What is the Best Vibrating Alarm Buy To In 2022? 

 April 26, 2022


Do you have trouble waking up every morning? Maybe, all you need is a handy alarm clock for helping you get ready for work, school or important events.

Heavy sleepers who have a hard time leaving the bed may find an alarm clock one of the best ways to put their life back on track. Although most of us rely on our smartphones and other gadgets for setting alarms and reminders, findings from recent studies have revealed detrimental effects of keeping your phone next to your head at night.


Moreover, some products also feature a wide range of sounds from beeps and tones to animals. If you like to wake up to your favorite radio show, there are plenty of options that allow you to set your preferred radio station as an alarm.

Top 5 Best Vibrating Alarm On The Market

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What is the Best Vibrating Alarm? Keep reading to find out!

How To Buy The Best Vibrating Alarm Clock

The market has hundreds of alarm clocks that feature a wide range of options. Most alarm clocks serve more than just a conventional device.

You get calendar reminders, temperatures and other features with any modern alarm clock. If you like to purchase a digital alarm clock, most products have an impressive display and USB charging port. In addition to color changing backgrounds and a dimming screen, one of the best features of a modern alarm clock is vibration.

The vibrating effect virtually shakes you up, so you don’t go back to sleep after pressing the ‘snooze’ button.

All vibrating alarm clocks are designed to wake you up in the morning or at your desired time without the need for setting multiple alarms. Users can safely keep these devices under their mattresses or pillows without fearing any harmful emissions which is the case when you use your cell phone as an alarm clock.

Best Vibrating Alarm Clock Reviews

In this buying guide, we recommend a few of the best vibrating alarm clocks that are currently available. We also highlight the right features that you must consider before purchasing a functional alarm clock. 

1. Loud Dual Alarm Clock  - best loud alarm clock

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Our proud winner is the robust Loud Dual Alarm Clock SB200ss. This incredible product manufactured by Sonic Alert has the best features that you desire in a modern alarm clock.

Nobody has an excuse for oversleeping when this alarm clock is available. Now you can wake up at an appropriate time every day thanks to its turbo-charged vibrations. The product is specifically designed to wake up heavy sleepers with its powerful vibrating mechanism.

Other remarkable features of the alarm clock are its built-in pulsating alert lights and a modifiable volume. The Sonic Alert alarm clock ensures that you wake up time since it doesn't have a super loud alarm but an impressive vibrating disk to put under your pillow.


That is a perfect product for someone who needs an earthquake to wake up.

That is a portable alarm clock that you can easily carry in your luggage. Owing to its minimalistic design and innovative features, you would never want to replace this alarm clock.

Apart from essential functions such as the dual extra-loud alarm, other notable features make it a highly desirable model. You get an excellent display featuring a 5-level dimmer. The powerful bed shaker is enough to wake up anyone who doesn't get up quickly with a conventional alarm system.

Buyers who have purchased the Sonic Alert alarm clock praise it for its potent 12-volt bed shaker and adjustable volume. The alarm clock has received rave reviews from people belonging to all professions.


  • 113db alarm with adjustable volume
  • Imported
  • Features a sturdy 12-volt bed shaker
  • 5-level dimmer
  • Battery backup
  • Features a test function

2. Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock - best vibrating alarm watch

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Another proof of Sonic Alert’s technical and manufacturing expertise, the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock SBB500ss is meant for all who need a powerful vibration to wake up.

Although some users believe the clock is not as useful as our winner, it does feature a blaringly loud alarm and a potent vibration extension. A flashing display and an adjustable snooze interval are enough to get you to bed on time. 

The snooze won’t reset for the next day until you turn it off manually. Thanks to handy dual alarms, you can set your alarms to vibrate, buzz or both.

Buyers who are using the alarm clock are in love with its handy features. Thanks to an adjustable display, you can choose your desired brightness from five different settings. The best part is that you can modify the buzzer's pitch if you require a high-pitch buzzing sound to wake up.


  • Vibrating alarm clock with adjustable extra loud alarm
  • Equipped with pulsating alert lights
  • Modifiable volume and tone
  • Impressive LCD

3. TimeVision ShakeAwake ATC0833 - best vibrating alarm watch

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Another incredibly compact vibrating alarm solution is the riveting ShakeAwake Alarm Clock from time vision. The product features a robust vibrating effect. Thanks to its brilliant performance, it is ranked as the best vibrating alarm clock for deaf individuals who are looking for functional accessories to help them wake up on time.

