How to Choose the Best Travel Bags 

 February 1, 2022

By  Hanel

You’ve got your travel papers verified and complete, and you’ve set aside some of the items you’d be taking with you on your trip. The only problem now is getting the right travel bag for the journey. Getting an ideal travel bag has become a daunting task for travelers, because there’s just an increasing number of travel bags available on the market to sort through!

An ideal travel bag should be convenient, capable of accommodating all essential items, easy to clean, durable, and most importantly, easy to carry around with you. Travel backpacks have proven over time to be one of the best travel bags anyone can make use of.

In this piece, we’ll discuss some of the most important features to look for in a travel bag, as well as some of the varieties of travel backpacks you can get your hands on.

Types of Travel Backpacks

If this is your first time getting a travel backpack, you may be overwhelmed, especially with the increasing number of backpacks out there on the market to choose from. If you are not familiar with backpacks, you may also have a hard time picking one. To help you out, we’ll take a look at some of the various travel backpacks you can get your hands on right now.

Basic Daypack

This is one of the most stylish travel backpacks you can get your hands on at the moment. This backpack has a basic yet stylish design, and it comes with a loading compartment, shoulder straps, and grab handle. Unlike some of the other backpacks out there, the basic backpack does not have as many features. They usually have a capacity of 20 to 40 liters.

While there are not so many pockets in this backpack, there is still enough space to store some of your travel essentials. They are rarely padded, but should be comfortable to wear. The design may be simple, but it’s attractive and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Duffel backpacks

As the name implies, these are simply duffel backpacks. They have been designed with shoulder straps that let you carry them effortlessly as you move around. While it may be weirdly shaped, it offers tons of benefits. Duffel backpacks are ideal for both short term and long term trips. They are convenient, easy to carry, and capable of accommodating essential items and more.

It comes with various compartments that afford you the opportunity to properly organize your essentials before heading out. Currently, these bags come in various sizes from 30 to 120 liters. Regardless of your reason for traveling or the location, this duffel backpack is an excellent traveling companion.

For additional comfort, the straps have been padded appropriately. The duffel backpack is also durable, as it has been made from some of the most quality materials around. Eagle’s Creek Cargo happens to be one of the best duffel backpacks available at the moment. It is comfortable, made with quality materials, and affords you enough space to pack essential and even non-essential materials.

Tote Backpacks

Basically, these tote backpacks are simply tote bags with shoulder straps. While they are designed like your regular tote bag, they come with external and internal pockets, main compartment, and also a zipper closure style. Since most of the totes bags available in the market are designed primarily for women, this backpack has been made to be an ideal traveling companion for women.

They have a size range of about 15 to 35 liters, making them an ideal travel bag for that short trip. Like the regular tote, this backpack is colorful and arguably one of the most stylish travel backpacks available. It is capable of complementing your attire while offering you enough space to store your traveling essentials. While this backpack is comfortable for use, it is not as comfortable as other of the travel backpacks mentioned here.

In addition to this, tote backpacks are made from some of the best materials for optimal durability. If properly maintained, your tote backpack could be a lifelong travel bag for you.

Laptop Backpacks

One of the best business travel bags out there, laptop backpacks come with a shoulder strap for additional comfort. This travel backpack has been built to accommodate every laptop regardless of size and shape. On top of that, the laptop backpack has space for storing other essential items you’re sure to need on your business trip.

Often, these laptop travel backpacks have been confused as hiking backpacks. It is important that you remember that they are different, although they can be used interchangeably. When shopping for this travel bag, it is important that you ensure that the sleeves will accommodate and give your laptop a perfect fit. It’s actually one of the very first things you need to pay close attention to.

Traditional Backpack

This is the most common travel backpack type there. Unlike some of the backpacks mentioned, the traditional backpack has a very simple design. Like the others, it has been designed with shoulder straps that let you carry this bag conveniently. Its straps have also been padded appropriately with the right materials for greater comfort.

While this is not the most stylish or fashionable travel backpack you’d see on the market, it is durable and capable of meeting all your travel needs. Currently, there are a couple of traditional backpacks you can choose from. One of these bags is the Samsonite Tectonic Large Back. Currently one of the best budget backpacks, the Samsonite Tectonic Large Bag has an ergonomic design. It is a sturdy bag with various compartments for storing all of your essential items.

In terms of quality, it has been designed with some of the best materials you can think of. If properly taken care of, this bag will last you years.

