What Is The Best Trekking Poles To Buy In 2020?

Sometimes all you need is a little support when hiking. That's why trekking poles are hugely popular among passionate and frequent hikers. As the name suggests, trekking poles offer help when you are trekking or climbing hills. You can also use the poles to mount your camera or setting up your tent.

All trekking poles look the same to an average consumer. However, these models come with different specifications, sizes, and capabilities.

The trekking poles can be foldable, telescopic or of different sizes. The most common materials may include aluminum or carbon fiber.


The most popular trekking poles are the ones that are easy to collapse and pack. Since hikers prefer portable gear; it is relatively common to note that the best-selling trekking poles are often light-weight and offer incredible portability. Lighter poles may be more expensive. However, they are great for people who don't want to exert too much pressure on their joints.

If you are an avid trekker and looking to buy the best available trekking poles for the money, we have formulated a detailed buying guide to help you choose the right product. We have also highlighted the critical factors to consider before buying the perfect model to take your trekking passion to the next level. 

Let’s take a look at our recommendations.

Top 5 Best Trekking Poles On The Market

1. Foxelli Trekking Poles - Best Carbon Trekking Poles

Our winner for the best carbon trekking poles is the unbeatable Foxelli Carbon Trekking Poles. Thanks to a high-quality carbon foam cork material, you get a durable and highly impressive product.

The handles provide the perfect grip for hikers to use the poles conveniently, in all seasons. If you are tired of using slippery poles; this is an ideal pair of poles for your sweaty palms.

Since a firm grip is one of the essential features trekkers look for in trekking poles; the Foxelli poles never disappoint with its incredible built. You get impressive stability and support to help you accomplish good footing during a long hike.

One of the best features of these trekking poles is that your whole family can use it since it is adjustable to suit all age groups. The poles can retract to an incredible range of 24 inches to 55 inches. That means the pair is ideal for tall people and adults. The ridges along the sleeve aid in customizing the pole to your desired length.

Another thing that users love about this product is that it offers a sturdy grip on all levels of perspiration. The model features EVA soft foam coating on the extended sleeve and all of its sides. The sleeves and locks on the ridges are great for collapsing or extending the poles to the desired length.

Customers love the Foxelli Trekking Poles because they are compact and the pair comes with a durable case that does not take up too much space in your luggage. It is a highly recommended product thanks to the durability, strength and customization features you get for this price.

Product Features

  • Helps you to move faster with less effort
  • Efficient lock technology for easy adjustment
  • Ultimate comfort and durability
  • Perfect for all conditions and terrains
  • Money Back Guarantee and a 3 Year Warranty

2. Hiker Hunger Trekking Poles - best trekking poles under $100

Our proud runner-up is the Hiker Hunger poles that feel great in hand owing to it’s ergonomically design structure. The model has garnered positive reviews from both critics and users with its efficient cork grips that deliver ultimate comfort to the modern trekker.

That is one of the most popular products that also boast a textured foam grip below the cork handles; much more comfortable than other conventional trekking poles. The Hiker Hunger Trekking Poles serve as ideal accessories for all outdoor adventures including mountaineering, backpacking, climbing, hiking and snowshoeing.

The model is manufactured with the lightest and most durable poles available and is 100% carbon fiber. Easy adjustability allows the user to flick the lock open and set the desired length easily. Thanks to this simple mechanism you can conveniently flick the lock closed even while wearing gloves.

The carbon composite produces ultralight poles that decrease vibration to maintain your strength throughout varying temperatures. The durable and tungsten carbide tips with rubber tips add to the durability of this pair.

If you are searching for the best trekking poles to support your mountaineering or hiking adventure; the Hiker Hunger poles are great for year-round use. The product also includes a wide range of baskets that are suitable for different types of experiences.

Product Features

  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Ultra-light
  • Easy grip
  • Collapsible
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

3. Evocrest Trekking Poles - best lightweight trekking poles

The Evocrest hiking Poles are another great alternative to look for when choosing the best poles. Lightweight and durable, the model withstands all weather conditions and terrains. 

With incredible shock absorbing capabilities, the carbon fiber hiking poles minimize the strain on a hiker's joints. If you are looking for one of the top trekking poles that can comfortably fit into your budget; this model from Evocrest offers the perfect solution. 

 Thanks to efficient carbon shafts, you get great support to feel energetic thereby improving your trekking experience. Since the poles are premium carbon fiber; there is no question about the durability of this model.

This light-weight model is engineered to take care of all vibrations, resulting in a less tiring hike. The weight of one walking is just over 7.5 ounces. That implies that the pair weighs just under a pound!

