to avert the chances of losing this toy. We all know how much babies like to throw things away. Babies have a feeble grip and short memory span and so before you know it, they have already dropped something. A pacifier clip helps to avert the chances of the teether dropping to the ground and being misplaced. Secondly, this clip helps to avert the baby from consuming germs if the pacifier clip drops to the ground. 

An alternative to the pacifier clip is the use of teething gloves. They are a safer option health-wise especially for babies that love chewing on their fingers. They are worn on the hands hence are intact. Therefore, chances of your baby dropping these teething toys to the ground are eliminated.

Texture of Material

The texture of teething toy is a matter of concern. We are all born unique as so are our babies. The type of texture preferred by one baby will vary when used by another. The best teething toys should have multiple surfaces to cater for the diversities. Teethers with multiple surfaces that have different textures gives a baby the freedom of choice on the surface to choose. These are minute things that collectively have a remarkable impact. A baby will choose to chew of the part that gives him or her the best soothing feel. So before you purchase one such toy be assertive about its surfaces.        


Utility of the teether

Good teethers should serve more than a single purpose. 

Why should you buy an ordinary teether while it can also serve as a worthy toy for your baby too? Teethers with bright colors and of specific objects are deemed as more entertaining for the child. The better the thought behind the teether, the better its effect on the child. According to Pediatrician Psychiatrists, teethers that have a good feel on touch and have bright colors are the best. 

These experts have a rationale that the senses affect how a child feels. The vibrance of colors has an effect on the emotional state of a baby. Bright colors bring a more euphoric feel to babies and so does the sense of touch. The best teething toys n should provide both of these. It will be worthy considering 

Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to make sure that teethers provide more than a soothing fee to your baby. The diversity of these gadgets is made more apparent by the ability to pack these two features.  

Reputation of Brands

Experience may be the best teacher but you do not have to wait for the perfect moment to experience something by yourself. You can consider the reactions from others as guidelines. Analyzing the reactions of past consumers towards a product first is very essential. It is imperative to be alert of the best brands in order to tap optimal service. Brands with a good reputation are most prone to providing the desired quality of service.   

Type of Material

The type of material that your child chews on should be tender just as the gums of babies are. There are varying types of teethers like plastic and wooden ones. The best material for teething toys should be food grade silicone. This is because it is nontoxic and is tender to babies.

Content of Teething Toys

Teething toys have different liquid that fill them. Most times teethers are filled with water or cooling gels. The only risk of the filling liquid is the chances of it getting holes caused by intense gnawing on these toys. If you opt for teethers that have a filling liquid especially cooling gels then choose a teether that is strong to avert chances of ingesting it. 

Ease to Handle

Your child requires a teether that has a big handle. The larger, the handle that a baby can grasp on, the higher the chances that he or she will like it. Make sure that you purchase a teething toy that will be comfortably used by your baby. 


Additional features you can consider

  • Stimulating Fabric: As aforementioned, the texture of fabric is paramount to the resultant feel experienced. Babies do not teeth every passing minute and hence it is clear that during their free period they may need a comforting toy. The use of a fabric that is stimulating to a baby keeps the baby entertained on a constant basis. Grab a teething gadget that will help raise the emotions of your baby. 
  • The type of Teether: There are different types of teething toys and all have different designs. An optimal teething toy should be as ergonomic as possible. The shapes of teething toys matters in this hence it brings all the difference. Babies also have different preferences. Most of them are often drawn to imitations of animals such as dinosaurs, elephants, among others. With these factors in mind, it is imperative to choose a teething toy that offers the most utility. Consumer reviews can offer relevant insight on this.  
  • Conditions for purchase: Making a purchase for the first time can prove to be challenging especially when conducted on e-commerce platforms. The manufacturers of teething toys that believe in the quality of their products often offer a guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the toy you will purchase then there is a guarantee that your money will not be wasted. Be assertive of the conditions before making a purchase to ascertain that your money is well spent.    
  • Freezable feature: Based on all the information highlighted above, we are all familiar to the purpose of teething gadgets. Moreover, we all know the soothing effect that ice has on any type of wound. There are teething toys that can be put in a fridge in order to be more effective. You can purchase a teething agent that has this feature and make the teething period easier for your child.
  • Packaging: The packaging of your teething gadget is a bonus. A teething toy with good packaging will make a perfect gift during a baby shower. There are diverse packaging of teething toys. Make sure that you choose a teether with proper packaging if you want to gift it to someone.
  • Sound Emitting Teethers: If your baby is intrigued by sounds then you can opt for a teether that emits sounds. However, some babies are the silent type. You will consider the sound emitting feature depending on the preferences of babies. 