What To Consider When Shopping For a Travel Backpack

What you pack your items in while traveling is as important if not more important than what you actually pack. Travel backpacks have proven to be one of the best travel bags out there. They are sturdy, comfortable, durable, and easy to move around with. With more travel backpack brands currently offering certain features that you would not find years back, it has become difficult for most prospective buyers to pick a bag for themselves.

To simplify the buying process, we’ll discuss some of the core factors or features to be on the lookout for as you shop for these backpacks.

Weight and Size

The first rule of owning a travel backpack is that it should be able to hold all your essential items. According to experts, if you plan on using a travel backpack for short trips, the ideal size should be something a little bigger than 30 liters. While there are various theories on the right size, it all depends on your travel needs. If you plan on spending weeks and would need tons of items, then you may consider getting any of the larger sized travel backpacks for your journey.

Aside from size, the weight of the backpack should also be considered. Do well to choose from some of the best lightweight bags around. An ideal backpack should not weigh too much, it should be easier to carry about.

Materials Used

The type of material used will determine its durability as well as its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. When shopping for a travel backpack, it is advised that you search for one with quality materials.

Basically, it should be made with water-resistant materials. While your ideal backpack may not be 100% waterproof, it should be semi-waterproof. This is so that water or any other liquid substance does not get in and ruin some of the delicate and important items in there. Some of these backpacks come with external tarpaulins for covering the exterior during rainfall. This is an ideal travel backpack.

Treated nylon has also been identified as one of the best travel bag materials. With this material, you can pour a cup of coffee or water on the backpack without it getting inside. There are also other materials, endeavor to go through the label before settling for one. If you’re unsure of how to go about it, you can search online for some of the best materials.

Lockable Zippers

When shopping for a travel backpack for that short or long term travel, ensure that you settle for one with double zippers. As you head out, security should be a priority. Lockable zippers afford a certain level of security. While you may not really care about someone stealing an item from your bag, someone may swiftly tuck-in incriminating evidence or material into your bag at the airport or train station. To prevent this from happening and saving yourself the emotional, financial, and physical stress, it is important that you opt for lockable zippers

If you decide to get locks for the zippers, it is advised that you go for TSA-friendly locks. These locks come with a special release valve that lets TSA check your bag without breaking it. You can ask for these locks. While there are other safety options to take if your backpack doesn’t come with double zippers, it is important that you opt for double zippers travel backpacks as they are more convenient and cheaper in the long run.


Regardless of what you’re shopping for, your budget is one of the most important things to take into consideration. Your budget is basically the amount of money you have set aside for the purchase of an item, in this case, a travel backpack. There are tons of backpacks available for you to choose from. While some of these travel backpacks are quite affordable, others happen to be on the high side.

Some of the budget-friendly backpacks you can get your hands on right now include; KAKA Backpack. Unlike some of the other backpacks, this budget-friendly backpack has just one compartment for storing some of your essential materials. It has been designed with some of the best materials you can think of, thus, making it sturdy and incredibly durable. For additional comfort, the straps have been padded appropriately. The Witzman Men Retro Travel Rucksack is another budget-friendly travel backpack you can get your hands on. Arguably the best smart backpack based on a budget, this backpack offers you so much more. Unlike any of the other bags, the Witzman Retro Rucksack is so versatile to the point that it can be carried as either a duffel bag, a messenger back, or a backpack.

While there are other budget-friendly backpacks, these two mentioned are the best. Aside from being budget-friendly, they are lightweight and are capable of accommodating all your essential traveling items.

Multiple Compartments

An ideal backpack should have multiple compartments for storing certain items. One of the core benefits of choosing a backpack with multiple compartments is that it helps you break up your belongings into several layers, in the process ensuring that you do not forget or leave any behind.

Depending on the size and type of travel backpack you choose, it should have a compartment for storing your clothes, toiletries, laptop, and other business documents. If you’re going on a vacation, the backpack you choose should have multiple compartments for storing some of the essential camping materials you’d be needing. Basically, it should have different compartments and pockets.

Padded Belt

One of the downsides of choosing backpacks is that they may cause back pain or even affect your posture. Over time, most backpack brands have tried to make these bags more comfortable by applying pads to the straps as well as the overall body. An ideal backpack should be padded appropriately to prevent pain.

Also, the hip belt of any backpack you choose should be adjustable for additional comfort. Ensure that the padding is thick and capable of lasting for a long period of time. The straps should also be padded with soft and comfortable materials.