Users also get a handy carrying case with a few accessories along with a strap to enhance their hiking experience. Frequent hikers will love the pair’s cork handles that reduce significant physical effort to maximize the comfort level throughout long trekking sessions.

The model serves equally well in hot and rainy conditions thanks to its impressive rubber grip which is also beneficial in case you are trekking uphill. Now you don't have to take a break for re-adjusting the total height of the product. 

The Evocrest Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles offer excellent support to all beginner and seasoned hikers to make the trekking experience memorable and comfortable. Thanks to its EVA foam grip (slip resistant), you don’t have to worry about stressing your wrists.

Product Features

  • Durable
  • Light-weight
  • Carrying case and additional tips included in the package
  • Efficient lock mechanism for added safety
  • Safe for all age groups
  • Ensures a dry and stronger grip
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

4. Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles - Best Aluminum Trekking Poles

Our winner for this category is the unbeatable Ultra Strong Trekking Poles from Montem. The poles have been manufactured with excellent craftsmanship and expertise to deliver a durable product. The poles are designed using airplane construction grade aluminum; the product has all the right features trekkers seek to provide ultimate comfort and support.

Do not underestimate the efficiency of these poles due to its light-weight design. The durable and convenient Montem pair is one of the most lightweight models to have recently emerged

Thanks, these efficient walking poles, even the toughest of trekking experiences become smooth. That is an ideal trekking accessory for all your outdoor and backpacking adventures.

Another great thing about the model is its magnificent design. Being extremely lightweight, you never feel weighed down. Each pole measures just 9.6 ounces.

With the same material as airplanes, you get a sturdy pair of trekking poles by investing money into this product.

The telescoping poles are ideal for mountaineering, hiking and snowshoeing. If you are looking for trekking poles with an aesthetical design, look no further. The Montem trekking poles come with a sleek design that is just according to the modern hiker's taste.

The aesthetic design of the poles together with the solid one-year warranty makes this product one of the aluminum trekking poles for the money.

Product Features

  • Offers a solid grip
  • Easily expandable from 24" to 53."
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Manufactured out of 7075 aluminum
  • The pair comes with a nylon strap to add more comfort to your trekking experience

5. Sterling Endurance Trekking Poles - best trekking poles

Although, there are many types of trekking poles available in the market featuring different specifications; not many replicate the same comfort you experience with the Sterling Endurance Trekking Poles.

The highlight of this product is that it is mainly beneficial for short people to give them a chance to take complete pleasure in outdoor adventures such as trekking.

That is why the product is the best trekking poles for short adventurers. Even if you are 5'3", you are guaranteed to enjoy a pleasurable trekking, backpacking or hiking adventure; thanks to this incredible model.

That is an excellent creation, built out of premium quality components. The Sterling Endurance trekking poles are known for the versatility and comfort they provide to people who are looking for an easily adjustable pair of trekking poles. You can quickly adjust it anywhere between 44 inches and 35 inches.

The foldable poles are incredibly lightweight. Owing to its incredibly portable design, you can easily carry these trekking poles or effortlessly fit them into your backpack. With an efficient EVA handle and a Quick flip lock, there is nothing that goes wrong when you are trekking with this meticulously crafted model.

Being short doesn't necessarily mean that an individual is underweight. The poles are manufactured out of sturdy aluminum 7075 alloys to deliver ultimate durability and comfort when subjected to any weight during a long hiking adventure.

The EVA foam handle adds to the resilience of this product and guarantees a brilliant performance over time. The poles also feature tough tungsten carbide tips to resist harsh weather conditions in any terrain. Buyers are delighted with the durability and ease of use of this product. If you are looking for the best trekking poles that are available at an affordable price tag; then order this model today

Product Features

  • Perfect for short individuals
  • Convenient to lock and adjust
  • Collapsible to about 13.5 inches
  • Durable

Features To Look For When Purchasing Trekking Poles

There are many types of trekking accessories that are helpful in relieving the pressure on your joints and wrist and offer incredible support to a passionate trekker. However, nothing benefits the most than a solid pair of trekking poles.

When you are planning to buy the best trekking poles for the money; it is crucial that you consider a few factors in a model.


A large number of trekking poles ensure secure adjustability capabilities so users can conveniently customize the length to enhance stability on several types of terrains. This range can be anywhere from 24 to 55 inches long. Ideally, trekkers want to shorten the poles when they are going uphill and lengthen the poles when going downhill.


However, a few trekkers don't like to adjust the poles. That is why there are many fixed-length poles available in the market that reasonably also light-weight. These models are perfect for outdoor adventures where you know you only need a certain length.