The critically acclaimed product has a pulsing vibration alarm. This feature is convenient for people who have a hearing disability. Thanks to a minimal design and robust features, the alarm clock serves as a sturdy accessory that is incredibly portable.


You can easily carry this alarm clock around in your pocket. The current alarm clock will keep reminding you of important appointments or events. You can quickly place it on your nightstand thanks to its built-in fold-out stand. The design ensures no unwanted accidents to set wrong reminders.

This potent accessory is hugely popular among physically disabled individuals who need powerful vibration reminders to perform their chores. It works with just one AAA battery and comes with a reliable six-month manufacturer's warranty.


  • Portable alarm clock
  • Beep sound or vibrating alarm
  • Good back-light for a convenient look at night

4. Sonic Alert SBP100 Alarm Clock - Best Portable Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock

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The SBP100 Portable Alarm Clock by Sonic Alert is another popular model. The product is one of the best portable vibrating alarm clocks that are currently praised by customers. Thanks to its compact design, it is easy to carry and features an extra-loud alarm keeping in mind the needs of heavy-sleepers and people experiencing hearing loss. 

Place this compact alarm clock under the pillow and wake up on time. The battery operated product comes with a 90dB extra loud alarm to give a brilliant buzzing sound.


As it is light-weight and a small accessory, this alarm clock features an easy to read display with functional keys all around the impressive display. It doesn't matter if you need a loud buzz or a strong vibration to get out of bed, this alarm clock is for everyone who dreads missing important meetings or events due to oversleeping.


  • Portable vibrating alarm clock
  • 90 dB alarm
  • Light-weight and compact design
  • Battery operated
  • Impressive display and intuitive controls
  • Features test buttons
  • Convenient four-minute snooze function

5. iLuv TimeShaker Super - best vibrating alarm clock

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If you are tired of standard and cheap alarm clocks that do nothing to interrupt your sleep, get your hands on the TimeShaker Super manufactured by iLuv. This sleek and contemporary alarm clock is designed to cater to the needs of everyone including deaf people.

The highlight of the clock is its full display that features bold numbers against a beautiful background. It is not just an accessory but a complete system to entertain you and take care of your sleep pattern.

The device is engineered to play music from an FM radio channel. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can also enjoy music from all Bluetooth enabled devices. However, the best feature of the clock is its powerful vibrating effect that shakes your pillow and wakes you up on time.


Although the unit primarily serves as an alarm clock, it also comes with other cool features such as a dimming display to ensure the screen is not always bright. The pillow shaker is not going to wake up your sleeping buddy. Thanks to a convenient viewing, modify multiple options to customize the type of alarm you want

A few customers prefer its silent shaker whereas others love its music streaming abilities to keep them entertained. Although some users find the unit a bit clunky, the alarm clock is an innovative digital device to shake you out of bed. It has a gentle display that does not bother you at night.


  • Features 5 alert options
  • FM radio
  • Full-range stereo sound
  • Rich audio quality
  • Features a built-in USB port

How To Purchase The Best Vibrating Alarm Clock

Here is a list of a few factors that you must pay attention to before buying a vibrating alarm clock.

Digital Display

Since most vibrating alarm clocks are designed keeping in mind the needs of physically disabled people, it is essential that they boast useful features apart from a powerful vibrating effect.

The right kind of digital display allows people to comprehend time without any errors quickly. Most of today's products emphasize on incorporating a large screen with a backlight so you can quickly set your alarm.

Visually impaired people find a large LCD or LED display helpful.  Users can quickly dim the display brightness according to their preferences.

Loud Alarm

In addition to a sound vibration, a good alarm clock features various sounds and a powerful buzzing alarm. Heavy sleepers look for items that have to loud noises to ensure that they can wake up on time.

Additional Wake-Up Features

Some alarm clocks have an extra wake up features that were previously not part of conventional vibrating alarm clocks. A few modern versions come with alternative wake-up features such as soft music that plays for an hour before your alarm goes off.


If you prefer waking up to morning news instead of music, look for an alarm clock that has a built-in FM radio to get you out of bed. That is excellent news for people who don't have time to skim through a favorite newspaper.