Type of Trip

This is one of the factors most people overlook when shopping for that backpack. It is an important factor and should be taken seriously. First, before settling for any travel backpack, you need to answer these questions; what is the purpose of this visit? What is the duration of the visit? Is the weather harsh over there? These questions amongst others should be answered before you settle for any of these bags.

As mentioned, some of these travel backpacks have been designed for a particular purpose, look for one that suits your current and future needs. Also, the design and shape of the backpack, as well as your mode of transportation, should be considered as well. Since you’d be using this bag for subsequent trips, these factors should be considered.

Best Travel Bags: What’s the Ideal Price for a Travel Backpack?

The price of backpacks depends entirely on the size, the shape, the brand, and some of the time, the features they offer. Currently, some of the backpacks go for about $99 to $300. Like almost every item, store-branded backpacks are cheaper than the big names. If you have a budget, you could consider getting one of these store-branded backpacks.

After careful consideration, you’d find out that most of the ideal, suitable, and budget-friendly backpacks are hiking and camping bags. If you can, do well to get them. While they may not offer you that aesthetic feel that has become synonymous with some of the other travel backpacks, they are capable of accommodating all of your essential travel items.

Does Size Matter?

This has to be one of the most asked questions. You’ve probably asked this before too. Well, if we’re being honest, size does not really matter when it comes to backpacks. It is important that you remember that no backpack size is inherently better than another. Size does not matter – the only thing that matters is that the backpack you settle for should be proportionate to your body, with a capacity somewhere between 40 to 60 liters.

Generally, if your travel backpack is either too small or too big, the weight will not be balanced properly. To prevent this from happening, it is best that you go for one that evenly distributes weight. It is also important to remember that the bigger your backpack is, the less likely you’ll be to take it on an airplane.

In the end, your bag should be able to accommodate all of your essential items, it should be easy to carry, and should also be able to evenly distribute the weight.

Why Choose Travel Backpacks Over Other Travel Bags

In the last couple of years, travel backpacks have become one of the most sought after travel bags. The reason for that is not surprising – these backpacks are super convenient and easy to make use of. Aside from this, there are a couple of other benefits associated with the use of these backpacks.


There’s no travel bag as comfortable as a backpack right now. Other travel bags have been designed to either carry with your hands or roll them around. While this is convenient, it cannot be compared to carrying your bag on your back with your arms free. This feature alone sets the travel backpack ahead of the others.

Some of these backpacks come with additional padding that make them even more comfortable for someone to carry. In addition, the hip belts have been padded with the right material for additional comfort.

Keeps your items organized

Since most of these backpacks come with multiple compartments, you can easily store some of your favorite items in different compartments. This helps keep your bag organized and also ensures that you never forget or misplace an item. Although these compartments are small, they are capable of accommodating the right item. The backpacks also come with extra internal and external pockets that can be used to store other items.

Easy to carry around

While portability is one of the core features of a travel bag, regardless of type, backpacks have proven to be one of the easiest to carry around. The messenger bag type is the easiest, but does not afford you the space to pack certain items like backpacks do. They balance the weight of your items evenly, ensuring that you can easily move around.

Top Travel Backpacks

While we have shared some of the tips that will guide you as you shop for any of the travel backpacks, it is important that we make a short list of some of the best travel bags you can get your hands on right now.

  • Men’s Osprey Aether – This is one of the best travel backpacks for men. It has been designed to offer you that custom-fitness that is associated with lightweight backpacks. Unlike some of the backpacks available on the market, this men’s travel backpack comes with a mesh panel that keeps the weight of the bag off your back and hips. In addition to this, it comes with adjustable straps.
  • Women’s Osprey Fairview – Aside from being one of the most stylish lightweight backpacks, this is one of the best women’s backpacks available. Since it is designed primarily for women, it has an aesthetic carry-on shape that is unmatched. Although shaped like the Fairview men’s backpack, this women’s travel backpack has certain features that make it ideal for women.
  • My Backpack Blackwolf Cedar – Built with front-loading access, the Blackwolf Cedar is a top load backpack that comes with compression straps, ergonomic gel straps, internal organizer, and a built-in rain cover. With this lightweight backpack, you can visit any location of your choice. Being a water-resistant backpack, it is an excellent travel choice for you.


Travel backpacks are currently the best travel bags anyone can get their hands on right now. In this piece, we have discussed some of the various travel backpack types you can get your hands on. We have also shared salient tips that you should take into consideration when shopping for a travel bag.

As stated earlier, endeavor to settle for a travel bag that meets your every need. Take into consideration your budget, the kind of travel you’ll be doing, and your mode of transportation.


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