Types of teething toys are 

There are different types of teething gadgets and is distinct. These teething toys are diverse and babies have different reactions to them. It is imperative to be well versed with all the necessary information relevant for your teething baby. Moreover, you need three to four teethers in order to give your child variety to choose from. You may be a new mother and so you do not know the best type of teething toy to use. The diversity of teething toys is brought by the existence of toys that are designed with age. Choosing an optimal design proves helpful because if you do not put careful thought behind you may be disappointed. This is because children easily outgrow some designs quite fast. However, do not be alarmed because I will give you all the information you require. This article will give you ample information to ease the process of acquiring one for a baby you adore. So let us dive in.

1. Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush And Teether

 This is meant for babies that are on the advanced age of teething. This toothbrush has thick bristles that help to soothe the gums of babies. These bristles have more than one use because the bristles gently clean your baby’s milk teeth to avoid cavities in babies. This teether is safe to be cleaned by a dishwasher and is recommended for babies from the age of six months.

2. Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez Teether

This teether is made of tender silicone and has a handle for a baby to grip on. This teether is recommended for babies of three months and over. 

3. Nuby ice gel teether keys

These Nuby ice gel teether keys are made of food-grade silicone and are filled with a cooling gel. This cooling gel plays the role of adding the soothing feel to developing gums of babies. The advantage of this teething toy is that it reaches to growing back molars. This teething toy can be freezed to add an extra soothing feel during the teething period. 

4. RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether

This teether is recommended for children over the age of three months. It is made of food grade silicone that has a pacifier clip to prevent from dropping to the ground. This teether can be freezed for an extra soothing feel for your baby. Cleaning will not be an issue for you because it is safe to be cleaned using a dishwasher. 

5. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

This teether can be used as both a teether and a toy to keep your baby engaged. Its material is food-grade silicone and is free from heavy soluble metals. This toy emits sounds when chewed on which keeps most babies entertained. This teether can be used by babies between 0 months to 2 years. The wide age application of this teether is why it is recommended because it will serve you and your baby for quite a while. The material of this teething gadget is also durable. If you want a teether that will serve you for a long period of time then this is the optimal one for you.

6. Comotomo silicone baby teether

If your baby is prone to biting and chewing on their fingers then this is the best teether to consider. This teether is made of food grade silicone and can be freezed. It has multiple surfaces with different texture for an extra soothing feel. This teether is a better alternative to chewing on fingers because it can be cleaned hence has higher hygiene levels. This teether is appropriate for use by children over the age of three months.

7. Mombella Ellie Elephant Teether

Talk of adorable! This teether is a miniature elephant that has a very adorable look. Besides being a teether and a toy, this elephant adds some edge to the look of your child. It is made of food grade silicone that is free of soluble toxins like heavy metals. This elephant teether is dishwasher safe and is appropriate for babies that are above three months of age.

8. Bonbino 4-pack silicone sensory teething rings

This teether taps on the sense of touch to entertain a child. It is appropriate for babies over three months old. This teether is made of tender food grade silicone making it appropriate for chewing on. Additionally, the ability to be dishwasher safe adds the hygiene aspect to this toy. 

9. Zoli Bunny Baby Feeder

This baby feeder has a big handle that makes it easy for the baby’s small hands to grasp on. It has multiple surfaces that add an extra feel when chewed on. This feeder is appropriate for babies over six months of age. The tips of this teether are extensive and easily reach the molars. It is relatively easy to clean it because it is dishwasher safe. 

10. Bumkins silicone baby teether

If you are a fan of comic books and superheroes then this is the teether for you. You will certainly love it as much as your baby will. This feeder has diverse designs used by babies. The most prevalent design versions include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, among others. This teether is dishwasher free and can withstand being boiled to sterilize it. This teether can also be frozen for extra relief for your teething baby. The Bumkins silicone baby teether is appropriate for babies that are older than three months.  

11. Innobaby original Teething Smart ez grip Star Teether and Sensory Toy

This teether has been designed to be durable and last for a long while. It will serve your baby from birth to the age of 2 years. It has multiple textures on its surfaces to reach all parts of the mouth including molars. This teether is dishwasher safe and comes in bright colors to elevate your baby’s emotions. The Innobaby original teething smart ez grip star teether and sensory toy is has a large handle so a baby can easily chew on it. 

12. Green Sprouts ring cool soothing teether

This teether has an old school design of teethers but has extra features. This teether is filled with distilled water to bring a soothing feel to your baby’s gums. This teether has multi-surfaces that have varying texture to bring a unique chewing experience to your developing baby. It is recommended for baby’s over three months of age. 

I am certain if you had no idea about the appropriate teether to buy, then you have a pretty good idea.


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