Adjustable Volume

There is no use of getting an alarm clock if it does not have adjustable volume features. Make sure the alarm clock you are investing in has a modifiable tone and volume control so you can personalize the sound according to your preference.

Bed Shaker

Without a doubt, the essential feature of a vibrating clock is its bed or pillow shaker. Users can keep these items under their mattress or pillow. The shakers vibrate powerfully when the alarm goes off so you can quickly wake up.

When you wake up with a vibrating sensation, you are less likely to hit the snooze button. Moreover, the vibrating effect is beneficial for people who suffer from hearing loss.

This shaker is usually compact enough to fit under the pillow easily. Roommates and couples can benefit from this feature to wake up discreetly. Check reviews before choosing the right alarm clock with the most appropriate shaker to wake up on time.

Power Source

You may need to plug most of today's vibrating clocks into an electrical outlet to make them work. However, contemporary models also have a battery backup which comes in handy when you are experiencing a power outage. A battery operated vibrating alarm clock is also a portable accessory that you can easily carry around wherever you go.

Snooze Button

Another standard feature on an alarm clock is its snooze button. Always get an alarm clock that offers a convenient snoozes button. You should be able to program it without difficulty and check the length of the snooze delay.


Benefits Of Vibrating Alarm Clocks

Vibrating alarm clocks are great accessories for heavy sleepers who have a tough time waking up to conventional alarm clocks. Thanks to these devices, you can easily control the volume and tone features and set the right sound or vibration to wake up without feeling groggy.

If you tend to oversleep, you are likely to miss special occasions or important events. Whether you want to set the alarm for a 10' o clock meeting or an 8 pm dinner, a vibrating alarm clock is sure to wake you up right on time.

Such clocks are ideal for people who share rooms or apartments. Thanks to a pillow shaker you ensure that your companion remains asleep. The most common places to keep a bed shaker are under the mattress or your pillow. 

A few devices also come with an outlet for a lamp. That implies that the light flashes whenever the alarm goes off. That is an excellent feature for people who don't like to wake up in the dark.

Thanks to multiple innovative features, vibrating alarm clocks are no longer annoying. Most of these clocks feature a contemporary design along with hi-tech features to awaken deep sleepers.

An alarm clock does more than wake you up. Today's accessories are designed with plenty of features including thermometers, LED displays, reminder capabilities and flashlights. There is no reason to stick to your old alarm clock when you have so many affordable alarm clocks on the market.

Some clocks are voice activated which means you can set them through verbal instructions.

There are many alarm clocks that not only speak the time but also convey relevant information such as the temperatures, weather forecast, and date.

Stop relying on your smart-phone to set alarm reminders. There is enough evidence to believe that keeping your hand-held device next to your head while sleeping leads to brain damage.

Why Are Vibrating Alarms A Better Option?

While alarm clocks are suitable for people who oversleep, they are great accessories to help people who have a weak sleep pattern. Since a third of Americans fail to get enough sleep, a device such as a vibrating clock makes sure you wake up at a fixed time to encourage a good sleep pattern. 

There is nothing like setting your alarm clock before drifting off to sleep. Not only, these clocks incorporate the best features to help you wake up to your favorite music, they are also engineered to last for many years to come.


If you are tired of waking up tired and groggy every morning because you over-slept, it’s time to change your lifestyle for good. Investing in a vibrating alarm clock goes a long way to wake you on time, even if you are hard of hearing.

Be aware of mediocre alarm clocks that do not feature any warranty. Always check reviews and ratings before buying an expensive product, so you don't waste your hard-earned money on a cheaply manufactured alarm clock. Heavy sleepers need robust vibrating alarm solutions to get out of bed.


Ordinary alarm clocks fail to provide the vibrating effect that gives these alarm clocks an edge over conventional products.

Vibrating alarm clocks are life-changing devices for deaf people. Not just that, they also help maintain a good sleep pattern. You wake up listening to your morning news or favorite radio show to give your day a much-needed lift. These products are also great for couples who don’t want to disturb their sleeping companion with a loud buzzing alarm and pulsing alert light.

By carefully evaluating the factors we have mentioned in this guide, you can buy the best vibrating alarm clock for your needs. All products that we have talked about in this guide are by leading brands and have undergone premium quality checks to ensure that you get a glitch-free performance.


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