The pole shaft's material profoundly affects the overall weight of a pair. Make sure you don't choose more massive poles. Since ultralight poles have less swing weight, they deliver more benefits to a trekker such as less fatigue over the course of a long hike.

If you are investing in a light-weight model; it also means that you get a portable model that you can easily store in your gear. Many ultralight poles weigh less than 1 pound per pair.

Shock-Absorbing Capabilities

Today's sturdy trekking poles offer robust internal springs to absorb a shock you are trekking downhill. The featured can also be turned off in most models when it is not needed. However, it is vital that you go for shock absorption features; especially if you have experienced a hip or ankle injury in the past.

Standard poles usually do not have a shock-absorbing feature. These are less expensive products. Although, the models do offer the same level of support and balance during trekking; there are not as beneficial as short-absorbing poles.

Foldable Features

Particularly popular among fast hiker and ultra-runners; foldable trekking poles serve as tent-like poles. They are quick pack and deploy.

Camera Mount

A few trekking poles have a camera mount that's incorporated just below the handle. That allows the trekker to use the pole like a monopod.

Locking Mechanisms

Several trekking poles feature efficient locking mechanisms for keeping the poles from slipping in length when in use. In non-adjustable pairs, the device locks and unlocks so a trekker can easily extend the polls to its full extent or collapse them.

In adjustable poles the locking mechanisms also allow the trekker to modify the length of the two or three interlocking sections. Trekkers can benefit from this adjustability to adjust the poles to their height and according to the terrain.

Different trekking poles may have any of these locking mechanisms.

  • Twist lock: Features a durable expander and screw setup
  • External lever lock: This is a clamp-like mechanism which is relatively easy to adjust, even when trekkers are wearing gloves.
  • Combination lock: Many poles feature an arrangement of multiple locking mechanisms to strike the perfect balance between functionality and durability. For instance, you may notice a twist lock on the lower shaft and an external level lock on the upper shaft.
  • Push-button lock: This type snaps into place and locks with just a pull. Users press the push button and release the lock and collapse the poles. A few of these poles are not adjustable.

Trekking Pole Shaft Materials

A shaft's arrangement plays a vital role in the pole's overall weight.


Aluminum is the more economical and durable choice. Each pair of such poles weighs between 18 to 22 ounces. This weight also depends on the pole's gauge that can range from 12mm to 16 mm. Although aluminum can bend under high stress, it rarely breaks. 


Such poles are manufactured partially or entirely from carbon. These are more expensive but lighter options to ease your trekking experience. Each pair averages between 12 and 18 ounces. Not only they are great for minimizing vibration but may not deliver the same durability as aluminum models.

Since these trekking poles are vulnerable to splintering and breakage; you should choose aluminum models if you are hiking in rugged areas. 

Trekking Pole Grips

Thanks to recent advancements in trekking poles, we are not witnessing a wide range of ergonomically designed grips that feature a 15-degree angle to rest the wrists in a comfortable position.


We come across many types of grip materials that have a substantial effect on how the poles feel in our hands. Here are a few favorite grip materials and their benefits.

  • Cork - decreases vibration, works well with sweaty hands, easily adjusts your hands
  • Rubber - reduces vibration, shock and cold; but not recommended for warm-weather hiking
  • Foam - softest to the touch, absorbs moisture from sweaty palms
  • Baskets – small basket can be replaced with larger ones for use in muddy or snowy ground

Benefits Of Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are essential equipment for backpackers, trekkers, and hikers. The improve stability and provide support to the hikers. One of the most important benefits of trekking poles is that they also reliever your joints to ease your mountaineering experience.

Many people believe that using trekking poles result in a waste of your precious energy. In reality, these accessories allow you to allocate your energy usage to increase your endurance.

Just make sure you maintain a natural arm swing and walk naturally to make the most out of trekking poles. Keep the poles angled slightly behind you so you can quickly move forward.

Trekking Poles are sold in pairs and are adjustable in length. Many upgraded models feature internal springs to absorb the impact and shock of hiking.


Many trekking poles are specially manufactured and marketed for women, men or kids. However, the majority of trekking poles are considered unisex.

Being one of the best solutions for avid walkers and hikers; trekking poles are ideal for reducing strain and easing your trekking journey. To choose the best trekking poles; you must pay attention to the weight and build of a pair.

The top-rated trekking poles that we have reviewed in this buying guide are guaranteed to help trekkers of all ages to enjoy an adventurous journey. The best trekking poles offer durability, ease of use and utilize the best of materials for a non-slippery grip.

If you are looking to purchase a reliable model to fuel your trekking passion; make sure you pay attention to all the right factors before you invest your money into a product.