The Best Thermometer For Kids 

 July 6, 2022

By  King

A thermometer is a critical tool in any baby’s first aid kit or in any diaper bag. Fevers can be quite terrifying, especially if you are a new parent with no idea of where to start when your baby starts feeling unwell. During the first two years of your little one’s life, he or she can experience quite a lot of fevers. Fevers may seem horrible but they are a good thing because they tell you when your little one is ill or in pain. Little ones are prone to fevers during teething stages and even after getting their shots. A fever is also the first indication of an underlying infection such as a cold, ear infections or a very dangerous viral infection. It is important to start treating your little one as soon as you pick up a fever and to constantly monitor the baby's temperature until the fever breaks. Fevers that rise above 38 degrees Celsius can be very dangerous and can easily result in fits or seizures known as febrile convulsions. 

Experienced parents can pick up a fever by feeling a child’s forehead with the back of their hands or with the lips. But even then it can be challenging to determine exactly how feverish your child is. New parents can find it very hard to identify fevers especially if little ones are still very small. A thermometer is an invaluable instrument for detecting fevers and for monitoring your little one's temperature until the fever breaks.

If you have been looking for the best thermometer for kids then we recommend you have a look at the Simplife Thermometer for forehead and ears. 

The Simplife Thermometer for Forehead and Ears

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The Simplife thermometer is a good investment for new parents because this infrared thermometer is practical for use on infants to adults. It is a perfect tool for monitoring the health of everyone in the family.

The thermometer is white and blue with a sleek design and a large LCD with a green backlit that flashes red when a fever is detected. The thermometer also gives 10 short beeps to warn that the patient’s fever is high. The thermometer is functional for taking temperature readings via forehead and ear mode and can be set on mute so you won’t disturb a baby during nap time while taking temperatures. 

It is very easy to use and features two buttons, a start button at the top of the device to take temperatures and a memory button that stores and recalls up to 20 temperature readings. To take temperature readings via ear mode you need to take off the probe cover and point the thermometer directly at the eardrum before pressing the start button. To take forehead temperature you can keep the probe cover in place and press the device slightly to the skin before holding the start button in for a while so the device can scan the temperature. 

The thermometer requires 2 AAA batteries to function. It is designed with optimized calibration technology that offers accurate readings in 1 second and you can easily switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius.


  • Weight - 4 oz
  • Colors - Blue and white
  • Batteries required - 2 x AAA
  • Temperature reading modes - Forehead and ear mode
  • Display - Large LCD with green backlight
  • Fever alarm - Red backlight and 10 short beeps
  • Mute mode - Yes
  • Accessories - Storage bag and instruction manual

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  • The thermometer is very easy to use
  • Compact design offers easy transportation and storage
  • Comes with a storage bag and manual
  • Very easy to use for both forehead and ear temperature readings
  • Logs up to 20 temperature readings
  • Green or red LCD backlight offers easy viewing in the dark
  • Offers results within seconds
  • Perfect for people of all ages including infants


  • AAA batteries don’t last very long with frequent use
  • Needs to acclimate to room temperature for accurate readings
  • A 5-degree inaccuracy if not acclimated to room temperature

Final Verdict 

This infrared thermometer by Simplife is a good buy for any new parent or for any family for that matter. The thermometer is very user-friendly and can be used to take the temperatures of everyone in the family including infants, toddlers, children, adults, and seniors. It is a very handy device to have at home or to take along with you as you travel. 

The thermometer is very easy to use for both ear and forehead temperature readings. While ear readings tend to be more accurate, the forehead reading is a plus because you can take the temperatures of infants and toddlers without having to wake them during naps. 

It is very easy to switch batteries and the batteries do last very long because of the auto-off feature. 

The thermometer can be off by 5 degrees if you do not acclimate it to the room’s temperature before using it. For best results, you should take temperatures in the room in which the thermometer is kept or at least allow the thermometer to sit for a few minutes before taking a patient's temperature.

The thermometer keeps logs of up to 20 temperature readings so you can go back to previous readings with ease to see if the fever is getting worse or better.

With this Simplife thermometer, it is very easy to keep track of fevers to prevent seizures or so you can identify exactly when you need to administer fever medication to help children combat these uncomfortable situations. 

This is a must-have for any family.  This is a superb investment for anyone shopping for the latest baby gear or for anyone looking to spoil a new mom on a baby shower with something durable and handy to help keep little ones as healthy as can be.  The thermometer is highly durable and will serve your children well throughout infancy and for many years to come.


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